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Who did better?

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  1. The Desperadoes

  2. Alias & Christian (Insert comedic team name here)

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match
    for the IWT Tag Team Championship!

    Midas (@Stopspot ) & Drake (@Smoke ) vs Alias Antonio (@THG? ) & Christian (@CM Punk )​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all ALLOWED!
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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  2. *After a few seconds of anticipation the arena lights start to transition into a shade of gold, and orange strobe lights begin to flash on the stage. The cameras pan in on the titantron and The Desperadoes' entrance video starts to play, their theme begins to reverberate throughout the arena's P.A system just seconds after.*

    *The two enter through the entrance way to a very positive response and they signal for their grand effects. Money and golden pyro start falling from the arena roof like rain, and two white smoke towers bellow from each side of the ramp. Midas spreads his arms out and basks in the pyro while Drake shadow-boxes inbetween the two towers. They come back together, run to the ring in unison, and pose on the turnbuckles with their titles while trying to hype up the crowd before finally settling in the center of the ring.*
    Drake: ...Ya'know, it's very very seldom when two competitors here within the IWT who were quite successful on their own come together for a common goal. The last time I can even recall that happening is with... well us! But lately, Alias Antonio and Christian have been teaming up in order to come after the titles that we currently hold, something that has alluded EVERY other team that has stood across from us! We've been the standard-bearers since the day we beat two of this company's top teams to gain these titles, and they're looking to be the first team to break the barrier that we've created. I applaud their tenacity, I really really do.

    *Wolfe slowly claps trying to be as nonchalant as possible.*

    Buuuut there's just one thing, we aren't ready to let anybody topple us! Not today, not tomorrow, not any time soon. The two of us are just as hungry as the day we came together, if not more and we are not done trying to do what we originally set out to do. We've tried to make tag team wrestling as important as singles wrestling and since we came together we have had numerous Main Events showcasing just what tag wrestling is made of. Exactly like this one right now! Although, it's been difficult to keep up the momentum of it all when everyone is scared to tangle with us. It gets to a point where they have had to come up with makeshift teams to face us. I mean, we haven't really even had a tag match recently which is just sad on the part of the competitors in the back. Even though anybody could say and have said that we made up excuses to not have a match, but if that's the case then why would WE come up with a tournament to determine a team to step up to us!?

    That's where the two of you come in on this, you outlasted some of the toughest competitors to come hang with us at the end of the road. Unfortunately for you guys... this IS THE END OF THE ROAD FOR YOU! The four of us were put through hell these past couple of shows, but you're still going to need every bit of energy you have to take us on even on our worst day.

    *Drake looks at his wrist as if he's looking at a watch, shrugs and decides to keep going.*

    I'm not one for talking about the past, but I want to be the one to get it out of the way before we hear Alias drone on and on about it. Yes, we did in-fact face each other for the World title a couple of months ago and you DID get the better of me. I will admit that you were the better man that night, but that's as far as it goes. You see, I've learned from my mistakes since then and I will do EVERYTHING in my power to walk out of this the same exact way I came in, with the tag title around my waist!

    ...Oh! And as for you Christian, I don't give a damn about what you come out here talking about how you would've had me pinned if it weren't for that referee because if it weren't for Alias I would've won when I DROPPED YOU ON YOUR FUCKING HEAD!

    *Seemingly trying to calm down Drake quietly consults with Midas before re-gaining focus one final time.*

    It doesn't matter though because at the end of the day it all comes down to which team works together the best, and while Alias may have been tag team champions with two other guys neither him nor Christian will be able to work together long enough without going at each other's throats. They'd only try to use the titles as a stepping stone instead of actually putting them to good use AND THAT'S why neither of them will leave here with the tag titles, much less make it out of The Lion's Den tonight in one piece!​
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  3. *The reknowned theme song begins to resound throughout the arena as Alias Antonio makes his way out on stage, resulting in a decent pop. He crouches down on the stage and bowls up fists, then abruptly gets up as pyro goes off in the background. Alias lets out a roar and rushes down to the ring. Once in the ring, he approaches Midas and goes face to face him, not showing any signs of intimidation. They both intensely stare at eachother until Alias grabs the mic from Drake.*

