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Who's your winners?

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  1. The Dazzling Chavs

  2. David Error and Jwab Atom

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Tag Team Championship!

    @B.Dazzle and @gav the chav (The Dazzling Chavs) vs
    @D-D-David and @JwabTV (David Erro and Jwab Atom)

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a TWO promo limit per person.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.
    -Either David or Jwab will go first.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. OOC: The later Jwab or David post, the better for me.
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  3. *A camera feed is turned on but is black. In the darkness a scruffy looking face and white set of eyes can now be seen. The figure speaks and it is obvious its Trip in the Head, wherever he may be*
    TRIP: We are watching from the darkness gentlemen. Don't lose those titles now, hahahahaha!
    *The feed cuts out*
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  4. Dat Kid walks out to the stage with mic in hand.

    The Dazzling Chavs, the men who claim to have ended The Cure and by all means they did! The Dazzling Chavs destroyed The Cure and freed the IWT from the their crippling grip!

    However this isn't The Cure. These men may have the same name, the same appearance, but there's one thing they have now that they didn't before...The Power of God. Something that you're all too familiar with, right Gavin?

    When you get beat tonight, you can take your guitar and what's left of your mangled remains after this match and you can sing a song about how The Cure whipped your...*B.Dazzle voice* "Candy ass"

    Jesus wept

    Kid signals The Cure to come out with a snap of his fingers

    @JwabTV @D-D-David
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  5. OOC: I'm about to go to school and then straigh to work after. Won't get a promo until 9 or 10 pm my time.

  6. *The Cure slowly walk out and step into the ring*

    *Jwab grabs the mic*

    The Cure, we're back. We dominated last year. With the help of a few rising stars. Now, this is our year. We're here to take back what we rightfully deserve. Gold. I won the Tag Team Championships in one of my first matches in IWT with Alias and I'm here to win them again with one of the up & comers of IWT, David. Now, I'm gonna take a trip down memory lane. Every single person that has come in contact with The Cure has elevated to the best of their abilities. Former Cure members, Alias & Sir Lee just won. All The Cure's doing. Aids is World Champion. Thanks to The Cure. Now, They are all becoming corrupt. They are all slowly getting overtaken by their ego. Same to you, Gav & Dazzle. The only reason you're Tag Team Champs is because of one group, The Cure. But, to be honest, That Cure sucks to the new & improved Cure. God's Cure. God can show you all the way. There is one thing that I learned from God.

    "Accept the things you cannot change. Have the courage to change the things you can....and have the wisdom to know the difference."
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  7. Extending promo time by 12 hours from this post due to extenuating circumstances.
  8. Thank you!
  9. Thank you
  10. *the dazzling chavs music plays as gav and b.dazzle come out to the ring gav grabs a mic on his way to the ring and stares directly at jwab and david*

    (Gav the chav) just who the fuck do you think your talking to you cheeky ****? You kesp gav waiting and waiting for that is that all you've got to say for yourself for fuck sake man Now where the fuck do I begin

    *gav looks In Jwabs direction*

    Lets start With you eh? You know what jwab I'm sure whether you're either very clever or a fucking little pussy let me explain the last time we saw you was in September/October I believe when you and alias antonio stood tall with this very belt *raises tag team belt* you were both unstoppable at the time then what happens? You pack your bags and piss off and is never to be seen again *crowd boos* I know I know the question here is why? Why the fuck did you leave jwab? That brings me back to my point earlier you are either very clever or a fucking little pussy well heres gavs theory why around the time you held those titles gav and dazzle united and we were destined to become great now gav thinks you were either very clever and thought 'fuck that shit those sexy ****s over there are coming for my title here ben take this im outta here' or you were a fucking little pussy and thought 'wow fuck me sideways theres no way I can beat that hard **** over there oi ben take this title coz im outta there's no way I can compete with that and I don't wanna suffer the pain the chav will cause me' either way as my friend over here would say it doesn't matter what kind of man you are! why you ask well because whether it was you and alias antonio or ben dover and alias antonio we were always gunna win these tag team titles and go on to win be the greatest force in this company

    *crowd cheers as gav turns his attention towards david erro*

    You wanna know whats funny what your friend over here just said he claims that you are the future of this company in fact its fucking hilarious you wanna know why? Coz then the silly **** goes on to say alias antonio and sir lee aka ben dover sucks especially after the beating he gave you earlier what the fuck happened to you? you went from being the most dominant champ in this company to being dat kids bitch in a matter of days let me guess your gunna tell me everyone you beat as a champion or your gunna say something like we're poor champions coz we don't defend our titles blah blah fucking blah gavs heard it before and gav don't give a flying fuck you better come out with something good or im just gunna bitch slap your arse

