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  1. LIVE from Washington D.C's Verizon Center...IWT presents...IWT Pride in Victory!

    *Pyro starts from the bottom of the entrance and shoots up the ramp until a massive explosion happens on the tron. The camera begins to run across the ringside seats showing the hyped up crowd.*

    Sven Steven: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to IWT Pride in Victory. My name is Sven Steven and here with me is the former IWT World Champion...Christian!

    Christian: Yes! Tonight we have a packed show leading to the biggest event of the year...IWTMania IV!

    Sven: Of course we already have our main event, Aids Johnson vs. Spawn for the IWT World Championship, but tonight we will get more and more info!

    *Graphic for Schizo vs. Muff Herman*

    Sven: After almost killing each-other last month, Schizo and Muff Herman make their official and in-ring debut.

    Christian: I was scared when they nearly killed each other, but that was damn crazy. Hopefully this match is just as intense.

    *Graphic shows Dylan Grey vs. Eric Draven*

    Christian: Dylan Grey makes his debut and Eric Draven makes his return!

    Sven: They almost tore eachother apart the last time they met, and now they're here!

    *Graphic shows Spawn vs. Reagan Cole in a Steel Cage*

    Sven: A non-stipulation rematch in a steel cage between Spawn and Reagan Cole.

    Christian: With Spawn riding momentum and a two month undefeated streak, you can wonder what's going to happen next!

    *Graphic shows The XIX vs. WC2*

    Christian: Aids and his squad of elites vs Jack Forte's group of crusaders in a fight for revenge!

    Sven: I'm personally hyped to the brim for this! But let's get started with Schizo vs. Muff Herman!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first!...from Sandwich, Massachusetts...Muff...HEERMAANN!
    Muff Herman is being cared to the ring on his throne by various men. He is lowered to the ring where he takes off his Native head dress and brushes his long brown hair. He looks around and waves to the crowd with a smirk on his face. He laughs and awaits in the corner. He stretches in anticipation.

    Announcer: Introducing second!...from Fukushima, Japan...SCCHHIZZZOOOO!
    The lights dim and begin to flash as a shadow walks out. He walks slowly and is constantly looking from side to side. The lights come back on showing a masked man; Schizo. He has scars everywhere on his body. He walks to the side of the ring and picks up a Steel chair and slides it and sits in it.

    The bell rings and Muff Herman walks slowly towards Schizo. Out of nowhere, Schizo throws the chair at Herman and hits him straight in the head. Muff tumbles down and the ref calls for a DQ. Schizo pounces on Herman and punches, knees, claws, bites, spits, screams and chokes Herman; however, Herman is prepared as he gets a fork out of his boot and grazes Schizo's back. Schizo jumps off and screams in pain when Herman picks up the chair hits Schizo in the back of the head with it. Herman has a crazed look in his eye as he takes Schizo's boots off and beats Schizo with them. Herman decides the damage has been done and decides to leave. He walks outside and gloats when suddenly Schizo hits a diving shooting star press. Schizo grabs a fans phone and bashes it over Herman's head. Schizo grabs Herman and ties him to the ringpost using his own hair. He grabs a singapore cane and begins canning the life out of Herman. Schizo walks back and gloats to the fans and decides to turn back and attack Herman again; who is on the floor after tearing out his own hair. Schizo walks over but is suddenly cracked over the head with a fire extinguisher. Schizo is left in a bloody puddle as Herman crawls away. Herman makes it to the ramp when Schizo kicks up and sprints after Herman. They continue brawling and they brawl out of sight; behind the curtain.

    Sven: Goodness gracious, these men hate eachother and are ready to murder eachother.

    Christian: I sense a long and brutal road to settling this strife.

    Sven: Anywho, I've gotten word that we are set for Dylan Grey vs. Eric Draven. A feud over respect, legacies and making a name.

    *Footage of Eric Draven from his heyday are shown in beat with the song. His title wins, biggest moments and accomplishments the music begins to fade after screenshots of sports websites announcing his release from the IWT. The music resumes with Dylan Grey making his entrance and being confronted by Eric Draven at 1:35 a fight scene is shown. The music fades with the last shot being of Eric Draven on the floor with Dylan Grey standing over him.*

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!...

