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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Championship!

    Joey Bryant (@DK James) vs Alias Antonio (@THG?)

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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    Bryant/Alias hype video (written) (open)

    *The video starts off with young Alias and Bryant in the IWT Training Center, going over some bumps. That scene fades away and as the song commences to play it starts showing a side-by-side comparison of how Alias' and Bryant's careers started (Alias with The Cure winning the tag titles and Bryant winning the 6-way at Summerslam and partaking in the IWT Title tournament. Then it shows Alias winning the X-Division Title with The Order by his side, and Bryant winning the IWT Title with Kid by his side at the Chamber, then right before the chorus hits, it shows the face-off between Alias and Bryant before their Uprising match.

    When the chorus hits at 0:35, it begins to exhibit the highlights of their Uprising match with Alias ultimately coming out on top after the Psycho Driver and pointing at the title and at the Mania sign.

    At 1:05, it begins to show IWTMania2 with Alias winning his X-Division title match, and Bryant losing in the main event. Then it quickly displays Alias' failed cash-in attempt at Mania. It fast forwards to Extreme Rules, with Alias defeating Kid twice for the WHC, and Bryant regaining his IWT Title. Then it commences to show the partnership Alias and Bryant formed, the Second Generation, showcasing their title defenses over the months and then showing Alias' unexpected turn on Bryant and a still shot of their face-off before the Summerslam unification match with Kid as special guest ref.

    When the chorus hits again at 1:40, it starts showing the highlights of their Summerslam title match, the all out war which Alias won supposedly as Kid counted the 3 count. It shows Alias celebrating but at 2:09, Delik comes out and restarts the match, with Bryant proceeding to roll up Alias up for the win. Post-match, it shows Alias in despair then you hear words of his promo, him challenging Bryant for the Rumble and him revealing himself as an FSW guy.

    At 2:22, it shows Alias' downfall as he loses to Ami Ennemi at NoC and Dat Kid at FSW and Bryant getting cashed in on by Gav, then at 2:40, it shows Bryant regaining the title at Survivor Series, and Alias introducing Solidus on his team as they enter the FSW vs. IWT match. It quickly highlights that match with Alias, Kid and Solidus standing tall, then showing Alias winning the tag titles last week.

    At 3:10, it shows all the domination Alias and Bryant have had in the IWT, then all the quarrel they've had together until 3:54 where it shows a still shot of one final Alias/Bryant confrontation with the Hell In a Cell background, transitioning into this before the scene fades.

    *When the video package finishes, the arena lights turn dim. A few seconds later, Alias' theme song begins to play.

    *Smoke transcends from the stage floor as the crowd dish out their typical LOUD mixed reaction for Alias. Through the dark and smoke, comes out Alias Antonio alongside his partner Christian, who's holding a towel, the World Title and the tag belts. Alias is wearing a leather robe and his usual attire. You can sense the concentration in Alias' mind as he walks down to the ring, not making eye contact with anybody. He calmly enters the ring and looks up at the Hell in a Cell, before grabbing the mic.*

    This is the moment I've been waiting for. Not only since last year but the moment I've been waiting for all my life. My whole life depends on this business, but I've made a good enough living to be able to quit this business right now if I wanted to. But I don't even consider that an option because my life IS this business. And I won't EVER quit. The only way you'd get me hanging my boots and exiting this business for good is if you BEAT ME. Wait, not beat me, but KILL ME. That's how much it's going to take and I've proved that.

    But this match means so much more than putting my career on the line. Not being able to challenge for the IWT Title again is a much more tougher low blow to my life. Which is why I decided to risk it all and put my freedom to challenge for the IWT Title ever again on the line, and make it even more dangerous by adding the Hell in a Cell stipulation, that's how much I want to put an end to this utter misery. This is honestly my last attempt to reach for the sky and seize the moment AND CAPTURE THE DAMN TITLE BELT.

    Last time I challenged for the IWT Summerslam....I mentioned how I was always close, but not close enough. And not close enough is NEVER good enough. I could feel, I could sense, I could literally TASTE the victory at Summerslam. But right when I overcame the "close" stage, everything got taken away from my clutches within a blink of an eye. My life, what I worked for came crashing down at a shattering pace and once again, I wasn't close enough. And it eats me up, it GETS to me, it gets my mind more fucked up than it already is, and that's why this is my last chance. I cannot handle the pressure anymore.

