IWT Rules (All New Members Please Read 1st)

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    The purpose of IWT:
    IWT is a fictional, story based world where you challenge for championships. Competitors cut promos against other whether it's in the form of pictures, videos, music or text based on the rules of the match.
    You are encouraged to have your own 'persona' here to not get dragged into forum-wide arguments and fights between other members.

    Title Holders
    Each Title holder has the say on how their match will take place. If they want it to be one vs one, then it will be. If the challenger chooses not to accept their terms then they won't have a match.
    You can defend your title or challenge for a title at any time, but please do not make the thread for the match, PM the relevant general manager (or whichever is online, as Britanica often has extended days away.)
    If you lose your title, you have a strict ONE rematch clause. If you lose that, you go back to challenging to be the #1 contender like everyone else.

    Challenging for a Championship
    If you wish to challenge for a championship then you can get in contact with the relevant champion (and the current champions can be found 'here.'
    You are asked to challenge for a championship by tagging the relevant champion in the 'Challenge a Champion' thread ('here') , or the 'Challenge a Member' thread which can be found 'here.'
    If there's more than one challenger for the championship, you can either have a #1 contenders match between the challengers, or the champion can choose to defend their title in a multi-man match. This is the champions choice.

    If you wish to challenge for a tag-team belt, you and your partner must be ready to cut promos when told to do so.

    Clarity on who can challenge for a championship
    There is no more draft. Anyone can challenge anyone, and you are NO LONGER RESTRICTED TO YOUR BRAND. This is to encourage fresh feuds.
    Just because you post in the challenge a champion/contender match, it does NOT mean you will get the match. The champion can choose to wait until there are more challengers.
    If you persist to message the champion, either in public or private message, then you will lose your right to challenge for a championship.
    Also, you cannot force the champion to battle under your terms. The champion has the say on the rules, if you don't like them, don't fight them.

    Building to a match
    When you're building to a match, you need to cut pre-match promos, right? Of course you do. So once you have a match confirmed, feel free for one person in the match to create a thread to hype the match. In here you can post anything to hype the match. You can cut promos, talk smack or anything else to entice your opponents. Please try to stick to just one thread per match though.

    Cutting Promos
    Once the champion has chosen either a multi-man match or a #1 contenders match, you can begin to cut promos. Please PM the relevant GM and they will create the thread for you to cut your promos.
    Please, DO NOT CUT YOUR PROMOS in the Challenge a Champion/Contender thread. They will not be added to the post for people to make their decision when voting.

    Once the time limit has passed for all promos to be cut, the polls will be open. The polls will be open for a selected amount of time, and in that time people will be able to read through your promos and give their vote based on the promos. DO NOT sway the opinions of others to vote for you or anyone else in PMs or on the forum. Voting is not fixed & is open to all of WWEForums members ***.

    ***To vote in a match you must have at least 100 posts on the forum.
    If you vote in a match and do not have over 100 posts, your vote will not count in the tally of results once the voting closes.

    *If you have had at least ONE competitive match in IWT (MUST BE AN UPRISING OR PPV SHOW) and have less than 100 posts, you're exempt from this rule.*

    Match Types:
    Predictions Match - Questions will be selected pertaining to the actual WWE PPV/Raw/Smackdown, who ever has the most right, wins.
    Limited Promos - of 2 promos each, 3 promos each or 4 promos each, no set time but must be done in 24 hours to 48 hours depending on PPV/Non-PPV.
    Unlimited Promos - for 1, 2 or 3 hours, promos will be posted constantly for that set time frame.
    Cage Match - No interruptions (only contenders can post in the thread), match will last for 2 hours of unlimited promos, no rules.
    Ladder Match - Voting will be open from the beginning of the match - This match will last 3, 6 or 9 hours. - Votes being changed is encouraged.
    Street Match - Interruptions by others is encouraged, unlimited promos for 3, 6 or 9 hours, voting will be open the entire time.
    *More Will Be Added Soon!

    Creating multiple accounts to vote for yourself (or anyone else) OR VOTING FOR YOURSELF is NOT allowed. Anyone creating multiple accounts OR voting for themselves will have their votes reset to 0. Also, anyone on your IP (I.E. family members CANNOT vote for you.)

    Also, telling another user, whether it be in public, private message or any other form off contact (including offsite such as Skype) who to vote for is NOT ALLOWED. You will be instantly struck with a 1 month suspension.

    As well as having the honour of the championship in your signature on the forum, you will also gain NewPoints cash rewards for winning or successfully defending your title at PAY-PER-VIEW EVENTS ONLY.

    The rewards are as follows:
    WWE Championship : $750.00NP
    Intercontinental Championship : $450.00NP
    Heavyweight Championship : $750.00NP
    World TV Championship : $450.00NP
    X-Division Championship : $400.00NP
    Tag Team Champion(s) : $500.00 (split, $250.00 each)

    You will only get 3 warnings before you are suspended from participating in this section for one month.
    If you get a second suspension, you will be suspended for 3 months.
    If you get a third suspension you will be fired (banned) from participating in the IWT.

    Reasons for suspensions and bans are breaking the basic rules below or going against voting policy.

    Spamming/Flamming/ Contacting WWEForum MODS
    If you plead unfairness in voting or promo matches multiple times YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED. (unless it is rightly justified)
    If you spam or flame someone else's thread with content not in character form, YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED.
    If you contact any of the WWEForum Moderators (Crayo, Xanth, Hoss, etc.) complaining about something in this section, YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED.

    Voting Policy

    Creating multiple accounts to vote for yourself (or anyone else) OR VOTING FOR YOURSELF is NOT allowed. Anyone creating multiple accounts OR voting for themselves will have their votes reset to 0. Also, anyone on your IP (I.E. family members CANNOT vote for you.) This will result in a 2 month suspension for creating multiple accounts, or 1 month suspension for voting for yourself. Also, telling another user, whether it be in public, private message or any other form off contact (including offsite such as Skype) who to vote for is NOT ALLOWED. You will be instantly struck with a 1 month suspension.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to PM Jonathan
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  2. IWT Rules - UPDATED

    Won 2 titles at WM so I guess I should be getting $10 or was that just put into place?
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    Already asked staff to take care of it. :obama:
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  4. IWT Rules - UPDATED

    10$ for me? Time to give @Seabs money to change his name twice more.
  5. IWT Rules - UPDATED

    $5? Fuck yeah.
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    $20 please
  7. RE: IWT Rules - UPDATED

    Calm down with yo' money requests mah IWT peeps, Jonathan already asked modz to do it.

    I saw him do it. :woo1:
  8. IWT Rules - UPDATED

    Already set Stopspot on the case, be patient guys :haha:
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    No one bribed you to lose all your matches :haha:
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    You did, those BJs you gave me were well worth it :ksi:
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    There you have it fans, a homophobe who sells his title for a couple of shots in the mouth. What a shame. Shame on you Senhor, and shame on your shameful country.
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    I am ashamed I should've asked for :datass: too.
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    But let's be serious, your pimp and the IWT champion are one in the same. [​IMG]

    You stand 0 chance of beating me. Who has even remembered you enough to challenge you since your big loss? Who have you challenged to job on your way up to the big match?

    :pity: When it is all said and done, your lack of activity will be your own loss, i wont even need a final promo, and @"dat kid" knows how that still ends.
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    Keep being over confident, that's just where I want you :smooches:
  15. RE: IWT Rules - UPDATED

    Unforunately for you, there is no happy ending. :pity2:
  16. RE: IWT Rules - UPDATED

    Just like last night, you'll be on your back and I'll be satisfied. :Ryan:
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    *yawn* oh were you saying something and not competing in a match like the WWE Champions before you? Wake me up when something relevant happens
  18. IWT Rules - UPDATED

    Shouldn't we have a vote before this shit takes place? @britanica please come back wtf is this shit
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    Next week, me vs Danielson vs seabs. That same night, myself and my teammate TBD vs you and your lady to help set up you losing to team canada. You want to talk about lack of title defense? At your winning % i wouldn't rush into any matches, you dont stand much chance at winning.

    If you need me i'll be polishing my gold up, i want to make sure people dont confuse the IWT champion with a midcarder like you.
  20. IWT Rules - UPDATED

    Danielson get a grip. No one is dying here.. we've updated it to be more manageable. We cant sit and wait for Brit to come online for days... it was getting out of hand and we were on a downward spiral..