Storyline IWT Slammys Main Event FTJ vs. Dat Kid - January 6th-13th Contract Signing!

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    FTJ Come out with a cliborad with a peico a paper. He get into to the ring! He throw the paper on the table set up aleady. And get a mic! there are 5 guard in there pre @jonthern order.

    It funny how @Jonathan put the guard in the ring to help this out yet he does not have ball to show up he some gm he is this is what a scary wezale does and that said Paul Heyman was a wezale? OH HELL NO! Already Dat Kid and I have some heat he simce the IWT started and at the IWT Slammy it will all END! I going to should this guy why I WAS THE 1ST EVER IWT WWE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! AND HE WAS NOT! HE DID NOT EARN IT I DID! THAT WY I AM "THE REAL WORLD CHAMPION" OF THE IWT OR ANY OTHER E-FED! I NEVER REALLY LOSE THE TITLE I WAS CHEAT OUT OF IT AND THEN SCREW EVER I TRYED TO GET IT BACK! But that not about this match is pleartion! Dat Kid have made this worry then it had been! I never like u, u never like me! But to had this guard for a hold year come on man life to short! GET OVER IT! Are match WILL BE THE MIAN EVENT! B/c not to too the spot away from the world champions but b/c this match it bigger then then of though right b/c this match is 1 year making there everyone wanted to see! Dat Kid U said I never gave a title shot? U NEVER EARN IT TO BEGIN! I gave a title connter shot and Seabs won it if u good enough u would have won that! BUT U DID NOT! But enough this @Dat Kid From Jersey (FTJ Get a pen and sign the contract for Jan. 13th 2014 Slammy for the main event match at the show!) I just did my part @Dat Kid From Jersey NOW U GET U FAT ASS OUT HERE RIGHT NOW! And sign this contact for 2 out of 3 falls or no match VIDEO PROMO MATCH/HARDCORE MATCH!​

  2. *comes out* It's me Dat Kid!
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  3. "What's a FTJ" Chants
  4. Who said you were the main event?
  5. OOC: I laughed so hard reading this.
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  6. lol @Jonathan tell him it's the pre-show match.
  8. World Title main events.
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  9. The IWT title won't be in the picture, so maybe?

    But Dat Kid and you? In the main event? Neither of you vote in anyone else's thread, and who cares about your storylines? People are waiting for you to meltdown again, and for Dat Kid to job, again. He won't here .
  10. he the one the match dumb ass! I WILL BEAT HIM!
  11. You call people dumbass but hate when people make fun of your issues. You really are a walking contradiction, you Chimo. Go hand out ice cream bars and use the cash to get a therapist.
  12. I'm confused as shit.

  13. Dat Kid comes out in an all black black pinstriped suit, holding a brand new cane.

    I bet you think you're pretty smart. Completely disregarding the fact that you had already agreed to fight me on December 16th. Now, I'm not going to go through this whole argument again about whether or not you agreed to the 16th of THIS MONTH. We both know yo've got your head so far up your ass I could have a video of you agreeing to this and you still would say you didn't. The problem with you is, you believe in your very own lies and I mean it's not the first time you lied to get out of a match. I mean, you told me I'd get a shot at the title after Seabs and you lied about that too, that's why we're here.

    Now that I'm not longer at the bottom of the ladder, now that I've been the champ, now that I've run this place alongside Jonathan you want to give me attention I should've had last year. Where were you last year Frank?! Oh that's right, you were too busy monopolizing the IWT Championship title picture. Now you're out here, begging…begging for me to push back the date for our match. I'm not sure if it's cowardice or your own ego, but you know my answer to this. I am not fighting you at the Slammys. We had an agreement and I want your ass in 2 days! No more waiting! I've been waiting for an entire year, I'm tired of fucking waiting! These people are tired of waiting! This ass whupping has been knocking at your door for over a year and that doors about to come crashing down Frank. December 16th is when the match has been agreed to and it is official via verbal contract and you know I have the proof. Whether or not you show up to the match, you'll lose, see you Monday.

    Dat Kid starts to walk to the back but stops and turns around.

    Something just hit me Gohan. You want to fight me at the Slammys? You want to be in the main event? Like Aids Johnson clearly said, IWT title is not on the line, there's no reason we should be in the main event. But I have an idea that'll make our match the main event, whether or not we're last to go on or not. A match, that'll steal the show.

    Frank, I will face you at the Slammys in a 2 out of 3 falls match with hardcore rules just like you asked for, but only under one condition. The loser of that match can never compete in the IWT again. So what's it going to be Frank? Are you going to lose via no show to me in 2 days or are you going to put it all on the line at the Slammys. I'll have a new contract drawn up right now, I'll come to that ring, and we can make it official. Come on Frank! You think you can manipulate the IWT to your whim, maybe that would've gone smoothly when Brit was in charge, but that aint the case now. Whether or not I'm the GM or the IWT Champion, you are looking at the most powerful man in IWT. This is my show and you will learn to play by my rules! Agree to the stipulation Frank, let me put you and these people out of their misery. Let me end your career!
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  14. OOC: marking. Dat Promo from...where are you today?
  15. OOC: dear god send frank packing
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  16. OOC: This is clearly the main event. Franks first time in nearly a year, lol.
  17. OH HELL NO! I AGREE TO SLAMMY NOT THE FUCKIN DARK MATCH I SAID IN MY VIDEO EITHER TAKE THE MATCH IN JAN. OR THERE IS NO FUCKIN MATCH IT OUT JONTHERN HANDS! NOW COME IN HERE AND SIGN THIS CONTRACT GOD DAM IT! U wanted to my career on line for iwt? LOL THE ONLY WAY I DO THAT IS IF A MATCH UNDER ACW RULE NO VOTING ALOT! @MrSackfist choice the basic on acw rules! there no way I doing career thing unless it under his rule so it fuckin fair as we all just sence people will just vote for u to have me be kick of iwt which is BS b/c that not being fair! that would be for me dumb by to do that! And video promo are a lot in this match! and like I said this match I agree to was for slammy show which though was in dec. I even state in my video! I wanted slammy show b/c that the 1 year annaertay of iwt dumb ass of which this feud started! TAKE IT IR LEAVE IT! Either 16 will not have been! AND U PUT UR CAREER ONLINE AS WELL!
  18. this just prove my point on the voting sysam I already bais vote coming!
  19. So let me get this straight and I'm going to point out the important parts so I can use it as proof:
    1. You will fight me at the Slammys
    2. The match has to be 2 out of 3 falls with hardcore rules
    3. The match has to be under ACW rules, which means @MrSackfist determines who the winner is, basically making him special guest referee
    4. And finally, the LOSER of the match will no longer be able to compete in the IWT.

    Is this the match you want?
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  20. 1st fall 1 Normal promo: Basic on @MrSackfist acw grading rules
    2nd fall 1 Video Promo: Basic on @MrSackfist acw grading rules
    3rd fall if need 1 any Normal or Video Promo: Basic on @MrSackfist acw grading rules

    to make fair and un bais I would like 2 other to be with mrsackfist in judgeing the falls and get different opains on are promo. we put all 3 as one and that make the winner of each fall basic on avagre each score. then we do it again until some get 2-0 or 2-1 win falls.