Storyline IWT Slammys - 2 out of 3 falls match!

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is a 2 out of 3 falls match, where the loser leaves IWT FOREVER!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 1 promo limit per FALL.
    -The first fall is a normal promo match.
    -The second fall is a video promo match.
    -The third fall is a normal promo OR a video promo match.
    Once all 3 falls have occured, @MrSackfist, @Nano and
    @Senhor Perfect will determine the winner using the
    'ACW' voting method.
    -The loser will be banished from IWT forever.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


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    Dat Kid comes on the titantron.

    That's cute Nano, but you're forgetting one thing. This isn't ACW, this is the IWT and the people have a right to hear every damn thing I have to say. This could be my very last match here in the IWT, so if it is, it's not gonna be done behind some closed door. You are going to see me promo LIVE, right here in tonight's main event, because I was, I am, and always will be the MAIN EVENT! You say the 2nd man in has the advantage? Well I don't need an advantage to kick Frank The Jock's ass up and down this entire arena. Frank, you bring your raggedy ass down that ramp for the very last time, so I can sacrifice your corpse in the name of your lord and savior Jersey Christ. Amen

    Dat Kid leaves the interview area and the cameras follow him backstage.
    0:00 The Datcolytes bring out a picture of Frank The Jock and hold it at the stage. 0:25 Flower pedals begin to fall from the from the ceiling of the arena.
    Commentator 1: This is certainly a bigger entrance than usual from Dat Kid. You've got to wonder if this is his swan song.
    Commentator 2: Swan Song? Are you kidding me? Dat Kid has been waiting an entire year to bury Frank The Jock. This is going to be the greatest burial of a lll time. That's why there's so much fanfare.
    0:38 Dat Kid rips the picture of Frank The Jock in half with his cane from behind.

    Dat Kid's concubines line up by the ring and Kid steps on them to enter. The crowd has a mixed reaction towards him. Kid stands in the middle of the ring and looks around at the crowd. Kid raises his cane high in the air to an even louder mixed reaction. "Thank you Kid" chants begin to break out.

    I'm going to assume the "Thank You Kid" chants are for what I'm about to do to Frank The Jock here tonight because there isn't a chance in the world Frank has of beating me. There hasn't been a more obvious outcome for a main event in the history of the IWT. This isn't a competitive match, this is going to be a straight up slaughter! Frank The Jock we both know you won't win tonight. You can't beat me in a normal match, but you are so STUPID for picking a No Holds Barred Match for the second fall, a match that I specialize in! A match that I made famous back when I was saving tacos in FNW. Hello Sackfist, how are you?

    I'm not here to talk about me. I've been talking about me for a very long time. I have an entire church dedicated to me! Tonight it's all about YOU Frank. Tonight is your night. Let's face it, the only reason I'm in the main event tonight is because of YOU! These people came here to see you. The most overrated piece of crap in the history of the IWT. For months I've watched you weasel your into the IWT main event scene, while people who are twice as talented as you get put on the back burner! People like Farooq, who's been here as long as any of us and got put on the sideline for you! People like Danielson, who's not even on the card tonight! At first your sins to professional wrestling were thought of as funny, but the joke is OVER and the only thing left for you is one fact! That fact is, even on your best day, your backyard wrestling bullshit doesn't deserve to be here in the IWT.

    You people look at me, like I'm a disgrace when I come out here and say I'm god. I look at the so called competitors in the locker room and it's hard for me not to think that. There isn't a damn person in that locker room right now who can come out here and beat me in a one on one. I lost for the first time in months earlier today and it took two men to do it and they barely got the job done! So when I come out here and I say I'm god, you people better get on your fucking knees and pray! You better pray for forgiveness for turning your backs on me! I was nominated a shitload of awards tonight and I didn't win a damn one and I blame every single one of you! Each and every one of you turned your backs on me! You've turned your backs on me since day one, when you let Frank The Missing Chromosome Jackass win the IWT Championship by supporting him! Each and every one of you ware all sinners against God and each and every one of you have got their special place in hell!

    Now I've been getting messages and people coming up to me all week saying "You better not lose to Gohan", "I hope you're ready", "This could be your last match". All I'm hearing is bunch of blasphemy from nonbelievers and just like the idiots out here tonight, all of you will feel the wrath of God come down upon thy asses! I am an in PEAK condition, like the god I am! So Gohan, I know we got another fall right after this one, so let's not waste any time. Bring your retarded ass down to the ring, so I can get the first fall without even breaking a sweat.

    Dat Kid sits on the 2nd rope and holds it open as he waits for Gohan
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  3. *FTJ comes out to his usual theme song accompanied by two hot chicks, he makes his walk to the ring. When the announcer is done announcing him, he kicks his ass, gets his mic and his speech begins*

    "Kid, Kid... Just turn your ego off for some time, stop playing around and listen closely to me because what I'm going to say is nothing but the truth. I don't want to get you bored but it seems you're now perfect because you created a new religion and you're its God, so if you are that perfect, answer my question, why are you so unsuccessful? Why do you leave and come back so often? And why do you do that when you're the top man? You retired when we were facing on a triple threat match involving Jacob as well, a rookie who wanted it all but couldn't get the win because he had zero experience in the ring. Then I don't know what happened, but at the very last second, you appeared in the match and when I had all the job done and was about to pin the weak link, you appeared outta nowhere and pinned me. You also said if you win the title, you'd burn it but instead you decided to keep it just because you became a top guy... Then you lost the title to Rodrigo if I remember correctly, and when Britta was fired as GM for not taking care of the business you became the new GM... Once again you left, but instead of retiring, you just left alleging Jonathan made it look like a job... What were you expecting it to be? A place where you could just lay on the couch and have nap after nap? Right after that, you created your own company which failed and had to be bought by IWT... Then you begged for a job back in here but you couldn't get it so you decided to join some of the guys who left with you and made an alliance to get your jobs back and hell, you did it, you got your jobs back, congratulations! And then I return for the anniversary show to the company where I was raised as a wrestler and you just challenged me the slammys... Winner stays and loser leaves for good... You are what I wanted you to be."

    *FTJ stops for a minute and smirks while crowd boos and some "he buried you" chants are heard softly*

    "You can come out and bury me, bury my pictures, say how shitty I am as much as you want, but that doesn't change the fact that you're jealous. Yes, and I'm not kidding, you're jealous of me. I was the first ever IWT WWE Heavyweight Champion and that irritates you. You know it, I know it, and damn, this fools out here could even see it! That's why you came out here saying I was an undeserving champion, because you were jealous. You allege I never gave you a shot at the title, but I gave you an opportunity to get the shot, but as you failed, it doesn't seem you wanted to remember that so you just told to the world the story which could've made you look better... I know what you said some minutes ago, during D'Z and Aids' match, you said you will step on me like if I was a piece of shit, but you know what? It won't be that easy. The reason I left this company is because of the management and the paper wrestlers who couldn't put a match against a real wrestler as the GREAT FTJ! That's why I left to a company which has real wrestlers and now I'm back here stronger than ever, so what makes you think a paper wrestler like you is going to survive to a 2 out of 3 falls match against a man? I will bend you until you can't even breathe, then I'll pin you, one two three and then the second fall will come."

    *Crowd boos. FTJ tells them to shut their mouth up but crowd boos louder and louder when suddenly, FTJ yells "I'm not done yet, you want me to leave this ring and make this match end in a no contest? Kid wouldn't be gone for good, neither will I. Is that what you want?" and the only thing you could here was the silence. One minute later, FTJ continues his speech*

    "Thanks Kid for challenging me because you gave me the opportunity to prove you wrong once again. Don't you remember when I powerbombed you on the ramp? I do and that was just a taste of how good I am. You've got no way out. The third fall won't be needed because it will all end at the second promo when I break every single one of your bones, when I see your blood come out from your body, when I see the pain in your eyes. Tonight you won't leave the ring because you want me to leave for good, but you picked the wrong opponent. The best has no competition, doesn't matter if you are a beast, a God wannabe or whatever you are because I have proved during my time in this company that I am the best, but due to bad management I got screwed so many times I can't even count them. They've screwed me more times than inches has Farooq's TV when he left the IWT to become a Hollywood superstar. But I'm here to get rid of you forever. Tonight, IWT won't have one less member, but two, because I'm still under contract with another company... I live my life and tell the truth every single time I step into this ring, while you... Well, you just tell what you imagined was the truth. You can be JerseyChrist, but you aren't bigger than FTJ, and in the bottom of you heart, it hurts you that you can't defeat me. You, Kid, had it all once and decided to get something more and right after that you always lost your prestige, this time you wanted me, but this time you won't lose your prestige because I will take it away from you."