    First things first. Like the real legend, real professional and real sportsman I am, I have no problem in congratulating you Midas for your victory over me last month. It ain't easy competing in two grueling matches in one night, but real legends like myself have to go through the trials and tribulations that this business so graciously bestows upon us to uphold your legend status. Some result in hardship, some result in fortune. But most importantly, either way, we learn. We evolve. We learn and we evolve to adapt. We adapt to become bigger and better. We get bigger and better to become real legends. And that's just what I am doing. I learn something from absolutely every match I fight in, yes, even our match Andrew, because every match is a piece of history in the road to becoming that legend. I've matured over this past year, I've ameliorated my strengths, and abolished my weaknesses. And the Alias you see standing right here right now is the best Alias you could possibly imagine, weeks before my IWT Title match at the Rumble.

    But in no way am I minimizing the significance of this match. This is almost as important as anything in my career. My tag days were some of the most fun I've ever had here and being able to recreate that again now with what I've become since then is a much more rewarding process, especially when you get the chance to WIN the tag belts. You see, me and Christian don't need to have synchronized entrances to show our chemistry, we don't need matching attires or shitty mouthpieces to show our togetherness. Just give us a time and place for a fight and we'll be there to kick your ass, that's all we need. And we've proved just that in the Tag Tournament.

    Now, when you talk about how you guys won those championships, it slighty bewilders me how you guys actually take pride in defeating The Order and the Dazzling Chavs. I hate to say it, wait, no I actually don't. I SINGLE-HANDEDLY carried The Order's momentum and now they're both dead, literally and figuratively. And Dazzling Chavs? Talk about overrated. Two guys who couldn't make it in the singles division even if they have the fucking Money In The Bank contract. Nothing special as a tag team either, matter of fact, we destroyed them as a tag team.

    Then you ramble on about how you guys are the standard bearers and how you TRY to keep tag team wrestling as interesting as singles wrestling, but the fact of the matter simply CAN'T. Both of your nimwit minds are too focused on the singles division, although both on completely different sides of the spectrum. I mean on one hand, you've got Midas being a great European champion, and then on the other hand, you've got Drake constantly TRYING his best to do something on his own but man, the best he could do was get a cheap victory over Roadster. You talk of Christian and I imploding sooner rather than later but it must be hard to stomach the fact that Midas is simply better than you and carrying the workload of the team on his shoulders. No wonder he's never in 100% shape.

    I though, I know for a fact that I could make this tag division as prestigious as it's ever been whilst being the goddamn best singles competitor in IWT history. That's what LEGENDS do.

    But all things said, none of us will be in 100% after this match. TLC, as grueling as can be, all out war. Desperadoes vs. Christian and Alias. Tag Titles on the line.

    You can expect all my tender loving care for this one, folks.
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  4. The only one who is overrated here is you, Alias. You claim to be the savior of pro wrestling, and you seem to think, that you are the most talked about person to ever sit his foot in this company, with triumphant reigns with titles and glorious victories....But all you will be remembered as is the biggest crybaby this company has ever seen. And that's saying something in a company that has housed Frank the Jock, Aids Johnson and Unknown all within the same time period. You sir do take the cake!

    And then you talk about, and insinuate that me and Drake aren't in sync. About how on one end one of us is successful in singles forays, while the other one is not. Well old chap, when you have a partnership like ours: You do not need to think about being in sync, you just are. We're like water, constantly flowing. And it seems like once again you are stepping out into too deep water and are about to be swept away by the current. Because I don't see any floaters on your arms Alias, and we both know you can't swim.

    As for your tender love and care, I don't want it. I want the best and worst you've got at the same time! I want the nitty gritty, I want the most painful, the most destructive. You are right about the danger that this environment presents, but I still see that arrogance and contempt in your eyes, like you think that you are better than this, like you are better than this match, than this company. That you are better than me.... And we all know Alias, that unless you find some way to cheat, you simply aren't better than me. But this environment should prove an even playing field should it not? So come on bad boy. Give us all you've got!
  5. As Midas finishes his sentence, Christian's music hits the arena.

    As the lights flicker yellow in the arena, Christian comes out on stage carrying what seems to be a big red bag. He smirks and continues his way down the ramp and slides into the ring. He goes by Alias's corner, pats him on the shoulder, followed by posing on top of the turnbuckle before averting his attention to The Desperadoes and Alias.

    Christian: First off, I want to apologize to you Alias for not making the Christmas party a few weeks back. You know how much I dislike that drunk, Aids, and I don't want a repeat of last year on seeing him flirt with Frank the Jock. Speaking of Christmas, you two...

    Christian pulls out the replica IWT/World Heavyweight Championship title out of the red bag and hands the IWT Championship over to Alias.

    Christian: I want to personally thank you for giving us these precious gifts that remind us that we were both former IWT and World Heavyweight Champion! It reminds us that we've made it, that we've grabbed that brass ring, that we were top in the world. And seeing this makes us want these replicas to become a reality! Now I know we didn't give you two a gift for Christmas and I think you gave us something that we didn't need? So here...

    Christian throws over the red bag at The Desperadoes. Drake picks up the bag and pulls out two replica IWT Tag-Team Championship belts.

    Christian: Yeah, I don't think we'll need that. Tonight we're walking out with the real thing to become tag-team champions, once again! As for myself, I'm no stranger to a ladder based match. Matter of fact, a couple of months ago at Wrestlemania 2, I defeated Jwab Atom in a ladder match with ease. And since history seems to repeat itself, it won't be difficult for me! Speaking of history, how you doing Midas? How is it that a man who has been here from day one, still hasn't won the big one? I mean, congratulations on defeating my partner Alias for your European Championship last month, everyone lets hear it for your European Champion, Midas!

    The crowd gives off a mild pop

    Christian: Exactly my point. No one cares about the European Champion or it might just be that no one cares about you. I mean you had a chance for the World Heavyweight Championship against me at the very first Wrestlemania. But you came up short like always. You had a chance to gain revenge on me for that night at Survivor Series. But once again, you came up short. So is this what you have to do to stay relevant? Result in making childish jokes, chasing mid-card titles and taking pride in that? You're pathetic!

    And speaking of pathetic, I know I've said that a lot, we have your partner Drake over here! Drake you're pretty confident you had me beat the last time we came face to face, but don't be fooling yourself into thinking that. It doesn't take an idiot to figure out that I had that match won, the crowd even counted up to 3! And even though that match ended in a no-contest, you know I'll have fun ripping you apart tonight. See this is a different type of match. We've got Tables, we've got Ladders and we've got Chairs with the tag-team championship hoisted 15 feet above the ring. And as much as I would like to beat you two for the tag-team championships... I think the biggest joy I'll have tonight, is beating you both senseless...

  6. Another round or voting already? @Stopspot
  7. Another round we goooooo, I'll get started now.
  8. *Seemingly displeased Drake tosses the replica belt and rolls out of the ring. He looks under the apron and starts to pull out a chair wrapped in a big red bow, but still not satisfied he places it back underneath the apron and re-enters the ring. Drake makes his way back beside Midas and borrows his microphone but doesn't start to talk yet. Instead, he reaches into his boot and smiles as he pulls out a railroad spike.*

    This wasn't apart of the match, but I think we need to put emphasis on our points. You see, this spike represents us. When you put it to use it holds the track in its place, just like we've held the sport of tag team wrestling together for this past year. Without us it would still be seen as a pit of despair that the likes of Adam and Nano used to rule over. However, when the spike is used by itself it's a weapon that's very very lethal. Which we pretty much are in-between these ropes. As a unit we've yet to find someone to actually provide us with a true challenge, no matter how much trash has been said or what has gone on we've always got the job done. Always.

    It's funny that you should mention the word legend though, Alias. Legends leave an everlasting legacy that will always be remembered. What has been your legacy so far, huh? Sure, you've won a couple of titles here and there and have lead a team to Survivor Series, but that's not what you will be remembered for. No, it all depends on the outcome of your Rumble match. You win, you'll be remembered as the man who went through heartbreak to triumph. If you lose though, you'll always be remembered as the man who should've succeeded the first AND second generation of wrestlers to be in your own echelon, but didn't. It'll always eat you up till you just can't take it anymore. And where will you go after that? Will you retry your hand at the European title, or will you just go on to become another Aids? Returning every couple of months in hoping to regain any relevance you once had.

    Speaking of legends though, here we have Christian. A man who used to have it all, but had everything taken away from him. Ever since then you just haven't been the same, no. From trying to bring back the World title to having it stripped because of a substance abuse, to teaming with the likes of Michael and Anonymous, to being THE most lackluster turncoat for Survivor Series, to right here. And your downward spiral continues, not even your partner can save what's left of your career because all of it ends tonight!
  9. Christian starts walking back and forth whilst holding his microphone and pointing at Drake.

    Christian: So typical of you, that's so typical of you! You wanna talk about myself who lost it all? Maybe I did lose it all, maybe I did do substance abuse, maybe I am not the same, but who in the hell are you to tell me that? In the year of 2014, Christian was undefeated! So to say that I'm not the same... heh...

    Well you're right. I'm not the same...

    I AM BETTER! I am better and If you've seen what I've done in 2013 and 2014, just wait and see what I do this year! 2015 is the year of Christian and all of that starts tonight! And the first thing I'm going to do, is take that tag-team championship of yours! I'm surprised that so much trash talk is coming from someone who did so little in this company. We raised the bar, while you and Midas lowered it. See you talk down on me from your perspective and that's cool and all, since you're a legally blind man. But you should know who I am and who you're talking to. The Desperadoes will be remembered BUT... will they be remembered on the likes of The Cure? Will the be remembered on the likes of The Church? Will they be remembered in the likes of The Order? Will they be remembered on the likes of Christian and Alias? Face it, you two couldn't hack it to be World Championship material, that's why you decided to go after the tag-team championship.

    MIDAS, how is it that a guy like Gav has won the IWT Championship and you still haven't? A guy, who both I and Alias conquered a few months ago while he was still champion? I mean, you've been in this business from the start, anyone in their right mind would expect you to get your time to shine? For a guy who has been competing consistently, you haven't created much of an impact here in the IWT. You know, you're exactly like Drake, that's why you two are perfect for each other! You'll always have to be on someone's side to stay relevant. Whether it be Drake or even Eric Draven, it makes no difference. You were never cut out to be a star in this business, just a B plus act!

    The biggest difference between The Desperadoes and myself and Alias, is that we aim big. We see gold on the top of the tower and we'll go after it. You guys on the other hand, will be fine with getting something within your reach. And right now, we see gold...

    Christian and Alias look up above the ring and see the Tag-Team Championships hanging

    Christian: And we're climbing and coming after it!

    Christian throws the microphone out of the ring and prepares for the match to begin
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  10. Okay, okay. That's enough out of the two of you. This has been fun and all, but this little stairway to heaven ends right now.

    You two are forgetting one crucial thing in this match. One key factor. Experience as a duo. This'll be your fourth match or something teaming together am I right? Drake and I have over a year of experience as a team. And we are in sync. We know where we have each other. When I step into this ring, I bring a brother, a confidant, a best friend. He is more than just a partner for me. But can you two say the same? And I mean truly say the same. What's to say that Christian won't stab you in the back once this is over, Alias? Or vice versa? We all know it wouldn't be the first time you betrayed someone?

    Tick tock the clock is ticking, time for the two of you to take your medicine and shut the hell up. Now climb that ladder so we can push you off of them and right back down to the bottom where the two of you belong!

    OOC: Sorry ofr the wait guys, I've been sick with a cold and had some work stuff to get caught up on. Let the voting commence!
  11. *Alias walks over to Midas and silences him.*

    Hush you little pathetic boy, we're not done just yet.

    You know as well as I do, that I CAN swim. I've swam myself out of every single predicament I've been in, and I've clawed and scratched to get back to the top of the mountain like I so eloquently alluded to a couple of weeks ago. On the other hand, with you two Desperadoes, I simply cannot say the same. I mean, how many times have you taken a sabbatical from this company Midas after failing to elevate your status within this company time and time again? How many times have both of you gone through name changes? Are you two that insecure, that DESPERATE? I've been here every single FUCKING day for the period of past two years without taking a single break, and you two, especially you two, are going to try and contravene that I'm not a LEGEND? I don't say it to be brash, or cocky, or dauntless, or arrogant, I'm just a REALIST who is willing to do some introspection and recognize my own flaws but who is also not afraid to recognize my own grandeur. I've earned every single right to be called a legend and I'm damn proud of it. And you know what Andrew, since you were kind enough to bring it up, regardless of whatever happens tonight or at the Rumble, I will still be remembered as a BIGGER legend than you two chumps. I've etched my legacy here already a long time ago, can the same be said about you two? PROVE ME WRONG.

    I will not betray Christian because he is not a selfish prick like Joey Bryant. I had my reasons, ALL OF THEM for doing what I did last year to the Second Generation, funnily enough, in your match last year. And it's also funny how we're in the same ring once again just weeks before I enter the final chapter of the Joey/Alias saga. What's even funnier, you see, is that Christian and I will climb up that ladder, GRAB those tag titles, then I'll enter the Royal Rumble, win the IWT Title in the Hell In A Cell match, then Christian will win the Royal Rumble and we'll have a classic Mania main event. The stars have aligned for the legends. But the fuel for your rocket ship on top of the IWT is seriously in critical condition, and I'm afraid you cannot do anything about it to impede it from crashing down.

    You may be the spike, but you're just decaying by the utmost second. We're the scraping knife and we're ready to scrap the dirt off you two have left in the tracks of the tag division. But first off, we've got to get rid off the scrubs who started all this.

    Legends.....last forever.

    *Alias smirks, then takes out Midas with the microphone as the bell rings.*

    @Delik voting
  12. Actually, we're just doing the simple voting method. So @Stopspot whenever you're ready.
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  13. In case you're a bit behind, voting is open
  14. Congrats @THG? and @CM Punk, if anyone were to dethrone us I couldn't think of anyone better.
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  15. Thanks man. Good match!
  16. Thanks, brother. THG? Wanna right the finish? I have some ideas we can do during the matCh.
  17. yeah, that was my plan. i've got some ideas but send me yours so i can work with them.
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    *The bell rings as Alias smashes Midas with the microphone, and an all out brawl begins to break out with Andrew and Christian going to the outside, and Midas fighting back against Alias. On the outside, Christian begins slapping Andrew, but Andrew ducks one and pushes him against the steel post. Inside the ring, Midas is hitting Alias with some gut shots. He irish whips him and goes for a lariat but Alias ducks and runs to the other side, hitting a TOPE SUICIDA on Andrew to the outside. Alias is pumped and taunts Andrew, but Midas crawls out the ring, and smashes Alias with a devastating lariat to the back of the head. Midas then grabs a chair from under the ring and starts hitting Alias with it. Christian gets up, but gets hit with the chair too. Andrew goes to the other side and grabs another chair. He comes back, and they collectively bring up Christian and sandwich him with steel chair shots! They pick up Alias and do the same. The champs are under control here....

    *15 minute mark*

    The brutal matchup is beginning to take a toll on all competitors as Christian and Andrew gingerly crawl up the ladder. Alias and Midas though, go to each side and German Suplex their respective opponent off of the ladder! Christian and Andrew are sent to the outside where a table is set against the barricade. Back in the ring, Alias is hitting Midas with various forearms, but Midas shrugs them off and spits in Alias' face. Alias then goes for a headbutt, but Midas PUNCHES him with a closed fist, knocking him down! Midas takes rest. Back on the outside, Christian is back up and has Andrew in a powerslam position, looking to powerslam him through the table, Andrew escapes from behind, and turns Christian around, aiming to hit the Decapitator, but Christian ducks that, takes a run, and HITS A BRUTAL SPEAR TO ANDREW THROUGH THE TABLE. He then runs back inside the ring, but Midas stops him in his tracks, hitting a Belly to Belly suplex to Christian to the ladder in the corner. Everyone is down again.

    Midas is slowly climbing up the ladder, but so is Alias. Andrew is starting to get back up and brings a ladder in from outside, he places it next to it. Andrew beings to climb it up, as well as Christian. All men are on top of two ladders, slugging it out. Midas and Alias exchange chops, Chistian and Andrew exchange slaps. But suddenly, Alias manages to high kick Midas, knocking him off of the ladder. Christian then slaps the literal shit out of Andrew and positions him for the Killswitch off of the ladder, but wait....Alias is stood on top of the one next to it. No WAY! Alias jumps from it and connects to the back of Andrew with the Double Foot stomp, as Christian comes down hitting the Killswitch off of the ladder, planting Andrew flat on his face, THE CROWD IS GOING APE SHIT AS ALL MEN ARE BASICALLY DEAD. The ring is a battlefield right now.

    After at least a minute, Christian gets up and climbs the turnbuckle, aiming to hit the Frog Splash on Andrew, he jumps! But Andrew catches him with the Triangle Choke! He's not got it fully locked in though as he's half-stood up, so Midas from behind, grabs Christian's waist and hits a German Suplex against the leaning ladder! Andrew seizes the moment and tries his best to quickly climb up the ladder, as Midas tries to protect. He's got it within his reach, but Alias springboards from the apron and manages to dropkick him off of it. Midas grabs a chair and charges for Alias, Alias ducks, and Midas quickly passes the chair over to Andrew, who quickly got up. Alias charges towards Midas but Midas NAILS him with a headbutt, turning him around as Andrew throws the chair to him, DECAPITATOR to the steel chair against Alias' skull. That sets up for the Cobra Clutch Backbreaker from behind as Midas attempts to sync it in, but as he tries, Christian comes from behind and SWIFTLY HITS THE KILLSWITCH on MIDAS! Andrew then tries and hit the Decapitator again on a groggy Alias, but he ducks and it hits Christian instead! Andrew turns around AND ALIAS HITS HIM WITH A KILLER DISCUS LARIAT! MOVE AFTER DAMN MOVE!

    Alias, nearly lifeless, slides out of the ring, and grabs one more table, and sets it up just opposite the ring. He slides back in, and tries slingshotting Andrew over the ropes to the table, but Andrew hangs on the ropes and stays on the apron, but is quickly nailed with a DISCUS ELBOW FROM ALIAS! He's still on the apron though, so Alias springboards from inside the ring to the outside, hanging on Andrew's legs, trying to hit a powerbomb but Andrew STILL manages to hang on! THAT IS UNTIL CHRISTIAN COMES CHARGING WITH A SPEAR THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE, AIDING ALIAS WITH A POWERBOMB/SPEAR COMBO THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE!!!!!! Christian carefully crawls back into the ring, but Midas goes charging towards him. Christian pulls the rope though and Midas goes up and over to the outside. Christian is in a daze as he's the only one in the ring and has the chance to grab the titles. The crowd are going insane. CHRISTIAN CLIMBS! He's at the top! WAIT! HE STANDS UP, AND HITS A FROG SPLASH FROM THE LADDER INSIDE THE RING TO ALL THE MEN OUTSIDE THE RING!!!1111!!1!11!!11


    Medics are checking on all of them, and although the Desperadoes insist on carrying on it seems as they're carrying Alias and Christian away.

    The Desperadoes don't like this so they walk up the ramp to prevent it. Little did they know, that Alias and Christian wanted to carry on too, basically fooling them. So they abruptly exit the stretchers and push them with all force against the unaware Desperadoes. Alias picks Midas up, and HITS A PSYCHO DRIVER ON THE STEEL RAMP, AS CHRISTIAN RISKS IT ALL AGAIN AND SPEARS ANDREW OFF OF THE STAGE! Alias, with all left in him, enters the ring, climbs the ladder. Takes a few seconds to concentrate, then grabs the titles as A HUGE MIXED REACTION is heard. NEW CHAMPS! Alias is a 3 time tag team champion! What A MATCH!

    Alias climbs back down, and sits against the turnbuckle, observing the aftermath, and holding the titles, as Christian gradually comes back to the ring. Alias gets up and hugs Christian, handing him his tag title as they pose. No one can believe what has just happened.*
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  19. *Ahem* I could.......
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