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Who Won?

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  1. Danny Jacobs

  2. Spawn

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    (@Tumbas) Spawn vs. Danny Jacobs (@Indy)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for up to 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    ask as many questions, as you want. idgaf.

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important and short.


  2. let me know what you want the order to be indy
  3. I'm cool with going first, brother.

  4. Danny Jacobs slowly comes out with a microphone in his large, strong right-hand. He stands on the ramp, looking down, like he’s asocial or like there’s something wrong with him, like he doesn’t feel good. He looks up at the crowd, showing the black shades Danny’s wearing to the crowd. He slowly turns his head back down, and begins walking towards the ring as the fans loudly boo this overly confident sociopathic ‘’human being.’’ He jumps on the apron, climbs in, and closes his eyes as he decides to take in all of the boos and hatred from the crowd. He starts to smile. He likes it. He waits a couple of seconds until the crowd dies down, and then begins to put his microphone closer towards his mouth and slowly begins to speak.

    ‘’Ever since I came into this business, people have told me that it doesn’t matter what you say, how you act or how you do it, what matters is that you get a result. It doesn’t matter how you win, it matters that you win. Your words don’t mean shit. Your actions are what define you as a person. Your legacy is defined by your actions, not by your words.’’

    ‘’Ever since I came into this business, I followed that advice. I didn’t try to act like I was anything I wasn’t to gain their adulation, because that doesn’t matter. It isn’t about being liked, it’s about winning and, up until IWT Survival, that’s exactly what I did. I won. I dominated. I didn’t show mercy, I didn’t show weaknesses because I don’t have weaknesses. Sure, at IWT Survival, I may have lost my title but I didn’t lose the match. The show title, ironically enough, was very fitting because at IWT Survival, Jack Forté didn’t beat me. He survived to live another day and I don’t know if I gotta respect that about him or if I gotta hate that about him. Either way, Jack Forté, this ain’t over yet, brother. This ain’t over yet by a long shot.’’

    The crowd cheer for the mention of Jack Forté and for Danny Jacobs challenging him once again, as they'd love to see these two collide a second time in the future. Danny Jacobs hears this and, for a little while, laughs as he has his left-hand shaped like a gun and ''shoots'' at the camera for about 5 seconds as he repeats the words ''You don't know what's coming.'' multiple times..

    ‘’On the other side of the coin, you had Spawn fight Alias Antonio. Alias Antonio, a former 3-time IWT Champion, a former 3-time Tag Team Champion, a former World Champion, he’s done it all. Spawn, a former … Well, a former nothing, since you never won a title. You once challenged for the Intercontinental Championship, which you lost convincingly at IWTMania, and even before that, you had a match with Aids Johnson for the IWT Championship, which you lost as well. Mind you, Michael beat Aids Johnson. Yes, Michael beat someone that you couldn’t beat. Maybe you weren’t that big of a challenge for Alias Antonio. Who knows, you probably weren’t that big for Aids Johnson either. I’m sure Jack Forté wasn’t that bothered with defending his championship against you either and yeah, you can bark like you’re mean but I certainly expected a bit more bite from a hellhound like yourself. On this stage, if you wanna go shoot for the stars, you better kill 'em with your first shot because there ain’t no second chances for losers like yourself here. Back of the line. If you can’t swim like a shark and bite like a piranha around here, you don’t deserve to be around me or in this ring.’’

    ‘’Actually, fuck off. Fuck you. Everytime you come out here with a microphone in your hand and you begin to speak, it hurts my fucking ears hearing you talk about your relevance in this company, in this industry. I attacked you because I couldn’t stand it anymore. I don’t know if it’s confidence or just sheer ignorance, but no, you’re not better than anyone on this Battleground roster. You’re not the man around here, because you’ve had your chance, and you failed. You’re a failed project. Michael built you up, he gave you the chance to prove yourself, he made you into a monster and he gave you the chance to prove yourself on the biggest stage of them all. IWTMania IV. Spawn vs. Aids Johnson for the IWT Championship. You failed. That’s 1. Then, at the end of IWTMania IV, Michael was disappointed in you but at least he still trusted you. He gave you perhaps the biggest match of your life against Jack Forté. You choked. That’s 2. IWT Survival didn’t have a happy ending for ya either, huh? That’s strike 3. You had 3 chances to prove yourself that you were something more than a glorified midcarder, and you didn’t. You didn’t just fail Michael, but you failed yourself. 3 strikes and you’re out. Out of the main event scene, out of the spotlight because you ruined your own chance to make something of yourself. Now you have the ball, and whilst you have one hell of a throw, know that The Big Guy~! has one HELL of a swing. I will take my opportunity and I will knock it out of the park, something you failed to do. Winners are used to winning and losers are used to losing, guess which of the two you are~!’’

