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  1. I just noticed that our next PPV is July 14th, and our next show being June 23rd.
    "Uprising (Old School IWT) - May 26th - 1st June
    (3 week break)
    Uprising- June 23rd - 29th
    (2 week break)
    Money in the Bank- July 14th - 20th
    (3 week break)"

    I (and a few others), think is insane. I think we should move Uprising up to the 9th or 16th. I know we can't really move MITB up, but the gap between OSU and the next Uprising is ridiculous. We don't need that long of building time. I feel like the section will die down in activity if we have this big of a gap.
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  2. Could just use Payback
  3. I think the problem with that is...Old School Uprising ends when Payback is airing...
  4. OSU wasn't anything storyline related though to anything.
  5. Still, we usually run PPVs on the same week as WWE PPVs. And OSU ends on June 1st, the day of Payback.
  6. We could always push it back one more or two more weeks then. If not, then give another Upirising in two weeks. We could also, go with the alternate and actually name the PPVs and not follow WWE's PPV schedule. Creative choice though.
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  7. I actually think I have a great build/feud idea (not me) that could make this work. Dude has balls, thanks for snagging my torch brah.
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  8. Anytime, brah.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. This was discussed at the time of creating the scheudle, we have some plans to increase activity during these 3 weeks.
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  11. Like what, may I ask? Or is it going to be a surprise?
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  12. Yeah i gotta agree with Bill here. 3 weeks? 2 weeks at most even if it were a surprise, nothing drives this place crazy for that long.
  13. Do tell, or is it something I already know about and forgot? :jericho: It happens
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