Voting IWT Revival - Intercontinental Title Match

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Who won this match - post on why.

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  1. Rita (Majour)

  2. Aiden (Butters!)

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Rita(@Majour) vs Aiden Ryan(@Butters! )

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for up to 48 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    four or five questions asked.

    Post if you want, don't interfere. If you post OOC, keep it under two sentences.


  2. Aiden Ryan makes his entrance. wearing his tradintoial attire and a more serious look about him. it's a short and simple entrance but it gets the audience prepared for the match that's about to ensue. With microphone in hand he looks towards the camera facing the ring and begins to speak.

    "It's my second ever championship match here in Internet Wrestling Championship and unlike my first encounter i am going to make this one memorable by marking the pages of history with your blood, Dearest Rita. You see whilst you were on social media directing messages to my account, i was actually preparing for something that i deserve. Something that should of been mine in the first place at IWTmania and if it wasn't for The Influences obsessive behaviour of trying to destroy my career earlier this year, you best believe you wouldn't be the one holding that championship in your clutch right now. But no matter for tonight is the last night you will be holding MY championship. Now, we can come out here and play these little games where we throw insults at one another and stereotype one another like we did back in February but that's only going to get us so far, but not far enough. so let me instead tell you the truth of why i am deserving and why you are not. That championship is not some chiwawa dog that you can share on your social media accounts to your pathetic excuse of a fan base. The fact that you would try to phase me via instagram is even more pathetic... that championship is not something that'll go nicely with your new pair of wrestling boots or a brand new outfit of the day post! You are everything that is wrong in a company like this."

    Walking over to the ropes and leaving his body upon it he looks up the rampway shaking his head slightly.

    "You pride yourself on being a fighting champion, yet you play these little antics where you feel you need to get some sort of reaction out of somebody via the internet. You're a joke... and the fact that you are champion right now is the biggest slap in the face this company has ever took. "

    Now turning his back away from the ropes he swings the microphone around his hand slowly awaiting the champion to make her arrival.

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    @Majour Win, Lose, Draw. Thank you for giving me a chance at a championship. Our wedding is still on right?

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  3. Blue and purple lights flash erratically as Rita appears from behind the curtain. She is dressed in matching gold shorts and top with a white ring jacket and boots. The IC title is held up in one hand, the million dollar title in the other.

    As she makes her way down to the ring she is smirking at Aiden. Once she is on the ring apron she holds up the IC title again and mouths 'This is mine' to the audience. She hands both belts over to an official and meets Aiden in the centre of the ring.

    'Me being a champ is a joke? Rita laughs, suddenly turning deadly serious again 'Do you seriously think I give a shit what some jealous, pathetic little loser like you thinks? Hon, I earned that title by kicking your amateur ass and I'll defend it in exactly the same way.'
    'As for these dumb claims that I constantly tweet or Instagram you… don't fucking flatter yourself.'
    'I post pictures of my titles because I am proud of them… I know you have no idea what it feels like to have actually earned something of value, but let me tell you, it feels great. I'm not ashamed to show off about being a gifted, championship holding wrestler because it's the truth.'
    'Maybe if you would have spent less time stalking me and convincing yourself that I had some huge social media campaign against you, this title could have been yours the first time we fought for it.' She waves a dismissive hand 'I'm just kidding, I'd have still beaten you six ways from Sunday...but you get what I'm saying right?

    But poor little Aiden has to lay the blame at somebody else's feet. Somehow it's the fault of somebody else that you aren't worthy of holding a championship. It's my fault because I choose to be on social media, it was the influences fault that you couldn't get the win… it was the fault of anybody but you, right? Wrong. You need to learn to accept that the blame lies entirely on you, you weren't good enough to beat me last time and you still aren't good enough now. You're looking at the next face of IWT… an actual winner, not some delusional halfwit that doesn't have the strength or courage to be one of the companies finest.'