    Announcer: Introducing first!...from Manchester, England...EERRICC DRAAAVEEN!
    Draven walks out to a massive pop. He dances to the ring tagging the hands of the fans. He dances around the ring and taking pictures and signing autographs along the way. He makes it to the ring step and stops dancing. He looks around and backs up. He runs and jumps onto the top step to a pop. He dances his way into the ring and settling in the corner.

    Sven: One of the most charismatic men the IWT has ever seen.

    Christian: Who can forget The Generation? This man is a true icon.

    Announcer: Introducing second! From Leicester, England...DYLAAAAN GREEEEEEEY!
    He walks out and breathes in the electricity of boos. He walks down to the ring with a focused look on his face. He stops at the end of the ramp as the camera pans around him. He walks into the ring and begins to warm up in the corner.

    The bell rings and they tie up. Dylan gets the upper-hand with a headlock. He sends Draven into the ropes and hits a hiptoss. He spends little time cinching in another headlock. However, Draven gets away. Draven stands up and charges with a running knee to the gut. He hooks Dylan and hits a snap suplex. He stands up and poses for the crowd as a barrage of flashes follow along with a massive pop. Draven walks over and lands an elbow onto Dylan. He stays on the ground and proceeds to hit 3 headbutts followed by an elbow that catches Dylan on the nose. Dylan squirms in pain and rolls out of the ring as his eyes fill up with tears. Draven laughs and walks outside and hits a forearm to the back of the neck. He turns Dylan and hits a snap suplex on the mats. He stands up and dances around to a massive pop. He rolls into the ring at the 4 count. Dylan rolls in at the 8 count. Draven grabs Dylan by the head and grips his head. He hits a piledriver. Draven covers for the pin - 1...2- Dylan kicks out and tends to his neck. Draven stands up and climbs the second turnbuckle where he dances in place to a major pop and a flurry of camera flashes. He does a crotch chop and attempts a splash, but Dylan moves out of the way. Dylan staggers to his feet and starts stomping Draven. Dylan lifts Draven only to hit a firemans carry slam. He climbs the top rope and stands steadily while he flexes his right arm. He leaps and hits a big splash with major hangtime.

    Sven: Have you ever seen a man that size get so much hang-time on a splash before? What an amazing athlete!

    Christian: He's the future of the IWT and Draven is the only obstacle standing in the way of him making a name for himself.

    Dylan stands Draven up in the corner and hits calculated rights to Draven's chin. He walks over to the other corner, and sprints to Draven; hitting him with a hard elbow to the side of the head. Draven falls to his knees; dazed and confused. Dylan locks on a headlock but after the crowd energizes Draven, he hits a back suplex. Draven and Dylan are down, but Draven stands up first. He walks over to a kneeling Dylan and delivers a hard elbow to the back of the head. Dylan collapses while holding his neck. He sprawls out and screams for the referee. The ref comes to check on him. The camera picks up Dylan saying that he, "broke [his] neck." Draven attempts to attack but the referee backs him back. Draven backs up into the corner as the referee holds up an X. The referee waits a minute before walking outside and running to get help. Draven turns away and rests on the ropes when suddenly Dylan attacks Draven with a pair of brass knuckles. The referee and a team of EMTs see that he's fine and they resume. Dylan goes for a pin- 1...2..- Draven kicks out.

    Sven: What the hell is this? This faker faked a neck injury to get an upper-hand?

    Christian: It's the name of the game. The man is in there with a true legend. He needs to do whatever to get a win.

    Dylan stands up in shock as he is scolded by the referee for faking an injury. He ignores him and screams at him to count faster. Dylan walks over and grabs Draven and throws him off the ropes. Draven is met with a spinebuster. Dylan screams and hooks Draven's legs and locks in a modified Boston Crab, known as the England Crab. Draven is almost unconscious from the brass knuckles and spinebuster, but holds on until Dylan lets go in frustration. Dylan stands behind Draven, as he struggles to get up. He is measuring him. Draven turns around and is hit with a Future Shock DDT. Gray rolls Eric over and goes for the pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...Dylan GRRREEEYYY!

