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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is a 2-on-1 Handicap Match!

    Aiden Ryan (@Butters!) vs The Big Guys (@Indy and @Tumbas)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all ALLOWED!
    -Promos will last for 48 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 3 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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    The Arena shuts the lights and only shows a spotlight of a hodded man walking down the rampway slowly, he eventually makes his way to the apron and leaps on it carelessly, slowly scaling his hand across the top rope with the camera man following him.

    He enters into the ring via the middle rope and walks over to the other side of the ring retrieving a microphone from the announcer. He removes his hood to reveal White and Black face paint melting down from his eyes.

    "Here we are the road to mania, and what a better way to start my road then by taking down two obnoxious twits who feel for some unknown reason that they are superior then the entire locker room because they got a win here and there. Gentleman, It's about time someone gave you that dose of reality you so rightfully deserve. So let us waste no time and get to the point, no one fear's you both. Perhaps the main reason why no one came out to confront the two of you is simply because you are not worth their time, or they want to spare what is LEFT of Danny Jacob's rise to fame. But who am i to point fingers? It's not like i was the one who for awhile was known as the most improved wrestler in my division, I competed in matches that you two have yet to reach, and yet you both vow to "Kill me.". I get under your skin that easily? Quite laughable considering you can't even TOUCH my glory. So what makes you two think that you could even come close to doing that!? I made sure that week after week i worked my ass off to prove to every single person out there that i am something to watch and this is no different here, You guys are hungry? Big whoop. So am i, but the only difference is i am not going to sit aside and bitch about it, i'm not going to throw empty threats, and i am sure as hell not going to rely on a butt buddy to help me do that work!"

    Aiden Ryan lifts his right foot on the top rope and points his finger at the tip of his boot.

    "See this? This is my boot that you two will be worshiping, because there is no chance in hell i will lay down for two undeserving beefcake douchebags, circus freaks, uneducated bastards! You wanna throw those threats? you wanna play the crazy game, bitches i am fucking Aiden Ryan and i will tear you a new soul to cry with! Lets go! Come on, Guys!"
    Aiden removes his foot from the rope and paces around the ring in an anticipated manner.

    As Their Theme hits Aiden Smiles and crouches looking up the rampway sideways.

    "Come to your demise!"
    He Nods, baring his teeth.

    OOC: Fucking can't wait for our second promos! This is going to be one fun match! Goodluck Guys!
    Edited - I had a spelling error "taking down to, instead of two." xD​
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  3. Just fixed the rules for yous, up to 3 promos each, 48 hours. Good luck.
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  4. The tron lights up as both member of 'The Big Guys enter the match

    Suddenly the arena goes dark

    The arena slowly lights up until eventually Alkatrz's large figure is seen on the ramp wearing his singlet and a chain mail head piece.

    Now Aiden Ryan! Normally in a 1 on 1 match, you have a 50/50 chance of winning. But I'm a genetic freak! I'm a Big Guy! And I'm not normal! So you got a 25% at best, at beat me! Then you add Danny Jacobs to the mix, and your chances of winning drastic go down! See the handicap match at this royal rumble, you got a 33 1/3 chance of winning. But I, I got a 66 2/3 chance of winning cause Danny Jacobs knows! we can beat you and we won't even try! So Aiden Ryan you take your 33 1/3 chance. Minus by my 25% chance and you got an 8 and 1/3 chance of winning this match! But then you take my 75% chance of winning, If we was to go one on one, and then add 66 2/3 chance, percents. I got a 141 2/3 chance of winning our match at royal rumble.

    Aiden Ryan. The numbers don't lie. and they spell disaster for you!

    Alkatrz begins to flex and pop his biceps

    Now when Danny Jacobs, finally drops that hench turd that he has been mustering up in the gym, he is gonna come out here, and beat your FAAAAT ASSSSSSESS. Because Danny Jacobs, is also a genetic freak. Danny Jacobs might not be as big as me. But he is just as strong. We don't go to the gym. The gym comes to us, and the women, they cum for us. Cause we is the big guys, and we do hat we want, when we want, and what we want.

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    Danny Jacobs starts laughing as he takes the mic from Alkatrz

    ''Haha, Alkatrz. You're damn right.''

    ''Aiden Ryan, coming out here and talking shit about us isn't a smart first step. I thought you were smarter than this, man. Obviously you aren't, because this right here.. This is career suicide for you. Yes, you used to be a big star, but now you're just hanging on to us and our spotlights, because you know that we'll be the next BIG thing in IWT! A little bit of attention towards you is something you don't mind, huh? Well, we do. You're an old man, that failed to become the big star that he hoped he would become. You're a failure, yet acting like a winner. Pathetic, weak, pityful, and small as well. You won't ''defy the odds'' this time because there's no chance in hell you'll win this match. Simply because you're the past! Your past accomplishments don't matter because the past don't matter one fucking bit! All that matters is this match, and we'll be damned to give you the feeling that you got a shot of beating us. Like Alkatrz said, the numbers don't lie. You don't know who you're messing with, we're assassins! Ask Jwab, the one that hired us to beat down Michael, which we beat into a bloody pulp. He was the first on our list to kill, and you're the second. Enjoy your last moments in IWT, pal. When we're done with you, you'll be looking on at the TV screen thinking: ''Wow, I might have underestimated those monsters. I probably shouldn't have done that'' but at that moment, you're simply too late to fix your mistakes. We have no choice.. we have to put you out of your misery. Mistakes happen, after all, you're human. Luckily, we aren't. We aren't close to humans because we won't show any remorse, and we won't be sorry for what we do to you and your career because we don't care about you or about your career. The end is near, my friend.''

