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  1. RULES UPDATED: http://wweforums.net/thread-23264.html
    RULES UPDATED: http://wweforums.net/thread-23264.html
    RULES UPDATED: http://wweforums.net/thread-23264.html
    RULES UPDATED: http://wweforums.net/thread-23264.html
    RULES UPDATED: http://wweforums.net/thread-23264.html
    RULES UPDATED: http://wweforums.net/thread-23264.html
    RULES UPDATED: http://wweforums.net/thread-23264.html
    RULES UPDATED: http://wweforums.net/thread-23264.html
    RULES UPDATED: http://wweforums.net/thread-23264.html
    RULES UPDATED: http://wweforums.net/thread-23264.html


    This is a simple role playing game on the forum where members can take on character persona's and cut promo battles against each other to win titles. It is in NO WAY to be taken seriously and start actual feuds else where on the forum. None of the staff have a say so in this section. It is run by me and all of you. You can not complain to the staff, address problems to the staff or harass them because you think something is not fair in IWT section. You can address me or the GM Assistant ( @jonathan ) and we will try to work something out. If you harass anyone over a championship you will be suspended from qualification matches and WILL NOT be able to win that title.

    *The staff should only be addressed if someone has said or done anything against the wweforum rules.

    Please note: I encourage creative promo battles. Unless other wise noted by the Champion, or other contender, video, music, pictures, and so on are ALL acceptable in promo battles and feuds!

    Title Holders:

    If you hold a title, you have a say in what you would like the stipulations for each match for that belt to be.
    You will only defend your title at PPV events unless other wise noted or approved by me.
    Once you lose the belt, however, you will have ONE REMATCH CLAWS (CLAUSE) that you can initiate in the future.
    You can challenge the current title holder to a rematch BUT they get to decide the stipulations.
    If you challenge the title holder, and lose, you will have to wait for another shot at that title till the people next in line had their shot. However, if they would like to agree to a triple threat, fatal four way, ect. and include you, this is okay. ALL WILL HAVE TO AGREE BEFORE HAND. Also, you may change out the belt for one of your choice BUT it must be similar (Example: New WWE Champion Title for the winged eagle one). This must first be approved by me and there must be a rendered picture of the belt ready to be resized. **Belt Limit : 2 per contender, no more then 2 can be held at one time. This does not include group titles and will go into effect when anyone who has more then two titles, loses one. They will not be able to contend for any more belts until they are down to one. **

    If you would like to challenge for a belt, please notify the current belt holder. They be able to tell you who has challenged them, if anyone has. Once you find out if there are other challengers, you will be able to set up a number one contenders match. One a week per belt limit. You may do one on one, triple threat, fatal four way, and so on. You can make any rules you wish but everyone involved must agree on it. Once you are ready, you may set up a thread for the contenders match. If only one challenges and the next PPV event is less than a week away, you automatically get to face the champion at that PPV event.

    Promo Cuts:

    In order to do promo cuts, you must be accepted as a challenger from a champion. Once you are accepted, those involved in the match may make a thread that will set the date of when the promo battle will happen and what kind of match it is. Include stipulations in this thread as well. When the day comes to cut promos, follow the rules all involved have set up and take turns cutting promos. Once all the promos have been entered, voting may being.

    Voting :
    Voting polls will be open AFTER promos have been entered. Please @britanica or @jonathan and one of us will set up a poll for you. If you would like to do a manual poll (like I did for Gohan vs Senhor) that is fine, or you can just request a normal automatic one. All polls will remain open for 24 hours, except Wrestle Mania match polls, which will stay open 48 hours. This will allow the contenders to sway votes and give the people more of a show.

    Please take note that I will not tolerate anyone making fake or false accounts to give or take votes in these polls. If it is done again, I will find out who is doing it and get you banned from the forum. Period. This is against global forum rules and myself, nor the staff will tolerate it. If you are wondering how you can get caught its as simple as your IP address. Don't test me.

    Tag-Team Championship:
    Tag belts will be contended to ONLY pairs. If you would like to contend or challenge for a tag belt, you must have a partner willing to participate. You can make up any tag team name you would like. Mixed tag teams are also fine. Both parts of one tag team must cut promos in promo battles as well. So there should be a minimum of 4 promos from 4 people.

    No more belts will be accepted at this time. If you would like to win a belt and request to change it for a similar belt, that is fine.

    *The DX Championship is a stand alone belt for DX members only and is not directly tied to a brand. This belt can be challenged any time.*

    Betting & Payout (PPV Championship Matches ONLY):
    Pay out is for incentive for PPV matches only, Champion vs contender. The winner of the PPV title matches (The one who wins the title) will be awarded NP$ according to what the belt is worth (see below). Betting is also an option if the title holder would like to put NP$ on the table as a wager to the contender, or vice versa, this is fine. THIS WILL BE THE USER VS USER CASH! Both must agree before it is finalized. If a bet is made and accepted and the loser refuses to pay the winner, he/she will be banned from holding titles for 2 months. If done again, he/she will NOT be able to participate in IWT section other than posting comments/voting on polls.

    NP$ Awards:

    WWE Championship : $10.00NP
    Intercontinental Championship : $7.00NP
    Million Dollar Championship : $5.00NP
    Hardcore Championship : $3.00NP
    Heavyweight Championship : $10.00NP
    United States Championship : $7.00NP
    European Championship : $5.00NP
    Cruiser-weight Championship : $3.00NP
    Tag Team Champion(s) : $10.00 (split, $5.00 each)
    Divas Championship : $3.00NP

    If you have any questions or you are confused about anything, please ask me here and I will answer them. You may also PM me if you would like.
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  2. Nice work Brita! :Obama:
  3. Thank you. :otunga:
  4. WOW I'm impressed :otunga:
    Great Job Britta :obama:
  5. Can me and Jose become diva/knockouts/woman tag-team champions please? We'd be a great team. The reasons being is because we're both diva/knockout/woman marks. We have real passion for the division and we feel we'll represent the division really well.
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  6. I would like to second this. :gusta:
  7. We don't need any more titles. It's getting stupid now.

  8. The titles currently being used by WWE and/or TNA only should be used. This means WWE, WHC, X Division, Men Tag-team, IC, US, woman's tag-team and woman's championship.

    This is 7 championships, which is pretty good, or we can unify the WWE and WHC and/or the IC and US championships.
  9. We need seperate ones for seperate brands, plus people like the old belts.

    Any more belts added and basically everyone has one and it becomes pointless.

    I say no, we'll wait for Brit.
  10. The Womans title would be fine too. :otunga:
  11. I say limit it to 6-7 championships. This would make the championships more credible, more prestigious and would mean something winning them.

    I agree with your point.
  12. I believe lady deathbane has a womans title.
  13. My bad.

    I'm new to this.:obama:
  14. edit i'm dumb
  15. All the current titles and championship holders are listed here mate.
  16. I just talked to Grammar and I am all for switching belts in and out BUT we can't add anymore since there are already a ton of belts going. If a person wins a belt and would like to switch the belt for a similar title (example: new wwe title for winged eagle one) this will be okay BUT the person must win the belt in order to change it and provide a rendered picture to be resized.
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  17. Updated title holder rule.

  18. Let's clear this for everyone, how do you win a match? If you post necessary information like this in the original post it'd be helpful.
  19. I'll add it. :otunga:
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  20. *roleplaying :dawg:

    *accepted :sandow: