OOC IWT Schedule 2016

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    * = To Be Determined


    IWT Fight for your Life

    IWT To Live or Die

    IWT Pride in Victory

    IWTMania IV
    (April )

    IWT Survival

    IWT Retribution

    IWT Uprising

    IWT Summer Slam

    IWT Anarchy

    IWT Dragon Rising

    IWT Civil War

    IWT Generation

    IWT Summit 2016

  2. Wow, we're at 4? Jesus
  3. Wanna update dates?
  4. Since we're a written show. We won't have a set date. It will be generally in the month.
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  5. Civil War has been added, the Brand warfare PPV.
  6. I wonder where you got that name from....
  7. Where? lol
  8. is that going to be changed now?
  9. Probably not.

    IWT Uprising's date is set. No official dates for other events because they are subject to change.