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Who sucked each other off harder?

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  1. D'Z bro

  2. Aids bro

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. The lights dim, and a giant blast of pyro comes from the ceiling down to the ramp, as Aids titantron hits and the crowd pops loudly

    Aids walks out neither smiling nor frowning, holding his arms up in an obligatory fashion before walking down to the ring. he gives no fives, instead throwing out cure dvds to the crowd and taking pats on the shoulder as he makes his way to the ring. Aids walks up the stairs, before hitting both corners holding his title the crowd continues to pops loudly. He hands his belt over to the ref, taking the microphone from him.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the IWT is proud to bring to you one of the greatest rivalries in smark history, the independent circuits largest name, Dolph's Ziggler, battles the man formerly known as Aids Johnson! *The crowd pops and chants "We want Aids" as Champ grins, laughing even before resuming his talk.* You see, ladies and gentlemen tonight is a very special night. "Why didn't you use your champions advantage?" some people will say. Well, it's simple. This crowd needs to get LOUD for the biggest match on this card, the beginning of what will be the greatest rivalry of 2014, and it doesnt matter if i come out first or second to me, I am the champion, and i need no advantages.

    Now you all know who I am. I am the three time IWT champion, the IWT competitor of the year, and I will soon be the longest reigning champion in company history. But what do you know about D to the Z? We have a history, some of the most brutal matches in the history of the independent circuits have involved him and myself, both as competitors as well as partners. He has already been compared to one of the all time greats where he came from, earning him a pretty lucrative contract here, that you will all find out he is well deserving of. But enough about us, i'm out here first to help everyone understand what has been going on in my life, before i have to spend my time defending myself, and pointing out the weaknesses of one of my best friends.

    Things in my life have been tough lately. It seems the "haters gonna hate" rule has been followed to a T in this company so far. I have been accused of "clasping" onto people, clinging to them in hopes of staying relevant, when we all know who the most relevant mother fucker in IWT history is, and he is standing in this ring SPEAKING TO YOU NOW! *Crowd continues to pop and chants "we love aids" once again. Victoria Parker *crowd boos loudly* has broken out, and I have already heard rumors in the back that she is the chosen one to dethrone me. Me, the one who put her down twice. Me, the man who has defeated Joey Bryant twice and removing the title of "Paper champion." Me, the Main Event of the IWT.....and it honestly makes me reconsider all that i've done for this company and the stars in back who support me. Hell, i even question whether the fans will stay behind me if things don't go my way tonight, or even at the Royal Rumble.

    You all can sit in the back and tell me i grasped onto Dolph's for a main event, but the truth is i could have main-evented with Alias *small pop* I could have given Joey another shot *larger pop* Hell i could have recalled Sackfist out of retirement and we could have had the rematch he dreams about! BUT the truth it...i did it out of greed. You think my former brother Dolph's needs to build his way to the top of this card? You think he has to go through the "Unknown," the Kaisers, or the David's of this company to get ahead? No, he deserves better, in the same way I deserve better than you all sitting around watching in the back. Everyone wants a shot at the champion, but lets just face it, there is only one opponent worthy of my time tonight, and he isn't another flash in the pan like the locker rooms hero....Incognito. He won't run the first time I run over him. Incognito, I know you're sitting at home watching this, and i'm glad you know better than returning, because I stunned the world once with my victory over you, and we both know the second time around would be no different.

    Now enough about the has-beens and never-will-be's of this company, it's time my opponent got out here and we started this party. Figger!
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  3. *Alias is in the medics, getting stitches from the cut Nick caused in their match earlier, whilst watching the match*

    Yet another name drop? Damn I must be getting popular.....

    *Alias quietly marks out*
  4. An eerie hush overcomes the crowd in anticipation for the arrival of D'Z

    As the theme begins fans remain quiet, sans a few sparse boos. Dolph's steps onto the ramp wearing a flyboy sweater, his Justin Bieber hairdo drawing the envy of every man, woman and child in attendance. One bitterly jealous fan screams "GO HOME ZACK MORRIS, YOU FAGGOT".

    D'Z ignores the haters and quickly makes his way into the ring, snatching the microphone from the refs hand while blowing a snot rocket in his direction.
    Eat shit, dick head. Out of the ring, there's no need for you in this one.
    D'Z holds the middle rope up from the bottom, signaling for the ref to exit like a lady.
    Seriously, dude, get the fuck out. I don't have all day.

    D'Z vs Aids Johnson. And its happening, not on a pay per view, folks, but here at this C-Rate event. And not even main eventing? This is pathetic even by IWT standards. That is, assuming the IWT even has standards, which, from where I am sitting they seemingly do not. A washed up dickless has-been pretending to be God.... is the stronger of the two competitors main eventing this event. Let that sink in. Don't even get me started on the Slingblade sounding halfwit he is 'competing against' either. Jesus, this 'main event' has all the makings of a shitty Judd Appatow screenplay. And you people back this as the main event? There must be some nuclear radiation leaking into the water supply at your trailer park if you think that is main event worthy.

    Because that match in comparison to what you are about to see unfold in front of you is like comparing Beethoven to Lynard Skynard.. or Edgar Allen Poe to Dr. Suess. One is for the portion of society you do not have to be ashamed to associate yourselves with, while the other only appeals to the lowest of the low or even worse... children. But of course I see all the kiddies out tonight in their Frank the Jock t shirts and hats.

    But alas, I am not here to complain about my positioning on the card, because ultimately none of this *signals around arena* matters. This company, the IWT? Second rate company that will be out of business in one year's time. All of you marks in the locker room who are glued to the monitor hanging on every word I say? Honestly hoping you all get cancer soon. That piece of shit belt that Champ carries around with him? I plan to win it simply so I can burn it to prevent anyone else from having to see the hideous eyesore.

    I am here to not only rid you all of the facade that is Champ Johnson, but to reignite the beast that lives deep inside of him.

    You See, I can tell my words have started to get through to you, Champ, but you still don't quite get it. You can hear me, now I need you to start listening. You come out rattling off your IWT awards and accolades... listen, its great that you buy into your own hype, just don't expect me to. You think your rise in popularity suddenly meant you should be handed everything? Well NUH-UH son, maybe that's how shit worked before but I can promise you things are changing.
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  5. Aids looks at Dolph's, letting the words sink in, fidgeting between looking at the ground and towards the crowd for their reinforcement. He receives none, only silence as they wait for the match to unfold before taking sides. Champ looks back to Dolph's, who is grinning at him, realizing everything he says is true and is striking Aids to the core.

    ...And people wonder why i pushed so hard for this company to bring you in. You are right, i buy into my hype, more-so than any other competitor in this company. I have spent a lonely Christmas without family, and who was there to support me? Who gave me kind words in my weakest moments? No one, not a star in the back, not the douchebag who stole my car thinking it would get to me, not even my Protoge, who is too busy caught up in himself, striking words at me hoping that I, as well as anyone in the area, will realize he is a complete fraud.

    Aids begins to pace around the ring, taking in the silence with every step, expecting cheers and some form of acceptance from the crowd...but again, receiving nothing.

    I have been in the biggest matches the IWT has had. I left this company on a high note, expecting everyone to miss the great champion, while earning a spot in a company that people only dream of. It took weeks for me to realize what I had honestly done to myself, to the fans, and to everyone in the locker room who hated me. I came back, earning a position in the MITB with the odds entirely stacked against me, and yet the locker room still shunned me. I defeated some of the best here, and I gave 100% honesty to someone i considered to be a future star in this company. Where is he now? He mistook my kindness to mean he should settle for tag team gold. Tonight, it's time i stopped with all my self-loathing and pity parties, and looked forward to the future. I could win all the awards and titles this company has to offer, and all it has and will ever do, is leave me alone on my island further from my competition

    You know better than anyone how terrible of a person I can be. I once considered you my brother, and when the chance came to sign you, i pushed and pushed, hoping you would take the offer for money, fame, or that you would sell out to these fans and anyone in the back who would realize what you were capable of. You have proven me wrong, once again. I see the error of my ways, i am just missing that final piece to really obtain my full potential, and there is a reason we have had this match.

    Aids stops and stares Dolph's in the eyes, as they exchange a heated look between former friends.

    I called you out here tonight because I deserve to lose. I have spent so much time in fear of Victoria Parker, in fear that the fans would turn their backs on me the first chance they got, and what for? What kind of man have I become? Everyone here is out for themselves, and even when I came out to be the man I thought would get me over most, i was never honest with myself or anyone here. Tonight, that changes. Tonight, I show the world what made me so great in this company, and tonight you show everyone why you are to be feared. You, the man who needs no title, a man who needs no recognition, a man much like the one I once was. I used to love the fight, to see the blood pour down over the eyes of my opponents. Barbed wire matches, Inferno matches, we have done it all...only to come to this PG organization full of emo children and pitiful whiners who believe that if they talk me down enough, they will have earned their match with me based on anger, possibly even envy.

    Well tonight, I give up on these people I give up trying to be someone I am not, and if it means i have to be called out on what a pathetic excuse for a champion I am to give me the drive that I once had, then so be it. Have at it, but realize once things have changed, they will never go back to normal. Tell it like it is.
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  6. You've finally come to terms with the realization of your shortcomings, but now what to do about it? Are you to sit here and cry about your lack of friends? We're really going to sit here and pretend you ever gave a damn about your family? Since when? Victoria Parker trying to play on your emotions should have been the first sign that she was in over her head.. but guess what? She IS actually in your head, you little bitch.

    You deserve to lose? YOU deserve to lose? Just when I think I'm on the edge of a breakthrough I completely lose all hope. What kind of pussy talk is this? The Aids I knew didn't talk in terms of who deserved what, he talked of what he wanted and he TOOK it. Any obstacle in the path was just viewed as an unfortunate bystander who had to be dealt with.

    I realize you claim to have taken this match in hopes to 'help me out' which we both know is bullshit. You know better than I that I don't need your rub, brother. This was just one last pathetic attempt by the old Champ Johnson to keep in control of things. In comes D'Z and you recognize I am the first true threat to you in this company since you debuted and it scares the shit out of you.

    But that's a good thing. Be scared. Leave your comfort zone and get back to where you once belonged. If anyone knows what a fucking killer you can be, it is me.

    We were the best of friends.


    I had your back at times when nobody else did.

    When they wanted to run you out of town, I was the only one to stick up for you.

    And how did you repay me?

    By turning on me the first opportunity you were given.

    That's right, folks, your beloved Champ Johnson was as ruthless as they come, mercilessly taking all he had learned as my best friend to break me down as a professional and as a person.

    But hey, I'm not bitter. In fact, looking back on the situation my only regret is letting you get to me before I got to you. I showed weakness and you exploited it, like any killer would.

    I'm still in awe of that killer, Aids Johnson, to this day. I don't care if he is my enemy or my ally upon returning, it is simply a return I desire to see. For it is that man, Aids Johnson, who is the only true peer of D'Z in this whole damn industry. Champ Johnson? Champ Johnson is no peer to D'Z. Champ Johnson is a weak minded bitch who is going to job to Victoria Parker if he doesn't get his shit together.
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  7. Aids turns his back to D'Z during the brotherhood part of the promo, in shame. He keeps his back to Dolph's as he listens, letting every word sink in. The final statement is enough for Aids, who turns around with a look of rage on his face. He moves quickly towards D'z, but suddenly he stops, smiling in the face of the man he once called brother.

    I can feel it. The rage i've been missing, everything i thought i had truly lost is piercing my heart with every breath i take, with every shot of adrenaline my body is pumping into me. You have done it, and i'd say thank you, but we both know that would be full of shit for me to play pretend anymore. I am the Alpha and Omega of this company, the beginning, and the only one who could ever bring this company to an end...not with weak promises or hopes from these fat, pathetic excuses of fans, not with any asshole in the locker room watching our exchange in awe of what real competitors look like. No. Tonight, the Champ leaves, and the mother fucking Champion returns.

    Aids grins up at Dolph's, who is clearly enjoying what he has accomplished tonight in the ring.

    Tonight, i give everyone a refresher course in what is truly wrong with this company. To you fat, lazy, pathetic assholes in the seats who came here to buy my cure dvd and fill my greedy pockets. To every one of you assholes who seized the opportunity to take a piss break during this match, so you could laugh and joke around at the circus that is to unfold after this party. And to you, brother. The man who has talked shit about all the competitors in the back, making a statement about their pathetic hopes and dreams, while in the same sentence announcing you will be the one who holds the IWT championship after Wrestlemania.

    The crowd begins to boo loudly, and Aids soaks in the moment, laughing louder and louder before suddenly stopping, taking a deep breath as the boos begin to turn to silence.

    Dat Kid vs Frank the Jock. Two of the dinosaurs of this company, who never really made it past their first title reign. Dat Jobber from Jersey, taking up his own mission to proclaim himself as God. I wonder, the next time a comet soars across the skies, will you and all of your asshole followers please drink the koolaid and get the fuck off of my planet? And speaking of Dinosaurs, i see Senhor and Danielson have been spending locker room space together. Senhor, the man who showed up drunk and participated in the worst match in IWT history. At least Erik Draven had the common sense to disappear after that travesty, now why don't you take your old, crippled legs and get a job at something you can actually make something of yourself in? And Danielson. You never got your shot because Dat Kid saved you. You wonder why he thinks he is a god? He saved you from the massacre that you would have faced at the hands of Aids Johnson.