    *gav backs away from both of them and stands beside b.dazzle*

    You know what right you both come back out here claiming the cures back well gavs not too convinced as far as gavs concerned the cure were great champions they made me and dazzle work our arses off to get these titles of them as far as I'm concerned the cure is dead to me you 2 are just a bunch of posers trying to reclaim what you've both lost but it won't fool me as far ad in concerned your just out here as dat kids bitches doing his dirty work for him coz hr knows deep down if we have a rematch the result will be different

    * gav hands @B.Dazzle the mic and steps away*
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  11. Slight change for Gav, 14 hours from this message.

  12. *David comes out to the ring with a sour look on his face, fans are chanting "YOU GOT PINNED".*

    "Gav... gav, slow down there buddy. Take a breathe, and listen to yourself. Listen to the words that you are spewing from your mouth. Gav, you have been overtaken by your ego and that will be the death of you. In what place are you to call me Dat Kids bitch, when you have already sold your souls to these fan. Instead of being the wrestler you are caught up in being the entertainer to the fans, which is what I will never do again. Tonight, yes I did get beat by Alias, but I will make sure I don't get beat by you two ignoramuses, I will win the title. Jwab and I will win those titles and bring it to the church of Jersey, so it will finally be cured from the filthiness that it has been living in. Finally, the new and improved Cure will write the wrongs made by fallen Cure members. Tonight we will leave with gold and power, and that will check off 1 out of the 4 things we plan to take here in IWT."

    *David looks at B.Dazzle now*

    "You may hate it, but me and you have a lot of similarities. You and I both held titles, we were both very dominant, but in the end, the reign was in vein cause we both lost it within a blink of an eye. The difference is, I was the longest reigning X-Division champion in IWT, and... you didn't get through your first defence. You know which other two people didn't get through their first title defence? Alias and Sir Lee, which quite coincidental, lost to the both of you. That also made you, B.Dazzle, a double champion, although soon you will lose it all. That's the difference between Jwab, Dat Kid and I's new stable, we take what we want and we definitely make it worth it. We don't hold titles in vein and we definitely aren't Mary-sues, tonight you two will be sacrificial lambs just to send a message to the rest of the IWT locker room. The new Cure is here to stay, and there isn't anything anyone can do about it. Losing the X-Division title was a sacrifice for the greater good, because tonight I will make sure to go home with gold. Jwab and I will go home with tag team gold."

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  13. *B.Dazzle begins to speak.*

    B.Dazzle: Jwab, Jwab, jwab. Let B.Dazzle make this short and sweet. The first time The Dazzling Chavs went against the mighty Cure, we whipped their candy asses, took their titles, and send them in to such a frenzy that both men went on to split. Yes, it's unarguable that Alias and Lee went on to do other good things, but facts are facts. The so called most dominant group in IWT history couldn't get the job done against the best tag team in the world today. In this case, The Dazzling Chavs are The Cure's disease. The Cure's disease, but the peoples Cure. Your group didn't do anything for these people. The only thing these people wanted to see was The Cure get their asses kicked, and that's what happened. They beat team after team, but when they faced their first real test, the old cure couldn't handle it. Enough about the old Cure though, let's talk about this Cure. This so called new Cure. "God's Cure". The only thing you two are going to need God to cure is the bruises and scars that will be left on your bodies after The hardest mother fuckers around beat you to an inch of your life. So by all means, be thankful "God" is on your team, because you two are going to need all the faith in the world against us. Still, all the faith and hope in the world isn't going to really do much for you two. With God by your side, with all the faith in the world, with every inch of hope in your body, your efforts to dethrone this team will prove to be as big of a failure as Peter's attempt to walk on water.

    *B.Dazzle now turns to David.*

    David, our careers have both gone on to a similar path. We were both in the X-Division match at Summerslam the night you won the X-Division title. We both went on to become breakout stars. You the X-Division champion, B.Dazzle a tag team champion and I.C champion. Yes, B.Dazzle didn't make it through his first I.C title defense. Yes, you did hold that X-Division title for five whole months before losing it tonight. Here's the thing though. As of right now, that's all in the past. While you stand there as a former champion and a current challenger, B.Dazzle stands here as a former I.C champion and one half of the tag team champions. B.Dazzle didn't make it through his first I.C title defense, but he is damn sure going to make it through his first Tag Team Championship defense. This attempt at curing this company of it's so called filthiness is going to prove just as futile as it did back at Survivor Series with the old cure. When you face The Dazzling Chavs, the only thing you get is the candy ass whipping of a lifetime. B.Dazzle 1:24 from the book of Dazzling Chavs "On this night of title defense, The Dazzling Chavs made two jabronis named David and Jwab know their roles and then proceeded to shut their mouths." You two can take your Church of Jersey and walk inside it. Look around it. Look at the filth laying around everywhere. Now that you have seen how filthy the area is, proceed to shine the building all clear and nice like. Then find the holy book of jersey. After you do that, proceed to look through it. Read every word and take it all in. Now after the building is cleared, the book has been read, and your faith has been seemingly restored, you can take the holy grail of jersey, shine it up so that is sparkles, turn it sideways, AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP EACH OF YOUR CANDY ASSES! The Cure wept.

    *B.Dazzle puts the mic down and is quickly men with loud chants of "Dazzle".*
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  14. *Jwab grabs the mic*

    A little birdie told me that you two are on a losing streak. That losing streak isn't ending today. We're walking out of here tag champs. You somehow managed to beat Alias & Sir Lee. But, your little hotstreak is coming to a screeching halt. Hell, your hotstreak ended the same night you won the Tag Titles. This day has been coming for a long time. This day has already been written down in history. The Cure's big return. This day in history will be marked as the day, The greatest tag team of all time got their titles back. It may be different people. But there has always been two things in common with the The Cure and tag titles. It's either me or it's Alias. Alias somehow couldn't get the job done. So it looks like I have to get the job done. Dat Church from Jersey brings out the best in everyone. I lost my path. I went back to the corruption of IWT. The "Inactive" ones. But one man set me back on the right path. God showed me the light. I trained at Dat Church for months. Becoming better and better with each day. Helping God show others the path. Until it was my time to be brought back. But I needed someone. Someone pure. Someone with talent. David. The greatest black athlete in the IWT! A X-Division Champ. Now, he's gonna go from X-Division to Tag Champ. Now, I can give you both help, Gav & Dazzle. I can even get your little groupie help, Kaizer. Kaizer has so much potential and he's wasting it with the likes of you two. *points at Dazzle & Gav* You both drag talent down with you as you free fall like Tom Petty in a spiral of failure. You two can use this time to go to the Church of Jersey and train yourself to the greatest potential. You can be baptized like us! But... I don't think you guys have what it takes or can even handle what me & David have been through. Look at the two of you. One looks like the son of Snitsky and some British crack whore with down syndrome while the other looks like some knee-slappin' jabroni.

    *The crowd has a little laugh as Jwab smiles with the mic in his hand*

    You enjoyed that didn't you? Well, none of you are no better than these two. At least these two are in the ring with greatness. *Smiles at his own little joke but gets serious* If you think we're gonna be easy wins. You have another thing coming. You say that you are "The Cure's disease"?! Are you insane!? There is no disease. There is no virus. No corruption. Nothing. We're pure. We're immune. There is nothing in this world that can stop us. We will just keep on spreading. But, if I think about it. Everyone says that. Even me & Alias were champs. Everyone said they were "The Cure's weakness", "The Cure's virus", "The Cure's Disease", and I remember every single person that said that... at the end of the day. They were laying in the center of this ring unconscious. We made our mark the second we debuted. We cured two veterans in one of our first matches. And Me & David are about to cure two dazzling jabronis. *turns attention to Gav* Do you even think before you speak? I feel that you just talk out of your ass and everyone rallies behind you not knowing a single god damn word that you say. You sound like Sloth from the Goonies. This feels like a Sarah McLachlan commercial and the people that support you just feel sorry for you.

    *turns his attention to the crowd*

    I don't want you to think that just because they can speak a bunch of jibberish means that they actually have talent. Forget what you heard from them. Forget what you are gonna hear from them. The only words you need to remember are the ones coming from the mouths of David... and Jwab. The ones that you were hearing. *huge grin* These fuckers are done.


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  15. Kaizer: Does he know you can't cure cancer yet?
  16. *gav grabs the mic from b.dazzle and walks towards jwab and stares him down*

    (Gav the chav) here watch what your saying you cheeky ****s yes maybe I talk shit sometimes but I know im right about you 2 you know why because you didn't even earn this shot at us you were gifted it by @Jonathan last week dat kid came to me and issued a challenge to us the silly **** thought we were gunna roll over and just give him it on a plate but gav told him to piss off and come back when hes earned it so off he went then a few days later I sent my man after him and dat kid couldn't beat him the silly **** so technically you 2 didn't earn this shot did you its thanks to Jonathan you got this should at at the titles

    *gav turns his attention towards david*

    Wow ain't you deluded you don't see it now but dat kids just using the 2 to make himself feel important he doesn't care about the 2 of you in fact bet be promised you everything didn't he I bet as soon as he gets bored of you 2 he'll ditch you just like he ditched dx this whole cure revival thing its false like I say the cure is extinct they died out because we killed them off you 2 are like little crocodiles you look a bit like a dinosaur you act like a dinosaur but no matter how much you tell yourself you ain't a fucking dinosaur you both think your the cure but we all know your not

    *gav goes back over towards b.dazzle*

    you know what dazzle with all this religious talk I'm feeling a little religious lets pray for these lost souls who think there the cure lets pray to dat kid the almighty god himself

    *gav and dazzle both get on their knees and begin to pray*

    our father, who are in prison
    Mother knows not his name thy chavdom come, thy shopplifting be done, in jjb sports as it is in poundland
    gives us this day our welfare bread
    and forgive us for our ASBO's as we happy slap those who give evidence against us
    and lead us not in to employment
    but deliver us free housing
    for thine is the chavdom
    the burberry and the blackberry
    for ever and ever

    *Gav drops the mic and gets back up along with b.dazzle*
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  17. If I've counted right, David and Dazzle still need 1 promo each?
  18. *B.Dazzle grabs the mic from Gav.*

    B.Dazzle: It is true that we are on a losing streak, but it's a streak that is going to come to an end tonight. The only thing you guys will be walking out of here with is your heads down in shame knowing that like the men that came before you, you couldn't get the job done. This day has only been coming for about a couple of weeks. There is no written history stating that The Cure would one day rise again to proclaim what they lost. That's garbage written down from the head of Dat Kid. The greatest all team won't win the titles back, because B.Dazzle and Gav the chav haven't even lost their belts yet. It doesn't matter if it's Sir Lee, Alias, David, or you, B.Dazzle and Gav don't plan on dropping these titles for a long time, and we definitely don't plan on losing them to The Cure. Dat Church from Jersey brings out the worst of people, just look at who the leader is. That sickening, pathetic excuse of a man preaches to you guys and you believe every word because you know that you have no pride or respect left in your bodies to make it through the hardships of this business. It must be only a coincidence that in David's first title defense since aligning himself with Kid, he lost. Dat Kid hasn't helped you two, he's using you like little pawns in a game of chest. He's the King and he's just using you two as help to get where he is, but by all means, believe that you've been saved. Believe that you've been saved from your past corruption, because honestly, B.Dazzle doesn't care about your beliefs. He doesn't care about your beliefs or the both of you. B.Dazzle has one belief and that's whipping the candy asses of people like you two.

    *B.Dazzle stops talking and looks around the crowd for a bit. He smiles and begins speaking again.*

    So there is no disease, huh? There is no virus, huh? There's nothing that can stop the cure because you are immune, that's what you are trying to tell B.Dazzle? Well B.Dazzle can say that you two are full of absolute crap, because every cure has the potential to fail. This Cure that B.Dazzle sees before him, doesn't just have the potential to fail, it is going to fail. Stop talking about how the past Cure beat everybody, because you are looking at the two guys who left that Cure lying in the middle of the ring with no titles and nothing left to lose in their lives. They had it all, just to lose it all. You two as of right now have nothing, and when this match is over you two will still walk out of this building with nothing. We're not done, Jwab. We've just gotten started. When this match is over, you two are going to the back wondering how. Wondering how the hell it's possible to get your asses kicked so badly. With bruises on your body, scars on your back, and with the stamp of The Dazzling Chavs shoved up your candy asses, you will remember that you two jabronis decided to fuck with the wrong two people at the wrong damn time. Save your Cure missions for another time and for another team. Kid can't save you two now. In this ring, there is no church, there is no book, and there is no Cure God. There is only four men, one ring, and one ass kicking to be had from us to you. I hope That Church from Jersey practices the belief of Christmas, because The Dazzling Chavs are about to send you two a late Christmas gift of the worst beating of your young, but pathetic lives.

    *B.Dazzle looks around and smirks.*

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  19. Voting opened!
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  20. You mind changing the prefix if you can?
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