Voting IWT Royal Rumble - Dolph's vs Dat Kid

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Who cut the better promo?

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  1. Dolph's Bitch

  2. Dat Bitch

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. D'Z enters the arena as his theme plays, the crowd responds with a mixture of boos and apathy, unsure of what to expect in a match between two 'bad guys'. Ziggler casually makes his way into the ring without any expression or sign of emotion on his face. Reaching into the pocket of his jeans, D'Z pulls out a pinch hitter and takes a quick toke of Blue Dream Express before beginning:
    First and foremost... I want to say thank you to the best promoter in the business today @Senhor Perfect for letting me be a part of his company, Perfect Wrestling Grand Prix. As I'm sure you have all heard, I earned the highest score of any competitor in the opening round matches of the Heavyweight Championship Tournament despite the fact that I didn't have the fan support voting.

    Imagine that. Me. Not having the fan support.

    The crowd boos loudly as they grow impatient with D'Z's PWGP ramblings. They begin to chant:

    Like I was saying. I've... begrudgingly.. earned a 2nd round bye in the tournament, and it is only a matter of time before I win the PWGP Heavyweight Championship, which will instantly become the most prestigious title in the business once its around my waist. @Stopspot ? @Seabs ? Fucking jobbers. I just hope I can get a decent, competitive match out of them, but that is a stretch considering the talent gap.

    Now, on to less important matters, dat kid. Kid fancies himself the illest villain of the IWT, which is completely preposterous. If you are looking for the Madvillain of the IWT then congratulations, you've found him. But Kid? I'll be honest, I'm confused as to how you people even have the gall to boo that man. I could see how one might even be a fan of the guy, but at the very least you should respect his rights. This is America, right? Freedom of religion and all of that good stuff.

    His concubines seem like happy-go-lucky fellas. The Datcolytes always seem to be in a good mood. Hell, now he is taking young superstars under his wing. They always say 'we should help to prepare the next generation'. Did you people ever think that maybe he is making a lot of people's lives better? I mean he comes out to Kanye West for fuck sake. How bad can he be. You can't deny how catchy it is!

    Not to mention, he clearly has a deep, burning desire to entertain each and every one of you, just look how fucking hard he tries. You should all really appreciate him more for it. Hell, the only asshole move he's done to you all lately was shitting the bed against FTJ and failing to extract him from the company. But you can only give him so much of the blame for that, you know? He's just prone to making an ass out of himself.

    So I say, when Dat Kid comes down, what do you say we give him a big hand? The hero's welcome he deserves?!?? Say it with me!
    Dat Kid!
    Dat Kid!

    A few confused fans begin chanting along with D'Z, while another handful of smarks begin chanting "Ziggler's God! Ziggler's God!"

    D'Z lays the mic down in the ring and begins dancing while singing "No one man should have all that powerrrr!!" in anticipation of Kid's arrival.

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  3. Dat Kid appears on the titantron with The Cure by his side.

    This is a joke. I go from the main event to the pre-show of the card and it's against some...some..they don't even have a word for lowly scum like yourself. You think, just because you praise me, I'm gonna do you the honor of even giving you a match with the Undisputed God of the World? You aren't even worthy enough to be one of my concubines!

    So you won some insignificant match, in an insignificant tournament, for an insignificant title of an even more insignificant company. That's like me being proud of wiping my ass. Congratulations, you have the basic motor skills that enable you to be the odds on favor in an industry made out of lazy so called "competitors" who's battles last less than 5 minutes. Welcome to the big leagues Dolph's and I know this isn't your first official match, but unlike your last one this match won't be determined on how much of the opponents ejaculate you can swallow.

    I get it, you're friends with Aids Johnson. You had him on the ropes and you LET HIM beat you. Now for some unexplained reason, you just happened to get placed in a match against with me, where the winner gets a shot at the IWT Championship at Elimination Chamber, but that's all just mere coincidence, right Dolph's. HOW DARE YOU come out there a sing false praises of your god in an attempt to leach on to me like you leeched on to Aids Johnson. Aids may have been my predecessor, but you need to understand the difference between me and Aids. Aids is here to help you, hold your hand like a child. I'm here to cleanse the IWT of sinners and Dolph's...lying is a sin.