    Danny Jacobs points with his finger at his penis, in a way to mock Aiden Ryan that pointed at his boot moments earlier.

    ''Guess what? You can suck our dicks, because there's no chance in hell we will take a loss from a washed up has-been like yourself. You're already on the same height level, you small piece of shit. Haha, The Big Guys!''
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  6. Aiden Ryan looks to where his fingers is pointed and looks over at Alkatrz.

    "Dude, I wouldn't go near that thing if you paid me. Beside's i'm sure Alkatrz does that enough for you considering the fact that you two are literally swinging off eachother's nuttsacks. But back onto SERIOUS topics. the end is not near for Aiden Ryan for it's just started. Unlike the two of you, I've earned the respect of my peers, I don't need to be crude, I don't to justify my masculinity to prove a point and the fact that you two do is sad, i pity you both, because you will never truly understand the word of underestimating, you go on to say that i'm going to look like that fool, but the fact of the matter is i'm not. for i know your type, and you are both going to be your own demise. I mean it's already proven, Alkatrz can't do a thing without his "pal" being out here first which history will repeat itself and proclaim to us like they have with many other tag teams that Danny Jacobs will realize that the reason why his career is down in the toilet is because one is relying on the other..."

    He slowly spaces around the two of them, circling them but hardly looking at them.

    "Which says alot about both of you, and quite frankly for being the intern GM's hitmen you both look absolutely broken, broken talent's trying to rise once more to prove their self worth, And just because you have that intern GM power on your side, that power doesn't help your ability to get my shoulders on this canvas, if at all it handicaps the two of you... quite ironic for the name of this match but the intern GM will be watching and he will be questioning how strong are his hitmen? Considering the fact that i've already said one rely's on the other i'm sure his more concerned about how Aiden Ryan would fit more into the corporate field and how well i could benefit his name? Who know's by the end of this match i may just have your pathetic jobs in the palm of my hand... it shouldn't be that hard. Watch this failure take your positions in a matter of... well considering i have to get both of your shoulders on the ground..."

    Aiden Ryan looks at his hands and slowly begins to count his fingers. Obviously stalling time to get on the nerves of Alkatrz and Danny Jacobs.

    "... Six Seconds!"

    He throws his hand up and it's waving it's way in the face of Alkatrz. With no contact this is aught to get annoying at some point, Aiden Ryan Continues to wave as the audience sits in amusment to Aiden's playful taunts. ​
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    Alaktrz takes off the chain mail and gets serious.

    Danny, cover your ears.

    Aiden Ryan. You think I am nothing without Danny Jacobs? I am already a star. Since day 1 I aint done nuthin but make moves in this company. You can try to name one circumstance where I aint always moving. You see Alkatrz might be all big talk and all banter. But when you keep knocking, you will find something much darker awaits. Aiden Ryan, we wanted to fight you in unfair odds, that's a fact. But we just wanted it to be us, vs the entire IWT roster. But why would we spoil the story like that. Why show them the ending, where The Big Guys reign supreme in IWT, and take out everyone else? We decided, we should burn this slower to enjoy it more, but make no mistake the end result is gonna be the same kid. Big Guys, Rule.

    That is more than a saying, it is prophecy.

    We might talk all this smack, and you might think we are bafoons. But maybe we are just making light in a dark and scary place, maybe we want to lighten up our tyranny on IWT. OR maybe we are just sick, fucked up freaks. When it comes down to it though, does it really matter? See Ryan you came out there, you answered our challenge by yourself, and that was stupid. It didn't take guts to be a moron. I cannot stand idiots who prance around in my presence and think, that they deserve to breath the same fucking air as me! It's why I took out that faggot Michael. It's why I will take out anyone! I am a God among men, and when people assume, That they are on my caliber of excellence...
    It just saddens me Aiden.

    Maybe that is why we are doing mercenary work. Maybe it is my role in life to clean the crap, to wipe The IWT roster, which is the piss puddle steeping on the foor. Hell, maybe I was just put here to look great. But the thing is. I don't believe in all this luck, all this spiritual bullshit. The only thing I believe in, is Alkatrz, and Danny Jacobs. And the whole reason I bought this boy out was so that you sick bastards, will know who shot you in the back and ate your mothers crack.

    Danny! open your fucking ears. Teach this Grade A, brown nosed, varmint of a side man, who you fucking are!

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    OOC: This was a promo post, but was removed due to Indy returning to post right after! My hero! ​
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    Danny Jacobs smirks for a little bit, and then begins to tell who he is

    ''I am... Danny Jacobs. Ever since I still was a ''little'' guy, people looked different at me because of the way that I talked or the way that I looked. I was bullied at the playgrounds, I was thrown into trashcans, I was spit on, and most importantly, I disgusted people. All that I had was that I was a big kid, so I decided to train when I was 12 years old. I became bigger, better, stronger, bigger, did I already say bigger? I think so. Well, whatever. I decided to train because it was the best thing for me at the time. Self-defense, that was what it was for at first. Eventually, my own power went to my head. I'm the biggest guy in this ring together with Alkatrz, we're called The Big Guys for a fucking reason!''

    ''I was thrown out of the bWo, everyone kept on saying they hated me, and you know what? It only fueled me. I don't give a fuck anymore, since I have a friend now. You can call us ''butt buddies'' all you fuckin' want, but at least we know what true love is because we ARE real, for life! And no, we're not gay at all. We're the straightest guys in this ring. Just ask your mum! Haha, The Big Guys!''

    ''I am accused of being a pedophile, of being a ****, and of being the biggest faggot on this planet. Maybe I am all of that, but something that I'm not is a loser and I will fuckin' show you that. I have worked my entire life all to get to this moment in time, and we're not going to give this shit away to some bum face fuck boy like yourself. Don't you get it? We can't fucking lose this fight! Even if you're better, we don't care because this is something that we have worked for and we're not going to give up till we got what we want and that is your blood on our hands. We're just getting started, my friend.''

    Danny Jacobs starts walking back and forth in the ring. He seems to be really angry.

    ''You can act stupid all you want with your fingers, acting like some kind of retard. If you like fingers so much, here's one to ya!''

    Danny Jacobs flips off Aiden Ryan, and with a smile on his face, he continues to talk

    ''If you want to talk shit about us, try to hurt us with your false accusements, why don't we hit you back with some good ol' truth? You USED to be a big house-hold name in this company, you USED to be one of the biggest superstars in your division, you USED to be one of the most improved wrestlers in your division, but all of those things.. They're past tense. They have happened, and they don't hold any importance now that you are nothing anymore. You're a dinosaur, you're the past. We're the fuckin' future! Time has passed you by, your expiration date is over! When you left, everyone forgot about you. And now you're back, acting like you never lost it and that you're still here to fight and to be the best. But honestly, we can see that that's far from the truth, just judging from this match right here. We can't tell if you lost it, or if you just never had it...''
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  10. Aiden Ryan nods with a grin drawing upon his face, his eyes become darker with each sentence flung his way.

    "Oh... Oh I'm sorry? you think because you beat Michael that you are some sort of unstoppable monster? That's one guy who believe it or not i've beaten myself. I didn't receive no honorary badge, nor did i preach that i am some dominant force, I continued to venture forward and didn't stop for no expectations. But on to the topic of does it really matter? seeing as that was your only backup plan heading into this battle with me i would say yes it does matter. You both threw threats you refuse to back up simply because you beat someone down prior to it. You think that's a message i should take likely? HARDLY. Call me a moron all you please, gentleman, but know that this moron is speaking cold hard facts. You are nothing, you will be nothing and to back that fact up no one else BACK THERE would give you the time or day. What does that spell out for you Alkatrz? You two should be at my feet worshipping me for giving you both the chance to prove it, But instead of proving it you would rather sit here and brag? As i stated you are both pathetic. Ungrateful little snots. "

    He walks over to the corner of the ring and sits upon the top turnbuckle glaring down at the two.

    "You just sit there and remember those who created the path for you both! I was the one who was all for the newer talent to take over. I was the one who give you this fucking air to breathe in. At one point I WAS the new guy who took the world by storm here, but the only difference between you two and me is that i was respectful and i didn't feel the need to burn anything other then those who wronged me. You two are hardly monsters more so naive fools who are angry at the world for no bloody reason. You have no valid reason to want to destroy IWT, You have no reason to even be standing in the ring with me. I giving you both what most shrugged off. what most ignored, and you have the hid to call it stupid? You have the hid to call me a moron for it? Well then, Let us see how stupid i am when i smash your nimwit skulls together like a bongo drum. Perhaps it will give you both a valid reason to be angry at the world you emo sounding bastards."
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  11. Butters had 3, you guys had 2 each, you can get a 3rd if you want @Tumbas @Indy
  12. I got my shit in, so I'm good. If Tumbas wants to do another promo, he can do that but I think he doesn't feel like it's needed either.
  13. Alright I'll wait for him to reply
  14. We will let Butters have the 3/2. To make it fair.
  15. Alright, gimme a minute
  16. Oops, forgot about this with the rumble, sorry lads.

    The winners of the match, with an average of 7.8 to 7.4... The Big Guys!!

    Full results here >>>

    @Nickelodeon 4 for creativity yet 7+ for the others? Seems a bit strange?
  17. I said 4 because one of their promos was literally a Scott Steiner promo. Call it harsh but it's my judgment: I still voted them to win though
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