    And I cannot handle seeing Joey Bryant as champion anymore. I could, would and SHOULD be in his place right now and that also eats me up deep inside. Over the past year, I've expressed my loathsome feelings towards Bryant and what he stands for. My feelings still stand the same, but tonight more than ever they're in FULL-FORCE.

    Y'know? You can almost sense the desperation and despondency in my voice and actions. I know I can. BECAUSE I AM FUCKING DESPERATE.

    I don't even know what I'm spouting out anymore, I've lost my damn mind. But one things for sure. Desperation takes us to our limits. And tonight, I swear to god, the sky is my limit

    I will walk out the IWT Champion.
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  3. *The lights all dim green in the arena and the crowd cheers loud. Music starts to play...*

    *The song plays while the green lights fade in and out throughout the arena. At 1:18 in the song, Joey Bryant walks out in his ring gear with the IWT Title strapped around his waist but his head remains down until 1:32 of the song. He lifts up the hood and the crowd pops. He unstraps the IWT Title and holds it high above his head as he stares down Alias Antonio in the ring. He slings it over his shoulder and makes his way to the ringm, never taking his eyes off Antonio. He gets a couple feet away from him when his music ends and Joey raises the mic to his face to loud cheers.*

    "You know bring out this weird side of me, Alias Antonio. Every damn time I have a match against you, every time I know I'm going to be near you I can't sleep, I can't eat, all I can do is think about how I'm going to go about kicking your ass."

    *The crowd pops but Joey remains focused on Alias Antonio.*

    "It's almost an obession. I cut myself off from all communication with the outside world and all I do is think about each and every little way I can hurt your career even more until the point where you throw in the towel. But...the thing is Alias. I didn't have to do much thinking this last week. Sure, the month leading up to this match I was MIA and plotting on ways to disect you bit by bit but the last week or so...I've just realized you've already done the damage to yourself for me. I barely have to lay a finger on you, you know that? All I have to do is get you lying down on this mat for 3 seconds and you'll never face for the IWT Championship again."

    *Joey pauses as the crowd gives a mixed reaction to that statement. He looks around for a second before holding up 3 fingers in front of Alias.*

    "3...seconds Alias. Maybe I should take you Summerslam?"

    *Joey smirks for a second as the crowd boos*

    "Not my proudest win, I admit, but it was a win...Dat Kid should have never been involved in that match from the beginning and he had no clue of what he was doing. He can say all he wants and you can too but I caught you slipping real quick and all it took was 3 seconds...and you haven't had another shot since that night. Now imagine I pin you for the 3 tonight, it won't just be 6 months this'll be forever."

    *The crowd gives off a mixed reaction again and Joey begins pacing in front of him.*

    "But I've heard what you've said, my friend. But men in this company live in a state of continual desperation, you're nothing special. You can't handle me being champion anymore? Well pack up your bags and leave like the rest of em. I wouldn't do that if I were you though, you're first in line right now, it's YOUR turn to try and end my "reign of terror" as some may call it. I'm well-liked by some, I know it, but the jealousy in that back locker room as gotten blown up to a new level and with each new challenger comes a new feeling of desperation and jealousy and you've got more of that than anyone I've faced since Summerslam. I don't want to do this to you Alias, I really don't. Ever since we both came onto the scene I knew we were similar and I knew we'd both find success. I almost knew we'd be headlining multiple PPV's. But when we decided to put our egos aside and team up with the Second Generation, it felt right. We were able to put our egos aside which changed the entire environment of the locker room and fight for a common goal of being two of the greatest of all time. We could have been unstoppable for a lonnnng time....but you messed that up. You let your ego get the best of you again and with all due respect to Christian, he deserves that WHC, but he better watch his back because the moment you're ego gets too big again you'll turn on him as well. I'm praying that he turns on you this time, give you a taste of your own medicine. "

    "You're a backstabber, it's in your job description. It won't be long until you're not only banned from fighting for the IWT Championship again, you'll get to the point where no one will want to team with you and just like that, bam, gone from Tag Team competition forever. No one will give you title matches anymore because no one will take you seriously and you'll give up. It's a sorry ending but not all stories have a happy ending like the story of Joey Bryant."
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  4. *Alias smiles and scratches his head once Joey is done*

