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    I've seen a couple of your tapes and have heard great things about you in the recent tryouts you attended. I am interested in signing you here to Internet Wrestling Titles. We're a constantly growing company that is always looking for fresh young talent like yourself to lead in the next era of professional wrestling.​
    Now before we sign you, we're going to need you you to take a look at the rules (highlighted below). Once you are finished reading the rules you can sign your contract. Signing the contract is confirmation that you have read and have chosen to abide by the rules of the IWT.​
    Sign the contract by using the following format and posting it here on this thread.​
    WWE Forum Username: INSERT NAME [/SIZE]
    Have you read the rules in full?:
    Do you accept the rules?:

    When you sign you will become an official talent of the IWT Roster. I look forward to working with you soon.

    IWT Comissioner
    Show Spoiler

    The purpose of IWT:
    The IWT is a fictional wrestling organization where competitors have bouts where the winner is determined by who writes the best promo. You can create your own gimmick, storylines, and even challenge for championships.

    Challenging for a Championship
    -If you wish to challenge for a championship then you can get in contact with the relevant champion (and the current champions can be found 'here.'
    -If there's more than one challenger for the championship, you can either have a #1 contenders match between the challengers, or the champion can choose to defend their title in a multi-man match. This is the champions choice.
    -Sometimes you will not always get a shot for the title you want (based on skill level, win/loss, current story lines) so the best thing you can do is fight in other matches and write segments to prove your worth.

    Clarity on who can challenge for a championship
    -Just because you post in the challenge a champion/contender match, it does NOT mean you will get the match. The champion can choose to wait until there are more challengers.
    -Every Champion has the right to choose the stipulation of their match as long as they are fair stipulations.
    -Challengers do NOT pick the stipulations, but they CAN suggest them.

    Title Holders
    -Each title holder has the right to choose what match they defend the title in, except on special Pay-Per-Views. (Ex. Elimination Chamber = Elimination Chamber match for some titles)
    -Title holders can defend their titles at any time.
    -If you lose your title, you have a strict ONE rematch clause. If you lose that, you go back to challenging to be the #1 contender like everyone else.

    When feuding with another competitor(s) you may want to hype up your match to give it more attention. More attention = more votes and will make champions want you to be their challenger. The best way to do this is arranging storylines such as (backstage promos, interviews, and anything you can think of). You can even attack your opponent before the match, but if you want to do that you MUST have your opponents permission to do so.

    -I may suggest a storyline for you, but that does not mean you have to go with it and if you also have trouble creating your own storyline you can contact me for help.

    Promo Matches
    -When you and your opponent are ready for a match, tag either myself or Jonathan and we will create the match thread for you.
    -Do not make match threads by yourself unless you are given permission by staff to do so.
    -A set of rules will be provided with each thread and you must abide by those rules.

    -When the time limit for promos has finished a voting poll opened to the public and users will vote for the PROMOS they thought were the best.
    -The person with the most votes wins the match.
    -If there is suspected bias in an upcoming match by staff or an opponent your match is subject to be changed to a Special Guest Referee match(*see in "Match Types")
    -You MAY NOT vote for yourself in matches
    -You MAY tell people to vote in your match, but you MAY NOT tell them to specifically vote for you.
    -Violation of the two rules above results in instant suspension or banishment if you have been suspended twice already

    Voting Policy

    Creating multiple accounts to vote for yourself (or anyone else) OR VOTING FOR YOURSELF is NOT allowed. Anyone creating multiple accounts OR voting for themselves will have their votes reset to 0. Also, anyone on your IP (I.E. family members CANNOT vote for you.) This will result in a 3 week suspension for creating multiple accounts, or 2 week suspension for voting for yourself (1st violation only). Also, telling another user, whether it be in public, private message or any other form off contact (including offsite such as Skype) who to vote for is NOT ALLOWED. You will be instantly struck with a 2 week suspension for your 1st violation.

    You will only get 3 warnings before you are suspended from participating in this section for two weeks.
    If you get a second suspension, you will be suspended for 1 month.
    If you get a third suspension you will be fired (banned) from participating in the IWT.

    Reasons for suspensions and bans are breaking the basic rules below or going against voting policy.

    Spamming/Flamming/ Contacting WWEForum MODS
    If you plead unfairness in voting or promo matches multiple times YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED. (unless it is rightly justified)
    If you spam or flame someone else's thread with content not in character form, YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED.
    If you harass any of the WWEForum Moderators (Crayo, Xanth, Hoss, etc.) complaining about something in this section, YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED.
    As well as having the honour of the championship in your signature on the forum, you will also gain NewPoints cash rewards for winning or successfully defending your title at PAY-PER-VIEW EVENTS ONLY.

    The rewards are as follows:
    WWE Championship : $750.00NP
    Intercontinental Championship : $450.00NP
    X-Division Championship : $400.00NP
    Tag Team Champion(s) : $500.00 (split, $250.00 each)

    Match Types
    Show Spoiler

    Matches with * can have additional stipulations put on them

    Normal Match: 24hr promo match with 24hr voting. Participants get 2 promos each.
    Special Referee Match: Match where there are only 3 possible votes. The public vote counts as one and two other selected individuals get one vote each. The person with 2 out of the 3 votes wins.
    Tag Match*: Each team gets 2 promos a person
    Championship Match*: Follows the rules of whatever stipulation chosen, but the champion has the option to choose who goes 1st.
    Submission: Prediction Contest
    Ultimate Submission Match: Prediction contest that includes a PPV, Raw, & Smackdown of the same week
    Triple Threat/Fatal Four Way*: Follows the rules of the normal match type, except their are 3 or 4 competitors.
    Handicap Match*: A promo battle where opposing sides are uneven in competitors.
    Gauntlet Match*: One on one singles matches until all challengers are defeated or one is victorious over the one who is competing in the match
    Battle Royal*: Promo match that can have an unlimited amount of competitors
    Extreme Rules/Hardcore/Street Fight/No Holds Barred: Promo battle where pictures, video, and live stream is allowed.
    Iron Man Match*: 2 straight hours of unlimited promos
    2 out of 3 Falls: Competitors will have 3 separate normal matches, the winner of 2 out of the 3 will win the entire match.
    3 Stages of Hell: Competitors will have 3 separate matches with different stipulations in each, the winner of 2 out of 3 will win the entire match.

    Matches that are only used during specific PPVs
    Elimination Chamber: Six Way Promo Battle that permits pictures, video, and live stream
    Money In The Bank Match: Six Way Predictions Contest where the winner can challenge for the IWT title at any time.
    Royal Rumble: Random number drawing, same # that wins the WWE RR also is the same # that wins the IWT Rumble
    Proving Grounds Battle Royal(Summerlam & Wrestlemania): Multiman promo battle made up of participants who have signed up to the IWT in the last month.
  2. Nice thread. Very well done. The signature is a very nice touch.

    Briefcase winners like Aids Johnson and myself should get cash for winning too! :tough:
  3. Again?

    WWE Forum Username: Rhod. But I will be changing it
    Have you read the rules in full?: Nah, not really, all those colors...Just warn me if I do something wrong
    Do you accept the rules?: Youre black
  4. WWE Forum Username: Adam Aries cause Aries mark.
    Have you read the rules in full?: Aye
    Do you accept the rules?: Aye
  5. WWE Forum Username: DKJames
    Have you read the rules in full?: Yes
    Do you accept the rules?: Yes
  6. Username: Nick1698
    Have you read the rules?: Yeah
    Do you accept: yeah

    Too lazy for copy and paste
  7. WWE Forum Username: CrayJ Lee
    Have you read the rules in full?: Yes
    Do you accept the rules?: Yes
  8. Anyone who was already signed up does not have to sign up again
  9. WWE Forum Username: Forrest
    Have you read the rules in full?: Yes
    Do you accept the rules?: Yes...
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    I like the royal rumble idea... sounds cool
    WWE Forum Username: DX2006
    Have you read the rules in full?: Yes
    Do you accept the rules?: Yes
  11. WWE Forum Username: rko2004
    Have you read the rules in full?: yeah
    Do you accept the rules?: yeah
  12. I didn't see a tables match listed (in one now so I was looking).
  13. Lol oops, sorry
  14. Couldn't think of anything for it
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    But I can!
    3 promos each, 24hr limit (or 48hr), 1 image link aloud per competitor excluding entrance trons, how does that sound?

    (Yeah it's what you came up with for they're match right now lol, but I am more creative than that)
  16. In fact, here few match suggestions for you:
    Ladder Match: 3 promos, 24 hr, Videos aloud
    Chairs Match: 4 promos, 36 hr (I would of put live streams aloud but I know much ppl don't know how to do that)
    TLC Match: 3 pieces that each count as a vote,
    1. 2 promos a piece, Media aloud, public vote
    2. Predictions contest
    3 (If tied). Another promo fight with anything legal, public vote
  17. WWE Forum Username: Nanorah14
    Have you read the rules in full?: Not really, saw those colors and think that's a copy of Jonathan's rules thread.
    Do you accept the rules?: Sure thing.
  18. Just two quick things. I don't really get the Special Ref match. We vote there and the one with more votes receive a vote and the other two votes come from the other two individuals? And the second thing is. We had ladder matches where the match lasted a day but the poll started when the match began and ended when the match was over.
  19. You're correct about the 1st and i dont like that second match concept because it allows people to vote without reading promos