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    IWT presents...LIVE from Atlanta's Phillips Arena...IWT Retribution

    Scott Fargo vs. Jack Forté for the IWT Intercontinental Championship -
    Jack has been on an undefeated streak for almost a year, but has to face an unscouted Scott Fargo. Fargo made waves in the IWT after becoming #1 Contender in his first match. Jack vs. Scott is sure to be a classic
    @Dojo @Shadow
    Saturday, June 18th

    Michael vs. Alias Antonio for the IWT World Championship -
    Michael pulled the biggest upset of the year by defeating and subsequently winning the IWT World title from Aids Johnson. Alias staked his claim after defeating Spawn for the right to face Michael, and now they face off once again.
    Friday, June 17th

    Spawn vs. Danny Jacobs -
    The Big Guy faces the Big Monster in a match that's been highly anticipated. What will happen when the two colossal wrestlers collide at the FIRST official Battleground PPV?
    @Tumbas @Indy
    Thursday, June 16th

    Chris Young vs. The Scat -
    Young competes in his first singles match against one of IWT's newest signees, The Scat. Will Lilith play a part? Will Scat pull of an upset?
    @impactking @AfricanScatMahn
    Wednesday, June 15th

    Ricky Daniels vs. Eric Draven -
    Draven will face off against the debuting Daniels. Draven has been on a rocky path since returning, but does he have what it takes to hang with this new generation?
    @Ricky Daniels @The Real GOAT
    Tuesday, June 14th

    James Dragon vs. Percy Donohue -
    James Dragon debuts and intends to make an example out of Percy, who had just come off a rattling loss at Survival.
    @Drag @Ring Rust
    Monday, June 13th

    Scotty McBoatface vs. Reagan Cole -
    The unorthodox McBoatface debuts against Reagan Cole, who has been rising through the ranks. Has he finally shed his Jobber reputation? Or will he be the first victim for McBoatface (OOC: pop sucks poop)
    @Pop Tatari @The ReagMaster
    Sunday, June 12th

    Dylan Grey vs. Al Blizzard -
    Dylan looks to get back on track after multiple crushing loses. Will Al Blizzard show up? Or will Dylan prove his worth, again.
    @King Barrett @DemonHunter1257
    Saturday, June 11th

    Will Savat vs. Corey Marcus -
    Will Savat faces Marcus in a match that has been hailed as a potential Match of the Night candidate. Will Savat continue his path to the top? Will Corey Marcus prove that he has what it takes and show everyone why he's the Bad Omen?
    @Tumbas @C.M. Shaddix
    Saturday, June 11th
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  2. what show am i in
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  3. You're not a competitor. So it shouldn't matter, that you still have no idea what show you're on.
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  4. i actully dont know what show im in lol
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  5. There's a fucking thread. Use it.
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  6. Stop swearing your the chairman for god sake ;)
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  7. You aggravate me, buddy.
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  8. aren't you gonna be leaving for a bit, if not I'll face you on Retribution :kappa:
  9. ok then one last match before iwtmaina for me
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  10. You're not on this brand.
  11. Bishop not booked? Guess someone wanted time off after that fall.
  12. @Tsar you have done some of the dates wrong, June 12th is on a sunday this year so is my match on Sunday or Monday?
  13. Sunday.
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  14. He's on the other brand.
  15. I should be good for June 11th, I'll let you know if otherwise
  16. Don't worry lad when I become the next chairman there be none of that language or the IWT for that matter and of course no survivors of the Mcboatface massacre :booker2: Good day.
  17. wait what do you mean by the Mcboatface massacre? Do you mean the massacre that is going to happen in the ring when I destroy you?
  18. Not a chance of this ever getting to the ring as you be in the morgue way before that date.
  19. I request a pre-show match against WUK.
  20. man I'm so excited for Spawn vs. Danny Jacobs! Absolutely hyped!