    ‘’I’m too cold for your hell to handle, Spawn. Look at me, look at my Rolex watch, look at my diamond rings, and you gotta realize that The Big Guy~! is ALL ice, brother! I’m unstoppable and I’m barely getting started, ain’t no 6’8 demon gonna stop me from reaching my goals. I’ve battled demons before and brother, I ain’t never lost and that certainly won’t change tonight against a cop-out like yourself. I know you’re in the back waiting for me to shut up, Spawn, but I suggest you make a U-turn real fast, pack your bags and leave because you can sell your soul to the devil all you want, but it ain’t enough for you to beat God.’’

    Danny Jacobs decides to throw his microphone towards one of the cameramen at ringside, as he's done talking and as he's an obvious asshole. He has no patience, and asks the referee when Spawn is coming out. He waits for a little longer in the ring as finally...
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  5. (ffs you ****)
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  6. Action: Spawn steps out slowly holding his hands in prayer wit ha mic between them. He takes some time as he gently raises his microphone and softly begins to speak.

    Retribution. The word harrows a deep meaning tonight. For tonight someone will inflict punishment out of vengeance. Before this ill act will happen however, I wish to only borrow a fraction of everyone's time. Danny Jacobs. I hope you don't mind me talking right now. I know you said my words hurt your ears but I am a messenger with a very important delivery. You see I come with the message from our savior. I come with the truth. The answers. Danny it is blatantly clear that you do not like me. And if you had of asked the old spawn, he might of felt a mutual regard. However I am not the old Spawn. I am a man who saw the error in his ways. I was saved Danny, before it was too late. Before the darkness made me do things I wouldn't wish on anyone else. I saw the pain that I had caused. I felt that pain. I was broken, and I think you are too Danny. I see a lot of the old Spawn in you. The anger, the suffering, the detest for others well being. Let me help you Danny. Let me spread his message so you too can be saved before it is too late. Before you seek your retribution over losing your title.

    Action: Spawn gently walks down to the outside of the ring looking deep into Danny Jacobs soul. He simply watches for a moment, before picking up Danny's mic and placing it back in the ring.

    Spawn: I have not come out here to throw blows with you Danny. I have come out to help another lost sheep. I have come in peace, truly. I know what you are going through big guy, I felt it too. You feel that you are fighting for a reason, but there is no reason in fighting. All this violence, it is madness. Why do you think are brains are grown bigger than our fists? Do you think that he wants you to go around seeking more darkness and suffering? To be free you must see the point in life. You must repent your sins as you throw away all these deep and worrying habits. The attacks, the titles and the foul language. It is not too late for you yet Danny. Everyone has a chance at redemption, there are many more that need saving. You can join us! You can be free! Let me get rid of these shackles, let me show you that being kind is more powerful than being strong. Let me tell you my tale of forgiveness. Let me show you what I see now.

    You mentioned how I lost a lot of my fights Danny. For a time, these losses brought me rage and frustration. I would vent in my defeat but the only thing that followed was more darkness. After every loss I hit harder. I hit more people... Until I couldn't stop hitting. I lost to many people. Many good people who thought for the better of the world. they fought for these fans, not for enjoyment. I look back at these times and I am flooded with sorrow. I cannot close my eyes without remembering what I did to Dat Kid. I ended that mans career. I crippled him! Danny do you remember when I came out and snapped his neck? Because I do. It is all I see. It is all I remember. It is burnt into my mind like a nightmare, except this was no nightmare. This was worse. My actions, what I did to Dat Kid, it was all real. It wasn't a dream. I was responsible for ruining a mans life and that thought alone brings me great shame. A shame I will never forget. But this shame, this guilt, it is not a curse Danny. My guilt is what makes me look back at these actions, these horrific memories. With this guilt I will never be like that again. I have reason in my life now. I do not fight for glory and for entertainment. I fight to be a better man. Me losing was the best thing to ever happen because it made me turn my life around. Alias Antonio, I thank you for saving me. Without your beating I would not have reflected on my actions. Without you beating my ass I would of never found enlightenment. I would of never heard the fathers voice.

