Storyline IWT RAW! Friday-Sunday

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    After the pyro show the match card graphic appears on the screen

    ( @Nickelodeon ) Nick vs British Kid ( @The ReagMaster ) Up Next on IWT RAW!

    After that IWT RAW will have SummerSlam opponents clash before their tag team match at SummerSlam.

    ( @Trevor~ )Trevor Reynor vs Brandon Pain ( @RedDwarfTechy )

    All tonight on IWT RAW!

    OOC (open)

    I have permission to book/announce these match from Trip. I've checked with him about these. The matches start today so it won't interfere with SummerSlam. Also if you want a quick match you can PM me and I'll try to get it made. Thanks and hope you enjoy the show. @Trip in the Head We should do 24 hour voting. Having Nick and Reag go first till Saturday and have Red and I go on as soon as they're done until Sunday.

  2. I thought I was in this :(
  3. You never responded. If you want to face Red I can book you instead of myself...
  4. Just keep an eye on it and make sure nothing runs over into Monday please
  5. Will do, will do.

    (Make a 2 promo limit.)
  6. Sooo are these supposed to go up now? You can make the threads I think. I'm actually getting ready to eat dinner with the fam. Won't be on again until later
  7. Delik said I can't make the threads...?
  8. 'Said' - have you tried?
  9. Yeah, then I was forced to close it. Back on the first Superstars show.
  10. I mean its the same as any other thread, just with a specific OP (that you can grab from any previous match) and a 'Promos' banner in the title. He just told you not to. But he's on holiday right now (not that he won't be lurking from time to time).

    I say you can do it. 2 match threads for now but no more. Ok?
  11. I disagree with this, but I won't actually rate it that way :dawg:
  12. Alright.
  13. I do think eventually we need to rename this (after this show hint hint). We need to stop taking names and ideas from other companies and need more originality, and we can easily come up with a better name.
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  14. IWT Battlefield
    IWT War Time
    IWT Fight Night

    I had these names in mind but I wanted something to grab people's attention.
  15. :woohoo: Woo hoo for a featured IWT thread (SS card thread)! Sorry, thought I would post that here before I log off. Later guys.
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  16. Depends on him.
  17. Well i'll be on for another 2-3 hours easily and hopefully I can get a promo in before i head to bed.
  18. Our match is tomorrow. You can rest up, haha.
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  19. Doh! I r blind.. being stupid is just a side effect :p