Storyline IWT signs new superstar Justin Magnus

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  1. Interviewer: At this time, I would like to introduce the newest superstar in IWT, signed just moments after the ending of IWT Mania, Justin Magnus!

    * Justin Magnus (wearing a full suit) enters from the right with his manager @FailFaceFTW (also wearing a full suit) *

    Interviewer: So Mr. Magnus, how do you plan to make an impact in IWT?

    * Magnus looks at the interviewer with a disgusted look while @FailFaceFTW snatches the microphone and hands it to him *

    Justin Magnus: First of all, if you ever ask me another question as ignorant as that again, I'm gonna knock your teeth out. Second of all, you don't even have the quality of an interviewer to even acknowledge someone is standing next to me, not even to mention who's standing next to me. Who's standing next to me is a one time IWT European Champion and the reason I'm standing here right now. Called him last week, and he told me that IWT needed some actual talent. Well, I called management, and here I am right now with an IWT contract to boot.

    But no offense, this isn't about who's standing next to me, this isn't about winning matches, this isn't about winning titles, this is about creating a legacy to seal the cracks in this broken company. Currently, this company is trying to seal a crack the size of the Empire State Building with some super glue. As you can metaphorically tell, that doesn't work. What does work however, is some actual talent, someone who knows how to use a legacy to cement the cracks.

    I don't bask in victories that take 45 minutes, I don't bask in winning one title, and I sure as hell don't bask in gaining a contract. That's the problem these days isn't it, people bask in what takes only minutes to accomplish. Anybody can win a match in the right conditions, anyone can lie, cheat, and steal their way into a main event. But as shown with every MITB cash-in, it can be taken away with 3 slaps of the mat. And then what, you celebrated your title win for a good 5 minutes before it was taken away because you took your guard off to bask in your arrogance.

    I don't take my mind off the game, I don't sit in the ring and celebrate one victory, and I never will. The only time I ever sit in the ring is if I'm bashing your skull in with a chair after my victory because you aren't worth anyone's time. I don't win one match, I win 5, 20, 50, 100, and the number keeps growing. I don't win one title, I win 1, 3, 5 and the list still goes on. And I don't do this through kissing the right ass to move up the ladder, I work my ass off for it.

    I am on my way to making a legacy in this company. I will go out of this company the most decorated wrestler in IWT history. Moments last a minute, legacies last forever. Don't be surprised if you see my name on the Extreme Rules card sometime soon, just expect it.

    * Magnus hands the microphone to @FailFaceFTW , who shoves it in the interviewer's face before leaving with Magnus *
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