    Aids walks past Dolph's, facing the entrance for the stars, and begins pointing with every name he drops.

    To all of you idiots in the Cure, who let me kick out Jwab, your friend and companion, in order to further my advancement. You think you deserved a Cure DVD without ME!? I AM THE CURE as far as all these imbred assholes are concerned. You weren't missing the last piece of the puzzle, you needed someone who could actually be a REAL champion! To all of you pathetic, whining losers who settle for the tag team tournament, who talk about how great you are after winning a match that no one will remember. It doesn't matter if you won 20-0 people, you will NEVER be half the man i am, not even with your partners combined. TO YOU JOEY BRYANT! You pathetic, whining, sniveling bitch of a man, complaining about not earning a match on the card, YOU are responsible for your failures. YOU! And you, Jonathan. You are sitting in the back with all of your cronies, people who you pay to pretend give a flying fuck about any and every word you say, knowing full well most of the changes you have made came from ideas that I suggested!

    Aids calms down, puts his hands up forming the kliq sign while D'z does the same, as they move the sign together with a quick laughter between the two.

    And to you, Victoria Parker. Nick you idiot, haven't you seen what this self-degraded bitch has done with every "man" she has ever been with!? Victoria, I know you are back there, and I want you to know that next time you pull a knife on my neck, you had better be prepared to finish the job, because we both know you have never been woman enough for Aids, and it has driven you insane. Have I covered all of you assholes backstage yet? Do i need to continue? No, the rest of you are all forgettable. I AM AIDS JOHNSON! And don't you think for a second you will ever see the soft side of the man that you once knew. Never, again.

    Aids continues to pace, devli grinned as the crowd erupts in boos, throwing garbage into the ring. Aids hands his microphone over to Dolph's, signifying this match is not over, not yet.
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  8. OOC: so this whole match was just to stroke each other off?
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  9. A pompous look of satisfaction comes across the face of D'Z
    These are the words of a man I can almost recognize as Aids Johnson
    D'Z walks closer to Aids, flashing his million dollar smile
    the words of a man who has been set free of the shackles placed upon him by the wretched heathens masquerading as his very own fans
    D'Z extends his hand out to Aids, who is hesitant to accept the gesture
    Now, Aids, this is simply a friendly temporary peace offering as I wish you good luck in disposing of Victoria Parker

    Aids accepts the handshake, and D'Z pulls him in for a hug
    I forgive you for everything
    The smile slowly fades from D'Z's face as Aids is seen mouthing 'thank you'. D'Z leans into Aids ear and whispers:
    you're welcome
    As he says the words D'Z kicks Aids in the nuts before burying him with a spike piledriver.
    Soon enough I'll take your shitty looking belt. Only then will Aidsmania truly run wild over IWT.
    D'Z lays Aids' championship belt over his unconscious body while looking down in disgust. The crowd, shocked and unsure who to boo at this point, catch their collective breath as D'Z heads up the ramp and out of view without acknowledging anyone.
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  10. hey suck my dick dude can you not read rules smh

    @Friemasterflex you suck my dick to bro plenty for both.

    haters. haters everywhere
  11. OOC: You know shit got real when Aids brought up The Cure DVD. Niggas love The Cure DVD.

    But seriously, at this point I'm not even sure if this is a match or a work. Can we even vote for this? Excluding the piledriver at the end it seemed like Aids was just burying himself and putting over Dolph's
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  12. The Smarks in the crowd sarcastically chant "We love kayfabe"
  13. It's like John Cena joining WWE and his first match being against the undertaker at raw, and getting put over.... what... the... lol
  14. OOC: Aids Johnson heel turn crushes my heart.
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  15. still marking over the taker reference, i always thought I was Cena. :jbl:
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  16. :george:Good idea with this being the co-main event, if I wanted to see two dudes jerk each other off I would've just asked Xanth for a couple of videos.
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  17. *changes channel to WCWF*
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  18. wow you are all amateurs, honestly.. The only work was agreeing that this match would be used to facilitate Aids' shift in character

    yea, we didn't exactly have the match you pussies might have been expecting, learn to cope. respect the storyline arc dick bags. you wanted one more match where we argue over who is the best that you'v seen 1,000 times already? fucking homos. getting my shovel, you are all getting buried.
  19. Thats what storyline threads are for. We want to see flame wars. Go make fun of Aids' mother before I bury you
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