    You're right. I am damaging myself more and more with each word that I spew and with each movethat I make. I'm essentially on auto-destruct mode, but who are you to say you're not either? With each word you spew Joey Bryant, your eventual grave just gets dug deeper and deeper until there's no way out. With every move you make, you're crippling yourself even more into abysmal obscurity. We're both at a point of no return, Joey, we can both recognize that. But you see the difference here is that I'm being set up as the better man between us two Joey Bryant. I'm being set up as the WINNER of this war. Wanna know why?

    Because I want this much more than you do, pal. I am DESPERATE and right now I'm damn RECKLESS to get what I want, whilst you are playing this safe and I know for a fact you're taking me lightly. But what will ultimately lead me to the victory in this match is not my desperation, but actually your ignorance. Your unmitigated ignorance Joey.

    It took you 3 seconds to put me down back then, but listen up boy, it'll require MORE than 3 seconds to put me down tonight because simply put, I AM NOT GOING DOWN. I've gone through countless tough trials and tribulations to get to where I'm at tonight, whilst you have just stepped from stone to stone with the greatest of ease to get to where you're at. Backstabbing aside, I've worked harder than this for you and this time, it will not get taken away from me.

    Honestly speaking though, when have you ever proven yourself as a worthy IWT Champion? Doesn't matter how many times you've held that title, it's quality over quantity and to this day I still don't believe this hypothetical Joey Bryant hype train bullshit. Because lets face it, I'm the only guy who's brought the absolute best out of you during your whole tenure here. Not Aids Johnson, not Gav The Chav, not Bruce Knight, not Chris Kaizer, sure as hell won't be Dat Kid. But me, Alias Antonio. And that's just me being modest, Joey.

    Because if I was being 100% frank, I'd say you have no chance today. I can bring out your best, but I can also bring out your worst. If it wasn't for me stabbing you in the back that time ago, you'd be as relevant as Aids Johnson is now. I do everything within reason, but tonight, all the reasoning is thrown out of the window. This is Hell In A Cell. This is do or die. This is now or never......

    Tonight, Joey Bryant. Expect the unexpected. Expect the fury of a patient man. Expect war. Expect hell. Expect hardship. Expect the worst.

    *Alias smirks*

    Expect me.

    *Alias drops the mic and smiles deeply at Bryant*
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  5. *Joey stares back at Antonio for a few moments without moving a muscle, looking like he's about ready to fight right there. He finally takes a couple steps back from Antonio and raises the mic.*

    "Not a worthy...IWT Champion? Really? First off boy I'm not going to take shit from a guy who hasn't ever had this belt strapped around their waist."

    *The crowd gives off a mixed reaction and Joey stares at him.*

    "Secondly, you don't win this title 3 times on flukes. End of story. It don't matter how longs the reign is, you think I asked Nick and Gav to cash in on me? You think I ever would have asked for that? It's also not my fauly Bruce Knight was jacked up on whatever the hell he was on for one night and gets his only win that mattered ever. Once they took what was mine since Elimination Chamber of last year, I'd come right back at them, and take it back because I knew they did not deserve to beat me. Gav, picked on a beat up Joey, he faces a strong and healthy Joey? Bam, his reign didn't even begin. Nick does the same, feeds on a beat down legend and he would have got beat down back if our match would have happened. I'd be fine with being a 1x IWT Champion but those fluke defeats happened and therefore I was forced to win this back. Regardless of all that, those weak opponents that got the best of me for one night, I have beaten names that others couldn't do if their lives were on the line. You've got your fair share of names too, but yours meant nothing because every time someone took notice of you beating highly respect names, you'd get your match against the IWT Champion. And well, for the last 8 months or so, it's been Joey Bryant. I am your kryptonite and as long as I hold this title you will never be IWT Champion and now that's guaranteed."

    *He now looks frustrated and begins pacing in front of Alias.*

    "But if you do happen to beat me tonight..."

