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  1. LIVE from Atlanta, Georgia's Phillips Arena...IWT Presents...IWT Retribution!

    *Pyro begins to shoot from the ring posts and a flurry of pyro begins on the stage. It ends with a massive explosion and the spotlights begin to flash around the arena. The camera runs across the front row fans as they cheer and shout in excitement.*

    Sven Stevens: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to IWT Retribution, I am Sven Stevens and I am here with IWT Hall of Famer, Christian!

    Christian: Sven, get ready for my best friend and the greatest wrestler alive to show us all, exactly why he is called such when he takes the IWT World title from Michael!

    *Graphic for Michael vs. Alias Antonio*

    Sven: Michael attempts to end Alias' legacy and prove that he deserves his title while Alias attempts to grab gold again and show why he hasn't lost a step.

    *Graphic for Scott Fargo vs. Jack Forte*

    Christian: Scott attempts to have a fairytale ending to his fairytale career while Jack tries to grab the record books and bring the Intercontinental title to the lime light.

    *Graphic for Danny Jacobs vs. Spawn*

    Sven: Two colossal wrestlers trying to prove themselves in this exhibition.

    Christian: It's gonna be like two buses running at each other, full speed. It's gonna be great.

    Sven: We also have a number of debuts, include that of Scotty McBoatface and Mark Knight.

    Christian: Enough of this preview, let's get the action started!

    *Graphic for Corey Marcus vs. Will Savat*

    Sven: Marcus vs. Savat have had a brewing feud and attempt to settle differences in our opening contest!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from London, England...Will...SAAAVVAAATT!
    Savat kneels on the ramp to a mixed reaction. Savat taps his wrist and chuckles to himself as he stands and yells “Best in the world~!” to the fans. Will saunters into the ring where he sits down and crosses his legs.

    Sven: A true work horse this man is, news has broke that he signed another match against newcomer Mark Knight. He will be back here later tonight!

    Christian: Not smart. It could hurt and cost him many opportunities.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from the Bronx...Corey...MAAARCCUUUSS!
    Corey Marcus emerges to a huge pop from the crowd. He holds out his arms and bangs his head to the rhythm, slapping the fan’s hands whilst making his way to the ring. Marcus enters and eyes up Will who remains seated.
    Sven: Well last time these two fought, Will Savat came out the winner. But I imagine with the grander stage and more at stake, Corey Marcus is more than willing to get his win back and prove he belongs here.

    Christian: The man is a fucking weirdo.

    The bell rings as the two immediately lock up, ignoring any kind of feeling out process. Savat manages to back Corey into a corner which causes the ref to demand he break the hold. Savat obliges and looks at Corey with an arrogant smirk, holding up his hands in mock peace. Suddenly Will delivers a hard slap to Corey, lighting a fire under the unorthodox fighter. Marcus explodes out of the corner and lays out Will with a running high knee. Marcus goes for the cover but only garners a one count.

    Sven: Will easily able to kick out in this early stage of the match.

    Christian: Corey seems to want this match to be over quick. No such luck.

    Corey tries following up by locking Will in an anaconda vice however Savat is able to slip out of it and get back to his feet before Marcus. Will uses this window to deliver an enziguri to the back of Marcus’ head. Capitalizing on the advantage Will lifts the stunned Marcus overhead for a suplex, Will rolls over for the cover but Corey is able to kick out at two. Infuriated, Will pettily kicks the downed Marcus before pulling him by his hair and back to his feet, he throws Marcus into the ropes. Corey ducks under an attempted lariat from Savat and jumps into the ropes, his momentum launching him back into Savat whom he hits with a springboard stunner to the crowd’s delight. Will manages to maintain his balance but is staggered which Corey takes advantage of by spiking his head to the canvas with a DDT. With the momentum now on his side, Marcus plays to the crowd and runs to one corner of the ring, awaiting the groggy Will to return to his feet. When Savat does, Marcus charges forward but is rocked by an unexpected superkick from Savat, the forward momentum from Marcus into the kick causing him to flip spectacularly and face plant onto the canvas.

    Christian: Wow! Savat damn near turned Marcus inside out with that superkick.

    Savat drops an elbow on the back of Corey’s head, after which he mockingly places a foot on top of him and screams that he is the best. The crowd voice their disapproval, but unfazed, Savat pulls Marcus up by the hair and drags him towards the corner. Savat gets up on the second rope and places Corey’s head between his legs. With some difficulty, Savat manages to get Corey on his shoulders and is primed to deliver a powerbomb to Marcus when suddenly he is flipped overhead and crashes violently onto the canvas courtesy of a hurricanrana by Corey. Marcus holds onto the ropes and pulls himself up, he bounces his legs on the top ropes and performs his split-legged moonsault - YDG. Marcus stays on top of the downed Will and secures the three count.

    Announcer: Here's your winner...Corey...MAAARCCUUUSS!

    Sven: A big win here tonight for Corey Marcus! Getting his win back and doing it live on pay-per-view!

    Christian: A decent achievement, I’ll give him credit. But he still looks and acts like an idiot, Sven.

    Marcus stands in the ring and plays to the crowd, celebrating and cheering as Will silently skulks on the outside. Eyeing Marcus before leaving for bakstage.

    Sven: I have received word that we are ready for Chris Young vs. The Scat!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first! Accompanied to the ring by Lilith Young, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada...Chris...YOOOUUUNNNGG!
    Dark red and black lights flash to the music and a recording of the Youngs saying “it's showtime” is played. hris walks out in a long black coat and under it a Dark Souls Shirt with his manager - Lilith, behind him. They slowly walk down the ramp, stopping half way down as pyro goes off. Chris removes his coat as he leans on the ropes, jumping to the top rope before entering the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring, mist starts to fill the ring and Chris looks into the camera and says "悪魔のようにファイト and for Lutteurs sans frontières”.

    Christian: Chris hasn’t been beaten since IWTMania IV. If he picks up another win here, he could be one to watch with this brand split in effect.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Glasgow, Scotland...The...SCAAATTT!
    The Scat emerges atop the ramp with a grin on his face, nodding his head to the rhythm of the guitar. Scat marches down towards the ring and hypes himself up by letting out a primal yell on the steel steps. Scat enters the ring and mockingly bows before running the ropes in quick succession as he awaits the bell.

    Sven: Now here comes The Scat, unsuccessful in his first match against Scott Fargo, but a win here tonight could help him solidify himself on the Battleground roster.

    The two circle one another briefly before locking up, with Young maneuvering Scat into a headlock and taking him down with ease. Chris releases Scat and levels him with a dropkick as Scat attempts to get back on his feet.
    Young quickly follows up the attack by dropping Scat back to the floor with a snap suplex and then crashing his elbow repeatedly onto Scat’s neck. Young stands back up and takes a few moments to survey the crowd with an emotionless stare, his wife Lillith cheering him on from outside. Chris pulls Scat back up by his tights and rocks him with a few stiff forearms to the jaw, Young takes a few steps back and attempts to knock Scat back to the floor with a roundhouse kick but Scat lunges foreward with a clothesline. Taking Young to the floor and attempting to capitalize with a running elbow drop. Chris manages to roll out of the way and is quick enough to beat Scat to the punch and knock the wind out of him with spinning back kick, which he then follows up with a powerbomb. Young begins to savagely stomp on the chest and head of Scat, disregarding his opponent’s body as Lilith continues to praise and encourage Chris, much to the crowd’s chagrin.

    Christian: Young stomping down hard on Scat’s body.

    Sven: Scat’s being tenderized here tonight!

    Chris continues his assault by viciously yanking Scat back to his feet and staggering him with a jumping knee to the face. Chris then plants Scat square on his head with a brainbuster. Immediately Chris looks up with fire in his eyes. He stands and motions slicing his neck to the fans as he mutters “It’s over.” Slowly and methodically, Young brings Scat back up to face him. He waits for a few seconds before smirking arrogantly. Scat slams face first to the mat as Young uses his finishing Soul Remover Cutter. Young hooks Scat’s leg and pins him for the one two three.

    Sven: Strong showing for Chris Young tonight, shame about The Scat however.

    Christian: He never got out of the starting gate Sven. Sometimes it happens, though never to me, naturally.

    Young rears back his head and outstretches his arms as he basks in his victory. Lilith clapping and raising his arm. The two exit the ring, their heads held high as officials help Scat backstage.

    Sven: We are now set for for Will Savat's second match of the evening against Mark Knight.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    *Will Savat has already entered the ring, with a towel around his neck. He is stretching and awaits his opponent*

    Announcer: Introducing second, making his debut from The Organization...Mark...KNIIIGGHHHTT!
    Knight steps out in the midst of flashing lights and stares at the silent crowd, with a blank stare. He begins to march down to the ring and stare at a tired and beaten Will Savat

    The bell rings signalling the start of this match, and both men begin to circle eachother after an intense set of promos. They start off locking-up, with Knight gaining the advantage as he's flagrantly the bigger man. He wrenches Savat's arm, and manages to ground Savat still in control of his arm. He promptly lets go, but just as Will is about to get up, Knight KICKS the shit out of his arm and covers him. 1....KICK OUT. Knight stays on top of Savat with a grounded front chancery, occasionally kneeing him in the head, but Savat rolls over just to fall in the trap again. After a while on the ground, Savat musters up the strength to escape the hold and begins to elbow the mid-section of Knight till he eventually lets go. This gives Savat the opening to run the ropes, but as he comes back, Knight goes for a Rolling Elbow, which Savat blocks with his fists, allowing him to hit an Enziguiri in return. The crowd pops for the first offensive actions from Savat.

    Sven: Savat finally showing some fire here.

    Christian: He'll need MUCH MORE to take down the big man Knight, my money's still on him.

    Savat recovers and hits the top rope, jumping off as Knight gets up, but Knight is a step ahead of him as he hits a RUNNING FLYING FOREARM mid-air. 1....2..KICK-OUT. No signs of frustration from Knight yet. Knight picks Savat up, and chops him very loudly, followed up with some rapid knees to the mid-section, a rolling elbow and a straight kick to the chest of Savat, sending him to the ropes, giving Knight the opportunity to hit the Mark Of Death. Savat ducks however and hits a superkick on Knight, leaving him groggy. Savat runs the ropes and hits a BRUTAL lariat on Knight, but he's still stood up! Savat runs the ropes again and hits an even more unmerciful SPINNING HEEL KICK, downing him this time. 1.....2....KICK OUT.

    Sven: MY GOD! Savat taking it to the big man's face BIG TIME. Knight can consider himself lucky for surviving that.

    Christian: You think a measly Spinning Heel Kick is supposed to keep you down? Oh please.

    Savat pounds his chest as he gasps for air, looking to go to the top rope again. This time he hits a beautiful missile dropkick that sends Knight flying across the ring. Savat picks Knight up and sets him up for the brainbuster, but as Knight is in the air, he comes back down and reverses it so SAVAT is now in the suplex positon. Knight walks around and then forcefully lets go nailing the Rolling Release Suplex! Knight wastes no time as he deadlifts Savat into the suplex position again and DROPS his skull straight to the knee. Knight covers..1....2....KICK-OUT! Knight is now frustrated, he picks Savat up to his knees, aiming to hit the Mark Of Death, but Savat dodges it again and aims to hit the superkick, which Knight blocks and turns him around, catching him in a backslide position, looking to possibly hit a Backslide Driver, but Savat escapes and as he's behind, rolls him up in a Schoolboy! 1....2....KICK-OUT. Savat doesn't let him get up as he NAILS him with a SHINING WIZARD. 1....2.....KICK-OUT!. Savat can't believe it, and both men are fatigued by now. But Savat is the first to get up, and signals for the Neodammerung (Kawada Driver). He sets him up in the position, but Knight powers up and LOCKS IN THE GUILLOTINE CHOKEHOLD!!! Savat is clutching for anything at this point, but he can't reach the ropes at all. Knight has got him in a kneeled position ready to tap, but at last minute Savat, with whatever tenacity he has left, gets on his feet again, manages to alleviate the pressure, and PICK KNIGHT UP IN A SUPLEX POSITION, HE DRIVES HIM DOWN WITH A BRUTAL BRAINBUSTER!!! 1....2....3.

    Announcer: Here's your winner...Will...SSAAAAVVAAT!

    Will roles out and looks at the crowd in disgust. He spits and limps to the back as a disappointed and groggy Mark Knight lays in the ring. He is helped up and out of the ring.

    Sven: What a match. What a brutal loss.

    *A shot cuts to the locker room where a limo rolls in. The driver walks out and opens to door revealing Chris Kaizer. He looks at the camera, but evades any questions and begins to walk down the parking lot and into the hallway*

    Christian: Woah! Chris Kaizer is here! Is he here to teach or lesson or just watch the show, up close and personal?

    Sven: Well, ladies and gentlemen as we get set for the rest of Retribution, we want to thank Union Underground for providing us with the theme song, Across the Nation.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Leicester, England...Dylan...GRAAAYYY!
    Gray walks out and fixes his trunks. He stretches his arm and begins down to the ring.

    Sven: This man has a chance to regain his lost momentum.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from London, England...Al...BLIIIZZAAARRDD!
    Al is met with boos from his previous no-show. He walks into the ring and prepares in the corner.

    The match begins in a frenzy as Al charges towards Gray with an uppercut, but Gray reverses it into a flash backslide...1....2....KICK-OUT. They both get up at the same time. Al goes for a backfist, but Gray has his number again as he catches him and locks in a Fujiwara Armbar. Al manages to roll out of it and nails a deadlift Tiger Suplex on Gray. 1...2...KICK-OUT. Al picks him up on his shoulders for the Al Cutter, but Gray slips behind and hits the Trouble in The BLUEpire (Trouble in Paradise) to the back of his head and follows it up with the Cross-Face Chicken Wing. He's got it tightly synched in, forcing him to tap out, ending the match in exactly 1:00.

    Gray walks out with a smile on his face. He laughs and proceeds down the ramp. Al looks in shock. He proceeds to leave the ring, and walks to the back.

    Sven: Good god! That must be a record!

    Christian: Ahahahah! Gray just made my day!

    Sven: Anyways, we are ready and set for our next debut of the evening.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, weighing in at 220 pounds and hailing from Your Mom's Bedroom, Scotty McBOOAAATTTFFAACEE!
    Scotty comes to the ring as the crowd boos him. He completely ignores them, looking completely focused on the upcoming match. He slips under the ropes and into the ring.

    Sven: Scotty is our newest signee. 5 years of experience around the United States has landed him in the IWT.

    Christian: Hopefully he delivers, he has a potential match with Michael at SummerSlam if he does.

    Announcer: Introducing second, weighing in also at 220, but hailing from Essex, England, Great Britain, Reagan COOOLLLEE!
    Reagan steps out and gazes at the crowd. He glares firmly at Scott and begins to trudge down the ramp and rolls into the ring.

    Reagan makes his way onto the stage, a cocky look on his face but still being cheered. He points to Scotty McBoatface before making his way down to the ring, eliciting a more positive reaction from the crowd than Scotty was getting. Reagan hi fives several of the fans and then walks around the ring. When he gets to the ramp and slides into the ring, however, Scotty immediately stomps on him as the bell rings. While Reagan is caught off guard, Scotty brings him to his feet before delivering 3 straight European uppercuts. He then immediately Irish whips Reagan into the ropes before hitting him dead on with a dropkick. Reagan falls to the mat whereas Scotty stands right up, a cocky look on his face. He doesn't waste any time, however, going right back on the attack. When Scotty tries to bring Reagan to his feet to hit another move, Reagan quickly hits Scotty with a headbutt. Caught off guard, Scotty staggers a little bit before Reagan hits him with a couple of European uppercuts of his own. Woozy, Scotty turns around and tries to move away from Reagan. Before Scotty can get away, Reagan grabs him from behind and swiftly hits three straight rolling German suplexes. Reagan bridges the third suplex and attempts a pinfall. The referee only counts 1 and a half before Scotty kicks out, breaking the bridge.
    Scotty uses the moment after the break to try and recover. He moves away from Reagan again. When Reagan comes towards him, Scotty hits Reagan with another European uppercut, grabs Reagan and executes a snap suplex. Reagan, however, gets up from the suplex just as quickly as Scotty and delivers several knife edge chops to Scotty. Scotty falls back against the ropes. Reagan quickly grabs Scotty, whips him into the ropes and hits a lariat on the return. Both wrestlers are on the mat again. Although Reagan gets up first, when he approaches Scotty, Scotty grabs his leg and snaps his leg with a dragon screw leg breaker. Reagan falls to the mat, holding his knee.

    Sven: Reagan could be hurt!

    Christian: Scotty is a lot better than I thought. He keeps this up, he could be a champion within the year.

    Scotty still has a hold on Reagan's leg, however, and he forces Reagan back to his feet so he can hit another dragon screw. Reagan tries really hard to get his leg free, but for a second time, he is forced to his feet to be hit with a third dragon screw. This time, though, Scotty lets go of Reagan's leg. Scotty doesn't let up though, picking Reagan up and immediately hitting a fast snap suplex. He keeps his hold on Reagan, picking him up yet again and hitting him with a brain buster.Then, Scotty seems to indicate that he thinks the match is over. He prepares to put Reagan into the Regal Plex. However, when he falls back on the plex, he doesn't have Reagan locked and can't hold onto the bridge for the pinfall. Angered, Scotty gets up and moves to pick up Reagan again, who quickly tries to slip Scotty into an inside cradle. Reagan gets a one and a half count and Scotty kicks out. Scotty gets to his feet, angry but Reagan has recovered a bit and gets up as well. Scotty hits Reagan with an uppercut and Reagan recovers and hits an uppercut of his own as well. They exchange uppercuts several times but Scotty is the first to get wobbly after many hits. Reagan takes advantage of this and grabs onto Scotty, and snapping him down with a Russian leg sweep. Before Scotty can recover, Reagan quickly gets up to the top turnbuckle and delivers a frog splash. He tries for a pinfall, but Scotty kicks out at two. Trying to make the most of his momentum, Reagan gets up and tries to put on the Cole lock. Scotty is aware and he resists, but Reagan stomps him a couple times to take him off balance. Reagan then successfully executes the Cole Lock. Scotty flails, trying his best to not submit. Scotty lasts for a while, struggling to get to the ropes. After more than a minute of struggling, though, Scotty finally taps out to the Cole Lock. Reagan breaks the hold right after the bell rings.

    Announcer: Here is your winner by submission, Reagan Cole!

    Reagan slips out of the ring and begins walking back towards the stage. He places his hand on his side, while Scotty lays in the ring in shock. Scotty roles out and climbs up the ramp, as well.

    Sven: What a match!

    Christian: It's disappointing to see Scotty lose despite the hard fought battle.

    Sven: We are set for our next match!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Barnsley, England...Percy...DONOOOOHHUUUUEE!
    Percy walks out to a good reaction to the crowd. He is wearing his red gear and he makes his way down to the ring, taggings fans and energetically posing on the ropes. A barrage of camera flashes accompany each pose. He settles down, and retires to the corner where he awaits James Dragon.

    Sven: He is one of the most entertaining young stars we have, but will he prove to be good enough to trump another blue chipper, in James Dragon?

    Christian: My bet, is James will teach Percy a thing or two about wrestling.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada...JAMESSS DRAAAGOOONN!
    James Dragon arrives on top of the entrance ramp as the vocals kick in. Bouncing his hips to the beat and surveying the boo'ing crowd with an arrogant smirk. He saunters down to the ring and ignores the various crowd members flipping him off and hurling abuse as he makes his way up the steps. James enters and stands opposite of Percy, taking a needlessly long time to remove his sparkly green jacket to deliberately antagonize Percy.

    The bell rings and both Dragon and Percy tie up. Dragon gets the upper hand, by wrenching the arm of Percy, but Percy makes his way out. They stare each other down, and James charges Percy. Percy side steps James, allowing James to crash to the grimey mat. Percy capitalizes by hitting a soccer kick onto James' abdomen. James screams in pain and rolls out of the ring, and clutches his ribs. He attempts to gain his breath and recover from the quick flurry, but Percy has made his way to the top turnbuckle. When James turns around, he is met with a massive standing Moonsault from Percy. They both crashing to the outside mats, but Percy gets up quickly. Percy poses for the fans as they cheer his early onslaught. James makes it to one knee, and baits Percy in for a Possom attempt. He wipes Percy out, by using a Drop Toe Hold. Percy lands hard and quickly checks his mouth for loose teeth or blood. James laughs arrogantly and points to his head to showcase his superior intelligence. The count is at 8, when James walks in, and Percy follows by the 9 count. James lands an axehandle onto Percy's back, while he was laid out. James locks on a headlock and wrenches in the pressure. Percy screams in pain, and winces as he blindly attempts to make it to the ropes, but Dragon instead goes to the ropes and bounces him off the ropes, and just as Percy returns he is hit with a masterful leg drop with high elevation. James kneels on one knee, wiping his hands and laughing. He goes for a pin - 1...2..- Percy kicks out.

    Sven: This match has been James so far.

    Christian: Percy needs to start focusing more on take out James' confidence. He needs to stop showing weakness to stop feeding Dragon's ego.

    Percy clinches his chin, and sits up. Dragon catches his breath, and begins to walk around Percy. He stops and grabs Percy by the head, and leads him to the corner. He hangs Percy's arms around the ropes and tells the crowd to quiet down. And suddenly unloads with a series of 7 knife edge chops that leave Percy's chest a purple and red mess. Percy screams in pain, as Dragon hits his final chop. Dragon backs up to the opposite corner and charges Percy. Dragon jumps and attempts a big splash but Percy moves out of the way. Dragon hits his head on the ring post and falls back, as Percy also collapses to the dirty mat. Both wrestlers are down and out, and the referee begins his count. They get to a 5 count and both make their way up. James stumbles towards a sweaty and battered Percy. Percy lands two right hands and follows with a Spinebuster. The crowd begins chanting and supporting Percy with rhythmic claps. Percy awaits James from behind. As James gets up, Percy hits a Dragon Suplex with Irony. Percy begins to fight through the pain and and feeds off the energy of the crowd. He signals for Majestikill. James makes it to his feet and Percy attempts to grapple James, but James rakes the eyes of Percy. While blinded, James hits the God's Last Gift, package fisherman buster. He goes for the pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner, JAAAMES DRAAAGOOON!

    James rolls out of the ring, and clutches his neck in pain. He stumbles back but regains composure. He begins his assent up the ramp, to an array of boos. His face turns from a angry frown to an arrogant smile. He walks to the back as Percy is checked on and escorted out of the ring.

    Christian: What a great match. James is gonna be a big star, if he keeps this up.

    Sven: Don't forget that he has yet to be defeated, so his reign at the top may be quicker than thought prior. Anyways, we are set for the biggest match, no pun intended, on the under card. Spawn vs. Danny Jacobs in an Immovable Object vs. Unstoppable Force scenario.

    Christian: My pick is Spawn, but I want to see it for myself!

    *Crane shot of the flashing lights, shining on the crowd*

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Hell....SPAAAWWWNN!
    A massive, cracking explosion happens and through the fire walks Spawn. He tilts his head, fixes his glove and continues down to the ring. He is met with a mixed reaction. He enters the ring and stands in the center. He slowly raises his arms and whips them down, and fire blows out of the ring posts. The lights return to normal and Spawn awaits Danny, with dead eyes.

    Sven: What a wonder, Spawn is.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Parts Unknown...Danny...JAAAACOOOBBS!
    Danny walks out with water dripping from his face. His black singlet down. He stomps his way to the ring, and gets face to face with Spawn.

    Spawn and Danny are face to face. They look around at the crowd, and suddenly Spawn hits a punch to the face of Danny. Danny holds his chin in anger, and hits his own punch. Spawn whips his hair back and hits a forearm to the face of Danny, and Danny hits Spawn. Spawn counters with another forearm, and Danny follows suit. Danny screams at Spawn, urging him to hit him back. Spawn runs off the ropes and hits a lariat that doesn't budge Danny. Danny runs and hits his own. Spawn counters with his own, that stumbles Danny back. Danny runs off the ropes, and instead hits a Big Boot that knocks Spawn back. Danny pounces on Spawn, delivering stiff punches. Danny stands up and awaits Spawn. As Spawn gets up, Danny hits a suplex. Danny goes for the pin - 1..2..- Spawn kicks out. Danny locks on a headlock. He wrenches it in. The fans grow impatient with the rest hold and begin to quiet down, but Spawn breaks out of the holds, and hits a big boot that knock Danny down. As Danny gets up he is met with two stiff jabs and he runs off the ropes. He hits a massive clothesline from hell with a thud. Both men are down.

    Sven: This is like Goliath vs. Goliath, and no one is giving an inch.

    Christian: It's one hell of a battle!

    Spawn gets up first and begins signaling for a Chokeslam. He begins stretching his fingers and raises his hand. When Danny gets up, Spawn grabs Danny by the throat. He attempts to pick him up, but Danny resists. Spawn gets him up, but Danny slips out and lands behind him. He turns Spawn around and hits his own chokeslam. Danny Jacobs goes for the pin - 1...2..- Spawn kicks out. Danny regains his breath and gets to his feet. His face is red in exhaustion but he signals for a Flatliner. Spawn gets up, and is hooked. He attempts a Flatliner, but Spawn slithers out. Spawn runs at Danny but is caught and hit with a Flatliner. The crowd pops for the move. Danny goes for the pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...Danny...JAAACCCOOOBBSS!

    Jacobs stands above the fallen Spawn. Roaring to the crowd in triumph. A surprising amount of fans cheering for Jacobs, though more out of their detest for Spawn.

    The cheers are immediately dropped in favour of boo’s and hurled abuse as James Dragon makes his way down the ramp, a steel chair in hand. Danny’s triumphant defiance instantly changes to anger as he stares down the intruding James. Dragon is stoic as he looks into the eyes of the hulking Danny Jacobs. Exhausted but still standing tall. The two square off as the crowd cheer Danny’s name and vilify Dragon. James begins to smirk and walk back out the ring. Suddenly he charges forward with the chair and smacks the back of a recovering Spawn. James brings the chair down repeatedly onto the back of Spawn. Danny marches forward and begins joining in on the assault. Stomping on the back of Spawn’s head with reckless abandon. The duo beat down a helpless Spawn as the referee and other officials at ringside attempt to eject them from the premises. After a few more crushing blows, the two relent and leave the fallen Spawn in the ring. Danny and James embrace each other with a hug to a huge chorus of boo’s from the crowd. Whilst they dislike Spawn, the combination of Jacobs and Dragon is too much for them to stomach. With their arms around each other, the two walk backwards up the entrance ramp. Hollering and yelling at the crowd as they disappear backstage.

    Sven: What the hell did I just watch?! Dragon and Spawn are partners and they made Spawn an example?

    Christian: Haha! YES! This is what we need, the two most prominent wrestlers on the roster, competing and beating down others!

    Sven: Despite, what we just saw we must get set for our IWT World Championship match. A feud that has been boiling for 2 years.

    *The Artist vs. Alias Antonio is shown from February 2014. It fasts forward to Artist losing to Dat Kid, and his transformation into Michael. His numerous brawls and matches with Alias. Michael stripping Alias of the title and suspending him. It fast forwards to Alias beating Dat Kid and Spawn and Michael beating Aids Johnson and it ends with Michael and Alias facing off from the the opposite sides of the ring with the title on Michael's shoulders*

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the IWT World Championship

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois...the reigning, defending, IWT World Champion...MICHAAAAEEELLL!
    Michael walks out wearing an old Rodrigo t-shirt. He has his title around his waist and his hair slicked back with water dripping onto his white leather tights. He walks onto the apron and poses on the turnbuckle to a barage of flashes. He steps down and lays the title on his shoulder and awaits Alias.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from the Slums of Barcelona, the challenger, accompanied to the ring by Jwab...Alias...ANTOONNNIOO!
    *An unfamiliar theme song begins to play throughout the arena, but soon enough, the titantron turns on and the IWT crowd quickly realizes it's Alias Antonio, resulting in a loud pop for the former champ. He blasts through a heap of smoke, sporting his usual attire. But one thing is different. Alias is not alone. Jwab comes out by Alias' side, earning a mixed reaction from the IWT Universe. This doesn't rattle either of them, as they saunter intensely down to the ring, Jwab slightly trailing Alias. He agitates his head, letting out a scream before finally entering the ring. Jwab smirks and applauds Alias as he joins the commentary team.

    It all starts off with a vehement stare-off between the bitter rivals, all while the dueling chants of "Let's Go Michael (considerably less people), A-LI-AS!" reverberate throughout the arena. The two men don't let an eye off of eachother, but all this soon stops when Alias THROAT CHOPS Michael to a massive pop, downing him in an instant. Writhing in pain, Michael quickly flees to the outside, nearing towards the bell area, signalling that they give him his title. He grabs it but as soon as he turns around he is met with yet ANOTHER throat chop from Alias, causing Michael to once again twist and turn. Alias now sets him up against the barricade, re-enters the ring and climbs the top rope. Alias does the cutthroat taunt the JUMPS OFF LOOKING TO HIT A METEORA, BUT MICHAEL MOVES OUT THE WAY MAKING ALIAS CRASH THROUGH THE BARRICADE.

