OOC IWT "rule" change?

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Jonathan, Dec 3, 2013.

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  1. Similar to Gohan's "petition" where he wants each user who votes to be forced to write a reason, I've came up with IMO a better solution.
    If Gohan's petition was passed, the "rule" would NOT be enforced. It would be in the OP telling you to write a reason, but if you didn't, there would be no punishment. What am I going to do? Suspend you? No. Not happening.

    Instead of being forced to write a reason for voting, how about it gets put in the match OP that you should write a reason because it helps the competitors make their promos better from your feedback. You wouldn't be required to write a reason, but who knows maybe having the reminder in the OP would encourage you to write a reason because you're not being forced to, unlike with Gohan's idea.

    What do you think? Leave a vote in the poll and if you voted no, maybe leave a reason why you don't like the idea?
  2. Now THAT I can agree to

    EDIT: LOL at the thought of you being like "YOU NO WRITE REASON FOR VOTE!? SUSPENDED!" Hell, a good percentage of IWT roster would be suspended I think.
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  3. I think that's a good idea. It might encourage members to give reasons for their votes rather than simply voting. In general, I think it could add activity to the section and make everyone that much better with constructive criticism as well as learning what's really working for their character. Nice idea Jono :obama:
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  4. I like it so long as if I say, "didn't like your promo tbh"

    And they go "fuck you I tried hard fuck you I fucking quit I suck"

    If that doesn't happen I'm okay
  5. How often does that happen? I don't think I've seen anyone do that yet.......
  6. Posts like that will be deleted and both competitors will be suspended for a week. If someone gives you critcism you don't like, don't reply to it.
  7. *To myself* - Well there ya go
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  8. I don't see any problem with it. Can do more positives than negatives I can see.
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  9. I prefer this Idea as opposed to Gohan's "Write Reson or be suspend(trying to sound like gohan :) )
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  10. I love it. Constructive criticism for the win.
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  12. Sorry, I just copy and pasted the active roster list for anyone who hadn't voted.
  13. i voted and you included me. Oh well.
  14. No I meant it's the whole roster list, just in case people on there hadn't voted.

    Didn't mean the people on the list hadn't voted :lol1:
  15. Great idea, Jonathan. It's way better. They won't need to do it but they can do it to give us, the competitors, some feedback on what to do better next time. Some posts are just like "wow, awesome match, you did a great job" but that's it.
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  16. This rule should be good for all and help improve our product ten fold
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  17. Woah, woah, this was my idea. Don't give @Jonathan more creid than me, the only reason I don't run things here, is because I'm spending my time being champion.
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  18. Not a good champ :pity:
  19. bro are you talking about me? step up or sit down.