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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Xtreme Championship!

    Lord Lee (@Ovalhead Le Jobber) vs Michael (@Tsar)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.



  2. *Lee comes out with a blank expression , head facing the floor. He is wearing plain black hoodie with his hood up as well as plain black shorts, plain back wrestling boots and plain black grappling gloves. He unenthusiastically makes his way to the ring*

    I'm sorry to say, I really am sorry to say IWT is in a dead dead slump, and while matches like Me vs Jwab where I beat in this brought back a bit of buzz to the mid-card...I once again reiterate that I'm sorry to say there is a lack of a spark right now. I waited and waited for a competitor to come and call me out for my belt, maybe we could have seen someone like Knight or maybe even David try to boost themselves back into the frame but apparently they're just not up for it...

    *Lee aggressively shakes his head while biting his tongue*

    Heck, Lame Lars and Raysnore didn't even show up at the anniversary show, I preferred the anniversary show the year before when I lost because at least I lost while being in one heck of a match. I can always bank on real men like Alias to deliver the plate, which is why he's always at or near the top of the food chain...

    Now, at the other end of the food chain is my opponent for tonight..Michael. Don't worry though, as much as I have every right to, I will not totally belittle him or put him down as if he's a complete waste of oxygen. I will not underestimate him either, he has made steady improvement. The issue here though is that his improvements are not sufficient enough to defeat me, and I doubt he could ever get to the quality I am at now. That being said, I trust him to come out and give me a decent match, sure he's already been given multiple mid-card title shots over the past couple months, in which he's failed ALL of them, but I'm sure he still has some drive to push on.

    What makes this match all the more juicy is that I ditched Michael in the tag-team tournament..yep, left him out to dry. Sure, me and the ever-so wonderful Kendall didn't win but we are now close associates. Meanwhile, Mike; your TNG sham of a concept is already DEAD..and how? Oh I don't know, maybe bringing in lazy typically unreliable guys from the OLD generation to be in a group that's supposed to represent a NEW generation. That in self is a unforgivable JOKE for which you should feel deep shame! Regardless of how dead of a talent Senhor "Perfect" is now, he is a Hall of Famer. Who are you to believe you have the right to be the leader of a stable where he is merely just one of the members?

    Another lucky title-shot handed and another title-shot where you just further show your dead weight really. I am eager to embrace your mild improvements but don't get too excited, I'll handle them more than easily!
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  3. Michael walks out. He has a stern look on his face while he slowly walks down to the ring. He stands on the apron and holds his arm up as pyro shoots above him. He walks around the perimeter of the ring, circling Lee. He makes his way to the far right side of the ring and grabs a microphone. He stands on the apron as he begins.

    Michael: Are you done? Are you done complaining about the state of the IWT? In all honesty, what you just said is the exact reason the IWT is in the state it is in at the moment. You want to face a guy who held that same title for a goddamn year and defended what 2 times? You want to face a guy who got lucky at WrestleMania and hasn't had a successful run since? Get your head out of your ass, and look at me. I'm the savior of the dead mid-card I will be the man that will not only take the Xtreme title, but bring a level of prestige not even Alias Antonio could bring to it. I'll keep it away from the shitfest Triple Threats with Trevor Raynor, and I'll keep it away from motherfuckers like you. In essence, I'm washing away the shit you and Jwab splattered all over this titles legacy, and I'll bring with it a new legacy. A legacy that will be spearheaded by the only man deserving of that

    Michael looks around at the crowd before finally stepping in the ring.

    Michael: No matter how much you crave being on the top of the food chain, you aren't and you'll never be. You're going to be stuck in the 'euphoria' of the midcard ranks, spiraling ever so deeply into a dark abyss of forgotten and useless pieces of trash *Michael let's our a chuckle*. You will be stuck in the same place as Jwab, David and Bruce Knight. And the person standing atop of the rubbish below is me, and that's all because I have done just about everything I could do to get here. Here is where I meet my final road block, and if it's you, then we can all just about guaran-fuckin'-tee that Michael is walking out a 1x IWT Xtreme champion.

    Michael arrogantly paces the ring.

    Michael: I don't really give a shit if you want to bash The New Generation. But keep in mind, just like what I did with them, I'll do the same with you. I'll kill you off and send you down to the bush leagues with Senhor Perfect and Danny.

    Michael looks around the booing crowd. He runs his hand through his hair and resumes.

    Michael: Lee, don't dress it up any further. You're scared shitless that you're staring at the face of the NEW Xtreme champion. And if you don't believe me now? You will when I beat you to a fucking pulp
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  4. *Lee titls his head looking in the direction of his opponent, but refuses to look at him, so just generally looks in his direction*

    You? Saviour? Of the Mid-card? Mike the reason the mid-card is dead is because you're usually the only guy non title-holder that bothers to show up. As soon as me and Jwab compete the Mid-card got a bit of excitement and attention, me and Jwab created more positive energy for the division in one more match than you have in your entire career. You are and, despite the mild improvements, will continue to be unintentional class clown, the butt of the jokes in the locker room and the punching bag of the big hosses in the back. The key reason why you are mocked so severely and regularly is that your exaggerations are overblown to the point where.. it's not even that you're confident, it's just that you're deluded and a pathological liar! For example, you could never bring a belt more prestige than Alias, he's a well respected and decorated competitor currently holding one half of the tag titles meanwhile your closest call to fame was a pity shot handed to you for the WHC. I guess it's mildly ironic if me of all people criticised your consistent changes to who you are but at least mine work to a point, yours keep you in the exact same miserable mediocre situation you were in to begin with.

    *Lee cracks a light chuckle*

    You pushed out Senhor and Danny? K. Well, I defeated Senhor in his last title match with relative ease, not realy that wowed to be honest it wasn't like they were that interested in the TNG project anyway... And speaking of 'New' concepts, this "New Legacy" of yours..Sorry kid but I wouldn't want you leading a group school children from the playground back to their classroom let alone leading a significant change of format in a wrestling promotion, especially with all the money that would be haemorrhaged when you're overambitious stupidity doesn't pan out and the IWT Universe is even more disinterested.

    *Lee makes a purposely exaggerated face of disappointment*

    Don't worry IWT Universe, for I have a plan for Wrestlemania which I will keep confidential for now...but I do promise it will surpass the brief buzz me and Jwab created at Survivor Series and I promise it won't include the sham of an 'athlete' standing in front of me. Ya want to know the harrowing truth Mike? When I beat you, I doubt I'll even celebrate, I'll probably end up celebrating even less than when I 'won' that triple threat to retain the title. Shame you can't paint yourself talent.. Artist.

    *Lee takes the hood off of his head, finally looking at Michael but is unable to keep a straight face when looking at him*

    Don't worry, I'm not underestimating you, I'm just remembering what the IWT roster all say about you...
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  5. I'm writing my promo?

    EDIT: Can I get an extension since I got home like 40 minutes ago?
  6. Michael scans the arena before looking at Lee with an angered expression.

    Michael: Are you done? If it weren't for me the X-Division would've been scrapped long ago, but the pure fact that I'm putting effort for the title will raise it's esteem to a height you couldn't bring it to even on your best day. I don't give a damn if you intend to put over your mediocre match with Jwab at Survivor Series as the last saving grace of the division, but the least you can do is put some truth to it. It did nothing to actuate you and it did nothing to propel Jwab to new heights and thus it was another meaningless match with two meaningless competitors at a meaningless PPV. Your career is dead in the water, and I'm going to single handedly wash it up to shore and bury it 6 feet under for everyone to witness here at the Royal Rumble. Everyone in attendance, backstage and watching live on PPV will witness the palpable annihilation of Porns stars, aristocrats, and mentally ill retards at the hands of me.

    Michael squints his eyes in disgust.

    Michael: Beating Senhor is nothing new, Lee. I controlled his very fate in my hands and I could have done with it as I wished. I wished that I never even talked to the man in hopes of brining in Senhor because all I got was his Lord Lee inspired alter-ego, Chip. I kicked his ass out along with Danny and one half of the Tag Champions, Christian *Michael begins to get angrier and angrier*. In retrospect, i'm just that much better than you, and the fact that you base your abilities on your popularity backstage and not on your talent is exactly why I've done more in one year than you've done in your entire career.

    Michael slowly calms down.

    Michael: Underestimate me, try and make a joke out of me, but in the end I'm still going to be standing. I'll be right there awaiting in line to face you for that title again and again. You don't think I can paint myself talent? You're damn right I can't paint myself talent because you can't paint what's naturally there, Dover. You can call me what you want, delirious, deluded or confident but one things for sure. By the end of tonight there will be a definite name to Roadster, Roadie, Brian Mandela, Artist and Michael and that's the IWT Xtreme Champion...

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  7. Nice match for a Tsar match.
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  8. shut up
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  9. Legends = Votes
  10. results pls
  11. Your winner of the match... with a score of 8 to 7.142857143... and STILL your IWT Xtreme Champion... Loooorrrdddd! Leeeeeeeeee!

    Full results here >>>
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  12. Have no idea why I had some hope for this.

    Anyways, Congratulations Oval. Really fun match.
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