Voting IWT Royal Rumble - Tag Team Tournament Match #4

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Who's your winners?

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  1. Trip in the Head and TheArabHammer

  2. Rodrigo and Naked Snake

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is a Tag Team Tournament match!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

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    OOC: Well since no one has gone yet I guess I will.

    Team Intro:
    The lights in the arena go out and the ceiling in the arena has been rigged to make it look like a clear starry night. The crowd starts to pull out their cell phones and hold them up to mimic the effect. Smoke starts to rise from the stage and Fenris the wolf walks out onto the stage. An image of a moon shows on the titantron and Fenris poses and howls.

    Trip in the Head and Marcus Anthony walk out slowly from behind the curtain with Britanica. A single spotlight in the dark shines on the group. Britanica has two black cats following her. One on each side as Marcus and Trip are behind her, each with one hand on one of her shoulders, looking at the ground with hoodies over their heads. As they start down the ramp Fenris begins to follow suit. She leads the team to the ring and one at a time Marcus and Trip get to the steps where Britannica whispers in their ear, pulls their hoodies up and slaps them across the face. Then they look at each other and jump in the ring. The team stands in the middle of the ring and both lean back, releasing a primal scream. Then they each slap their left hands down on the mat at the same time while going down to one knee. At that exact moment bright white pyro goes off on the four corners of the ring, and on both sides of the top of the ramp, blinding the crowd whose eyes were by now used to the darkness. The lights come back on and the Order of Night each remain on one knee in the ring with Britannica now standing behind them, arms open wide and laughing.

    My first Promo
    *After Britannica exits the ring, a crew-member passes a mic to Trip in the Head and he snatches it quickly from his hand. He stares menacingly at the crew-member as the crowd boos. Trip then walks to the center of the ring*
    TRIP: Welcome, everyone, to the Order of Night's Royal Rumble! Hahahahaha! *boos grow louder* Heed my words IWT universe! The Order will own this night, just as we do all the others. *Trip looks into the camera mounted above the crowd* We've had a few new initiates to the Order already. The Unknown for one. But we chased him off after we realized he was WEAK. And I believe the IC match he was in earlier proved us correct, no? *Trip turns to face another side of the crowd* Then we have Alias Antonio. The newest member of the Order. He dominated the competition and beat out the longest running X-division champ the IWT has ever seen. *Trip again turns to anther side of the crowd* And just the other night we had another decent candidate for the Order. But he ran off scared into the night with his lackeys. Farooq, you should've known you couldn't escape us that way. We ARE the night. We were just taking our time to catch up with you, you see. *Trip faces the ramp and points at the curtain* So if you and your little amigo, Rodrigo *Trip snickers*, wanna come out here and try to take this night from us, please, come on out and try. We know you've held gold before Rodrigo. Even tag team gold in fact. And we realize, hell *Trip points at himself and Marcus* we hope you come out here and give us the fight of our lives in this tag team tournament tonight at our Royal Rumble. The fight an ex-champion can surely provide. We wouldn't have it any other way. *Trip pauses for a moment* But it still won't be enough. *Trip lowers his head and turns back toward the camera above the crowd* The road to Wresltemania starts tonight IWT universe. And what a long, dark road it is at night! Hehehe hahahaha HAAAAAHahahahaha!
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  3. *Marcus Anthony is handed the mic from Trip*
    Marcus: My brother here....couldn't be more correct as you all should know this Rumble belongs to The Order. *crowd starts booing* You can boo me you can curse at me that still doesn't change a damn thing because you mindless sheep can't accept that The Order has done what we have said we are going to do. We came together and brought the best versions of ourselves that had always been sleeping inside of us. We had made sure to keep our gifts at bay just to try and pander and please you unworthy wastes of skin sitting in the arena right now but alas it took one fateful night to change it all *Marcus looks towards the entrance and drops to his knees*
    The night brought my resurrection. The night had brought my savior.
    THE NIGHT HAD GIVEN ME PURPOSE! *Marcus looks down at the mat*
    My savior dared to look a menace square in the eyes and wanted to awaken the beast during its slumber because SHE knew what that menace can do. Once the beast had risen SHE was not afraid to stand in its way to show it what it was meant to do. For the first time in a long time I felt alive. I felt something. I felt my rage once again. All thanks to my defeat at the hands of one Rodrigo. He battled an arrogant, incoherent, shell of what I was supposed to be. But retribution was had soon after as I got my revenge in a 5 on 5 tag match and that....was not only a victory over you and your team but the day my true ability came to life. You've felt my wrath once and you WILL fill it again. So go ahead and speak of your list of who you've beaten. Speak of your former title reigns as well because the bottom line is this....IN THE PRESENT, IT DOESNT MEAN A DAMN THING. Because in front of you stand one of the most dangerous tag teams ever formed.

    Onto your partner Farooq, the man obsessed with 36 in plasma tvs. He's brash, cocky, and failed at a Hollywood career he was adamant about succeeding in. He can care less about winning this tournament as the only thing he cares about are how many zeroes he gets on his check and his plasma tvs. *crowd starts to chant WE WANT PLASMA*
    You idiots would want that wouldn't you? I'm surprised you can even afford paying to get in here *Marcus laughs* Nonetheless you two have no idea what's in store for you as you have BOTH walked in to the wolfs lair blind and the only hope you that we make this quick....and painless. Give in to The Order or suffer the consequences.
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  4. Farooq makes his way onto the stage by himself with a microphone. His music cuts off as he begins to speak while walking down the ramp. "Well well, look what we have in the ring. The two crazies, a psycho not Victoria folks and a wolf. You two call me the coward, and then start to insult my partner?" Farooq said, as he walked up the steel steps and entered the ring. "I don't know where my partner is, and you know what if I have to fight this match alone then I will. You think you can just snatch me up, and attack me like savage animals? Then you both have the nerve to call me the coward? This coward is standing in front of you all right now, alone."

    "You both are lost in darkness, drowning in it like a child in the middle of the sea. And you." Farooq says as he points to Brit, "You lead them into this darkness, and not just these two, but Antonio as well..." Farooq says as he looks out onto the crowd. "You got these two into this position, to achieve greatness. You got THG into greatness. I have been here for one year, the father of the X Division, and still everything opposes me." He chuckles as he turns to them. "The darkness has always been inside me. Fighting it as only brought me down and held me back. Going towards it feels feels like home." Farooq says as he looks at his hands. "It's not a curse to be evil, but more of a gift. To get what you want, to embrace darkness...if you would have asked instead of snatching me up, then I would have said yes." Farooq's breathing began to get heavy as he spread his arms wide open, standing in the center of the ring. "If you want to rip me apart, then do it...What doesn't kill me, will only make me stronger."
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  5. Promos close in 6 hours 55 minutes!
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    *Theme song hits*

    *Lights are off people start to wonder what (the hell) is happening*

    Comm 1 (Heel): That pussy from Spain is not going to show. He has done it before. He's a coward, fear the Order!
    Comm 2 (Face): Oh Shut up. The fact he isnt out here is weird but I'm pretty sure that he will come down that ramp and fight!
    Comm 1 (Heel): Darkness! It's all about darkness what makes me think... Rodrigo has joined the Ord-

    *Crowd goes crazy*

    *Rodrigo walks down the ramp slowly grabs a mic. Looks at the crowd who has gone wild, smirks and faces the Order*

    I'm bringing you the light. Oh no, not in a religious way. I dont wanna be a (...ironically) God like Dat Kid or the other guy who breaks cameras... Cant remember his name right now. Anyways! I'm here because I think you three are lost. All you see is darkness. I know how you feel. Any of you were around when that happened but many people in this arena might recall it.
    Back in April 2012, I was lost. I had nothing left to lose and I wanted not only glory but power. When I look back at it I feel shame. There were so many other options but I had to choose the worst one. I did not only cheat to get myself into the main event of Payback, but I stopped caring about my family. I stopped caring about them, I didnt have a reason to believe until that night. The night of the Change. Payback. They say Kharma is a bitch, well its true. My father used to say that sometimes a loss is the only way to make someone think about what he wants. About what he needs. That's why I'm here tonight.
    You three need a beatdown, you three need to go down in order to make you believe that light is better that darkness. That heaven is better than hell.
    (Rodrigo stares at Trip)
    It hurts huh? To believe in friends that left you alone. I know, you know, we all know that you loved to be part of DX. It was the family you never had, you felt you had someone to believe in but you couldnt stand the fact we disbanded because everyone had their own plans. You were a lost lamb. A lost lamb that became stronger and decided to create their own family. Their own group. That's why two chose people who are weak. I know this group has no leaders but let's face it, you dont have leaders because any of you have the nuts, the skills, the charisma to be a leader.
    (Rodrigo stares at Marcus)
    Right Marcus, I've faced you before. I've beaten you before. You aint gettin revenge dude. I know what you're capable of, you know what I'm capable of. Last time you had problems with the alcohol, with drugs you were weak. Those stuff were just to make you forget of your problems but still have the same problems the same darkness but instead of getting high or drunk every single night you go to the forest with your friends and beat down random people. You guys might be physically strong but mentally? You are fragile. You're weak.
    And Britanica...Oh Britanica I guess you're the one who has the most reasons to be mad. The company you built, the IWT, gotta be hard to see that anyone in this company considers you a legend. The fact anyone cares about you drives you crazy right...Jonathan being the GM, the guy who will be remembered for years to come while wont get the spotlight you think you deserve you will always be forgotten.
    But luckily for all of you tonight you're facing me. I'm the light. Tonight, when when Farooq and myself beat you will hold my hand. You will be carried back to the land of light. You will be born again. It's the way to go. Embrace the light. Don't be afraid.
    This isnt a dark Road to WM. This is the Road to Farooq's and Rodrigo's WM. That WM when we get what it belongs to us. The Tag Team Championships.
    *Rodrigo drops the mic*
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    *Trip glances at Britannica who is outside the ring and she nods, then at Marcus who nods as well. Farooq still stands in the middle of the ring, arms out to his sides and looking up but with his eyes closed. Awaiting the beating he is expecting to receive. Trip in the Head and Marcus "The Phoenix" Anthony both step forward and place a hand on each of Farooqs shoulders*
    TRIP: You are ready brother. You have but one more task to undertake. *Trip points at Rodrigo as he stares Farooq in the eyes* Now prove that you are worthy by defeating your...teammate....for us *Trip smiles wide* Now that he has finally shown up here tonight anyway, heheheh. *Trip addresses Rodrigo* The clock almost ran out on you there Rodrigo. Way to make it at the last minute. I know facing your fears can be difficult at times, but the fact that you are actually here after all shows you have potential. Not enough potential to join the Order, no no no. But at least enough potential to try and put on a good fight tonight. Keyword....try, hahahaha! It also shows you have a gross over abundance of stupidity, as you failed to notice what has transpired in this ring before you walked your happy ass down that ramp. *Trip looks back at Farooq and hands him the mic and proceeds to perch up on the top turnbuckle in one of the corners to get a better look as Marcus leans back in another corner. Farooq turns to his "partner" Rodrigo and prepares as the Order watches their new initiate earn his place among them*
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  8. K.
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  10. I went with The Order.
  11. Went with the order, mostly because of how well they work with and off of each other.
  12. Order up
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  13. Gonna vote for the Order on this one.
  14. Brit distracts the referee as Trip and Marcus gang up on Rodrigo. Farooq slips into the ring with a 2x4 wrapped with barbed wire in his hands. Trip and Marcus back away as Farooq swings towards them. Farooq helps Rodrigo get back up. Farooq then swings the 2x4, planting the hit on Rodrigo's back then hits him with a super kick. Farooq slips out of the ring as the referee finally turns his back to see Marcus on top of Rodrigo. "1...2....3!!!" The referee rings the bell as the Order's theme plays. The crowd stays silent as they all watch The Order advance in the tournament.
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  15. Next time send me a PM so i dont waste my time. Thank you and bye
  16. ?
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  17. I meant Farooq turning on me making it a 1 vs 3.
    Next time they should send me a PM so i dont waste my time writting a promo. Who cares taking a long break from this place
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  18. Have fun.
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