Storyline IWT Revival - Jack Forte` vs Trip in the Head

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Jack Forte`(@Shadow ) vs Trip in the Head
    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 48 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. The song plays for a few seconds as the smoke rises from the stage, lit dimly from behind it. A silhouette appears in the smoke and a bright burst of pyro goes off at the top of the ramp as Trip in the Head walks with purpose through the falling sparks and resulting smoke, eyes firmly fixed on the ring. He slides into the ring under the top rope as he lifts his upper torso off the mat, holding the position for a moment and looking around at the fans slowly. He stands up in the middle of the ring and raises a clenched fist to the rafters as more pyro goes off on the ring apron. He retrieves a microphone from a ringside attendant.

    Good evening and welcome back IWT universe, hahaha. *cheers* It's been awhile has it not? Well, we all have that charismatic 3X IWT champ to thank for this night. And we'll see how it goes chump - I mean champ. I'm going to do my part, but I can't vouch for any of these other sacks of crap on the card tonight. *mixed reaction* What? Half of them didn't even want to show up when I ran the place. And the other half was too busy cheating to get their friends over. And we all saw how that went right. A challenge was made - with great style might add - to the IWT champion by none other than yours truly. And that challenge went unanswered while the champ sat at home and probably used the belt to decorate his wall. But that's another story for another time.

    Trip in the Head paces some before continuing

    Tonight......tonight I face one - Jack Forte` is it? Did I say that right? A newcomer to the ranks of IWT it seems. No stranger to our industry though. No, Jack is no green horn. He knows what he's doing in this ring. But see....I know what he's doing too. And it's not going to be enough to stop the destroyer, hahaha. Yes, yes that's me. And I plan on showing you just how I got that name Jack. So you better be nimble. And you better be...*Trip pauses as the crowd yells QUICK*...ahhhh, see they get it. Yes you better be quick if you want to jump over this candlestick and advance to challenge for that precious IC title. And believe me, this candlestick's flame burns hot. So come on out here and show the IWT universe what I already know you got.

    Trip leans back on the center of the top rope and slumps down as he awaits his opponent.
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  3. *As the song starts to reverberate throughout the arena strobe lights begin transitioning between purple, blue, and white. At the 00:46 second mark the man known as Jack Forté slowly runs out on the stage, and spins around in place with his arms spread out. He stops, shurgs off the barely responsive crowd, and saunters his way ringside to grab a microphone. Jack makes his way towards the ringsteps but doesn't enter the ring.*

    Is this what you guys want!? You want me to step into the ring and face this- this self proclaimed destroyer!??

    The crowd responds with a nicely sized "fight" chant

    *Forté forms a smug expression and backs down the steps as the crowd boos.*

    Well too damn bad. See, Trip? I can do it as well. You know, amping up the crowd only to let them down like you have time and time again. You see, I read up on you just like you claimed to have done on me.

    Let's see, you broke into this company with your "friend" Marcus and dominated the tag team division here with the original creator of the IWT, Brita by your side. You ended up winning the tag team titles at your WrestleMania debut buuuut you lost them in your first defense. Am I getting my facts straight? You then went on to become a co-Manager alongside Jonathan and during your tenure you let Dat Kid, a legend, walk all over you while he was your slave, broke away from you, went on to re-form the now defunct FSW, and proceeded to take a loss to his team when it mattered most. You then ended up helping Jonathan run this place into the ground.

    The crowd voices their disdain at the mention of the name Jonathan

    Fine résumé you got there Trip, it makes all your little games that much more comprehendable. You see, despite those questionable situations you find yourself in I still expected to step into that ring for the very first time to face a force to be reckoned with.

    Little did I know that I was walking down here to face someone thinking that they're in a Game of Thrones episode, with your little wolf watching over you from the back and the self appointed nickname you gave yourself in order to seem like a man that I'd be intimidated by.

    *Forté slowly walks up the steps, enters the ring, and meets Trip eye to eye.*

    Fine, if that's how you want to go about this then just call me Jack The Ripper... once I'm done ripping this title shot away from your cold hands you can go back to Marcus and see if you have as much luck as you did the first time.
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  4. Trip smiles and slow claps a few times

    How current of you. Game of Thrones reference, very nice. *Trip turns to Jack before getting in his face and saying* Fitting, because this match will remind the IWT universe of all those gruesome death scenes from the hit series when I hand you your ass tonight. *Trip steps back again and paces* Well, you sure have the chops to be an IWT superstar, but your mind seems to be a little off. Your little history lesson was pretty good, but you sound like a typical politician. Spinning the facts to suit your purposes. You see, I can't and won't deny that some of the most damning facts of your lesson about me were spot on. Why? Because I AM that man you should be intimated by. I own up to my mistakes and have never denied them. Which just speaks to my point about your mind not being too sharp. *Trip points at his head a couple times as he says this*

    Anyway, I technically "broke" into this company with a tired butcher gimmick, looooong before the Order of Night, or you for that matter, was even a thought. And it's not like those days were the best in my career or anything, but I'm just saying you might want to get your facts straight. How is anyone really supposed to take you seriously if you can't at least do that. Now, I did indeed find success with the Order in the tag team division with Marcus. And yes, you are correct. We lost the tag team championships in our first defense. But I have learned from those mistakes Jack. Just like you will learn from the one you made tonight when you stepped into this ring. *Trip pauses for a moment and smiles before continuing, glancing up at the rafters as he begins to speak* Ah Dat Kid. The supposed God that I proved to be just another mortal man. Yeah, he was a troublesome slave. All Kunta Kinte and shit. But I enjoy your perspective on how easily he could be controlled. It's....amusing to me that you would think that way of him. I bet I would feel the same way about HIS reaction to it too, but I digress. Now, onto that FSW bit. I like how you give me credit for the loss even though I wasn't even in the match. I picked the best and brightest IWT had to offer at the time. They just came up short against a surprise opponent. Shit happens. I mean, you being in this ring is a perfect example of that old proverb. *Trip finally turns back towards Jack* What really gets to me about all this is the audacity you have exhibited already here tonight. Just waltzing in here as a fresh face to the company and spouting off at the mouth about the intricacies of a history that you took no part of. It seems I may have to beat the respect into you, but that's really par for the course around here. So at least you got that going for you Jack. But that's where the list ends.

    Trip paces a bit more

    This is the part where I'm supposed to spout off the catchphrase right? "Give in to the Order" and all that. But not tonight. No, you shall receive no such reprieve Jack. You get no opportunity to "give in". I am going to beat you within an inch of your life, hit you with the Power Trip multiple times if need be, cover you cleanly in the middle of this ring, get that 1-2-3 and move on to take the IC belt from whoever may have it by then. I'm done playing games. I came to win. And nothing short of destroying you will grant me that now will it? So be it. Time for Jack the Ripper to meet his maker....under the cover of night, hahahahaha.

    Trip drops the mic while laughing maniacally before gaining his composure and standing tall, staring down Jack Forte` with a silent intensity in his eyes

    OOC (open)
    Alright, hope that wasn't too lengthy. Nice showing Shadow. May the best promo win.
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  5. Honestly Trip, I was trying to give you a little professional courtesy here. What little I have anyways. See, I do remember you breaking into this business as a butcher, and the other two people who remember that also remember how badly that turned out for you.

    As for your response about the FSW bit, you couldn't be more wrong. You may not have been apart of the match but you did pick the team as you said, and that's all that matters. Because as I remember that, you turned to the people that you thought you thought you could trust than taking a risk and using actual talent the time. Sure, you had Aids and Midas at your corner but combined with the likes of Marcus and Jwab wouldn't have been able to have gotten the job done even before they revealed their big surprise member. You knew that and everyone else knew that but you were too damn proud to take risks in the likes of Vargas, Nick, and someone like Drake and that caused your downfall back then.

    *Forté takes two steps back and takes a moment to gather his thoughts while twirling his mic in his hand.*

    And just like then you're letting your pride get in the way of your shot at gaining your first singles championship. Saying how you came to win and nothing is going to stop you from winning that prized Intercontinental title seemingly overlooking the man who stands before you today. Yeah, I get it, you think a man with your... expertise should've gotten a shot like this a long time and that you feel entitled to it. But make no mistake about it Trip, this may be my very first match here in the IWT but I didn't come here to dwell on you or anyone else's past. I came here to... destroy anyone who stands in my way of a championship. Whether it be you, your friend, or a man like Kid.

    *Jack sizes up Trip before closing the gap inbetween them once more.*

    They say that the night is dark and full of terrors, but all I see standing in front of me is a puppy. A puppy with all bark and no bite, and is terrified at the thought of being alone. But you can rest easy tonight Trip, because once I'm done with you the only thing you'll see is the light. The ones above you that is, because you'll be on this mat. Get it? Good.
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  6. Had a good time, thanks Trip. I had no idea how I wanted to write my new character going into this match, but I'm pretty satisfied.
  7. I'll get it started in the next hour, it'll be public and will last until monday night before RAW.
  8. Oh right, cause I made it. Just want the old fashioned way with a poll?
  9. 2 days public voting no changing your vote, make sure to add "post your reason for your vote in this thread."
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  10. All set
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  11. Thanks, i'm getting my stuff fixed to be able to edit here soon hopefully. Thanks for the help, it's dank to have so many of our mods involved. Even @OldmanTime is still around. Better than perfect.
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  12. Nice match from the both of you! I went with Shadow since he was a bit more engaging and I enjoyed his gimmick. I hope you both have another match one day!
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  13. I really enjoyed both competitors. Jack has something special going on and I can't wait to see where it goes. As for Trip, it was a vintage performance and enjoyed his work. I'm sure it won't be the last time these two square off. Great job guys
  14. Jack just edged the win, IMO. Great match from both guys though, well done!
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  15. Thanks, not sure if we are supposed to vote on each other's matches though - factions and all. TBH I wasn't planning on voting on yours due to that. Don't need to give anyone a reason to point the biased finger. But I guess it's really up to IWT's new @Random Hero
  16. It was a very balanced match which is why it was so hard to vote on, Jack had a way of somewhat backing Trip into a corner which i feel Trip is more deadly. But Jack didn't seem to give up in that sense which is why i'm going to give the match to him, it was such a intense moment when Jack would not shy away from standing close to someone like Trip especially with the past he has. We all know what Trip is capable of if pushed. but as CrayJ said i hope you two have another match because it's really balanced and i'd like to see one person really get the upperhand and create more depth story for the two to relive if down the line they face eachother once more or have certain encounters.
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  17. Voted for Jack Forte, thought Shadow did well for reasons stated above but this was a good match between the both of you.
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  18. IDGAF, vote for who you think won, i'm not going to get all technical on shit ATM.
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