    However, beating you here tonight would not end you. It would only make you a martyr for these people and trust me, they're stupid enough to make an idol of lackadaisical fool as yourself. So instead I'm going to watch you die like the parasite you are. I'm going to watch you starve to death like a mosquito with no arm to feed on and only in your death will you be saved.

    The screen fades to black
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  4. *Christian is watching the match backstage

    Christian: K

    *Christian flips through the channels
  5. @Naked Snake UR CONTENT!
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  6. D'Z looks on without amusement, as the lighthearted tone from his previous promo is now gone

    You see? This. This is the bullshit I knew I would have to deal with coming to IWT. First, I cut some of the best damn promos this terrible company has seen against Aids, but it still felt like a game of patty cake. Why? You can bet your stupid ass it wasn't my fault, just ask your 'Champ' why the match was a flop. Don't even get me started on the fucking voting. I can't believe how much you all coddle and enable that boring simpleton, honestly. I tried my best to bring back Aids but I'll never be able to turn that puppy back into the big dog he once was.

    Now I'm stuck in a curtain jerking match vs some dipshit without the killer instinct to step on the throat of a fledgling retard like FTJ. AND HE WON'T EVEN COME TO THE RING TO FACE ME? Pathetic. Hell, I would be better off in a match vs Gohan himself.
    This match is happening for some unexplained reason? Son, I sent out the open challenge and you scurried on down to try and rejuvenate your career. Let's face it, you have't exactly set this company on fire with your pathetic performances recently. What better way to gain some momentum than with a barn burner with D'Z?

    At least I assumed that was your motive, but now you are scared to even compete. This is bush league even by your standard, I must say. About as bush league as going for the cheap pops of bringing up Aids 5 times in a 2 minute promo that was supposedly somehow directed at me. Now, if you have anything to say to me or if you would like for this match to actually proceed, perhaps you should drag your sorry carcass on down here so we can do this? Or are the high school girl mind ploys to continue? The people are dying to see you come out on a float or propelling down from the rafters. Give the people what they want, Mr. 'Bad Guy', you delusional dickhead.

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    Dat Kid doesn't come out for about a 20 seconds.
    Dat Kid enters the arena on in a horse driven chariot, with two concubines on his side throwing flower pedals. He circles around the ring keeping an eye on Dolph's like a hungry shark. Kid steps off of the chariot and moves onto the ring apron.

    My, my, my, there it is. The sinner has finally sprouted his true colors in defiance of his lord and savior. There's a saying that goes "the truth shall set you free", but even you know what you just said has guaranteed you a one way trip to damnation.

    You want to know what I don't like about you Dolph's? You come to the IWT and flaunt around your accolades like anyone gives a damn, then you make these delusional claims, like how you said you can beat FTJ. You think you're some sort of big fish and a sea full of hungry predators. Some people might say that's brave of you, but this shark sees it for what it is...foolishness.

    But who am I to talk, I'm just a fool who comes out here, dresses like a weirdo and claims he's god. I'm the same as you and the 20 other guys who came in here with huge egos. The only difference between me and the rest of the guys who came in thinking they were claiming to be the greatest is...I AM IT!

    You think this whole God thing is some sort of persona?! I am God, I behave as such, and I should be treated as such! I've been the champion of every division, I have the most wins at mania, and I am without a shadow of a doubt the greatest performer OF ALL TIME! So when a small little scrub who just lost to Aids Johnson, a man i beat less than 24hrs before he won the title, comes out here and they think can do BETTER than me, what do you think is going to happen?!

    Do you think I'm going to let you shout blasphemy about me. You should be on your knees, scraping the dirt out of the bottom my boots with your tongue, just hoping that somehow, someway, being next to me will rub allow you to get A FRACTION oceans of the talent I have!

    Don't flatter yourself by thinking I wanted to except your challenge, I was forced into this match! For some unknown reason, I have to all of a sudden "prove" I'm IWT Championship material. I shouldn't have to compete with "Hi I'm the new guy" to be in the Elimination Chamber. I should be placed in the match on the pure fact that I AM GOD of the entire WORLD!

    Rejuvenate my career? I'm beginning to think FTJ has more common sense than you. Explain to me, how a pre-show match with some rookie is going to "rejuvenate my career"? I would say this match is to rejuvenate YOUR career, but you don't have much of a career to begin with and when I use your unconscious body as a sacrifice to Jersey Christ you won't have one at all.

    Dat Kid steps in the ring

    Jesus wept.
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    D'Z approaches Dat Kid and is face to face with him as he begins talking with a hateful tone in his voice

    Kid. Kid kid kid. This is just sad. All of it. I understand this match isn't of great importance to you, hell your IWT career in general seems to be an afterthought, at least judging by your recent showings, but this shit is boring even by your standards. Jesus wept? That's the crowd weeping from boredom. Nobody can stand to listen to your tired shit. And this? This shit? This is vanilla even by your one pitch having ass standards.

    You have the same syndrome that all of these morons have that want to sit here and pretend nothing outside of the world of IWT exists. You wear your little blinders, living in the past and pretending things will remain the way they've always been. You talk about ME touting accomplishments people don't want to hear about? Shit, at least that match happened recently, all you have to fall back on is shit you accomplished when the IWT was in its infancy and competition was at an all time low.

    You might be the past of IWT, but I am the present and the future of this entire business. I'm not sure if you even have intentions of trying to win this match, but if you plan to limp to a decision with this D rate bullshit, you are even dumber than one might have assumed someone from New Jersey would be. I'm sure you are a busy man and I sure as hell know I am, so if this is really the type of shit you plan to spew for the duration of this match just let me know and we can cut this short. Nobody deserves to have to sit through you half assing.

    You didn't want to accept my challenge? I believe you, because I see the fear in your eyes. You will undoubtedly deny it, but you don't want to be here, and it isn't because of apathy. You see the new wave of talent coming into this once barren wasteland of a company and it scares the piss out of you. You were once able to dominate with ease but now you couldn't compete even if you wanted to, so you try to play it off like you don't give a damn. But I see through you, Kid, you are just a pathetic little man with some seriously deep-seeded complexes.

    You want me to lick the dirt from your boots? Hmm, let's see.

    D'Z lifts one of Dat Kid's legs off the ground and sarcastically inspects his boot while Dat Kid hops about on one leg yelling "Hey, put me down sinner!"
    You are right about one thing, these boots have hella dirt on them. You may try shining them up every now and again.
    D'Z sweeps Kids other leg from underneath him and stands over Kid while putting a foot onto his chest to prevent him from getting up
    Listen, you fucking scumbag. If you think simply reeling off meaningless stats from the deadball era of this company is going to net you a 'W' against me, you're dead wrong. Say something in response, lie there looking pathetic with potentially shit caked britches, it makes not a difference to I. Because after I finish talking here, and spike this mic into a million pieces, they are going to play my theme and I'm going to walk my happy ass out of here, because I've said my piece.

    D'Z spikes the mic and exits the ring while looking back at kid like a disappointed parent.

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  9. OOC: disappointed by no third promo from Kid, but @Jonathan I do believe it is voting time
  11. 2 hours left, I'm at a game though then a 3 hour journey home so you guys can have another 6 hours from this post.
  12. @CM Punk @Stopspot can we get a vote up. Jono isnt the only one who can open a vote.
  13. Yeah, done.
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  14. Dolph's wins. Enjoyed his product. Certainly better than the Aidswreck.
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  15. How dare you, can you put the actual voting up?
  16. Yeah, D'Z does it again. Damn you sir, damn you straight to hell!
  17. When I says Jesus wept I'm done. Anything else I would have said after it would have been repetitive
  18. D'Z on a 5 vote streak :adr: pretty impressive.
  19. I see
  20. When was the last time Dat Kid won a match?