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    Hello everyone! As a member of IWT Creative, I am pleased to announce that this weekend is going to be our first X Division weekend! The X Division Tournament will start on Friday, which is aimed to determine the #1 Contender for the X Division Championship. The following singles matches will be happening this weekend:

    @F.R.I.E vs @sXe ToTo on Friday
    @NeoPHX vs @The ReagMaster on Saturday
    @Butters! vs @Dojo on Sunday

    The winner from each match will move on to the triple threat match which will take place next week. As for the vacant championship, a new champion will be crowned when @Nickelodeon and @Majour face off at Extreme Rules. The determined #1 contender will face that champion after Extreme Rules.

    Stay tuned to IWT this weekend for these great matches and support your fellow competitors!
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  2. I think it's absolute 100% bullshit that @Majour isnt facing @Nickelodeon for the belt at ER. Nick won the match, sure, but it was as close as it gets and to hand anything to a competitor is absolute bullshit

    we gave Big Hoss the million dollar belt without matches, how did that work out? People like Farooq have earned their way all along, and they are the ones who everyone should envy. NO ONE can argue against a guy who won 20? matches and only lost 3. This is a horrible deal all around, im sorry.
  3. This was planned for a while, but there's an issue now. Majour didn't want in the tournament, but Jono pmd us earlier that there was gonna be a tournament and then Majour vs Me for the title.
  4. of course she isnt. IF you had lost to her in one of the top 3 matches at WM would you have gone for the tourney for #1 contender? No, you wouldnt, and why should she?

    You have MOTN and she is supposed to just deal with it? It's stupid, and i would have said that if it had been you vs nero or toto tbh. I see the bigger picture and this is absolute garbage, because with a match as close as it is you never really earned a belt imo.
  5. Majour should earn an IC title push or a feud with an upper mid-carder, she's shown it. If we don't face again for the championship, she should move up the card.
  6. Do you have several MOTNs?
  7. if she had beat you would you have argued the same point?
    There can only be one GOAT.
  8. Definitely. If results were flipped, I would still say that would warrant a move up the card for me. I don't mind facing her again though.
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  9. well then you vs Majour is what should happen.
  10. I think Nick vs Majour should be the original match, and the winner of the tourny get's inserted...i
  11. Gets inserted to the match? That would be unfair to Nick And Majour.
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  12. I don't think i'm being unreasonable when I ask that this gets sorted once and for all. I've been offered the title shot twice and had it taken away twice. I am not happy, at all.

    I'm sorry but I deserve to go against Nick for the title, I'm aware that I didn't win the #1 contender match but the title became vacant and the second that it did, things changed.

    So somebody please clean this all up- do I get my match or not? And do not offer me a spot in the tournament as a consolation prize. I've already explained that I won't take part in it and I stand by that.
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  13. Disclaimer: Please know that I do not think anyone is at fault, I Just simply think this needs to resolved before it gets hectic.

    With Majour stating that she had been offered two championship matches only to have them revoked from her is a little unfair, I'm not taking sides or pointing fingers at anyone because mistakes happen, but I do think Majour deserves a little more then being tugged around the way she had been the past twenty four hours.

    It seems like there is a lack of communication going on and everyone is getting confused. I think this should be resolved as soon as possible in a calm manner.

    If you asked me what I would like to see, I would like to see Majour Vs Nick for the X Division championship. (Hold your horses tournament contenders reading this, i will get to us in a second) With the way they both performed at WM, I do think they deserve another chance to go at it one more time for the title.

    As for us tournament players, I do think it should still go on and whoever wins that tournament will get their title shot at the next pay per view or whenever the champion is free to do so. But this is just my opinion on how i think it would satisfy everyone.

    My Opinion may not be valid in this but if it can help minimize the drama that could be escalating shortly, I do think it should be taken into consideration.

    Now back onto the topic, I am excited to be in the tournament! Thanks CrayJ! And may the best competitor win.
  14. Personally I'd be alright if I have to wait for the next pvp to get the shot(if I happen to win that is) gives us a longer timeline to promo.

    that being said ultimately its up to the creative and that's that.
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  15. Alright, here's what we'll do.

    We stay with Nick vs Majour at ER and give the winner of this tournament a match against the champ at the next show. Problem solved.

    I take the blame for this cockup, simple miscommunication.
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  16. Thank you
  17. Fantastic News!
  18. Still no chip match smh
  19. PM? IC #1 Con?