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Who's your winner

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  1. D-D-David

  2. THG?

  3. Black.Jesus

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the X-Division Championship!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


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    *In the midst of a vociferous IWT crowd anticipating the next contest, the lights go out and smoke stems from the ground floor, bewildering the crowd. Seconds gone, The Order's theme reverberates throughout the arena, which receives a strong, mixed response. Alias arises on the ramp through the smoke, making an ominous entrance.*

    Commentator 1: Alias' recent uncanny actions at The Big Pre-Royal Rumble Fight are sure leaving a lot of questions in the air for Alias to answer. Alias made a shocking transformation when he came out and let Frie and Joey chuck him out the ring. He also laid out his own brother Jack, seemingly in favor of Dat Kid. What has gotten into Alias lately? What have The Order done to this man?
    Commentator 2: Is he sided with his former stable The Cure, or is he with The Order? A lot of questions indeeed.

    *Alias nonchalantly enters the ring, staring frenziedly at the IWT nation*

    Crowd: Lets go Alias! Fuck you Alias! clapx5.

    *Alias begins to walk in circles inside the ring, and spreads his arms in the air. Mic in hand, Alias commences to speak*

    I'm in a bit of an impasse at this point in my career, aren't I? My illusions of grandeur have seemingly become inperceptible, out of reach. But amidst the confusion of the times, the conflicts of conscience, and the turmoil of daily living, an abiding faith becomes an anchor to our lives, specifically mine. I had a career without any direction. No matter how critically acclaimed I was, no matter how highly-touted I was by the people, I had no real shot in making it big here in IWT. I felt that being the nice guy just gave me the benefit of being liked by the people, but then it dawned upon me, that I've done bigger, better, and meaner stuff without being liked by a bunch of sheep. That's where The Order took me under their wing, made me endure an insurmountable amount of pain, and it was them, hahahaha, The Order who made me realize that I am better then being softer than baby shit like Aids Johnson and his bum chum DZ. I am better off thriving as a merciless son of a bitch that absolutely hates people, than thriving as a merciless son of a bitch, that actually likes these people. I don't have any friends, I have alliances, and most importantly enemies.

    *Alias lets the boos sink in*

    But soon after The Order gained their newest member in me, The old asylum, reformed. Orchestrated by none other than Dat Kid, the man who once claimed to have single-handedly buried The Cure in our early days. But Dat Kid himself, he reconstructed The Cure, and the self proclaimed God baptized Jonas and David into his "Church". You guys cannot possibly comprehend how hard it is to ignore what was once my stable....practically the only home I had. Regardless of my hatred towards Dat Kid, he is making it damn hard for me to forget about The Cure.

    My mindset is unclear right now. My actions at the pre-rumble fight were inexplicably lunatic, even what I did to my brother. I need time to figure out my future......but first haha, first, I'm going to apply what I have learned from being in The Order and being in The Cure, and that is to inflict pain. Kaizer, David, reckoning day is upon us, and I won't be the martyr of said reckoning day, you two are. The fury of a patient man is about to unleash on both of you, and the IWT Universe will watch it unfold before their very own eyes. I'll take that belt to where it belongs, with me, Alias Antonio.

    Whether I take it home with The Order or if I decide to take it home with The Cure......there's one thing for sure..........

    It's better to reign in hell.........than to serve in heaven.

    Satan wept, hahahahahahaha.

    *Alias leans back against the turnbuckle, continuing his maniacal laugh, awaiting the next entrant in this match*
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  3. *Unknown is in his private locker room, he holds the IC Title in his hands and is watching the TV*

    hmmm, seems the mid card actually has competition.
  4. *Cole is in the cafeteria drinking a cup of tea watching the match*
    Cole: so is he with The Cure or The Order? that reminds me do i want to join a stable or stay solo? nah..i will stay the solo Cole in this company
  5. OOC- Sh...should I even promo after that?

    Chris Kaizer walks out to a lot of boos. He has a look of disgust on his face as he slowly walks down towards the ring.

    Alias, Alias, I understood only 75 % of the words you just said...but, I will try my best to. You want to inflict pain upon me and David, ha. Alias, you should be more worried about me not inflicting pain on you. When I was sitting back there, listening to you, I wept, just like Jesus, just like Satan, just like Jack when I kicked his ass.

    The crowd boo

    Alias, I don't know who is more crazy, you, Dat Kid, or VP. Right now, I'm leaning towards you. The Cure, which isn't even The Cure since there isn't any Ben Dover and Aids Johnson, or a bunch of wolf people called The Order? That is what is going through your head right now? Which group of crazies to join? Really? I feel like you should be worried about having to face me and the X-Deadvison Champion, David.

    Kaizer slowly climbs on top of the turnbuckle

    You say today is Reckoning Day. You say you won't be the martyr of this said reckoning day....wrong. Today is reckoning day, you and David will be the martyrs. You say the fury of a patient man will unleash his fury on me and David. You may, but that won't win you this match, Alias. You were and still are critically acclaimed. You know who else is critically acclaimed?
    David, and we all know David is the cancer inside of The Cure, him and Jonas weren't the stars of the group. They were just filler in the group. Now they want to bring back the Cure? David wasn't The Cure, Jonas wasn't The Cure. The Cure was you Alias. You,Ben,Aids, and Georgie Boy. David and Jonas want to bring it back, why? Because Jonas realized he was nothing on his own? David was too scared to be on his own anymore? David, were you scared? Were you scared that me and THG were going to kick your ass so bad that everyone watching would of thought that you were a slave from the 1800s? So you went and got your self some friends? Or lastly, was it because you finally realized that without The Cure, without Alias,Aids,Ben, and Georgie Boy, that you...were...irrelevant in IWT. I think that was it.

    Kaizer hops off of the turnbuckle

    David and Alias.... IWT wept.
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  6. *David comes to the ring with a look of disdain*

    "Kaizer... Alias. I've looked forward to this match for a long time. Finally, we have two men that may put David in his place after a new 6 months reign of terror. This match has been headlined with false titles that have already counted me out, but has been overshadowed with witty assumptions. Assumptions such as to why I joined The new Cure, but these assumptions didn't just start, it has started since I stepped foot here in IWT. I find it quite funny that it has been said that I wasn't The Cure, when I started The Summer of Cure. I was the first ever champion of The Cure and I'm the only champion that still reigns in that group, what did Ben do? He came in and stole the IWT tag team championships then lost it on his first defence. The same can be said about Alias too. Hell, look past at all the comments saying Georgie was the leader, what did he ACTUALLY do? He blew our chances at total domination when he lost to Senhor, and the rainbow slowly started going a bit dark, but there was always the gold that remained there, that was ME. But that's enough nostalgia for me, because here and now, I have two great competitors in my way. Chris Kaizer and Alias Antonio, the one who is too full of himself and the whack-job who is being tormented by his inner thoughts. You two talk about a day of reckoning, but both of you two fail to realize the day of reckoning was upon us LONGGGG before tonight, but what will soon be upon us is Judgement. I'm ready for judgement, and I'm ready for hell, but are you two? Will you two go to hell just for this title I hold proudly upon my shoulders, because if so, it doesn't matter if you're in The Order, The Cure, or some fan forum, none of the above will be able to stop the den of iniquities that awaits us."

    *The crowd starts screaming LETS GO ALIAS, LETS GO KAIZER, LETS GO DAVID*

    "That brings me back to what you said, Alias. You are better at being a merciless beast who is hated than being a man who lets up but is liked by the fans. We all are, but we don't all let our anger orchestrate our actions, you lose yourself Alias, and no matter how successful you may aspire to be, that will always be your biggest downfall. Both of you are wrong, because both of you will be the martyrs of this match, while I'll still be here holding my title up high like I've been doing for over 5 months now, call me dead, call me stupid, and call me irrelevant, no matter what you can't deny that I've defended this title no matter who I faced, and came up on top, if 3 of IWT's most promising stars couldn't beat me on my second match over 5 months ago, I won't let some unstable lunatic who attacked his own brother and some delusional nobody who hasn't done jack in this company but run his mouth take this title away from me!"

    *The Crowd starts roaring and screaming, everyone has a different opinion. Some say "lets go David" others say "let's go Kaizer" and others say "Lets go Alias". The Crowd is a 33.3% split.*

    "I will beware the fury of a patient man, and I definitely will take heed of your warnings Kaizer. But this is my warning to you two: Never doubt the man willing to lose everything to prove a point. This is the match I finally prove to everyone that this 5 month reign did actually mean something, I will win this match even if it means killing my self in the process, I will prove the doubters wrong and once again do what I said I would do 5 months ago, I will make you two my own personal bitches and use you two as stepping stones to the top."

    "Jesus and Satan may have wept, but in the bible it states this about David; "In Hebron he reigned over Judah seven years and six months: and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty and three years over all Israel and Judah." You two may be the ones weeping after this match, but I'll be the one with the last laugh reigning over you two."

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  7. Kaizer laughs

    Your own personnel bitches? Pshhhh....we did that to your ancestors in the 1800s.

    The crowd boo

    If you kill your self during the process of a match to win, you lose, because you are a dumbass. You just killed your self, as it be for the better of the belt. Also, quoting the bible? Who are you? Fucking Tim Tebow? David, I can't deny that you have defended the title against everyone you have faced, but everyone you have faced aren't even challenges. Up until now, when you face me and Alias, we are actual challenges. No one will ever say "Oh, David was such a great champion". All everyone will say is how much you hurt the belt. I have said it over and over again. You aren't a good champion. Today you have met your match in me and Alias, today is judgement day, for you. For your title reign.

    Kaizer walks back and forth

    David, I don't like you at all, never did and never will. You don't like me. I don't like Alias, but I damn sure respect him unlike you. I have zero respect for you. I will never have respect for you, because you don't deserve it. Now, I don't care if you respect me or not, who am I to care what Trinidad James thinks of me? David, Jesus and Satan wept, for you,for us,for that god damn belt. Today, I will take that belt, and I will take what ever prestige is left in it, and restore it.

    Kaizer gets face to face with David

    Today is your last day with that belt, I can guaran-damn-tee that. Keep quoting the bible, keep saying you will make us your personal bitches, it will only make the victory for the both of us, even sweeter.

    Kaizer backs off of David and has a smirk on his face
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  8. *David laughs in amusement*

    "Actually, maybe I won't make you my personal bitch after all, you're doing a good job of that as Aliases anyway. More of the slavery cheap shots, and more of the predictable shots that you don't respect me. You say I don't deserve respect, but in what world do you? Who have you even faced in this company, not to talk of who you've beat? You faced Knight, you lost to him. You faced him again, then you won, statically, you shouldn't even be in this match any more than Knight should be in this. You believe none of my opponents have been challenges, but you forget one of the people I beat was Knight, hell, another person I beat was Joey Bryant (In a multi man match, not one on one), a former world champion challenger. The list goes on to even before you joined IWT."

    *Now David gets into Kaizers face*

    "You fail to understand you can't split the fucking title and give half of it to Alias, so how can victory for "the both of you" happened? Now who's the dumb ass. You don't get to call who's a good champion, and who isn't, because you haven't done jack shit. You also don't get to say that you are a good person to hold this title because that would be the worst thing ever to happen to this belt, and you're exactly the type of person I would hate to be. You're arrogant, trashy, undeserving and as much as you think the opposite, you are truly inferior to everyone. I'll make sure you don't ever get your filthy hands on this title, because no matter how much prestige this title has "lost", it will be nothing when its in the custody of the likes of you."

    *David gets into Aliases face now*

    "I guess us two really have quite a bit in common, Kaizer. We both hate each other and respect Alias. Which makes you, Alias, the dark coarse in this match. The favourite, the one people expect to win. But for your sake, don't get respect mixed up with kindness, because I'll drop you as fast as I showed a tiny bit of respect to you. I know you more than 90% of the people in the back, which means I also know your weaknesses and I'm not afraid to exploit them."

    *Now David gets in the middle, looks at Kaizer and looks back at Alias, then looks at the fans.*

    "You're right about one thing Kaizer, this is the biggest match of my career. This is also the toughest one, so when it's all said and done, the victory will be the sweetest part about it. Not for you two, but for me. Insult me all you want, but when everything comes to a close, Jonathan will come up to this ring, and announce me as the winner. Like he's been doing for 5+ months now."​
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  9. Kaizer looks around before he starts to talk again

    Ya know David, I might of done jack shit here, but I have done everything out side of here. I have made movies, commentated football games, I have even recorded a song, which will be released on the "Tebowies" debut album, next year. David, I don't care if no respects me, but as a champion, you should of gained my respect. You didn't, all you did was make me hate you even more. If I could compare you to someone, you would be the Shia LaBeouf of IWT. Someone he got famous, but we all know he is shit. Also, the dumbass is still you, you are the one quoting the bible for fucks sake. You say you beat Joey Bryant, but guess what, that wasn't a one on one match. I'm not the biggest Joey Bryant fan, but I would much rather see him have a 5 month title reign over your sorry ass. You say you are going to keep that title away from my hands. I don't care, you will try your hardest, but just like MLK, your title reign is going to get shot down.

    The crowd boo

    You say I shouldn't be able to criticize you or your title reign, here is a life lesson, asshole. I don't need to do something to tell someone they suck at it. I don't need to be a chef to say a meal sucks. I don't need to play football to tell you that Jay Cutler sucks ass. I don't need to have done anything in IWT to tell you that you have sucked all the prestige out of that title and then took a shit on it and flushed it down the toilet.

    Kaizer looks in the direction of Alias

    I haven't said anything about you in a while. You make up your mind yet about what group of pansies to join? The Wolf People or Dat Kid's bitches? Alias, can you please not say anything else, I kinda want to be able to sleep tonight with out worrying about you slowly creeping into my bed and laughing and saying creepy ass shit about Satan and Heaven into my ear while I try to sleep, thank you.

    Kaizer looks over to a staff member and tells him to give him a chair, he gives Kaizer a chair and sets it up. He sits down

    Not as comfy as Dat Kid's throne, but it will do. David, as I sit here in front of you, I want you think, don't say anything, about this. What if I were to beat you here tonight. What if you Alias were to beat you tonight, because one of them is going to happen.

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  10. *Alias starts laughing at the petty arguing between David and Kaizer*

    The bullshit being spewed all across is honestly humiliating to me, humiliating to both of you punks, and humiliating for the whole IWT. Which is why, I'm gonna clean up all that BS, and stick it up your faces when the ref counts 1-2-3 and crowns me as the new X-Deadvision champion and the man who ended David's ever so omnipotent reign. And I'd be damned if David somehow STOLE the win in this match and continue the demise of what was once a promising division. And yeah, I put an emphasis on the word stole because that's all what people of your kind do, STEAL. You must be familiar with the word steal huh David? After all, you practically stole this belt and never returned it, you stole everything that made the X-Division unique, you stole the people from watching actual entertaining matches when you faced two guys with a collectively lower IQ than FTJ. I hate generalizing but when I see you, when I see Dat Kid, or when I see Farooq, you're all the same bunch of arrogant N word.

    *Alias' insult generates a lot of boos, mostly from the black people in the crowd*

    You talk about me being the dark horse in this match, but when I look at myself and realize the monster that I am and look at the two miscreants surrounding this ring right now, this couldn't be an easier win. And you claim to know me better than more than half of the roster, when you know as much as they know in the back, that that is a farfetched story. You hardly show up to the IWT, you didn't contribute anything to The Cure, and then you have the balls to say you know me better than anyone? Now you also say you know my weaknesses, and you're not afrain to exploit them? Well listen up son, Aids, Ben and Nick all claimed to have had me figured out, but guess what? I made easy work of them and you will be no different.

    As for your weaknesses? I've known them for a while actually. One time watching you is like watching you a 1000 times, you're a redundant one trick pony, and after this is done, there will be no water left for that pony to drink.......and it'll perish quicker than this division.

    If you don't get who the pony is it is you David you dumb shit.

    *Alias drops the mic and goes face to face with David*
  11. *watches backstage* @Dat Kid Dem white boys are at it again
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. *Cole is still watching*
    Cole: i could go after this title or do i want to go after the intercontinental title?
  14. Oh fuck that was great. TNH and David you were both great as usual, but I'm an Alias mark recently. If I could vote for all 3, I would. TNH bro, bro bro bro. I can't say enough how bad I want to vote for you because I really want to see you with gold and don't give up here, but Alias' last promo sealed it for me.
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  15. THG Killed that shit. 2for2, call it a match, the game is over.
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  16. THG is the juggernaut....Bitch!
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  17. Voted THG...yes...I voted in my own match.
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  18. THG and David were brilliant, Good Try BJ but They did great.

    Anyway, I think THG gets the win in this one....Both his promos were brilliant.
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  19. Damn, good match THG and David.