IWT Report Vol 2.

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  1. Article by Rusty Kuntz, exclusive IWT reporter.

    There are only a few weeks left until Wrestlemania. Everything was chugging along like a well oiled machine, until suddenly the IWT was shaken to it's core by a fax sent to IWT CEO Britanica:

    "I forfeit my european title and my half of the tag team partnership. I'm assuming Senhor can find a partner and you can have baraa fight someone for the title at mania.
    I retire undefeated in promos."

    The retirement of Danielson, one of the brightest, young stars this reporter has ever seen. No one knows for sure why he decided to cut his promising career so short. Speculation is he was trying to live up to the legacy of his idol Bryan Danielson, and didn't feel quite up to snuff. Others say he was burnt out due to substance abuse. I guess we will never know unless he decides to tell us. So far phone calls and emails have gone unanswered.

    Where did this leave the other half of the tag team champions? Saddened by this turn of events Senhor Perfect was still determined to defend the tag team championships at Wrestlemania. He also sent a fax into Britanica:

    "I'll find a partner, even if I don't I'll take em both on alone if need be."

    Then the unthinkable happened. It started with a simple Tweet from the champ:

    "Since Danny has retired, I need a new partner. Who's interested?"

    The response he received from CM Punk shortly after not only shocked the IWT, but also shocked this reporter:

    "I wouldn't mind to be your partner.
    The WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship Tag team champions?"

    Bad grammar aside, there has never been a tag team of world champions before, would Perfect accept this incredible offer?

    "Definition of mega powers! Team Canada?"

    "I'm in.
    Ready to take over?"
    replied Punk.

    A new team was born, Team Canada. They will defend their titles against team geekRigo at Wrestlemania.

    Seemingly bothered by the turmoil CEO Britanica and her cohort Jonathan took it out on the US and Hardcore champions. Both Dat Leo and Cloud were stripped of their respective titles.

    As of right now there is no match set up for the hardcore title, however a match has been set up to crown a new US Champion, this was posted on the IWT website:

    United States Championship : NanoRah14 vs Respect Gohan6425 vs Dat Kid From Jersey

    However, the previously absent Dat Leo isn't very happy about what's happened:

    "Actually Im still the US Champion I have the actual belt. Come over to my house and take it

    I draw more then you ever will. Bitches love afros."

    Will he insert himself into the match? That would seriously ruffle managements feathers.

    A match for Danielson's vacated European Championship has also been announced via the IWT website:

    European Championship : Baraa vs FailFaceFTW vs Rodrigo

    Baraa looking to become a two time champ.

    A very hectic schedule ahead, with all these twists and turns, Wrestlemania looks to be a can't miss event!

    Till next time,
    Keep your stick on the ice
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  4. Another quality report! Nice job on this :)
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