    Now I know I may be boring you now Danny. Forgive me for rambling on but I have a burning passion inside my soul to bring you back from the shadows. I will search for the good in you and bring you out. For a long time I thought I was evil. I thought I was the darkness incarnate, but now I know what I was. He showed me what I am. Without his light I might still be coming out here seeking pain and torment. Without him I would still be a monster. He gave me purpose Danny Jacobs. He showed me that I had to lose to Aids Johnson and to everyone else. They were good people. The good always prevails over evil because it is the natural balance to life. At my lowest point he offered me the chance to be good too. He offered me the chance to fight for the better cause. Now I can happily exist knowing what it is that Spawn is meant to do. Spawn is meant to stop sinners like you!

    Action: Spawn climbs over the top rope looking a lot more serious now as he speaks in a sterner tone.

    Danny Jacobs you are one of many sinners here in IWT. You are an evil that must be stopped. So whether you grab my hand and let me save you, or whether I have to vanquish you, the good will prevail. The old Spawn would of likely lost but he came to me and he fixed me. After a lot of prayer I came to realize that he saved me because you were not worthy. He choice me over you and I know why. You are evil. You are darker than the old me. But I do not judge. He was not willing to save you but I am. I do not wish to fight you any longer, I just pray that you realize how far gone you are. How sick you are. His message is clear. His light will show you clarity and Danny Jacobs you will walk out feeling reborn. The weight of your sins will be lifted, you will be pure again. Take off your jewellery and clothes and let me baptize you so that you too can be like me. You too can be his angel as he made me.

    See, I am no longer a demon Danny. I am no longer a sign of evil. He showed me that demons are nothing more than broken angels. He took my torment away. He rid me of the voices in my head, and now I am at one with myself. I see the beauty in the world. There is already too much blood, to much pain. Don't be a part of all the wrong in this world. Be part of the good. You too are just an angel with a broken wing. Let me heal you. Let me show you the way! I view my man not as a demon, not as an angel, but as the voice of reason. There is no reason to fight any longer. The war is over. Live long in peace now. I am an Angel sent from God to heal, heal all this sin. He fixed me when I was broken beyond repair. Now I spread his wisdom through IWT. Will you let me fix you Danny? Do you see the truth now?

    Action: Spawn looks at Danny Jacobs intently.
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    Danny Jacobs looks at Spawn with a bewildered look on his face. He obviously didn't expect this transformation in character from Spawn, but after a little while, he lets out a small smile towards Spawn. He yanks the microphone from Spawn's hands, and starts to talk slowly in a deep voice.

    ''People are shaped the way they are because of the experiences they've had in the past. Every scar has its story. Why would I give those unique experiences away? Why would I give my life away like it's nothing? Why would I put it in someone's hands that doesn't know what success is if it slapped you in the face? You wanna talk about good or bad? I don't believe in that. I believe every person fights for what they want, for what they deserve. Everyone's the hero of their own success story, but unfortunately, even in that, you seem to fail. You wanna talk about change? I don't believe you when you say that you changed. I believe that you ''believe'' that you're changed, but that's more because you have the IQ of an empty bottle of water, and can't realize how stupid it actually is what you're saying. You can't be Satan's little helper one month, and then spread God's word the next. People don't work like that. YOU don't work like that. You're fake.''

    ''I ain't gonna change for someone that doesn't know who he is himself. I'm me because I was shaped into this. The bullying when I was a kid, the constant disappointment in grades, the times that my mother and father told me that I wasn't worth the money they've put into me. I have worked for this. I have worked for all of this. I have worked for the titles that I've won, I have worked for the place on the card that I'm in and I've done it by yelling out as many curse words and ''foul language'' as possible. I fucking did it, and I fucking made it. I am the definition of a success story. You, however, are not. You changed yourself to be something you're not to appeal to these people because you're weak. This isn't about morals for you, this isn't about you wanting to better yourself as a person, this is about your ''Satanic feel'' running out because when you got beaten three times in a row, people saw through your look and saw a man that's not that scary after all. You just want to be relevant, but because you aren't true to yourself, you won't be anything in this company. You can't just snap someone's neck and then change your entire demeanor on life, because if you weren't as sick as I am, you wouldn't have killed him in the first place. People don't work like that. YOU don't work like that. Like I've said before, real recognizes real, and I wouldn't be able to identify you in a crowd if you were the only one in attendance, brother.''

    The crowd pops for the last line of Danny Jacobs, as it's also a reference to his match with Jack Forté. The crowd seems to be in favour of Danny Jacobs here tonight. They normally don't like him, but they seem to dislike Spawn a lot more.

    ''And yeah, I know I'm bad. I'm the baddest of the bad, brother, but that don't mean I need help of any sorts. It means that you need help, since you're my opponent for the night. I ain't letting you off easy. This is gonna be the biggest fight of your life, and looking at your W/L record as of late, I can't imagine you even getting close. That's gonna be 4. You wanna talk about ''his message'' and how he saved you? Well, he certainly didn't bless you, otherwise you wouldn't be standing here trying to pick up what's left of you. Otherwise, you would be standing here as the Intercontinental Champion. You're not, though. Otherwise, you would've defeated Alias Antonio to be the #1 contender for the IWT Championship. You're not, though. It's funny, seeing you put all of your faith into a mystical creature. People believe in a higher power to add an importance to their life. They want to believe that they're on this earth for a reason. You see, I live for me. I'm my own higher power. I believe in my words, and I suggest you do the same because if you didn't know yet: It wasn't God that brought you here, it was nature. If God did exist, would he have made terrorists? Would he have made pedophiles, school shooters or even slave keepers? If God did exist, isn't it really ironic that he gave our local ''believer'' the biggest handicap of all by being a failure like yourself?''

    ''The Bible is a fictional book written by a human. I am a true story based on my life. I'm real. You're not. A month ago, you came out on Battleground talking about that you're a demon from hell. Now, you've suddenly turned into a follower of God. What are you gonna do in July? Talk about The Book of Mormon and how it's historically correct? You change your opinions like they're outfits, you change your goals weekly. I don't. I have always been here with one goal and that's to be the best. That's to let my actions speak louder than my words. That's to dominate and to destroy. That's to become the Intercontinental Champion, that's to become the IWT Champion, something you couldn't do because you didn't have the drive inside of you because you don't really want it. I have the engine of a Ferrari inside of me. You're barely a bicycle, and believe me when I tell ya, I'm gonna run you over. I care about being successful. You care about being ''morally correct.'' That's why I'm the man around here and you're not.''

    ''So I suggest you put your old Demon suit on, and give me some actual competition for once. Show me that you're a fucking man. Take me through the gates of hell, and I'll see it as a walk in the park. Read me from the inside out and I assure you that you'll find the one horror story that even you are scared of...''

    ''You gotta look in the beast's eyes and see what's inside.''

    At this point, Danny Jacobs takes off his shades to reveal his light-green eyes. It almost makes him look like some kind of lizard, and together with his enormous muscles and his freaky height, he really looks like a freak of nature.

    ''I don't think you'll like it.''

    Danny Jacobs drops the microphone on the mat out of disrespect to make Spawn pick it up, as a big ''Danny Jacobs'' chant begins to ensue. Danny Jacobs flexes his muscles one last time to get a pop from the crowd, but as the chants begin to die off, Danny begins to wait for Spawn to air his response...
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  8. Why has the voting not happened yet @Tsar
  9. Will do tomorrow unless @Shadow does it :adr:
  10. Nah, p sure Tumbas may promo before you get up voting.
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  11. @THG?: Alias Antonio
    @Shadow: Jack Forté
    @Gav in da BPL!: Gav the Chav
    @Tsar: Michael
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @TheArabHammer: Gato Volar
    @The ReagMaster: Reagan Cole
    @Jacob Fox: Schizo
    @seabs: Eric Draven
    @King Barrett: Dylan Grey
    @impactking: Chris Young/Lilith Young
    @CBK_15: Jack Lux
    @Ring Rust: Perceval "Rusty" Donohue
    @Drag: James Dragon
    @Ryan Davis: Ryan Davis
    @rydogg: Braeden Cross
    @Dojo: Scott Fargo
    @Bubblegum: Shinjiro Death
    @Ovaldinho: Luis Ovaldhino/Lord Lee
    @Harrison: Handleman
    @NickThePenguin: Baron Moreau
    @KingsPunch: King Votan
    @AfricanScatMahn: The Scat
    @DemonHunter1257: Al Blizzard
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy
    @Ricky Daniels: Ricky Daniels
    @Forrest OAKADA: Leo Taylor
    @C.M. Shaddix: Corey Marcus "C.M." Shaddix
    @Thierry: Taigāman
    @Kazzir: Elliot Ryker
    @Chrxsiie: Raine
    @TNHOffical: Chris Kaizer

    Read and Vote!
  12. Pretty upset rn. This was on track to being my personal MOTN, was even gonna suggest it be a no.1 contender's match.
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  13. Respect to @Tumbas for trying to have three matches, but he overbooked himself and that's probably what cost him. Shame, buddy. You did well and I hoped you'd get out a second promo in time, though. It was fun and I'm always up for a rematch in the future where we can have an actual full match.
  14. I just got home. Was writing up for Bishop then finishing this, but GG indy you deserved this win. I will be shocked if you are not in the main title scene soon.
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  15. You both were good, specifically indy
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  16. shut up and take my above average-sized schlong down your throat
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