    *He rubs his hands over his face and shakes his head.*

    "If you do happen to beat me tonight, because trust me, I'm expecting you. I know that each time I face you I stand the greatest chance of losing my belt but I also know I'm plenty good enough to beat you. So if you pull it off, I'll let you have your little reign at the top. I want to observe you, see what the power does to you because you seem to think it's corrupted me and I'm worthless because of the belt. Let's see what it does to you...but I'll be back of course! I can't let you have fun for that long. Let's see... maybe Extreme Rules? You know, like last year? Where I regained what belonged to me since Elimination Chamber. I'll take it back from you then. I'll let you have your Mania moment. But ohhhh trust me Alias walking down that ramp at Wrestlemania with the IWT Championship strapped around your waist is one hell of feeling. Almost undescribable. Now imagine you NEVER get to feel that feeling? What a horrible thing that would be. You asked for this, you're going to lose and you're going to realize how STUPID you were to put something like that on the line. It's something only a brave man would do though, I commend you on that, but if you fail, no one cares how brave you were. You'll be another forgotten face."

    "I've been digging my own grave since 2013, do you forget who I truly am. I'm the MARTYR Joey Bryant, I have been sacrificing myself for these people and this company and this title belt since I came into this company and people have taken notice and that's why I will never be the new kid on the block again. My time may run out some day to the point where I do throw in the towel but I know damn sure if I beat you again tonight, I'll be a more memorable name than Alias Antonio. And that's the goal here right? Hell in a Cell? You only asked for this so you could destroy me physically but the thing is, you're not only going to be hurting physically after this match, the mental pain will be far worse. Take one good last look at this IWT Championship. You'll never be anywhere near it again..."

    *He drops the mic as the crowd cheers loud as Joey smirks at Antonio, looking ready to fight.*
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  6. well shiet, im dead. good match brother. @Delik open voting.
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  7. Actually yes
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  8. Okay, go for it
  9. *Alias backs away for a split second, and picks up the mic again.*

    Not just yet, scrub.

    *Mixed reaction*

    Seems like I....struck a nerve.....again? Because man, you just went off on a never-ending rhetoric on how you're not a fluke right there and how you're the martyr and whatnot blah blah blah, the same old fucking jibberish basically. I'll keep on believing you're a fluke forever UNTIL you beat me FAIR AND SQUARE tonight in this ring. You've fluked your way to the top, and surprisingly managed to cling on everything you have, but that comes to a brutal end tonight, pal. This cell is the last thing you're ever going to be clinging on before I bring your ass crashing down to reality. And that reality will be me, as the rightful, deserving, IWT CHAMPION. Standing over your inert, idle, lifeless, scumbag body.

    But hey, we have different perceptions of things, divergent point of views, contrasting opinions. All in all, that's what makes us humans. Beating the shit out of eachother also makes us humans, believe it or not. But talking utter bullshit does NOT make you a human, it makes you an ignorant, talentless coward. Talk about a job description, huh?
    Cut the martyr crap, Joey. You're clinging on to a nickname you coined yourself when you were nothing but a young lion. The nickname didn't apply to you then, and it certainly doesn't apply to you now.

    Lets see, a martyr is a person who suffers and often DIES for a cause. Now tell me, what cause have you been suffering for exactly, Mr. Bryant? Certainly not this company I'd assume? I mean, how have you been suffering and sacrificing your body for this "greater" cause when you haven't had a full match in 3 months? Is being the top dog in the company for 8 months really considered as suffering also? It's time to get your mind off of cloud nine and get it back to reality. I'll show you what being a martyr truly is. You will SUFFER, you will SUFFER for me. You will SUFFER seeing me as IWT CHAMPION, but you will deal with it, because I AM THE GREATER CAUSE BUDDY!

    *Alias lets out a laugh before getting serious again.*

    I'll walk out of this, truly as a man who suffered for the greater cause, and as the IWT Champion. I will go on to headline Wrestlemania for the second year in a row, whilst you'll be on the undercard fighting Dat Kid in a match people MAYBE would have cared to see like 6 months ago?

    THEN we'll talk about who will be a more memorable name; Alias Antonio or Joey Bryant?

    This is the epitome of our feud, Joey. It doesn't go further than this. This will answer al of our questions. No more flukes, no more what if's, just a straight out war to determine a clear winner. Joey Bryant vs. Alias Antonio III for the IWT Title in a Hell in a Cell.

    You may be the "martyr" but I am the cause.

    You may be the flame, but I am the fire. And will


    *Alias drops the mic again and glares vehemently at Bryant*
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  10. *Joey glares at Antonio when he finishes. He shakes his head and slowly bends over to pick up his mic.*

    " talk talk talk TALK! All you do is TALK! Do you ever shut your mouth?! You know what you do strike a nerve every time you open your god damn mouth somehow and I'm SICK of it. Every single word that comes out of your mouth just leads me one step over the edge and I think you've met your match in this one. You talk about how I cling to things like the whole Martyr thing and things that happened in the past but fucking listen to yourself! Any time I've stood face to face with you since Summerslam all you can do is bring up "Fluke this,fluke that" and how I've never beaten you "fair and square". Well listen up punk, Summerslam was a fair result, this is wrestling, all it takes is 3 seconds of your shoulders on that mat and you're DONE. That's IT! The fact that you're still making excuses on a match that happened months ago just proved you are not ready to be IWT Champion. I may be a lot of bad things but out of the good I have in me I KNOW I'm a champion this company and these people deserve. You've never heard me calling any loss of mine a fluke, and if I have, I go back at the mother fucker that got a fluke over me and beat him and let it go. You've been holding on to this for MONTHS and I'm sure if I beat you tonight we'll hear even more of it."

    "But there's another reason you seem to strike a nerve Antonio and that's because you have the balls to say things to me no one else in the back will say. I'm not used to hearing it. But if any of those guys in the back did say something like that to me, they know the moment their mouths closed it the moment they'd be packin their bags and leaving with scars and bruises. You on the other hand, I can't just push you to the side, I have to sit here and listen to you moan and bitch and somehow I always get this thought in my head that you have the upper hand on me but you never will."

    *He takes a deep breath but runs his hands through his hair before continuing.*

    "Good for you on knowing what a martyr is, but thing is I do die for a cause. If I died this company dies with me. If I decided to take this title and walk after this match this company would be left hopeless. I also suffer here each and every day I'm here because ever since I've been a young Joey Bryant, I have wanted respect. And when I don't get the respect I deserve, I suffer mentally. I won't stop until I get the respect I deserve to the point where it eats away at every daily thought I have until I get it. I suffer physically due to that same fact because I come in this ring and put my damn body on the line to make sure I remain at the top to maintain the respect I've earned and will continue to hold. I know you by now, if you really wanted to you could pick that mic back up again right now and go on an entire rant about respect. Go on an entire rant on how cheesy and corny that speech was but at the end of the day you're never going to be an IWT Champion without respect and looking at your track record...through all the backstabbing and manipulating and destruction you have caused I doubt half those guys in the back have an ounce of respect for you."

    "Another part of being a champion though is being able to admit my flaws and I agree, I'm sometimes not the most active IWT Champion, and I used to hate guys like me for that reason, but when it's time to play I'm here to win. And any time I'm here people know all that time that I was away was nothing because I put on one hell of a show each time, whether it's once a month or twice a week. You're right it don't go much farther than this, if I somehow do end up facing Dat Kid at Wrestlemania I can guarantee it'll be a lot better than what you're doing simply because of the fact that I'm a part of the match. I'll go out here and say Dat Kid is a better man than you'll ever be Alias Antonio and I know that's a shot right to your heart but come did work FOR him in FSW. In that I think about it, you're trying to win the IWT Championship. You're trying to win the top championship of a company you fought AGAINST and BEAT. You could make up whatever excuse you want for why you did it but bottom line is I've never turned my back on this company from day one and THAT is what being IWT Champion is about and THAT is not just all talk..."

    *He drops the mic for the last time and unstraps his title from his waist.*
  11. @Delik

    THG my man this was a pleasure. Even better than the first. No idea who wins this, just like the first time.
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  12. Good match you two, MOTY candidate for sure if it weren't for the Rumble match. :bodallas:
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  13. GOAT match. This rivalry is at that point where we've seen enough of it, but it's been so damn good that you just want to see more. Early MOTY candidate no doubt.
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  14. Match was shite, don't know what those two were talking about.
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  15. Awesome match DK. May the best man win.
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  16. Shit!!! i pressed the wrong option in the poll
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  17. You can change your vote now :obama: