Voting IWT Royal Rumble - Tag Team Tournament Match #3

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Shadow & Spinzz

  2. RKO2004 & DX2006

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is a Tag Team Tournament match!

    @Shadow & Spinzz vs @DX2006 & @rko2004

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

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  2. *Mike Boston comes out to his new music, he moonwalks out, he's wearing a white tux with glasses like he's a secret agent, behind him is Morty and Arthur from the council they are wearing black tuxes, they dance down to the ring*

    A1: And the Royal Rumble kicks off with Mike Boston! Up first we have our 3rd tag team tournament match!
    A2: This guy is so weird, we all know a few weeks back him tag partner tore his quad sot he question is, is he here? But anyway on the other verge, Boston's movement hasn't really been all it fed up to be, he hasn't won a single match in the IWT nor his partner.
    A1: I expect Shadow and Spinzz to easily crush these guys, I mean not a chance, these guys are idiots!

    *Mike and co. get in the ring, music cuts, off, Mike looks at his fancy watch, Arthur gives him a mic*
    Mike: Hmmm... its that time Arthur, we got a mission, Morty! *Morty gives Mike a different pair of sunglasses, they are tinted red, a little bit on the sides. He takes off the pair he is wearing and puts them on* Now then, greetings! Tonight marks another fight for me, and my partner is he's here... tonight is also the battle of the line of 30 people, i'll be taking part in of course but right now I got focus on the tag title match. Now Duggan and I haven't really had any sucess in the IWT at all... none, we are being seen as stupid heads with this "movement", we are being doubted by everyone backstage and seen as trash, they make fun of Dexx's Metallica covers, they killed our possum, they made out master turn into a doctor then get hit by a truck. Well enough already! My master is sick of it, the council is sick of it and the panda is sick of it. Tonight we have one mission and that is to try and get our first win against these 2 dudes named Shadow and Spinzz. I never really heard of them, obviously you have. Now I don't really pay attention to whatever else is happening around here, neither does my partner but we are taking these guys like Arab and Trip. *Taps on Arthur, he goes under the ring to get a table, Morty signals part of the backstage crew, they begin setting something up in the ring* They have no respect to da wayz and think we are a load of crap and we are not going to take it in. No stories to tell them now spells to cast no shunning we are just gonna retialiate against this resistance! *The crew has set up 2 laptops both have wires running into the tron. Mike goes onto the computer, brings up what looks like disturbed Panda at a zoo* You see this? This is what he thinks of me and Dexx right now! That ain't good! *Mike goes onto the other laptop, gets picture of a moose* See that? He's laughing at us! He know's one day i'll be riding on his back! and wait a minute. *Goes back to 1st laptop, picture of dogs playing poker* Look! That was banned 4 years ago and the panda made it legal again! Shadow and Spinzz, come out here, please, judge us! Ok? I want you to come out here, stare me down and tell me how you feel about me and my council? Huh? *There are cheers, a few "what the fuck"

    A1: What the-
    A2: Is it just me or does Boston sound kinda straight?
    A1: What about Duggan, where is he?
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  3. *Lights go out*
    A1: Whoa, wait a second

    *During this some smoke appears on the stage, a white light fades in and out, crowd is getting pumped, "Dexx" chants come up*
    (Start song at 0:27)

    *Lights go on, there is Dexx on the stage, the crowd erupts, he too is wearing a white suit and glasses and has an acoustic guitar*


    *Dexx walks down the ramp and into the ring, music cuts off, loud beacon chants, Mike and Co. are speechless*
    Dexx: No complaints, everything he said is true! *sets down guitar, takes a flash drive out of his pocket, puts it in laptop* Our primary concern is not Trip and Arab right now, they are accused for the murder of Albert, right now our concern is these next 2 people who are of course against us Shadow and Spinzz. *Looks at the laptop, brings us a picture of a coffee maker* I had to endure, THAT, after my quad was teared. Yes that's right, coffee, in the rehab center they made me drink a substance that Da Beacon is not allowed to drink, the Panda was so upset that's why the dogs are playing poker! *Changes image to a Falcon* It's also a reason HE is flying over Ariondack Mountains right now! I hate that bird! It was my job to prevent his flight path and I failed... all thanks to these resistance figures all against us. We have no wins, only losses, its humiliating! I can't believe this I need to provide guidance not be beat along by the guidance! *picks up guitar, looks around, destroys guitar* Gah! This mechanic is useless right now, if we can get one win, maybe i'll get that replaced! If we can get one win maybe we'll be doing something right! But noooo, people say we are all make believe and we get squashed! Now show yourself, you two people of the resisitance, we are fed up with all this ape business!

    A1: Duggan too? What's going on with these guys?
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  4. *The lights transition into a shade of dark purple, and Andrew's theme reverberates throughout the arena*

    *The crowd pops as Andrew runs out to the stage, he looks out at the crowd and moshes a bit. He's wearing his ring gear, and a Deep Purple muscle tee.*
    *Andrew shakes hands with the fans as he makes his way ring side, the announcer is giving his introduction. He takes a mic from a crew man, slides into the ring, and looks at his opponents for a while before he starts to speak.*
    Andrew: Here we are, on the road to the biggest PPV in the IWT, WrestleMania! What better way to start off the night with some tag team action? Now, you two, you two are quite interesting to say the least. You guys come out here and show us pictures of animals and coffee which is a really good move, just about everybody loves animals and coffee.