    *FTJ drops the mic and goes to the back to get ready for the second fall as the judges pick who won the first fall.*
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  6. For the record, you aren't the longest reigning champion of any title. CM Punk is the longest reigning World title holder.
  7. Fall One:

    Nano's vote:

    Name - Relevance, Originality, In-Character, Detail - Total Score

    FTJ - 4.5, 2, 8, 8 - 5.625
    Dat Kid From Jersey
    - 5, 2, 8, 7.5 - 5.625
    Note: Nano did put 8.5 in character and 9 detail for FTJ. I've reduced it to 8 (the maximum) as per the rules.
    Note: Nano did put 9 in character for DKFJ. I've reduced it to 8 (the maximum) as per the rules.

    Senhor Perfect's vote:
    Name - Relevance, Originality, In-Character, Detail - Total Score

    Kid: 7, 6, 8, 8 - 7.25
    : 8, 7, 8, 8 - 7.75

    MrSackfist's vote:

    Dat Kid Promo
    : Relevence: 8 : In-Character: 8 : Detail: 7.2 : Originality: 8 - Total: 7.8

    Note: MrSackfist did put 9.3 for relevance, 10 for in-character and 8.4 for originality for Dat Kid. I've reduced it to 8 (the maximum) as per the rules.

    Gohan Promo: Relevence: 8 : In-Character: 8 : Detail: 5.2 : Originality: 8 - Total: 6.4

    Note: MrSackfist did put 9.3 for relevance, 10 for in-character and 8.8 for originality for FTJ. I've reduced it to 8 (the maximum) as per the rules.

    The margin for Nano's vote is equal, the margin for Senhor vote is +0.5 to Gohan, the margin for Sackfist's vote is +1.4 to Dat Kid, therefore, the winner of the first fall, Dat Kid!
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  8. not counting world title i was taking about wwe title which is different.
  9. this is bullshit
  10. lol, Britannica = Brianna
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  11. Did you green screen that shit even? Nice
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  12. Yea whoever taught him to edit may have cost him this fall. I couldn't enjoy it with every 2 seconds being spliced together.

    And as long as I'm being critical, obviously Dat Kid put together the superior promo, amazing idea and a great start, but it sort of dragged on and his Gohan impression slowly started to bleed into less Gohan and more just retarded homeless guy. The build to the poems was great, but the poems themselves weren't all that funny.

    Anyhow, 2 falls to none, Gohan flopped on the video promo and we all go home happy. Goodnight everybody

    (even though I really thought Gohan should have picked up the first fall, shockingly)
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  13. I did like the crowd edits he put in, but like you said, every couple of seconds he was jumping from one spot to the next. I was hoping for more from Dat Kid, but it was pretty funny. Dat last poem lol
  14. Dat Kid had me rolling with the impression initially but he sort of lost the impression as it went on. And the poems just lacked for me, idk that was probably the point, he was impersonating Gohan afterall, but they didn't have me rolling like the first part of the vid did.

    And yea, Gohan, you gotta lay off the splicing my man. Keep the editing in your back pocket for when you actually need it like when you mispseak or something, fshit.
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  15. I don't think I realized he was imitating Gohan vocally at first, but I got the idea eventually. Haven't heard enough of his videos yet I guess (and never will if this goes down as you predicted D'Z). I still want to hear DKFJ's regular voice. Played on xbox with him once and I got the feeling he was doing a voice while we had our 2K14 match to pull my leg. Maybe I'm wrong, but still curious lol.

    EDIT: OH and pice! Whatever the fuck that means
  16. *BOLD SHIT
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  17. The final mark we gave you was the final score. Gohan would've won this fall if it was with the original system. You shouldn't have done what you did because it doesn't fit with the real mark... You should've multiplied our (not Senhor's) marks by 0.8 so they as we voted... And by the way, learn maths because Gohan would've tied with Kid......


    EDIT: With the real marks, Gohan would've won the first fall...
  18. lol this match is a clusterfucked fuckmess
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  19. What decision was reversed? Lol, i still have 0 idea on the Vince reversing the decision of Rock vs Austion being the same as FTJ jobbing to Senhor? I literally cannot wait until he sees Sack voted From way higher, the rage in ACW will be amazing. Oh well, Congrats From, you got a win at this PPV.

    Holy cow 7 threads deleted :haha:
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