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    *Jonathan walks out onto the stage, as a spotlight follows his movement*

    Ladies and Gentlemen... Nick's opponent in this match, is none other than
    one of the most successful superstars in IWT history! He is.....


    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the World Heavyweight Championship!

    Nick (@Nickelodeon) vs Christian (@CM Punk)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. Christian makes his way out on the ramp with Alias Antonio behind him carrying their tag-team championships up high. Christian walks down the ramp signaling that he's going to walk out World Heavyweight Championship tonight.

    Ring Announcer: Introducing first, being accompanied into the ring by Alias Antonio, from Toronto, Ontario, weighing in at 224 lbs, one half of the IWT Tag-Team Champion, CHRISTIAN!

    Christian slides into the ring and once again signals that he's going to walk out World Heavyweight Champion before grabbing a microphone.

    Christian: You know, it was nearly ONE year ago when I was stripped of my World Heavyweight Championship. It was nearly ONE year ago when I thought that I had lost it all. It was nearly ONE year ago... that I didn't know who I was. And at that moment, I had to make a decision...

    I had to decide whether or not I wanted to be in the IWT or wanted to pack my bags, hang up my boots and be gone for good! I took ONE last shot, ONE last opportunity on making everything right, came back to this building and into this ring.

    I defeated the likes of Jwab...

    Crowd: WHAT?




    Crowd: WHAT?


    Crowd: WHAT?


    Crowd: WHAT?


    Crowd: WHAT?


    Crowd: WHAT?

    You get the picture.

    Fast forward ONE year, and I am undefeated from that very point. And it seems that everything has come full circle, as I will be face to face with the World Heavyweight Champion and will finally have a shot to reclaim what is rightfully mine!

    Nick, I don't do this often, but I'll give credit where credit is due. You saw an opportunity with a vulnerable Joey Bryant, you took it and you ran with it! You didn't run that far, but at least you ran with it. But you wanna know who else ran with it? Gav! And does Gav still carry that gold around his waist? Actually, would you like to answer that question yourself, Nick, because it seems like no one in this company has seen you in a while. I defeated Gav when he was the IWT Champion and I will defeat you or anyone who dares crosses my path! Now I understand that you're not Gav, I know that you're mad, you're motivated, that you want to make a statement...

    But one thing you did was make a promise. You made a promise with these fans that you would put me in a body bag! Well news flash, Nick...

    Christian looks straight into the camera that's looking onto him

    Christian: Promises are meant to be broken. You see a promise has a risk involved with it, because if you don't live up to that expectation, everything around you shatters! So you want to say that no one deserves to be on the same planet or ring as you? Well here I am, in your ring, on your planet, ready to break that promise! Nick, everything around your little world is going to crumble and fall apart! These people need a REAL champion, someone who actually shows up, someone who actually sticks to his word, someone like CHRISTIAN! And I will win tonight, become a three time World Heavyweight Champion and walk out victorious! And these fans can summarize why in five words!

    Christian looks down on the ring mat and raises his microphone up high.


    OOC: Reference if you don't understand the promo
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  3. Nick walks through the curtain and stands on the ramp, the crowd surprised by his different theme song. He raises his arms up and throws his jacket off, revealing the IWT World title around his waist. He does an Aaron Rodgers and walks down the ramp, ignoring the mixed reactions from the crowd. He walks around the ring, grabbing a microphone first. He stares at Christian and Alias Antonio, smirking at their belts. He rolls into the ring and stares Christian blankly in the face, the music now stopping.

    "So this is him... THIS is my surprise opponent? Cute. Cute like your catchphrase. You see, I didn't need a catchphrase to get to this point in my career. Because petty little things like catchphrases only get you so far. I'm sure your buddy Alias knows all about that. Catchphrases like 'That's how he rolls' and 'You are the cancer, we are the cure' can't win anybody a main event title - at least not in this day and age."

    Nick circles Christian.

    "It may have worked a year ago, but this isn't a year ago. And you can go on and on with your laundry list of people you've beaten. Because people like Lee, RIta, Gav, B.Dazzle, and the Desperados are nothing like me. I'm not an idiot who speaks in third person, I'm not British white trash, and I'm not an expired dysfunctional tag team. I am a god, and you are simply a man."

    "I will give credit where credit is due, however. You, like me, saw an opportunity. You saw an opportunity to come back and get gold around your waist. You rode Alias Antonio to the tag team titles. It's smart, I must admit. But, this isn't a tag match. This is one on one. Mano a Mano. And you simply don't have what it takes to go one on with a god."

    Murmurs are heard from the crowd as Nick moves closer to Christian.

    "You know though, after all your nonsensical rambling I agreed on one thing. These people need a real champion. Someone who WILL show up and stick to his word. Christian, these people see right through your act just as well as I do. Everyone knows that it only takes one loss to send you packing home and back to obscurity. When you were champion, you weren't a true champion. You never even showed up! So how are you what these people deserve?"

    Nick raises his arms to the crowd and earns a faint pop.

    "These people can loathe me or they can worship me, but one thing is certain. I am the true champion these people deserve. I will prove it right now. Because I do show up and I stick to my word every single time! I will have my first successful defense and the era of Nick will continue. And I can summarize why in just five words..."

    Nick moves face to face with Christian.

    "Because that's how I roll."
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  4. OOC: I love you so much
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  5. Christian glares at Nick nose to nose and mouths off to him before backing up.
    Christian: Cute, huh? You know what's cute, Nick? It's cute that it took you a Money in the Bank Briefcase on a knocked down Joey Bryant to get that championship. It's cute that you want to call yourself god when god...

    Christian looks up high and walks up to Nick face to face
    Christian: DOESN'T EXIST! It's cute that it'll take ONE person to knock you back down to wherever you've been, because you sure as hell haven't been here. Family meeting, eh?

    I'm tired of f*cking people like you who show up to this company and like to spout bullshit! And you know, these fans will eat that shit down right the middle, because they all weren't here from the beginning and neither were you. So it's easy for you to tell these make belief stories like I never showed up as champion. You like to assume things from the screens perspective, but there's always more than one point of view in a story! When I was here, I was here all 12 months, 52 weeks and 365 days! It doesn't necessarily mean I was competing, but I was here.

    When I had matches, I was always the first one out and the last to leave! So to make a statement like I didn't show up as champion is ridiculous! And I didn't realize how original "God's" material was. You wanna mock me for speaking in third person and having a catchphrase? Well lets look at you, Nick! You wanna call yourself god based off right timing, but in reality, it's a title that you can hold to make yourself seem important. You want to make a statement, but you used the most cliche promos in the book. Here, I'll do an impression of you...

    Christia(Nick): Hi! I am Nick! I am the World Heavyweight Champion, so that means I am god! Since I carry this title, it means this is my ring and I own this world! By the way, haha, you have a catchphrase. I didn't need that to win my championship, but I did need a briefcase. I look down on everyone! Also, this is a one on one match just in case you didn't know. There are two competitors in the ring, so I thought I should let everyone know. Worship me, respect me, my name is Nick and I am GOD!

    Christian stops doing his impression of Nick.

    Christian: You're a joke, Nick. You want to claim these people see through my bullshit, when it's yours they should see. You wanna make false accusations about me, when I speak nothing but the truth! I'm a champion that was here and you are not!

    And now for you second and third generation stars in the back, take your notebooks out and take note! Because you've been living a lie if you actually believe that I wasn't here as Champion. When I defended MY championship, I came out first, but my opponents never showed up. At Extreme Rules 2012, I was facing the "Explosive" Baara and Frank the Jock. Baara didn't make it and Frank the Jock got suspended before my match. Did I not show up? Lets use another example. I was going to face your former chairman of the board, Britanica. I showed up, but she decided, I'm going to leave this company before our match. DID I NOT SHOW UP? !

    And you know, the funny part is, those were the only two times that this had occurred. And ever since that day, people want to make stories up claiming that I was never a true champion, that I never defended the title, when I was there every single day!

    Christian roams around his corner looking down at the mat.
    Christian: So, Nick... to say that I was never there, is nothing but a big fat lie. By the way, how did your match go with Joey Bryant a few weeks back? I can't really refresh my memory on how it ended, so I think it'd be fair that you tell us all on how it ended?

    Christian waits for a response to no avail.

    Christian: That's what I thought. Ever since you have been Champion, the legitimacy of the championship belt you carry has gone in a downward spiral. And that's all going to change, right now! So who cares if Christian talks in third person, who cares if I stick to catchphrases, who cares that I want to stand out more than anyone else in this company, who in the hell cares! The only thing I care about is that championship belt around your waist. And I will win it back...

    Christian goes right up to Nick's face and speaks down on him

    Christian: BECAUSE THAT'S... HOW I ROLL!

    Christian shoves his microphone onto Nick's chest before backing up.
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  6. Nick rolls his eyes at Christian's catchphrase, and lifts the microphone to his mouth.

    "Don't even say anything about how I got my title, because if I recall correctly, you got your title last time by... taking it? Ah yes, you literally found it and said, 'I'm Christian, I'm gonna claim to be a major main event champion because that's how I roll!"

    Nick backs up and begins pacing.

    "I still had to beat a cunning and talented Joey Bryant. And you continue to contradict yourself. You can't criticize me for not being here when you didn't 'compete'. I'm just like you. I wasn't competing. But you see, there's a difference. You didn't compete because you knew you would lose. You were scared. You didn't cut it. Me? I didn't compete because NOBODY is worthy of a match with me. That's the whole reason you're even here. I was generous to extend an open invitation, and of course, I get the Janetty of the tag team champions!"

    Nick raises an arm in frustration.

    "Christian, your whole career you've been competing in the minor leagues. A B player. You can brag about your world title reigns, but everyone in this crowd and that locker room knows the world title then was a joke compared to this current title. And these past few months, you've fought other minor leaguers with a major leaguer on your side. Jwab, Rita, Lee, The Desperados - all minor leaguers. And now, you're stepping into the big leagues baby! Oh, and without your major league handicap. This is like the New York Yankees playing their farm team. A massacre, no contest, a breeze. This is going to be the US Army taking on a tiny African country. This is going to be pure domination."

    Nick smirks as the crowd pops.

    "You can't make any comments about my match with Joey either when you failed not once but twice to defend this title. Joey was scared of me, Christian. He knew what awaited in the ring, so he bailed. Joey Bryant, the IWT Champion was scared of me, Christian. Be afraid."

    Nick moves closer to Christian.

    "People are successful for different reasons. Some guys are skilled technical wrestlers, big brawlers, high flyers - you name it. You're like this, you're predictable, one dimensional, - in the ring and on the mic. Then there's somebody you and everybody else in the IWT has forgotten about. A guy like me. I'm something that trumps all those traits. I'm a winner. I get the job done, every single time. It's the fourth quarter, the games on the line and I ALWAYS score. Somebody's coming out of this match a loser and it ain't gonna be me. You're playing a dangerous game with a dangerous guy. This match is already over. Nick is still the World Heavyweight Champion."
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  7. OOC: Good match. But since I'm a nitpicker, some stuff are off about myself. #HistoryLesson101 :4/10:

  8. 1) that wasn't a reference to your titles in general, just your world title
    2) how you forfeited the title before EC
    3) referring to your last reign


    Good match, glad I finally got a good match in
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  9. 1. Ah, okay.
    2. I was suspended via drug use/Jwab drugged me
    3. Ah, I see. (Jwab drugged me)
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  10. Good match between two established guys. Fresh to finally see Nick compete in a proper match. Nice job fellas.
  11. Your winner of the match... with an average of 8.142857143 to 8.095238095... and....

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  13. Now the question is can you go and do the same thing and defeat joey bryant to complete the collection?
  14. the pressure is on
  15. Woah. Honestly thought this was gonna be the start of a successful Nick reign.
  16. Wow, I actually won? lmao
    Also wtf at all your reactions. Making me seem like a jobber.

    Anyone or Nick wanna name at least five of your moves/finishers. Want to write the ending.
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  17. Finisher: Hangman's Facebuster
    Frog Splash
    Impaler DDT
    Suicide Dive