    Christian: NO MAN WHAT THE HELL!?!?

    Jwab:'s ok man, it's okay. Alias has still got this. I'm sure he has.

    Sven: I wouldn't bet on it, but I must say, I've never teamed up with him so who am I to say really.

    Christian and Jwab: SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    Michael slowly makes his way back into the ring with an ear to ear grin, urging the referee to hurry up his count. Alias seems absolutely inert as the ref reaches the 5 count. Jwab then gets out of the announce table with a bottle of water and wets Alias with it, quickly waking him up. He still doesn't know where he is, but still makes it in before the 10 count. Michael spits on him as soon as he gets back in and slaps the shit out of him, yelling "YOU DO KNOW I OWN THE IWT RIGHT?", smirking once again. The crowd is already fired up when Michael attempts to get one back on Alias and throat chop him, but Alias blocks and shakes his head with a sadistic smile. He twists Michael's hand and snaps it. Michael is once again contorting in pain after that, Alias quickly picks him up and nails his Rolling Suplexes combination, finishing it off with a Tiger Suplex w/bridge. 1....2..KICK OUT. Alias now buys some time to shake off the pain from missing the Meteora to the outside. He then goes on the apron, maybe to actually hit the Meteora. He jumps off but gets caught mid-air by an unforgiving ROUNDHOUSE KICK by Michael, surely knocking him out unconscious. 1....2....KIXCKK OUT. A big pop arises from the kick-out as dueling chants resurface.

    Sven: Maybe Alias should avoid resorting to aerial moves as Michael has seemed to have had him figured out whenever he has tried to go to the air.

    Christian: Maybe you should shut up and let the man do whatever he wants.

    Jwab: Absolutely. The Cure knows no bounds. Boundaries do not define us.

    Michael waits for Alias to get up and instantly hits Weave. The flurry of kicks and punches to Alias' body leave him to one knee, setting up the Head Of State (Shining Wizard) perfectly, but Alias ducks and transforms it into a schoolboy roll-up. As the ref counts, Alias DEADLIFTS Michael from the ground, runs and rebounds off of the ropes, and NAILS the Inframundo (Springboard Running Dragon Bomb). 1....2....KICK OUT. Alias wastes no time as he picks Michael up hastily and lands a DANGEROUS Liger Bomb, folding Michael in half. 1....2...KICK OUT AGAIN. Alias is now visibly stressed, trying to find quick solutions. He glares at Michael despicably, unleashing a fury of slaps and chops on the champ. Alias then lifts him up in the Psycho Driver positon, but Michael slips behind after some hefty elbows to Alias' skull. This allows Michael to hit a HARD roundhouse kick again to the back of Alias' head, he runs off of the ropes and goes for the jab kick, but Alias evades it, runs the ropes himself and hits the FUCK (Fully Unhinged Charged Knees) on Michael's torso. Antonio takes a moment to look at the crowd as they cheer him on and then immediately goes to the apron again. Michael slowly gets up....Alias jumps....MICHAEL HAS PULLED THE REF TOWARDS HIM MEANING THAT ALIAS JUST HIT THE SPRINGBOARD METEORA ON REF, REF DOWN.

    Christian: Oh shit, this has just gotten real. SHIT.

    Sven: Alias has made the same mistake again and again, and this time it will surely prove costly. Hang on, Jwab...where are you going?

    Jwab: Never you mind.

    Jwab then leaves the commentary table, and walks towards the ring, he stands on the apron about to get in the ring, but Alias, in extreme pain, swiftly stops him and tells him to walk back. Jwab obeys, but as soon as he walks back, Michael creeps up on Alias and hits a BACKDROP DRIVER. Alias lands on his head but the force of the move situates him in a kneeled position, Michael seizes the moment and strikes the HEAD OF STATE (Shining Wizard). Michael goes outside and wakes the ref up with the same water that Jwab used to wake up Alias! The ref notices this and gets back in the ring as Michael covers Alias. 1.....2........KICKOUT!!!! The crowd is rowdy.


    Jwab: No doubt.

    Sven: JWAB, you almost cost your best buddy the title with your ridiculous antics right there? WHY?

    Jwab: Tranquilo.

    Discomfiture is at an all time high for Michael as he bangs his fists against the mats, screaming "I AM THE IWT". The boss then decides to climb to the top rope, maybe looking to hit that 450 Splash to the standing opponent. He patiently waits for an extremly battered Alias to get back up. As he gets up, Michael flips off the turnbuckle, nailing the rotation but is met with a FUCKING RAW HEADBUTT BY ALIAS ON THE WAY DOWN!!! They are both busted open due to that headbutt. Alias is dizzily limping around the ring as blood rushes down from his face. The former champ still manages to walk over to the apron AGAIN. With the crowd cheering him on big time, he waits for Michael to be half stood up, and when he is, Alias finally hits that wild Springboard Meteora, double kneeing Michael right in his bloody skull. Alias pins him, clutching his whole body. 1.....2......KICK-OUT.

    Christian: WHAT THE HELL?!?

    Sven: Michael will NOT be giving up his pride and his title this easily. The crowd are loving this and so are we.

    Jwab: It's a one man show, baby.

    Alias is literally pulling his hair, but he wastes not too long as he lifts Michael up in an inverted firemans carry position and lands the PSYCHO DRIVER, right on Michael's noggin. But instead of pinning him, Alias slowly gets back up, grabs the lifeless Michael by his hair, stares at him, spits at him and flips the bird, yelling "You do know I own the IWT, right?" right before the death blow, hitting his own Head of State on the very man who uses the move. Alias kills him with the Shining Wizard and covers him. 1....2....3. It's over. Michael has been dethroned.

    Announcer: Here's your winner...and NEW IWT World Champion...Alias...ANTOONNNIIIOOO!
    Alias groggily makes his way up, with a massive shit-eating grin taking over his face. He lets the moment sink in, as Jwab makes his way into the ring, clapping in a passionate manner knowing that his best friend has just won the IWT Title. Both men raise their hands up, as they pose with the newly won IWT Championship.

    Sven: Wow! What a brawl!

    Christian: YES! YES! My main man has accomplished what only a very select few could and it's amazing!

    *Christian throws off his headset, goes and gets a group hug with Alias and Christian before running back and sitting back down at the announce table*

    Sven: What the -

    Sven: Anyways, we have to get set for our main event of the evening. The Intercontinental Title match between Jack Forte and Scott Fargo, with Bishop on commentary.

    Bishop walks out wearing a suit. He chuckles and bit and makes his way to the commentary booth.

    Bishop: How's it goin', Christian?

    Christian: It's doing good, good to have you here.

    Sven: Pleasure to have you, Bishop.

    Bishop: -...Shut up.

    Christian: Haha! I love that, ha.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! And it is for the IWT Intercontinental Championship!

    As the voices counting down stop and the music kicks in, Scott Fargo emerges from the back into the centre of the stage. He slowly tilts his head back wallowing in the moment and the crowds reaction. Fargo then begins confidently walking down the ramp to the ring with outstretched arms. We can hear the excited and confident voice of Fargo while he walks, shouting into the closest camera. He gets ready in the Announcer side of the ring, farthest from the ramp.

    The somewhat somber, yet unknown song begins pulsating through the arena. And a hush falls over the crowd. The stage lights dim, and light blue & white lasers emit from the tron in sync to the song. At the 00:14 mark Jack steps through the curtains, trying to drown out his gracious applause. He wears no unique entrance gear, and his title hangs from his stiched up arm. Forté seemingly ignores his entrance, sternly walks straight to the ring, and walks up the steps. He stands on the opposite side of the camera. from Scott Fargo.

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 240 Lbs, at the height of 6 feet, and 1 inches. The challenger...Scott...FAAAARRGGOOO!
    Scott Fargo raises his hands as he is showered with boos and applause.

    Sven: What a blue chipper, Scott is.

    Christian: You said something about a Cinderella story, and he has a chance to cement that story, tonight.

    Bishop: Fargo has all the tools. But y'know, he needs to stop carin' about what he will do, and show what he can do.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Sin City, weighing in at 180 Lbs, at the height of 5 feet, 11 inches...he is the reigning, defending, 2nd longest reigning IWT Intercontinental Champion...Jack...FOOOOORRRRTTEE!
    Jack raises his title up to a massive pop. He chuckles a little bit before shadow boxing as the referee raises the title up for the crowd. He retires back to his corner and awaits the bell.

    Sven: Scott has the weight and height advantage, but doesn't have the momentum advantage.

    Christian: Scott is a great wrestler, but Jack may be the very best we have. Let's see.

    Bishop: I have a lot of respect for Jack, but when it comes down to it, I gotta do what I gotta do. And respect ain't the same as like, y'feel me?

    Jack and Scott tie up but Jack is quickly taken down by Scott. Scott stands up and taunts the smaller Jack to get up. Jack stands up and spits, adjusts his tights and continues. They tie up again, and this time Jack gets the upper hand by transitioning into a drop toe hold. Jack stands up and taunts Scott to stand up, and engage him. Scott laughs as he rethinks his strategy. Scott walks towards Jack and lands a big knee to Jack's stomach. Jack screams and falls to one knee. Scott lifts and hits a bodyslam. Scott fixes his trunks and proceeds to lift Jack up. He gets Jack up and lifts him up. He holds him up in a Stalling Suplex for 25 seconds before slamming him down with a thud. Scott goes for the pin - 1...2.- Jack kicks out just after the two count. Scott grins and gets to the nearest corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle. He hits an elbow drop. Scott goes for another pin - 1...2..- Jack kicks out at two and a half. Fargo locks on a headlock in the middle of the ring, and squeezes. The crowd begins to clap and cheer for Jack, giving him the strength to attempt to break out, but is blocked with a side headlock takeover. Scott grabs Jack and wedges his head in-between his thighs. He lifts him and slams him down for a vicious powerbomb that knocks the wind and spit out of Jack. Scott goes for a pin - 1...2..- Jack kicks out again. Scott grows increasingly frustrated. He stands up and paces around Jack, who has made it to one knee. Fargo slaps Forte's head and taunts him. He quickly picks him up and slams him down in a Spinebuster. Scott forcefully goes for another count - 1...2..- Jack gets the shoulder up. Scott stands up in a screaming fit. He screams and corners the referee. He allows Jack to recover, as he attacks from behind. He rolls up Scott, - 1...2...- Scott barely kicks out.

    Christian: Jack is off his game. Being "fighting champion" has finally caught up to him.

    Sven: He is having difficulty trumping Scott, and is getting his ass handed to him. He needs to turn this around, quickly.

    Bishop: Jack is playin' possom. I know Forte like I know ma back hand.

    Scott attempts to charge Jack, but Jack drop toe holds Scott to the mat. Scott gets to his feet, in a daze, and Jack runs off the ropes and hits a vicious lariat to the back of his head. Scott falls back to the mat, while Jack climbs the turnbuckle. He signals for a Swanton Bomb and jumps, hitting a gracious Swanton. The crowd pops for the spectacular move. Jack grabs his tailbone in pain. He goes for the pin, but Scott rolls away. Jack gets to his feet and runs off the ropes, he hits a knee smash to the face. Scott sits up straight and holds his nose, but Jack counters with a Full Nelson. Jack squeezes hard, and Scott almost fades away after around 1:20 of the hold, but gets enough strength to get the the rope with his foot. The ref gets to a count of 4 when Jack breaks the hold. Jack allows for Scott to get up, as Scott walks towards Jack, Jack hits a roundhouse that nearly knocks Scott out. Scott falls to the mat, and Jack falls back to the corner from the velocity of the attack. Fargo gains composure as Jack attempts to pin him, instead, he kicks Forte's leg out from under him and Forte falls down to the mat. Both men are on their knees, sweating and exhausted. Scott slaps Forte, followed by a punch from Jack to Scott. Scott screams and hits a forearm. Jack chuckles and spits in the face of Scott and he slaps, and punches Scott. While dazed, Jack quickly stands up and locks on a Full Nelson, but instead slams him down on his knee with a massive thud. Fargo just got HiJacked! Jack goes for the pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...and STILL IWT Intercontinental Champion...JAAACCK FOOORRTTEE!

    A beaten down Jack Forte gets to his knees. Forte is handed the championship after a hard fought victory over Scott Fargo. Forte, wincing in pain, raises the belt over his head to a standing ovation. At ringside, Bishop has stood up from his seat at the commentary table and begins pointing and hurling insults at Jack Forte. Forte walks closer to the ropes and calls for a microphone. Off camera we hear the loud smack of a steel chair on skin. We cut back to Bishop to see James Dragon standing above the fallen Bishop chair in hand. Before Jack Forte can get a word out, Danny Jacobs has slid in the ring and waits for Forte to turn around. As Forte turns, Jacobs blasts the champion with a vicious discus lariat that sends Forte down to the canvas with a sickening thud. We cut back to Dragon at ringside who is continuing his assault on Bishop with the chair as Jacobs stomps away on the fallen Jack Forte. Fargo is just now beginning to come to, not realizing what is happening as he drags himself over to the corner. Fargo is sat in the corner, he looks up shocked to see Danny Jacobs over Forte laying in stomps to the head. Fargo’s shock fades into a evil grin as he begins using the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Fargo then marches over to Jacobs and joins in, both men putting the boots to Forte while Dragon has lifted Bishop to his feet and rolls him into the ring. The trio continue to assault both Bishop and Forte. Jacobs uses his immense physical strength to grab Forte up by his neck and drape his arm over Danny’s shoulder. Danny then slams Forte down onto the mat with his signature Flatliner. Dragon and Fargo continue putting the boots to Bishop as Dragon pulls up Bishop by his hair and gets him in a suplex position, dropping him on his head with Dragon’s fisherman buster, Destino, he then rolls Bishop into Fargo who grabs Bishop and underhooks both his arms and hits him with Heavy Glow, cracking Bishop’s head on the canvas.

    The three men stand triumphant over their victims in the middle of the ring. Jacobs, Dragon and Fargo exit the ring and walk around to the commentary booth. Fargo begins clearing the table and carelessly throwing the monitors around, while Jacobs and Dragon go after the commentators. Jacob’s grabs Christian by the tie and drags the former champion over the table and onto the floor and then starts stomping away at the commentator’s back. Meanwhile, Dragon has one hand around the neck while he hurls insults at him and then let’s go before booting him in the side of the head knocking him off his chair, Dragon follows up by stomping on the helpless commentator. As the two commentators lay there hurt, Danny Jacobs and James Dragon walk around the table and then flip it over onto the ground. Fargo grabs and begins pulling on the protective mats outside as Danny walks towards the steel steps and lifts them up, hurling them onto the entrance ramp before he begins pulling and tearing the ring skirt. Dragon rolls back into the ring and removes the ring ropes from the turnbuckles, he then walks towards a corner and violently removes a part of the ring canvas, exposing the bare wood. Fargo and Danny re-enter and join Dragon as the three once again look down on their fallen foes. Fargo continues the assault by grabbing one of the ropes and choking Forte as Danny hoists up Bishop and holds him steady for Dragon to hurl insults as he smacks his bare chest with another one of the ropes. The three men stand tall amongst the chaos caused. The last shot of the PPV is that of the three men raising their arms and too sweet together as IWT Retribution stutters and cuts to black.

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  2. @THG?: Alias Antonio - Writer
    @Shadow: Jack Forté
    @Gav in da BPL!: Gav the Chav
    @Tumbas: Spawn/Will Savat
    @Tsar: Michael - Writer
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @TheArabHammer: Gato Volar
    @The ReagMaster: Reagan Cole
    @Jacob Fox: Schizo - Writer
    @King Barrett: Dylan Grey
    @impactking: Chris Young/Lilith Young
    @CBK_15: Jack Lux
    @Ring Rust: Perceval "Rusty" Donohue
    @Drag: James Dragon - Writer
    @Ryan Davis: Ryan Davis
    @rydogg: Braeden Cross
    @Dojo: Scott Fargo
    @Ovaldinho: Luis Ovaldhino/Lord Lee
    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @AfricanScatMahn: The Scat
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy
    @Ricky Daniels: Ricky Daniels
    @Forrest OAKADA: Leo Taylor
    @C.M. Shaddix: Corey Marcus "C.M." Shaddix
    @Thierry: Taigāman
    @Chrxsiie: Raine
    @TNHOffical: Chris Kaizer
    @Blind: Mark Knight
    @Ellis Sullivan: Johnny Thunder
    @Botchie Botcherson: Arno Frye
    @KevinJamesFan: Ronnie S. Huxley
    @That Guy Dylanderch: Guernica
    @DatKidFromJersey - Evander Amos
  3. Great show. Ending was really really cool. Also shoutout Shadow for havin the best entrance music of the night, really set the tone and that's an incredible song. Good stuff everyone
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  4. I foresee unlikely events coming with that end.

    And haha, thanks. They muted the music on the titantron you made, didn't want to bother you again. Got a better song in store for my next fight or w/e, as well.
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  5. Oh shit my bad didn't even notice. Weird, it's unlisted. Whatever haha that was a dope choice.
  6. Fun show lads, my theme is actually Giving Bad People Good Ideas by Death Grips. Ring A Bell, still a banger though.
  7. death grips is for emo niggas
  8. The reason I didn't vote for you is because of that, fuck death grips
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  9. Wrong finisher bruh, that's the shitty BLUE one, Gray DDT is where it's at
  10. Good show, But I have retired most of what was used in my match and for some reason, the post did not update till a bit ago.
  11. ''Losing my mind''-Frantic Dark Piano Beat is my theme song, ya fucking idiot @Tasr
  12. Lads, I go off of what you put in your move-sets. If you didn't update them, then :stfu: