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Who's your winner?

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  1. Slim Shady

  2. B.Dazzle

  3. TheOvalhead

  4. Seabs

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the Intercontinental Championship!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a limit on the amount of promos you can cut*.
    *Slim Shady has a maximum promo limit of 2, everyone else
    has a promo limit of 3. This is a result of recent
    happenings in the previous IC title match.

    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


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    *Unknown wheels out to the ring with both titles on his lap in a wheelchair, he has suffered brutal attacks 2 days prior to the match, he limps out of the chair at ringside and pushes himself to the climb the second rope and hold his titles high, he slowly gets down*

    Oh god both of these titles are heavy, more gold than you all have held combined.

    *Unknown laughs to a bad reception from the crowd*

    I have no respect for anyone in this company, I have never been respected as the champion and tonight is no different, I am the real champion, people claim that the help from Marcus was what won me this title? You are horribly wrong, I have said it before and I will say it again because its the truth I am the most dominant force in IWT, I went from nothing to champion all on my own and when I walk through the back I hear the rumours and the false claims going around me, I was told before I won this title that I had to prove myself to everyone in the back and that was how I was to earn respect yet I walk around backstage and no one respects me and honestly, I dont care. I dont need to show anyone my power, I dont need to prove myself to anyone, God does not pay his dues and that is exactly what I am, call me a rip off, call me a fluke, call me a cheater I dont care. It doesn't affect me it just makes me more and more angry and oh boy the destruction I make when im angry, Dazzle was first to witness it *Unknown looks around the ring* and tonight I get 2 mote victims.

    As far as I know the owner of a company should stand behind his champion and respect his champion and honour his champion but ever since day one I have been questionned and accussed by the owner of this company and he has no respect for me but he can go fuck himself, I would not spit on that man if he was on fire I would just watch him burn and take pleasure from it.

    Dazzle, you come to me and ask me for your 1 on 1 rematch and I decline in to your face. You want to know why? You get title shot and title shot and you were handed that title when Seabs lied down for you and you pinned him, its simply not sure for everyone else, I bet there is a million other guys in the back much better than you that would chomp the bit for a little piece of what belongs to me and thats exactly it, it belongs to me because I destroyed you in Las Vegas at The Slammys for this title and you have luckily for everyone who isn't blind or death not shown your face or made your voice heard since you lost and it makes me happy, I see the scars Dazzle, they aren't fading, the permanent marks on your body showing the brute force of what I can do to people and I am sorry you had to be the first to have it come upon because maybe if you saw what I can do happen to someone else before you, you wouldn't have boarded your plane to Vegas and would have given me your title in a way a lot less painful and a lot less traumatizing for you, but thats not the reason why I am not giving you a one on one shot-

    *The crowd boos, Unknown stops and laughs*

    Oh look, boos. Unlike you Dazzle im not going to pander to these people I am going to tell them to shut up and let me finsih putting you in your place.

    You are simply not up to the level of expertise in mind games or the skill in this ring that I am on. After tonight you will just head to the back of the line where you belong until you can prove yourself to me, THE REAL CHAMPION!
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  3. Jonathan is in his office, shouting at the TV:

    "Canned promos are for jobbers!"
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  4. *Adam Hawk appears behind Jonathan and tips his chair over and Jonathan falls out and breaks the floor*
  5. In the ring and in my office at the same time? Got someone else to do your promos again? :pipebomb:

    And who's Adam Hawk, I don't know your name ???
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  6. Two different characters :pity2:
  7. Made you a tron Jono
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  8. *The sounds of an ambulance are heard around an arena. On the titantron, the fans and Unknown can see a small ambulance driving in to the arena. It makes it's way through a passage and begins to drive out to the ring. The ambulance parks next to the entrance stage and the sounds keep going. Finally the driver comes out and knocks on the back of the ambulance. Instead of the back doors opening, the top of the ambulance opens up. Suddenly a platform begins to rise up and B.Dazzle shows up from out of the ambulance to an enormous reaction. B.Dazzle is heavily bandaged from his brutal fights with Unknown. B.Dazzle puts down a ladder and slowly climbs down. He hobbles up to the top of the ramp and stands there as the fans begin to chant his name. "Dazzle!" "Dazzle!". Finally, the sounds of the ambulance turns off.*

    *B.Dazzle gazes into the crowd and stares dead at Unknown. B.Dazzle raises his eyebrow and then smiles. He begins walking down the ramp and then stops. He puts up two thumbs towards Unknown and smiles. B.Dazzle then turns his face into a serious look and turns his thumbs upside down. As soon as B.Dazzle does this, pyro explodes behind him. As the pyro disappears, the words "Candy asses to beat: Unknown, Draven, and Ovalhead" appear on the titantron. B.Dazzle smirks and then begins his walk down to the ring. B.Dazzle grabs a mic and gets in the ring. Unknown rolls out of the ring as B.Dazzle stands in the center of the ring.*

    B.Dazzle: Finally..................B.Dazzle has come to the Royal Rumble!

    *Crowd pop.*

    B.Dazzle: That's right people. Today is the day you have all been waiting for. The night that begins the journey. The journey to reach immortality. Tonight, the road to Wrestlemania begins. The road to wrestlemania is the path of a life time. If you can't make it on the journey to Mania, you don't belong in this industry. On this quest for immortality, B.Dazzle is going to dazzle. He is going to bring everything he has every single second of the trip. Tonight, he is going to show you all that he is telling the truth. This, this is only match number one for B.Dazzle. It's match number one, and to tell you the truth, it's priority. As much as B.Dazzle would love to win the Royal Rumble, it's not number one on his list. Retaining the Tag Team championships is a close second, but it's not number one. You see, there's a difference between this match and all those others. This match, and only this match, is personal. It's no longer about B.Dazzle regaining the I.C title, no it's not. It's about keeping his career intact. The reason why this feud is personal to B.Dazzle first starts out with a former I.C Champion, Erick Draven.

    *Mild pop.*

    B.Dazzle: It was Erick Draven that gave B.Dazzle the chance of a lifetime by giving him an I.C title shot at Survivor Series. It was Eric Draven that B.Dazzle defeated to win his first singles title in his career. It was Eric Draven that decided that B.Dazzle was nothing to him. It was Eric Draven that let B.Dazzle beat him, making B.Dazzle feel like a paper champion. Erick Draven, for months that bullshit win has eaten B.Dazzle alive. B.Dazzle was talking for months about how there was no night bigger to him than Survivor Series and what did you do? You threw all of that away for B.Dazzle! Yeah he got the win, but he couldn't give a fuck about just getting the win. He wanted to show his talents. He wanted to show why he belonged at the top, but he didn't get that chance. You disgraced that I.C Championship, you disgraced our match, and you disgraced what should have been the biggest moment of B.Dazzle's career! Now, look at you! You get to just waltz in here and get a rematch because of some stupid rematch clause? You don't deserve this rematch! Any man that makes a championship belt look like nothing but a prop doesn't deserve anything in this industry and never should. So here's what B.Dazzle wants you to do real quick before you come out here, as a token of forgiveness to B.Dazzle. He wants you to take the microphone you are about to come out here and use, he wants you to shine it up real nice, turn that sum bitch sideways, and stick it straight up your no shazzling, monkey ass!

    *The fans let out a huge pop. B.Dazzle is all fired up!*

    B.Dazzle: Next, let's talk about another man B.Dazzle has some recorded history with. That man is none other than Sir, it doesn't matter what his name is!

    *Crowd pop.*

    B.Dazzle: The only thing that matters is that he understands this. B.Dazzle has beaten you in a title match before, and he is damn sure going to do it again. For those of you who don't know what B.Dazzle is talking about, let him give you a history lesson. You see it was at the Survivor Series PPV, that B.Dazzle not only won his I.C title, but the tag team championships. Who did he win them against? Two guys by the names of Alias and Ben Dover, now known to all of us as Sir Lee. Man oh man has the loss of those Tag Team titles really changed you. Lee, you could talk all you want about how you were forced by Jonathan to give B.Dazzle and Gav those tag team titles but B.Dazzle and these people will always know your just envious and full of crap. Since B.Dazzle and Gav took those titles off of you and Alias, you've had a personal vendetta against us. It's only coincidental that you started gunning for the I.C title after B.Dazzle won it, right? Of course it is. Lee, for one second don't you think that B.Dazzle was tricked my your so called "Mind Games" so you could get a title shot. The reason B.Dazzle wants you in this match is so he can beat your monkey ass so bad, Sir Lee will be playing catch the strudel with Ben Dover. So B.Dazzle says you can bring your ever so enlightened ass down this ring, so one last time, B.Dazzle stick his boot straight up it.

    *B.Dazzle stops and the fans begin to chant "Dazzle" again." He soaks in the crowds chants before raising his hand to hush them.*

    B.Dazzle: Now, B.Dazzle can get to the man who he is really here for.

    *B.Dazzle turns to Unknown, who is staring at him with a grin.*

    B.Dazzle: Unknown, B.Dazzle can't stretch enough how much he hates. He can't begin to describe how much he wants to go over there and beat the ever living hell out of you. B.Dazzle has never hated such a man more in his life then he's hated you. We've gone to war, Unknown. We've beat the crap out of each other. We've tried to end each others career for months now. We've fought in this ring and on this microphone. The worst moment of B.Dazzle's career was losing the I.C title, not because of the fact that he lost it, but because who he lost it to you. Losing it to the man he despises the most in his entire life has sickened me down to my core. B.Dazzle looks at himself in disgust every morning knowing he lost to a soulless man such as yourself. After everything you put B.Dazzle through, he still could't get his revenge. B.Dazzle guesses this is just proof that this world we live in isn't fairy tale. Let's look at whats happened since our match. We've brawled in the stands, we've brawled backstage, we've brawled in this ring, B.Dazzle through you over a guard rail fifteen feet into a table with electrical wires. For the love of God, we even brawled at the damn hospital. Never in my life, have I felt so much hatred for one man. Those brawls were great. Kicking your ass was great, but it wasn't good enough. The only thing that could make kicking you candy ass even sweeter is if B.Dazzle kicked your ass and took your I.C title. Unknown, this is could become a blood feud for years to come. But it's going to be hard to have a blood feud, when you have no blood left to bleed!
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    (Start at 0:45)

    (Play w/out sound, skip straight to 0:08)

    *Sir Lee's music hits, he eventually comes out at the 1:05 mark, as he stands on the entrance ramp, he looks around the arena, observing his reactions, the reactions are largely negative, the fans firmly choosing him as the bad guy got the match, Sir Lee proudly exclaims "YOU CANNOT BEAT THE RICH ELITE!!" With his fist defiantly above him and in the air, the crowd react to this with even louder booing. Sir Lee then smirks, he walks down the ramp at a slow methodical pace, giving himself an opportunity to look into eyes of his opponents, staring through them and into their mind, gauging what they are pondering before the match commences. He gets to the apron, before he goes inside the ring, he lets off a chuckle, looking intensely at his two opponents in the ring, as he goes through the middle rope, he has a microphone thrown to him by a Conservative in attendance, the microphone, has the Conservative logo on it, Sir Lee smirks*

    Sir Lee: Finally.......Sir Lee has come back....To the IWT! Oh, wait.....That isn't my line, is it? Nope. What do I say? Well it certainly isn't something I snatch off my childhood celebrity crush....That's for sure! And speaking of Dazzle.....You're a fool. Who is Ovalhead?? Sounds cool to me, but is he in our match? Not that I know of. After today, your brain will either be so damaged you won't even be able to make these cute little titantrons anymore....or, I just end your life in this ring!! You see, when I mentioned the Columbine Massacre in my last match, there was a reason! That reason....Because Selection!!

    *Sir Lee rips off his suit to reveal a white shirt saying "Natural Selection", identical to what one of the perpetrators wore on the day the massacre occurred. The crowd go into an intense fit of rage. Crowd begins to chant "Go Kill-Your-Self".*

    Sir Lee: The irony of you morons saying that makes me want to MASSACRE ALL OF YOU...RIGHT THIS..INSTANT!! Now back to my opponents. To me, neither Dazzle, or the nameless cowardly communist, or even that hibernating waste of space called Draven, are good enough to live! On the basis, of Natural Selection, you must be strong, mentally and physically! I fit both of these vital criterias perfectly. Unknown meanwhile....He completely lacks the mental strength to survive in this cruel and bitter World, heck, he even hides behind a mask, LIKE A PATHETIC LITTLE WIMP!!! That can't be as bad as Draven....Right? Draven hasn't even been here since he got humiliated by the Dwayne Johnson Tribute Act many months ago, not like me, I lost my last match. What happened to me? I've continued to be here, day after day, I hyped this match like no other. What about Draven? Is that commoner even here yet? I've heard he's at the building, but obviously scared of the three of us in the ring; MAINLY ME! How cute? Well, if he doesn't want the match, that's cool, it isn't like I would notice if he left. It isn't like he watched a single other persons match. He might as well come out, I put him in the WASP sting, and he just be put down LIKE THE SCRUFFY LITTLE DOG HE IS!! And Dazzle's claim to being decimated by Sir Lee; Natural Selections future HOF? The man can only do so much, without the Rock spoon feeding him material, where would he be? Him and Gavin would be stuck scraping for a win against Duggan and Boston. Him and Gavin are what has made the IWT look unclassy and unskillful, their approach to their matches truly exemplify how pitiful they are in terms of ability. Dazzle; You're Welcome!

    Oh wait....That's Sandow's line; NOOOOOT MIIIIINE!

    And you two idiots in the ring with me, you fought before a match, nay, a IC title match, risking your bodies, that doesn't show courage, it shows weakness and stupidity. YOU FUCKING FOOLS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES AND LET ME SHOOT THE BOTH OF YOU IN THE CRANIUM right.this.second!

    *Sir Lee gives himself a moment to catch his breath, obviously irritated by their actions*

    Sir Lee: No matter, It just means when I end the both of you, you helped me do it, and for that...I thank you! I THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME END THE BOTH OF YOUR PATHETIC AND WORTHLESS LIVES!! When you have to hide behind a mask to find success, what that say about you and your confidence, little boy?

    *Sir Lee swiftly turns his head to Dazzle*

    Sir Lee: And you, quit it with you pointless references, be your own man and show me you are worth the resources that this vicious and unforgiving planet only has so much of! Of course, I want you destroyed Dazzle, but that doesn't mean that's why I wanted the title, I want this title *Sir Lee points to the belt* because it marks another milestone in my glorious career, and after I defeat your illiterate buffoon of a friend and send him straight to hell, that Junior heavyweight belt will be that extra step closer to being in my possession, and with MY name on it.

    It's all fun calling me "Ben Dover" *Ben Dover chants erupt* But when I win...this...title, It's going to say "Sir FUCKING Lee"! Minus the fucking, I stopped doing that as a job a loooong time ago, which you morons obviously don't seem to understand!

    And before we start, I would like to, in advance, say R.I.P to not just Unknown, Draven; if that idiot shows up; and Dazzle but also to Unknowns title reign; It was fun while it lasted but sometimes it's for the best, the IC title needs a legitimate holder and I'm that guy!

    *The crowd boo as he smirks towards them, laughing at how irritated they are!
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  10. *Eric Draven walks through the crowd and into the ring, he's wearing a grey hoodie with the hood up. As he jumps the barricade he takes the hood down and asks for microphone. He takes one from the ringside announcer before sliding into the ring. The crowd offers him a pop*

    ED : Well, it looks like I'm here Lee. Oh sorry I forgot your title, you know the one you had to annotate your own name with because you lack the ability to gain one the right way. You mention imitation like it's some kind of bad action yet you'll steal Sandow's tron and even your shirts an imitation. This is IWT...

    *Draven looks towards the crowd who offer him a cheap pop*

    ED : The crowd here are smart enough to come to this great show don't act get stressed out because you can't get it up no more. Oh sorry that's more Dazzle's humor here B write that down and use it later, wait I'll rephrase that use it FINALLY FINALLY when it fits the moment.

    *The crowd pop and begin chanting Rocky (Yeah I have no idea why they dig Stallone so much either) Draven smiles*

    ED : Dazzle I still class you as the current champ as the one who hides his face had to go underhand. He struck you another time when you had him at 2. This should be your re-match so I promise you this. My redemption as the next IC champion, you'll be the very first road block I meet. You're a phenomenal competitor and there ain't do doubting. That's why I've gotta know who's better Dazzle or Draven.

    *The crowd splits between Dazzle and Draven chants.*

    ED : Now onto my last opponent the unknown one, man I'm so scared. You hijack the video feed oh no not my airtime, wait no that's not it people just close the browser when Rap God comes on.

    *The crowd let out a collective cheer*

    ED : I'm not surprised you hide your identity you're walking around with two belts to represent what you're missing down south. You jumped the champ and took his belt then fluked another win too. You're not pathetic you're below that too.
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  11. OOC : One of you guys gonna drop another promo? I don't want to double mine up.
  12. OOC: Im workin on it, feel free to go before me.
  13. Aids Johnson is shown backstage watching the match. He turns and looks at the camera, as Draven is speaking, screeching out "That guy out there, he's my hero" before a single tear rolls down Aids' face.
  14. OOC : Looks like everyone is doing one promo each.
  15. *Sir Lee looks intensely at Draven, smirking, but also clenching his fist*

    Sir Lee: Hey look guys, it's your hero Draven, that guy who hasn't even spoke to you in a very long time, or even peeked his head in your direction, he's kind of like me, all he cares himself, yet you believe this manipulative scum-bag is doing this for the fans.. He only ever comes for matches, what a great IC champion right? At least Unknown, Dazzle and yours truly have been here, giving the people what they want. That's how a business work you clueless, pitiful excuse for a professional!! So, IF...and IF you win this title Draven, what is next? Take your belt home with you and go back to whatever you've doing since you lost your title, not coming back until your next defence. Wow. That's exactly what this company needs to raise it's prestige, a inconsiderate IC champion who doesn't take the needs of the company into account. You're just sadistic ball of slime, it just took someone as intelligent as me to realise that!

    I was personally told by Aids backstage that I should take more of an active interest in what happens in the other departments of this e-fed if I was to be legitimate, well I've done it. I was smart, took the advice, I am now learning new tactics everyday, while showing my loyalty to the company that is employing

    Nice titantron yourself by the way, it's completely blank.... Is there a rule you can only use your IWT moments from the last 2 months??

    There's a difference between just saturating your persona with someone else's and using someone else's as a sign of inspiration, appreciation or even as a tribute. Eric Harris; the man who wore that shirt, is a martyr, he has more guts than the so called humanitarians of this World like Mandela, Mandela was a murderer anyway, but he murdered because he was against murder; What a clever guy right? Oh, and I happen to look like Sandow? DEAL.WITH.IT!

    You respond to me and Dazzle arguing as well....That's funny, That's the first time you took an interest in other people having a fight in the IWT in quite a long time, if ever!
    *Crowd collectively go "Ooooooooooooo", not cheering Sir Lee but still considering what he says with deep thought*

    I noticed you like my name, well when Cameron is backing you, you don't have to "Annotate" my name yourself, or even get such honours as a MBE first. Heck, the Queen didn't care, she thought I was a "dapper young gent" and gave me a knighthood. Life is great sometimes, right?

    You mocking Unknown is so ludicrous as well, AT LEAST HE'S BEEN HERE. YOU'RE OBVIOUSLY SUCH A COWARD YOURSELF, YOU DON'T EVEN BOTHER SHOWING UP! So you can mock him for attacking Dazzle from behind, what can protest in terms of your contribution? If you got an answer, that would be just greeeeeat!

    It's so great you're back though, I'm a huge fan myself, you're talented, maybe you may be useful to this company after all. Just please, stop manipulating your fans, they admire you, CHERISH THE MAN THAT YOU ARE! can you repay them like this? I call you out on stupid approach to this business and you ridicule....YOU'RE DYING FIRST!! And like Rachel Scott, you'll get your own charity, I promise you'll be the shining star once again. Like when you were IWT champion, before you got overwhelmed by the pressure, choking violently as the surging talent tramples you and dreams. You know fall down the card, lucky to get back the title you lost in pitiful fashion, that wasn't management, that was just poor work ethic and discipline. In the real world, the lazy deserve to be shot! Why waste resources?...On vermin LIKE YOUUUUUUU!

    But me, like my former friend and associate Alias, I'm moving up in the World, while you find your true home, as a mediocre mid-carder; If you survive this match! You will continue struggling to retain your precious little glory days, begging to bring the day back when you beat Frank by submission for your first World title reign.. Those days are gone my friend, me and Alias are the next generation! I'm sorry I have to end potentially end your career and life before you are actually able to, natureal selection.



    I hope that when I win, I teach people like you and Frank that as a professional, you a professional, you come down with a hooded jumper like you're a weed smoking college guitar playing shmuck, save me the Nickleback nostalgia, because your existence makes me feel ill as it is....

    *The crowd jeer Sir Lee, seeking a reaction from him, but he ignores them, the element he finds himself in blocks his ears from the rest of the World!*

    Sir Lee: I can't much more about your sorry ass...Just that I hope you get your comeuppance, as God strikes fear into the World, it's a shame you never listened! Because when you die, you won't be heaven. No, I will be slamming down into HELL!! You are not worth the love of God, only those who do his work for him are, those who are brave like me will dine with the kings and queens of this World!! The way it SHOULD BE!!
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  16. *B.Dazzle looks at all his opponents in the ring and then smiles. He goes to speak.*

    B.Dazzle: Lee, first and foremost, B.Dazzle put the words Ovalhead down as a nickname due to your oval sized head. B.Dazzle thought it was funny, and he's pretty sure these people do to.

    *Crowd pop.*

    B.Dazzle: For a man that acts all high and mighty, you make B.Dazzle absolutely sick. Any man who uses a national tragedy just to get some boos doesn't deserve to be a champion, they deserve to get their candy ass kicked. B.Dazzle says that you, jabroni, should take your natural selection and shove it up you monkey ass! Ooops, B.Dazzle would like to apologize for being so unoriginal. He forgets that the wrestling world has never seen the douche bag, enlightened guy before. Let B.Dazzle tell you something that he wants you to keep memorized in the back of your brain. Even without the catch phrases, B.Dazzle can still beat anyone in this damn company. There is no doubt in B.Dazzle's mind that he can't. All of this, everything you hear is strictly to entertain these people. The fact of the matter is B.Dazzle could kick your ass as a dancer, a porn star, a pretend God, a model, and even a Chav. There is nothing that can hold B.Dazzle back and there is nothing that can truly make B.Dazzle. Those catchphrases didn't make B.Dazzle, B.Dazzle made himself. Both eyes blindfolded, both arms tied behind my back, both legs tied together, B.Dazzle still can beat that conservative ass all over this building. Let's go back on the topic of Natural Selection, shall we? Sir Lee, National Selection is about to fail you. When this match is over, you are going to wish Charles Darwin was never even born. The reason why is because you won't be adapting to this environment. In this dog eat dog world, you won't be able to survive the conditions this match is going to bring. Don't worry though, after you lose, maybe you and Sandow can go robe and suit shopping.

    *B.Dazzle turns towards Eric Draven.*

    B.Dazzle: Draven, B.Dazzle respects what you've said. The problem with that is when we have our Survivor Series rematch, the shoe is going to be on the other foot. It's going to be B.Dazzle who defends the I.C title in our rematch, not you. So when are paths do cross again, B.Dazzle will be more than ready. He can just hope that maybe, just maybe, that this time you'll also be one hundred percent ready. Because mark B.Dazzle's words, if you dare try to pull what you pulled at Survivor Series again, he'll show no hesitation in whipping your ass.

    *B.Dazzle looks at Unknown.*

    B.Dazzle: If B.Dazzle was you, he'd be pretty worried right now. But since B.Dazzle isn't you, he's feeling pretty confident right now. No matter how stiff the competition is here tonight, nobody, and B.Dazzle means nobody, is going to stop him from taking back his I.C title. Not you, not Draven, and not that pompous ass Lee over there. Tonight, B.Dazzle wins the I.C title back for himself, the Dazzling Chavs, and all his fans here tonight.
  17. lol
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  18. Motherfuckers waited till the last minute :annoyed:
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  19. @Jonathan

    You want to extend the time a little so Adam and Seabs can get one last promo?
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  20. I dont see why we cant give it 10 more minutes.