    *Andrew looks at the photo of a coffee cup then back at Mike and Dexx*

    Andrew: Mike, Dexx, you guys asked that my partner and I come out here and give our thoughts about you, right? Well, I don't know what my partner thinks, but personally I think you two are pretty insane. I don't think that you guys are as insane as Trip and Marcus though, those two are borderline psychopaths. Every time they come out the ring I fear that they're actually going to kill someone, it's only a matter of time before they do something that gets them put an asylum. Victoria's room just opened up as a matter of fact, who better to stay there then them two along with that crazy cat lady?

    *Andrew chuckles a tad*

    Andrew: Enough about those two, I digress. You two were putting yourselves down pretty hard which you shouldn't have. Losses shouldn't define you, the amount of time and effort you put into the business is what should define yourselves. There's a saying, "practice makes perfect" and it's completely true. My partner, and more importantly my friend Spinzz and myself have put hours among hours into honing the craft that is known as professional wrestling. Every time we've gotten knocked down we've picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and went right back at it. We've learned from our mistakes and have grown stronger from them which is exactly what you two should do, if you guys don't then people will continue to walk over you.

    OOC: My kayfabe name is Andrew, not Shadow btw.
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  5. *Spinzz's theme comes on and he walks out through the smoke. Dressed just like last week in his white gear and mask. He high fives the fans and grabs a mic from a stage hand before sliding into the ring. He high fives Andrew before turning to his opponents.*

    Spinzz: What my friend says is true, boys. Don’t let the past bring you down, because if you do you will never sore to shining heights. You can only move forward if you truly work towards it, so cut that anchor from around your necks, kids; it’s showtime!

    *crowd pops and Andrew claps his hands*

    Spinzz: However, there are some things that I have observed about you two that I feel that I need to bring up. I’ve constructed a little theory so please, just sit down and listen. This might help you.

    Observation: You seem to not really be all here on planet earth. You seem to be fanatically religious, and following a religion that I cannot find records of even existing. Are you sure you guys aren’t just LARPING? If you are I’m not judging you, feel free to LARP as much as you want, but people actually have to work in this wrestling ring so if we could move on with our day it would be great.

    Observation number 2: You seem to be seeing things that aren’t there in ordinary objects. That moose right there, that’s just a moose. A panda bear is just a panda bear and coffee is just coffee. I’m not sure if this is in relation to my first observation or if you have a problem with substance abuse. If so I can help you get in to good rehab centers, I have connections from my rockstar days. If you guys have substance problems you should not be competing in this ring. You will only endanger yourselves and those you face.

    So based on my two observations, I have come to two possible conclusions. Conclusion number 1: You boys are religious fundamentalists with a set of serious drinking and/or drug problems and are in need of help. Or there’s observation number 2: You two are almost as insane as those rabies infected nutbags in the order and are in even more need of help. Now as I’ve said and as I’ve sung a thousand times: I don’t judge. But I believe we have to leave this one up to the thousands in attendance here tonight, and the millions watching around the wooooooooooooooooooorld!

    *Spinzz holds the mic into the air as the crowd chants “They are crazy!” *​
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  6. *Dexx gives Mike a look of "we're right"*
    Dexx: We didn't say we were letting our past bring us down. But we were talking about the resistance against us, The Panda doesn't believe in alcohol, he does believe in heroin before death but he's not up to drugs. Onto your other conclusion we have no mental problems, everything we believe in is 100% true, we are stable, we are sane, no alysum is needed for us. So you can tell Parker girl not to let the door hit her big ass as she slams it shut.
    Crowd: OOOH!
    A1: WHOA
    OOC: I couldn't get much out of those 2 promos
  7. I assume this means the 24 hr promo period is up? @Shadow you want to wait until a winner is announced first?
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  8. Voting opened!
  9. Went for rko/dx improved since there last match and would suck to see them finish on an 0 again
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  10. Boy, everybody has something to say about the Order don't they??? I'm with Gav on this one. RKO and DX have definitely improved some since our last match. Even though that last promo was a little weak DX, but at least you tried to respond. +1
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  11. Damn, second time no one was really able to get a second promo in.

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  12. Shadow got it, solid all around I like the mix of the two characters.
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  13. I vote RKO and DX, definitely stepped it up from their whitewash, good match guys.
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  14. I dig the improvement and the shout out to the critter I destroyed I vote dx/rko
  15. I vote RKO/DX. They really showed what they can do.
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  16. I'm confused as to what just happened here, like seriously, how am i suppose to vote on this
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  17. Voted for Shadow. The man is a promo machine - taking two characters. But I actually had a tough decision. DX/RKO really stepped it up, had me laughing because I had no clue what they were saying. If DX's last promo was just a bit better, I would've voted for them. Good job by both teams.
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  18. Voting for DX/RKO because they've stepped up their game for this match and it showed.
  19. @Jonathan could you change the prefix to voting?