Voting IWT Slammys - Forrest vs Black Jesus

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Forrest

  2. Black Jesus

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. @Forrest how about you start this time?
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    I'm ready to start....
  4. [​IMG] Aids is shown walking through the backstage area, when he comes across the two competitors having a conversation about who goes out first.
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  5. The Crowd await the first competitor as the Light's dim around the Arena, No Music, No Videos until....

    After 10 Seconds, A Light show starts as Bruce Knight comes out rocking some shades and a new Attire. He Runs down to the ring, Wasting no time with entrances and quickly grabs a microphone.

    Knight: Hey, IWT....How are ya tonight?!
    The Crowd begin to cheer as Knight calms down.
    Knight: So, Tonight is the Slammys, The Big Award show for IWT......and tonight, It'll be one big party for backstage after the show but first....I need to take out someone who threatens to take our fun away. That man.....Is Chris Kaizer. You see, He thinks he's a big time player, He thinks he's loved by at least one person in the crowd but Chris....Do you see anyone here Supporting you in any way?

    Knight begins to search the crowd for 'Fans' of Kaizer. He can't find any and he walks back into the ring.
    Knight: I don't see any.....So, what I say stands. Tonight, Were he for a fight and you see Chris, I've wanted to get a chance to defeat you for a while.....and seeing as this is the Slammys.....It seems like the perfect place. Sure, It ain't no main event.....but I promise you Chris, This is the closest your going to get to a big match.
    So, What do you say, Team Knight, You think I'll whip Kaizer's Ass tonight?

    Knight Holds the Microphone up as the Crowd shouts yes (with one no being heard).
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  6. That's my facepalm gif!
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  7. Kaizer walks out with a huge smirk on his face.

    You think you are a very funny man, don't ya? I'm going to ignore the "I have no fans" comment since the last time I checked, most of these guys are here to see the main event, Dolph'sZ-

    A staff member calls Kaizer over and tells him the main event is actually Dat Kid vs FTJ

    Wait, what? How the fuck does that happen? I thought the World Champion main events. Well, at least it isn't Knight vs FTJ. Knight, you say this is the closet thing to a main event? I wouldn't be talking at all. At least I'm not Joey Bryant who falls from the Main Event to the pre

    The crowd cheer at the Joey Bryant name drop

    People love name drops. Let's try this one...Bruce Knight.

    The crowd doesn't even move their mouths

    Yep, just as I expected. Knight, the more and more you talk, the more and more I notice how much you are describing your self. You think you are some big shot, like you have fans. Unless we are competing in hell, you have no fans. My nickname is all I need to say, I'm an Internet Darling...
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  8. Knight Laughs

    Knight: The Internet Darling? Last time I checked, Dolph'sZiggler was the most talked about thing on the internet, all you were was someone who people could hate and mock about how bland he is.....Honestly, Who in their right minds would want to cheer you on? I mean, come on Kaizer, Is this all you can say to me? Trying to use my own words about you against myself?

    Knight Smirks.

    Knight: That won't work here Kaizer, This isn't your mothers Basement, this isn't your Chris Kaizer fan forum, which by the way, only has one member and that is Kaizer himself. I don't see a Internet Darling in front of me.....I see a failure of a man, who obviously doesn't have any fun in his life. Maybe you should realize that tonight isn't your night, That Tonight is the Night of Bruce Knight.
  9. Kaizer shakes his head and than starts to laugh

    My mother's basement. Haha give me a second.

    Kaizer leans on the ropes laughing his ass off

    Wow, woah. Nice joke, What are you? 11? Plus, my Chris Kazier fan site, has over 66,000+ members. Also, me,Tim Tebow,and Johnny Manziel had one hell of a party last night after the BCS game. It was the best thing I have ever seen in my life. You can even find video on Manziel leaving the party. Anyways, how can I be a failure of a man when I put PWR out of a business because the owner ran out of funds and couldn't pay anyone anymore, why, because I cost that damn much.

    Kazier get's right up in the face of Bruce Knight

    Listen up, Bruce. You may think you have a bright future, but you don't. I use your own words against you because they describe you so much it's more stupid than David's X-division title reign!

    The crowd boo

    Shut up! Knight, I'm going to use your own words against you again, all I see in front of a failure of a man.
  10. Knight Shoves Kaizer away.

    Knight: I wish I knew who those men were but I don't.....They're most likely Egomaniacs like you, Kaizer. I find it funny you take the time to mock people like David, who are more successful then you. Now, I don't care who these 'Friends' of yours are, I mean....Their most likely Male Strippers for all I know.
    As for PWR, Who was booked for the first show? Me.....Who was in the first championship match? Me.....and What did you do? You made a short Cameo in PWR, Delaying the crowd from watching what was the Match of the Night and the Promotion. I waited.....I waited to get a match against you and It was announced.....and then it came to a close....but now, in IWT, We finally go head to head.....You Coward. You've been hiding from me, I made the Challenge and you saw that You couldn't hide anymore.....I found you. As for my Future here.....I don't give a damn because you know what......unlike you, who uses this sport as a means to become something else, I enjoy my work....I enjoy my Career choice.....It's not my fault that you failed to get to where you wanted to be....

    Knight Takes a deep breath, realizing that he might of snapped.

    Knight: But hey, I've proven myself time and time again that I am a part of IWT's future......but you, You haven't proven anything yet......

    Knight goes into the corner and sits down, thinking about his mental condition.
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  11. Kaizer laughs

    Wanna know something funny? The person who ran PWR, he was going to push to the moon. You would of jobbed to me no matter what, Knight. I haven't been hiding from anything. You have been hiding from actually being successful in this line of work. The only reason David still has the title is because he picks piece of shit opponents who couldn't even beat Adam Hawk.

    Crowd boo at the Adam Hawk name drop

    As you sit in the corner thinking about your self. Just know, I haven't failed anything, because I'm not here to go to the top, I'm here to make money. I could care less about wrestling. I could go and play football and make money. Go and...write a TV show and make millions. I don't enjoy writing shows, I would do it for the money. Call me greedy, and asshole, a fake. I don't give a damn. I am making it in life, and I'm not going to do it by robbing banks, mister Knight.

    Kaizer walks over to Knight in the corner and looks him dead in the eye

    You have proven your self? No you haven't. The only thing I can remember you doing is beating Obama. Congrats! I could do it too If I wanted too. Any one could, besides Romney and McCain. Again, I'm not here to prove my self at all, you think you are in IWT's future, are, as jobber for up coming stars like my self. At least you will be above Frie on the match card though.

    Kaizer backs away as the crowd boo
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  12. Knight Stays in the corner sitting.
    Knight: So, That's that's your ambition? Money? I would single you out but we all know most of the guys backstage are here just for money.....but they have other reasons as well. Most of us here want to be the better then most of the champions.....Most of us want to beat people like Aids, We want to be champions.....I, Myself, Want to be successful. Go ahead, Call me a Jobber.....I don't care, All I want to do is wrestle. You think the best in the business started at the top? No, He was a Jobber and he learned from the best and he made his way up the ladder.....You may call me a Jobber, I think of it as you calling me a future star.

    Knight laughs
    Knight: But you....A Star.....The only way you'll become a star is if you did some 'Favours' For Jonathan. As I said, I don't care about being the 'Jobber', The 'Midcarder' or The 'Main Eventer' because unlike you.....I have hope, Pride and Honor for my opponents....You disrespect yours, Even though their better then you most of the time. Kaizer, You get Lucky. I'll repeat this one more time, I don't care if I'm IWT's 'Jobber'.....At least, This 'Jobber' is respected back there unlike you.....
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  13. Again, Kaizer laughs at Knight's comments

    You think I give a shit about respect? I could care less about respect. Respect isn't even on my mind when I think about life. Hope is something you are going to need if you want to actually be successful. Pride...ha...pride in wrestling died in the late 90's.

    Kaizer leans against the ropes

    Knight, you wanna know something funny? The fact that you even think about beating AIDS in a match. You beating anyone but Obama is a joke. Just like you career so far. Your biggest achievement was facing Alias Antonio.

    Crowd cheer at the Alias name drop

    Knight, I don't care about being a star, as long as I am making money I'm happy, seem to want more in life. Congrats, waste your life trying to get to the top. You have a long road ahead of you, buddy. You are a glorified jobber in my eyes, and always will be. As you try very hard to get to the top and make light of being a jobber, I'm just standing over here, laughing at you.

    Kaizer smiles.
  14. Knight Looks on from the corner.
    Knight: You know, At least I have a goal in my Life.....Unlike yours, Which any person can do. I'm just sitting here, Laughing at your pathetic attempts. You didn't hear me when I said that I don't care about being a Jobber. My Road will be a long one, As you said.....but I have the guts to take on any challenge that arises.

    Knight grabs his sunglasses from the side then breaks them.
    Knight: But then there's something that comes to mind Kaizer, I don't have a big ego like you.....which makes me Optimistic for my future, I can wait till it's my time. You see I don't know when that'll happen.....and before you even say that it won't Kaizer....just remember that I have been given chances before and even though I lost against David for his Title a few months back, I proved to everyone that I am able to step my game up and compete against people above me. Sure, Facing Alias was a greta moment but what would you know about it.....Nothing. You see, that match was something special because Alias....I respect him....
    Crowd cheer for the Alias' name drop again.
    Knight: And I think it's safe to say that he's better then you'll ever be. You see 'Internet Darling', Your Internet status doesn't matter to me.....Your Nickname doesn't matter....All I care for is people who respect each other in this business. You See, That night, Me and Alias worked our asses off.....We had the crowd pumped up for our match.....That momentum of ours was stalled when you came out and made your 'Cameo'. Lucky for PWR, we Still put on a brilliant match. You see, The Crowd want Action, They don't want to see some Cocky, Egotistical asshole like yourself, look for attention.....
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  15. Kaizer tells a staff member to get him a chair. He sits down on it.

    Bruce, I have a goal in life, it's to make money. I have completed my goal. Bruce, your time has already came, it's happening right now. The biggest moment of your carer is facing me.

    Crowd boo

    You only care for people who respect each other in this business. I can care less if you care about me. Even if you did, I wouldn't even care if you died the next morning. Yeah, I said that. I only care about my self anymore, and it's going to stay that way for a very long time.

    Oh, and my cameo was the highest viewed part of that show.

    Kaizer stands up

    After hearing you talk for so long, it makes me wonder, how much bullshit can a man take. I feel like anymore will make my self go insane like Victoria Parker.

    Crowd boos Kaizer

    These people booing me aren't booing me because of you. They are booing me because the people they do care about are being shat verbally by me. They don't care about you at all. They probably never will.
  16. Knight gets up.
    Knight: That's not what the ratings said....It said that it was the lowest Rated Segment of the show and that Alias vs Knight was the best match of the night. I guess everyone else can say the same to you because no one would care if someone as self centered as you wound up in a mental asylum or if you died.

    Knight gets into Kaizer's face.
    Knight: If you've completed your goal.....Then why are you here? Is it because you have yet another Goal or is it because you realized.....You spent all your money on Prostitutes and drink.....Washing your money away.
    You know how I feel.....I Already feel like Killing myself due to the amount of Bullshit you have been saying compared to what I've been saying......
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    Kaizer stands up

    Kill yourself then. The reason I am still here is because even though I have enough money to survive the rest of my life, I want more. Not for drinking and prostitutes. For cars and houses. Also, I don't care if no one cares about me. Why? Like I said before, I ONLY CARE ABOUT MY SELF. Fuck everyone else.

    The crowd boo loudly

    Each and everyone of these people could hate me, I could care less. Knight, I can care less if I win, as long as am making money. I can't care about anything else. Everyone in the back and everyone in the stands. Know this.

    Kaizer stands up on the turnbuckle

    I hate every single one of you. I don't care if you commit suicide,go bankrupt,lose a pet or family member. I don't care. Knight, listen, and listen closely. What are you going to do with your life if you don't make it, huh? What? Train people? At this pace, you will never reach your goals.
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  18. *Backstage, Alias cheers for his various name drops*
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  19. @Jonathan I believe voting was supposed to start already...
  20. It was, apologies, voting open!