    You already know that the only reason that you have this chance against me is because I gave you it to you. You should also know that when I successfully defend my championship tonight, this will be your final shot at it. You've never successfully won a number one contenders match, or a money in the bank match, you just aren't cut out to be any more than lower card. Oh, and if I ever hear you say that this title is yours again, I'll make sure you never wrestle again, you disrespectful little piece of shit.'

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  4. "Oh, Oh did i strike a nerve, Rita? Did that sting a little, miss "I'm so fucking tough I'll break yo knee caps right here!". Yeah you're little hard act is so transparent it's almost laughable. Look at yourself... you're useless and your little cynical attitude isn't fooling anyone. If you dare want to put me out of this company and out of the wrestling business all together... you're going to have to accept the fact that this little championship right here..."

    He walks himself towards Rita Kendall in a slow yet creepy manner, Standing fairly close to her he looks her up and down and whispers in her ear. This made the entire arena feel uncomfortable.

    "is MY championship. and i'm not the toughest of the crop but even then my little nice guy charade got me a championship match. "Rita, Would you please do the honours of facing me! I've always wanted to face a champion" I can manipulate your every thought, your every move and this is what's going to be your downfall, Rita. You will fall for my victimising antics , my "Nice" guy persona because that's all you know me of. You have no idea what i'm truly capable. I will leave you feeling as broken as your spirit right here where we're currently standing. If you want to see cynical just watch how carelessly remove you from this company and leave you a forgotten memory, for since you like to speak of worth so formally.... that would be all your worth."

    Aiden Ryan slowly walks away with a sinister smile drawn upon his face.

    "there is nothing between us but space and opportunity. If you're feeling gutsy enough to strike at me with all that pent up rage inside you, then i suggest you start swinging now. This lower card is going to take your pride and crush it as easily as i will your ego. That is of course AFTER you stop acting like a little bitch."

    Aiden Ryan throws the microphone to the side and ignores the audiences remarks and cheers, He looks Rita Kendall up and down and laughs to himself once more.

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  5. Rita slaps her hands over her mouth to stop the laughter from spilling out
    'I thought that Michael and Trip were the only delusional morons in IWT- Guess I was wrong about that. You manipulated me? Hon, you couldn't manipulate anybody if your life depended on it. You think that I would offer you the chance to go for my championship because you sucked up to me?' Rita laughs coldly 'Really? You actually think that I'd be stupid enough to buy that?'
    'I don't care if you were honoured or not- your feelings are irrelevant to me. Just like you are to this company.'

    'I chose to defend my title here at Revival because this company deserves champions that will fight hard- and that's exactly what I do. Notice how I said 'I', I'm the one that chooses whom and when I defend my title. I don't answer to you, the GM... anybody. And don't forget that you only ever got this opportunity because I allowed it; so you should be thanking me, I don't see anybody else giving you an opportunity.'
    'I got this title… my Intercontinental title by proving that I'm better then everybody else and that's how I intend to retain it. I'll break this down for you so it's simple to understand: This' Rita points to the belt 'is not and will not be in your possession. Ever.'

    'You said it yourself, you aren't the toughest of the crop… and that is why you will never be a winner.'

    Rita places a hand on her hip, smirking at Aiden
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  6. Thought the match was great. Rita slightly edges Aiden imo. Loved all the promos guys keep it up.
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  7. @Random Hero can you change the prefix to voting- hopefully might score a couple more votes.
  8. Well done match from the both of you but I have to go with Rita on this one. She's so crass, I love it :smug:
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  9. got it
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  10. Tough to choose. Aiden's 2nd promo was masterfully started IMO but Rita handled it nicely and still had the slight edge in the end. Really close though.
  11. Had to read the promos two times over, both of you did extremely well. Having the final promo a lot of the times is an advantage and that definitely showed in this match. Rita was able to use everything and closed it off well, and that's why I'm voting for her. Good showing from the both of you though.
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  12. Good job guys butters slightly edged it for me
  13. Damn, pretty awesome match. Both of you have improved so much over the past monhs, gon be hard to vote.