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  1. Article by Rusty Kuntz, exclusive IWT reporter.

    We are deep into the Road to Wrestlemania, with action heating up all over the IWT!

    Baraa/Dat Kid III is one of the most anticipated matches of the night. With Kid losing back to back matches against Baraa, can he finally overcome his demons to regain his confidence? The promos have been sending shockwaves through the IWT.

    Kid: As far as notoriety goes, every match I'm in is 5-star, and I perform the most out of every superstar here. You're just a part time jobber riding on a wave of luck right now. I hope you enjoyed your five minutes of fame, because it's time for the main attraction to take the stage, and it's time for you to jerk the curtain.

    Baara:You say you are the legend of this place, somehow the records prove you are right, you have some plenty of legendary records like the one that says that no one in the history of IWT has lost matches more than you did.

    Should be a very hard fought contest.

    As far as the tag team Championships are concerned, there seems to be a team that has emerged that believe they can finally dethrone the Perfect Dragons. Team geekRigo as this journalist likes to call them, has risen to the top of the tag team divison, and is chomping at the bit to get their hands on the titles.

    Parker: We challenge @Danielson and @Senhor Perfect to a tag team championship match. Your reign has been far too easy and we are a proper opponent. Our dominance is unmatched to any other opponent you have seen before and our prowess in the WWEF has just begun. We know that when the bell rings in the ring, your time is up.

    Rodrigo: You and your reign is a joke , for months you have being the undisputed champions. I say stop it ! Your first promo was lame you were never suppose to be tag teams champs . You don't even deserve to be at WM and less as tag team champions !

    Danielson: Something tells me we won't even need the double dragon kick.
    Just hit em with the lights out and call it a night.

    Perfect: I won't even have to spit out my gum before the match.

    Looks like the Champions are very confident they can pull out the victory, only time will tell.

    As for the Main Event of the evening, Senhor Perfect awaits the number one contender for his WWEF Championship. The battle of words between himself and his two would be challengers has truly been the highlight of RTWM so far. Who will win the #1 contender spot to face him at WM?

    Kid: Aids I hope you're preparing for this promo battle because in exactly 25 days the IWT will get arguably the greatest promo battle it has ever seen. The Predecessor vs The Protege, a match that is the caliber of a wrestlemania match and will undoubtedly rival the main event. Aids you may be the big shot heel around here, but you're time has come and gone. This isn't about the #1 contender's spot, this is about me stepping out of your shadow and proving once and for all that I'm not Aids Johnson Jr, I'm greater than Aids Johnson...period.

    Aids: This is going to be the time where i shut down the DX leadership, show people how deserving i am of the BITW, and maintain my position as IWT's champion heel. To me the winner of this is going to be the new champion, as this is MOTY candidate at the very least. It's going to be an uphill battle, but in the end you'll still be left at the dinner table finishing your squash, Junior.

    Perfect: It's funny how you two forget who the real World Champion is around here. You can go on and on about this being the best match up, but we all know this is just the appetizer before the main course. Heel, face, master, student, makes no difference to me. Come WrestleMania, on the grandest stage of them all, I will devour either one of you. You can't beat the triple threat of the IWT! Enjoy your child's play before you get schooled by a real man.

    Strong words from all three men, I'm sure they will both be 5 star matches. I cannot wait to see who leaves WM with the title. Once we hear about some action in the other matches we will bring you another update.

    Till then,
    Keep your stick on the ice
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  2. Great idea bro!
  3. Well this is better than the report Meltzer did on me
  4. What a great choice on quotes, that was probably my best one liner on any of these. Nice job @"Oldman Perfect" this was awesome.
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  5. Nice, I like this IWT report. I hope you'll consider continuing it in the future :)
  6. Yeah, if the other feuds actually do anything, I'll make another. If not, I already plan on writing up Wrestlemania with a play by play, after all the results are in.
  7. Oh that would be nice to have one for Wrestlemania :otunga:
  8. It's going to be tough solidifying your loss in IWT history :pity:

    Write me a good part about how kind, giving, and emotionally connected to the fans I am.
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  9. "Aids Johnson: The most vile, hated, venom filled mutant the IWT has ever seen!"
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  10. Team geekRigo :haha:
  11. :pity:
  12. So you like it then? :happy:
  13. I love how i corrected it.
  14. Me too.I'm sure you'll be cruiserweight champion someday :otunga:
  15. Unless it comes before WM, ill just stick to world champ :boss1:
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  17. All i got from that is you are a little girl.
  18. She represents the fans laughing at your silly comments.
  19. :dawg: Fuck those fans.
  20. Great work! :obama: