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    The purpose of IWT:
    IWT is a fictional, story based environment where you challenge for wrestling championships. Competitors cut promos against other in text, picture, video or music form and compete for votes from other members. You are encouraged to have your own character here to avoid continuing feuds outside into the other parts of the forum, and you can add your character to the active roster list here:

    Title Holders
    Each title holder has the say on how their match will take place. If they want it to be one vs one, then it will be. If the challenger chooses not to accept their terms then they won't have a match. You can defend your title or challenge for a title at any time, but please do not make the thread for the match, please PM @Tsar and he will make the match thread. If you lose your title, you have a strict ONE rematch clause. If you lose that, you go back to challenging to be the #1 contender like everyone else.

    Challenging for a Championship
    If you wish to challenge for a championship then you can get in contact with the relevant champion (and the current champions can be found 'here.' You are asked to challenge for a championship by tagging the relevant champion in a challenge thread that you can make. If there's more than one challenger for the championship, you can either have a #1 contenders match between the challengers, or the champion can choose to defend their title in a multi-man match. This is the champions choice. If you wish to challenge for a tag-team belt, you and your partner must be ready to cut promos when told to do so.

    Clarity on who can challenge for a championship
    Anyone can challenge anyone. The champion can choose to wait until there are more challengers or they can accept your challenge immediately. If you persist to message the champion, either in public or private message, then you will lose your right to challenge for a championship. If the champion doesn't want to accept your offer, don't persist. You will lose your right to challenge for a championship.
    Also, you cannot force the champion to battle under your terms. The champion has the say on the rules, if you don't like them, don't fight them.

    Building to a match
    When you're building to a match, you need to cut pre-match promos. So once you have a match confirmed, feel free for one person in the match to create a thread to hype the match. In here you can post anything to hype the match. You can cut promos, talk smack or anything else to entice your opponents. Please try to stick to just one thread per match though.

    Cutting Promos
    Once the champion has chosen either a multi-man match or a #1 contenders match, you can begin to cut promos. Please PM Jonathan and he will create the thread for you to cut your promos. You can mention other real life and other promotions, in your promos.

    Once the time limit has passed for all promos to be cut, the polls will be open. The polls will be open for a selected amount of time, and in that time people will be able to read through your promos and give their vote based on the promos. DO NOT sway the opinions of others to vote for you or anyone else in PMs or on the forum. Voting is not fixed & is open to all of WWEForums members with more than 100 posts, or if you are an IWT member with at least one match to your record.

    Match Types:
    Predictions Match - Questions will be selected pertaining to the actual WWE PPV/Raw/Smackdown, who ever has the most right, wins.
    Limited Promos - of 2 promos each, 3 promos each or 4 promos each, no set time but must be done in 24 hours from the 1st promo.
    Unlimited Promos - for 1, 2 or 3 hours, promos will be posted constantly for that set time frame.
    Cage Match - No interruptions (only contenders can post in the thread), match will last for 2 hours of unlimited promos, no rules.
    Ladder Match - Voting will be open from the beginning of the match - This match will last 3, 6 or 9 hours.
    Street Match - Interruptions by others is encouraged, unlimited promos for 3, 6 or 9 hours, voting will be open the entire time.
    Hell in a Cell Match - No rules. Competitors will be posting video promos. The same time and promo limits apply.
    Survivor Tag Team Match - Standard rules apply. Promos alternate twice over between the competitors on each team.
    Elimination Chamber/Money in the Bank Match - 6 competitors cut a promo for every round. Each round will have an elimination. The last man standing will be declared the winner.
    Ultimate X - Competitors cut 2 promos each. Voting will be open for 36 hours. The person with the most votes will win.
    Ironman Match - Competitors cut as many promos as they wish. X amount of Voting processes will take place afterwards. The person with most votes within the 48 hour period, is declared the winner.
    Last Man Standing - Each competitor cuts 5 promos. After which voting will ensue in a 24 hour period.

    If you have a suggestion for a match, please post it here.

    As well as having the honour of the championship in your signature on the forum, you will also gain NewPoints cash rewards for winning or successfully defending your title at PAY-PER-VIEW EVENTS ONLY.

    The rewards are as follows:
    WWE Championship : $75.00 forum cash
    Intercontinental Championship : $45.00 forum cash
    X-Division Championship : $40.00 forum cash

    You will only get 2 warnings before you are suspended from participating in this section for 1 week.
    If you get a second suspension, you will be suspended for 3 months.
    If you get a third suspension you will be suspended for 1 year.
    If you get a fourth suspension you will automatically be banned from IWT competition - till further notice.

    Reasons for suspensions and bans are breaking the basic rules below or going against voting policy. You will informed of your suspension and ban. Along with other details.

    Spamming/Flamming/ Contacting WWEForum MODS
    If you plead unfairness in voting or promo matches multiple times YOU WILL BE WARNED. (unless it is rightly justified)
    If you spam or flame someone else's thread with content not in character form, YOU WILL BE WARNED.
    If you contact any of the WWEForum Moderators (Solidus, Stopspot, Trip, etc.) complaining about something in this section, we will attempt to settle the matter. If you do so, without basis, multiple times. YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED

    Voting Policy
    Creating multiple accounts to vote for yourself (or anyone else) OR VOTING FOR YOURSELF is NOT allowed. Anyone creating multiple accounts OR voting for themselves will have their votes reset to 0. Also, anyone on your IP (I.E. family members CANNOT vote for you.) This will result in a 2 week suspension for creating multiple accounts. Also, telling another user, whether it be in public, private message or any other form of contact (including offsite such as Skype) to vote for you NOT ALLOWED. You will be instantly struck with a 1 month suspension.

    3 strikes = 2 month suspension.
    3 strikes twice = 3 month suspension.
    3 strikes three times = 1 year suspension
    3 strikes four times = Banishment

    Petitions and Voting
    If you are creating a petition for something to do with IWT, to be able to vote in the petition you must be an active member of IWT and you MUST have had at least 1 match that has completed. Otherwise your vote will NOT count on the petition. Petitions will last for a set ONE week duration. You may PM users asking them to sign the petition. But annoyances will be result in the petition becoming null & void.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to PM @Tsar
    REVISED - 10/25/15
  2. Didn't the suspensions change to 2 weeks for the first, 1 month for the second and fired for the third?
  3. @Jonathan aww was expecting you to lay down the law with the storyline prefix slightly dissappointed :sad:
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  4. I got an idea for the rumble match, its just like Dat Kid's idea, with assign everyone an entry number the winner of the real WWE rumble wins the IWT one, but since there aren't enough people to fill all the spots we give some people multiple entry numbers based on their activity so those guys have a better shot at winning. World Champ cannot compete, most entry numbers a competitor can can get is 3, numbers are assigned day of rumble ppv.
  5. Could make it so that matches are set up and the winners of those matches get multiple entries
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  6. What is NewPoints cash? Just a fancy way of saying forum cash?
  7. Ah, it was the old plugin. Thanks for reminding me, fixed!
  8. Oh ok, lol

    EDIT: Why are the prizes so low when stuff in the shop is so expensive? If I won the IWT title I would hope I could at least afford the username color change. Right?
  9. They don't come from admins or a default account, I pay them. I ain't made of money. As I gain more cash through bets, I'll increase the rewards. They were up to 250k beforehand.
  10. Ohhhhhhh I see. Gotcha.
  11. In light of the recent petition and mass PM, status, asking of users to vote including members that have no active part in IWT, I have created an IWT Petition & Voting policy, which is outlined below and in the OP:

    Petitions and Voting
    If you are creating a petition for something to do with IWT, to be able to vote in the petition you must be an active member of IWT and you MUST have had at least 1 match that has completed. Otherwise your vote will NOT count on the petition. Petitions will last for a set ONE week duration. You may make 1 status about the petition every TWO days. You may NOT PM users asking them to sign the petition.

    If you have any feedback, let me know.

    Tagging all users

    @Senhor Perfect: Senhor Perfect
    @geekgoddess: Victoria Parker
    @Stopspot: Alkaline

    @MrSackfist: Mr. Sackfist
    @DK James: Joey Bryant
    @THG?: Alias Antonio

    @JwabTV: Jwab Atom
    @Vintage® : Suicide
    @David™ David Erro

    @TheOvalhead: Ben Dover
    @Champ Johnson: Aids Johnson
    @B.Dazzle B.Dazzle

    @gav the chav Gav the Chav
    @Forrest: Bruce Knight
    @Nickelodeon Nick

    @Samalan Lucas Hacksaw
    @DX2006 Dexx Duggan
    @Rhod: Rodrigo

    @CM Punk: Christian
    @Seabs: Eric Draven
    @Queen Chrysalis Chrysalis

    @Adam Aries Adam Hawk
    @TheArabHammer Marcus Anthony
    @rko2004 Mike Boston

    @Trip in the Head Trip in the Head
    @Emperor Lelouch Britannia Frank The Jock
    @Alex Simms: Michael Alexander

    @FailFaceFTW: FailFaceFTW
    @Shannon_724 Jake Woods
    @Dat Kid From Jersey Dat Kid ("The Relentless")

    @Danielson: WoodWarrior
  12. Could you change my character's name to Luke Starr?
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  13. Can you change my name to Jaxxus?
  14. Revised.

    Updated matches.
    Got rid of the rules that were only meant for Gohan.
    Updated the policies based on past changes, that never got updated.
    Added some rules.
    Lightened up on the suspension and bans.