    Sven: I don't know whether he deserves the credit or not. He stole that victory by faining an injury and using some brass knuckles.

    Christian: He beat him with the Grey DDT, it involved no weapons or cheating.

    Sven: He used them just prio-

    Christian: Shut your mouth, and rejoice in the era of Dylan Grey!

    *Dylan Grey jumps up in excitement as the crowd boos and floods the ring with garbage. Dylan parades around the ring as Draven rolls out of the ring and recuperates on the floor outside. Dylan asks for a mic. He breathes heavily into the microphone as he struggles to catch his breath. Dylan Grey smiles and says - "Just like in the Premier League...Leicester kicks Manchester's ass!" He throws the mic and runs out of the ring with a smile on his face.*

    Christian: What a character. This man is the future of the IWT and he will lead us into the next stage of this company!

    *IWTMania IV's theme song plays as a graphic promoting IWTMania IV is shown*

    Sven: Speaking of the future, IWTMania IV is right around the corner it will be LIVE from the Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas. Spawn vs. Aids Johnson for the IWT World Championship, but first Spawn will have to face Reagan Cole in a rematch; this time in a Steel Cage to finally realize the dream of main eventing IWTMania IV.

    Christian: Reagan Cole has been wrestling all over the world and raising his profile. His recent work in the NGW is most notable. He-

    Michael walks out with his face red with anger. He walks straight over to the announce table and grabs a microphone before yelling at Christian to stand up.

    Michael: What do you think this is? Is this some fucking farming fed for that joke NGW? NGW is the farm fed for the IWT. Reagan Cole may be the flag bearer for the worst thing to happen to this industry since Jonathan, but I guarantee there will be no mention of that cesspool again. I'm not offering you 7 figures to make a mockery of our fucking company. - BRING IT OUT!

    *A ring crew member bring a rolled up cloth and a garbage can to the ring, Michael laughs and walks into the ring and unravels the cloth revealing an NGW t-shirt.*

    Michael: NGW can

    *He drops the T-shirt into the can. He gets out a lighter, and lights a cigar before dropping the lighter into the can leading to an explosion and a small fire in the can.*

    Michael walks out when...

    Reagan Cole walks out with an NGW t-shirt and has a angry look on his face. He walks over and starts arguing with Michael, suddenly Michael rips the shirt off Reagan and Reagan cringes in anger. Michael laughs, blows smoke into his face and walks away when Cole turns Michael around and hits a Fire of Cole that lays out Michael. Reagan walks into the ring as Michael is helped to his feet by the ring crew members.

    Announcer: The following contest is a Steel Cage match! Introducing first, from Essex, England....REEAGAAN COOLLEE!

    *Reagan warms up with a frown on his face. He stretches in the corner and awaits Spawn.*

    Announcer: Introducing second...from Hell....SPPAAWWN!
    Fire goes ablaze around the entrance ramp. Spawn walks straight through and marches towards the ring. He is set on beating Reagan Cole. He stops on the bottom of the ramp and stares at the Steel Cage, above the ring. He laughs and enters the ring.

    Once the cage is lowered and the bell rings, Reagan Cole charges Spawn and begins to punch him. Spawn gets backed up into the corner as Reagan whales on him with rights and lefts to his abdomen. Spawn quickly recovers and grabs Cole and throws him into the same corner, he just was in. He hits two vicious upper-cuts and backs up a little before charging and hitting a splash. Reagan falls to the floor and holds his chest. Spawn catches his breath and grabs Cole by his hair and grinds his face against the steel. Cole screams in pain as his flesh is cut open by the steel mesh. Spawn grabs his hair again and slams him down. Cole is busted open and wincing in pain. Spawn grabs the rope and steps over Reagan. Reagan screams in pain as a gamed Spawn relaxes and grabs his breath.

    Sven: Spawn is on another level. He is tearing apart Reagan Cole and there is no where to run.

    Christian: This is a sign of what's to come at IWTMania IV. The pain Cole is going through will be magnified 10 fold when Aids Johnson is mangled for the IWT World title.

    Spawn walks over to Cole and grabs him by his hair. Reagan holds himself up by grabbing Spawn's tights. Spawn laughs and locks on a vice grip. Spawn swings Reagan around but Cole can't get out. Just when Reagan is bleeding from the mouth and almost unconscious he hits a low blow. Spawn falls to the floor as the crowd pops. Reagan gets to his knees and stomps Spawn like a savage. Spawn gets caught in the face and eye as his eye gets blood shot. He stands up and attempts to fight back but is met with elbows and finally a DDT. Reagan pounds his chest as the crowd cheers him on. He goes up to the first rope and hits a falling Headbutt. He quickly jumps up and goes to the second rope and hits another. After connecting he runs and jumps from the top and lands hard. Reagan's mouth gets busted open as he lands awkwardly on Spawn's metallic mask. He gets up to his feet, visibly in pain. He walks to the corner and rests before looking up and then at the crowd and then up and then at the crowd with the crowd growing more and more anxious. He begins to scale the cage.

    Christian: He's gonna do it! He's gonna prove that he had it in him! But it's too late, now.

    Sven: He's inches away from victory!

    Cole makes it to the top, but instead of climbing down - he stands up. The crowd pops in anxiety and finally he takes another leap from the top in an attempt to hit The Queens Cross. He connects but shatter his nose in the process and Spawn squirms away in pain. Reagan grabs his bleeding face and screams in agony. He kicks and claws the mat in attempt to relieve the pain. After around 15 seconds calming down, he yells at the referee to open to cage door. The ref takes around 10 seconds to open the door and Reagan begins to crawl out. He gets his head out when Michael runs down and smashes the cage door shut on Reagan Cole's face. Reagan Cole is knocked out. Michael walks back up the ramp holding his neck and smirking. Spawn makes it up to his feet, obviously bleeding under the mask. He grabs Reagan's corpse and hits a chokeslam before kicking the door off it's hinges and walks down while gripping his face.

    Announcer: Here's your winner...SPAAWWN!

    Sven: What the hell!?! Cole had victory in his grasps and that crooked Michael just cost Reagan a career defining match just because of his place of work?

    Christian: He had to do what he had to do to protect his company from shame. I support this 100%

    Sven: You're just as crooked as that Michael. I can't believe you two.

    *Spawn stumbles to the backstage area as the fans cheer on Reagan who is stretchered out of the ring and the cage is raised. *

    *Dat Kid walks out to the ring, not as King Zero. Fans are excited to see Kid, but he acts as if he never left.*

    "Alias, when Wrestlemania is over I am leaving the IWT permanently, but before i do im going to have one more match...and im challenging you. Im not jumping through any hoops, im not gonna win the title to give you some sort of incentive.

    This is it, you will fight me at Wrestlemania and you will lose, then i will leave.

    Jesus wept"

    *Dat Kid drops the mic and exits as quickly as he arrived*

    Christian: What the hell? Dat Kid has returned after that vicious assault by Spawn last January? And he wants Alias Antonio who has boycotted IWT?

    Sven: This night is just getting crazier and crazier.

    *A shot of Michael walking backstage with no coat on and his sleeves rolled up is shown. He walks up to Reagan Cole who is still unconscious on a stretcher as the EMTs await an ambulance. He grabs the ripped up NGW t-shirt and shoves it into Reagan's mouth*

    Michael: Don't fuck with me, son.

    *The screen returns to the arena and on Sven Steven and Christian at the commentary table*

    Sven: I have no idea what's happening anymore.

    Christian: I know, World Class Champions vs. The XIX in a battle for revenge and supremacy!

    *Graphic shows The XIX vs. WC2*

    Sven: These two teams were formed to establish a vice grip on IWT. The XIX, headed by IWT World Champion and flanked by X-Division Champion, Prince Balor and the #1 contender to the IWT Intercontinental Championship, Gato Volar face IWT Intercontinental Champion, Jack Forte and the #1 Contender to the X-Division Championship, Gav the Chav and The Golden Ticket holder, Nick.

    Christian: This is going to be a fight!

    Announcer: The following 6-man tag team match is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first....World Class Champions...The W...C....2!
    Gav the Chav walks out dancing and throwing off his accesories into the crowd, he is flanked by Nick who is also dancing. Finally out comes Jack Forte with no emotions but his worn-down IWT Intercontinental belt around his waist. They walk down to the ring tagging fans hands. Forte spits his gum into the crowd and jumps in. Gav rips off his custom Adidas track suit and Nick throws his sweatshirt into the crowd. Gav motions for the crowd to be quiet, when...

    Eric Draven walks out to a massive pop. He has a black eye and a slight limp, but he walks to the ring and shakes the hands of Nick, Gav and finally Jack before jumping out of the ring and he stands supporting them.

    Sven: What's this-

    *Draven walks over and tells Sven that he's the newest member of the WC2*

    Sven: Draven is the newest member of the WC2, and is probably here to make sure no games are played!

    Christian: What the hell is this? Get that hag out of here. This is unfair, and we all know it.

    AnnouncerL Introducing second...The X...I...X!
    Gato Volar walks out screaming Spanish words. He is followed by Prince Balor who is colored in silver and purple, and finally comes Aids Johnson. His hair is pushed back with water and is wearing an XIX t-shirt that is wet with dripping water. He stands in-between Volar and Balor before waving to the back when...

    Dylan Grey walks out wearing a towel around his neck. He stands next to Volar. The raise their hands up and march down to the ring. Dylan stays outside as he slams the mats in support for the XIX. Aids Johnson and Balor hold up their titles and hand them to the referee as Volar eyes the Intercontinental title outside.

    Gav and Volar start the match. They circle eachother before they lock up. Gato begins to push down on Gav, who starts pushing back. Volar gives up and whips Gav into the ropes and hits a backtoss. Volar drops an elbow and stands up before stomping on Gav's arm. He picks Gav and up and wrenches the arm before backing up into his corner in the bottom right hand side of the ring. He tags in Balor who climbs to turnbuckle and hits an axehandle. Volar whispers something to Balor and Balor nods. Balor grabs Gav and throws him into the ropes and drags him down with an armdrag. He holds on and extends the arm back with an inverted armbar. Gav screams in pain, as he struggles to get any momentum. Nick and Jack rally up the crowd who energize Gav into fighting back. He begins to shake his free arm and elbows Balor in the gut twice before being kneed in the face. Gav struggles to get his corner. Balor tags out to Volar who comes back and hits a running elbow drop on Gav's up neck.

    Sven: What a great strategy. Fresh tags. Attacking the arm and neck, taking out the most vital parts of the reactionary system of the body.

    Christian: This is why they only need 1 piece of the puzzle to complete their monopoly. The elitist, are truly elite.

    Gav screams in pain as Gato locks in a disarmer. He flexes back and screams as he applies more and more pressure on Gav's arm. Gav screams in pain as he tries to wiggle out and escape but he can't. Volar lets go and holds out Gav's arm as he stomps on it, repeatedly. Volar screams, "Stay down perro!" and he spits on Gav before tagging out to Balor who enters and tries his own armbar, but can't crack Gav. He lets go and instead stomps on Gav's arm. He looks at the crowd as they chant, "We Want Aids!" He goes to tag Aids but he psych's him as Aids laughs and spits at the crowd. They begin to boo. Balor picks up Gav and locks in a Sleeper Hold. Gav turns purple in the face as he starts losing consciousness. The crowd begins to scream and cheer for him as Jack and Nick bang on the steps and clap their hands. Gav starts wiggling around before making it to his knees. He elbows Balor in the gut, followed by another and another. He hits a backbody drop and they both are laid out. The race is on. Who will make it to their team first. Balor gets their first and tags in Aids Johnson who runs over and stomps Gav. He stomps his neck, head and shoulder before picking up Gav and hitting a fallaway slam. He laughs and hits another, followed by another, and another and another and another. Gav is laid out.

    Sven: Gav is out of it. He hasn't been able to make a single tag in the last 10 minutes!

    Christian: They just need to go for the pin! The XIX smells blood in the water.

    Aids Johnson carries Gav to the corner and hooks him, finally lifting him into a suplex predicament. He climbs the first turnbuckle with Gav. Then the second and finally the third. Just as Aids Johnson hits the HIV Brainbuster, Gav knees Aids in the head. Aids is busted open. Gav gets down and shakes the ropes. Aids falls crotch first and Gav falls to his knees. He crawls over and finally tags in Nick. A massive pop is instigated. Nick knocks down both Gato and Balor before attacking Aids. He hits him with hard lefts and rights and stands him up in the corner. He backs up into the opposite corner and runs and hits him with a flying forearm. Aids falls to the floor. Nick goes over to the corner that is parallel to the one Aids is in, and runs in for a boot. Aids rolls out of the ring as Nick goes crazy. The crowd is loving it. Outside a brawl has started between Dylan Grey and Eric Draven, they are pushing each other. Nick goes Jack goes outside to calm the situation but is attacked by Dylan, while the referee was distracted by Balor and Volar. Draven looks in shock as he pummels Dylan to the floor to a massive pop. Inside the ring, Aids and Nick are duking it out as they trade blows it a chorus of "Boos" for Aids and "Ahhs" for Nick. Nick gets the upper hand and hooks Aids for a Michinoku driver! Nick goes for the pin - 1...2..- Gato breaks it up. Jack runs in and takes out Gato as Nick stands up and charges a standing Aids Johnson but is met with a big boot. The match settles down as Nick is laid out and two referees restore order. They send Jack and Draven to their corner and Balor, Volar and Dyaln to theirs.

    Sven: This is chaos! This match is bad blood spilling over!

    Christian: This shows how much emotion is being stored for IWTMania IV!

    Aids Johnson stands up and adjusts his tights before tagging in Balor. Balor steps in and takes out Forte before throwing Nick into Gav. He forces the referee to call a tag. He drags in a virtually unconscious Gav into the ring and locks in a Volar Lock (Kimura Lock) in homage to his tag partner. He wrenches it in, deeply before it's broken up by Nick. Nick hurries out to refrain from another brawl. Gav makes his way to his feet and tags in Jack who runs in, with a gigantic pop. He lays out Balor and hits a standing running knee smash that knocks Balor into his corner. He quickly tags out to Volar, he charges Jack but he misses getting hit with a spinebuster instead. He stands Volar up and hits a Lethal Combination. Volar screams and tags in Aids Johnson in a hurry, to Johnson's surprise. Aids looks at a hyped Forte with anger in his eyes. He enters the ring and stands eye to eye with Jack. He slaps him, but Forte returns the favor with a superkick. He grabs Aids and hits him with an STO. Aids stands up quickly and is hooked from the back with a Full Nelson, Forte struggles to get his arms around Aids' huge torso. Aids wiggles free and tags in Balor. Balor spring boards off the top rope and hits a Diving footstomp on Forte's face! Forte is busted open as Balor continues the attack with lefts and rights. He hits him with a swinging combo, and tries to hit him with a Roundhouse kick but he is caught. Jack pushes Balor into the corner, knocking down AIds and Volar. Draven runs over and hits Lou Thesz press on Dylan. Balor bounces back and is hooked from behind a massive Full Nelson Backbreaker. Forte goes for the pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winners...The W.C.2!

    Sven: Oh my god! This match was amazing. These guys are going to be messed up tomorrow morning.

    Christian: They will be 100% for IWTMania IV, and that's all that matters.

    *Forte, Draven, Nick and Gav raise their hands in victory, but Gav quickly pulls his down as his arm is still in massive pain. Jack grabs his Intercontinental title and all 3 help Gav out of the ring to the back. The music fades as Aids Johnson and Gato Volar wake up Balor. Aids tells Volar to take Balor to the back, as he grabs their titles. He gets his breath back and grabs both titles before entering the ring and taking one last salute when...*

    *The lights go black and a fiery blaze sets up all over the ring and ramp. When the lights return, Spawn is standing behind Aids Johnson, without Johnson even knowing. Spawn swings Aids around and hits a chokeslam through the ring! Volar notices the ruckus and runs to aid Aids Johnson, but is met with a similar fate. He gets chokeslamed into the same crater as Aids Johnson. He slowly raises his hands and thrashes them down, setting off fire. The last shot of the PPV is a shot from the crane. Showing Spawn standing over Gato Volar and Aids Johnson in the red light.*
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