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    Intro: All the way from bitchesvania...the LIVE IWT Radio Talk radio, hosted by none other than author of IWT Magazine and creator of IWT.com......Roadster!

    Roadster: The D.....J is in the house! Welcome to the pilot of the IWT Radio Show brought to you by the man that does all this but he ain't even in IWT Creative....ROOOOOOADSTAAAH!

    Let's begin with some predictions for IWT Mania......Aids gonna win! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Nah let's get down to real business by taking some calls.

    Caller: Hello IWT R.S my name is Bill Clingon and i wanted to know what are your thoughts on other competition from PWGP, AMW, Fed-X, ICW and DWT?

    Roadster: Honestly they're all very good, but IWT has something for everyone, ya know?
    Caller: Yeah
    Roadster: You have guys like Aids, Kid and all these other guys and it's just held the market for so long. And...Bill Clingon that's a damn bad name *HANGS UP*

    Caller: Do you have Allias Antonio's number? *HANGS UP*

    Roadster: Okay i think we should stop now before a murder happens. So let's get to some news. IWT Mania 2 will be a 7 hour (Day) spectacular. Well that's all because IWT is a barren waste land other than the Dazzling Chav's and The Order!

    Roadster: Which is possibly the only reason i'm buying IWT Mania 2! These guys are truly the future of IWT. I mean you have guys like Nero Kousaki, Harriet Vargas, Aiden Ryan, Artist, Reagan Cole which are NEW but these guys are literally bosses. Trip and Marcus Anthony are true masters at their craft and Dazzle and Gav are true pros at THEIR craft. Gav and Dazzle to me ose charisma and energy while Trip and Marcus ose talent and skill. Ya know, They have had a boiling rivalry and Mania is just a great way to let them loose. Ya know it's like Michael Jordan vs Lebron James in a dunk contest it should only happen ONCE in a once in a lifetime match-up. For Mania.....Well it's time for our IWT Star call in! This episode Harriet Vargas!

    Roadster: Hey Hey, Harriet Vargas! The future of IWT! To begin what's your take on IWT Creative and the recent rumors that it has some conflict? Any insight on if those rumors are true

    Harriet: My take is that what goes on in creative, stays in creative. Is there conflict? Well since I'm not part of creative, I can't answer that. And even if I could, I'm not one for gossiping around the water cooler. That's not why I'm in the IWT.
    As far as I'm concerned as long as I get the matches I deserve, then I'm happy. I'm here for one thing and one thing only- the gold that I deserve.

    Roadster: Alright, people all over the IWC have been saying the only reason your getting pushed is because of your alliance with Aids What's your response to that?
    Harriet: The people that make those allegations and spread false gossip fear me.
    I guess using those excuses somehow make them feel better. They know they won't beat me and by throwing out that I use Aids' name to get me places then they can deny the fact that they just aren't good enough. The bottom of it is that they just aren't strong enough to admit the truth.

    Roadster: You are currently 2-0 you think you can continue your streak?
    Harriet: Yes. I'm strong and smart- and the future of the company.
    Roadster: Well anything you got to say to your Mania opponents?
    Harriet: No. I'll say what I gotta say at Mania.

    Roadster: Well that's it for today see y'all next time!

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