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  1. Ok so we are think of doing a weekly show on iwt call raw. It will be on friday nights at 8pm gmt and will be in video mode from wwe 2k16. I will make the characters you want now very soon we will have a pilot and after that we will give you a vote, if yes we will do more show if no then i will go in the coner and get bodyslamed by tsar also this will not affect the ppv.
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  2. By "we" he means himself and a school mate.

    IWT Creative, nor myself have anything to do with this stuff.
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  3. Pilot.will be out next friday
  4. I vote no.
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  5. Also a heads up, I don't want my character on this train wreck. Thanks.
  6. I wish I could do the same, but he'll probably use me anyways :/
  7. My character base is New Jack yo, download that and team me with Tyler Breeze. Beauty and the beast yeah
  8. We just said its not happening
  9. Another dream crushed, damn.
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  10. But tasr will pay you $1,000,000
  11. it's official. @Tasr owes @WUKOffical 1 million dollars in cash.
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  12. Pay up Roadster.
  13. Already gave up my GM spot for the ngl.
  14. Whos that
  15. You know who, son.
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  16. Me
  17. Huh
  18. Count me out.