Voting IWT Slammys - Tag Team Tournament Match #2!

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Who's your winners?

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  1. Solid Snake & Rhod

  2. Shadow & Spinzz

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is a tag team tournament match!

    @Raiden & Spinzz vs @Rhod & @Solid Snake

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. @Farooq @Rhod, would you two care to go first? I can't make a promo for another hour or so.

  3. Farooq makes his way into the arena as the crowd cheers loudly. "Introducing first, from Houston Texas, Farooq!" The announcer says, Farooq taking his cowboy hat and leather jacket off and tossing them aside as he walks down the ramp. He enters the ring, taking the microphone in such a rush. He looks onto the stage, ready to fight.

    "This is it, the tag team know....I've been thinking. I've been thinking real hard on what I should say. Whether I should sit here and remind everybody for the 9000th time how I started the X Division, or how I come back for redemption, or how I love to fight....but I don't think you all, or anybody else understands just how and why I did all of this stuff. Let me lay this down to you, the story of my life."

    Farooq said as he sat down on the turnbuckle, "I started my life not knowing my parents, being raised by my uncle and aunt, who were scumbags." He said as the crowd stayed quiet, "Yeah, they beat the shit out of me and my sister for years, and you know what. That made us stronger. Don't get me confused, I'm not a psycho like Victoria Parker, I did not bring anybody to their knees...because I'm the one who called the police. I'm the one who took my sister into my room, dialed 911 and took the beating while I gave her the power. Why? Because I knew I was strong enough to take the pain for the two of us, for we can be safe. What happened afterwards? The cops came by, took us away from them and placed us in a foster home. Why? Because I knew my sister would speak, not for her pain, but because she could hear the punches, the struggle and make the right choice, because I trust her."

    Farooq put down the microphone, taking a second to pause as he let out a sigh. "My best friend, his name was Ronnie. We always had each others back. The only friend I had, I always had his back. Whenever trouble in our neighborhood came about, I took him to my house and always kept him safe. We had gang trouble, drug trouble, rape troubles and other things in our neighborhood, but we would survive. We even took wrestling school together, until he drifted off. Smoking meth and doing cocaine, he strayed away from me even though I fought for him." He then raised four fingers up, "Four gun shot wounds, he got shot four times....and none of his drugged up friends helped...but who did? I did...I used up all the money I saved for college to pay for his bills, and helped him recover and get on the right path of his life with the money I made in IWT at the start. Where is he now? He owns his own business and makes nearly what I make."

    Farooq said as the crowd began to clap. "Why did I tell you all these two personal stories? Because, I don't trust many people....but when I do, when I make a bond with someone, I always have their back. I do what I can to help. I'll suffer, if I have the trust that my friends make it down the right path. That not just them, but both of us succeed. That's what being a tag team is, having both people's backs, standing against anything, holding each other up. Not having some bond because a psychotic ex GM can't get over herself, not because you're two random people and not just for looking for redemption. It's more than that, and you know what. That's what Rodrigo and me have. No matter what, we always had respect for each other, and when Rodrigo agreed to us being a tag know what, I said yes, because I trust him. I trust him, like that woman." He said as he pointed to his sister in the crowd, everyone cheering loudly. "Or Ronnie, because damit I may have a hard time having people close to me, but when I do, I fight for them." He said as he dropped the microphone, the crowd cheering loudly for Farooq.
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  4. *Rodrigo comes out to a big pop*

    *He walks down the ramp, enters the ring, shakes hands with Farooq and makes the RainMaker pose*

    *Rodrigo grabs a mic and slowly starts to speak*

    We just found out the results of the Slammy Awards. You guys know what I got?...Nothing *Crowd boos*

    To be honest with all of you, I did not expect to win an award but not even getting close to win one? That means that there’s something I didn’t do right…Or perhaps something I didn’t do good “enough”. This awards have opened my eyes. Beating Dat Kid for the US Championship, Main Eventing a PPV or to be part of the biggest storylines in this year wasn’t enough to become a freaking candidate for the SOTY. Not even between the top 10 superstars. A guy who has given everything for the company. A guy who has been here from the first day.

    Many people consider me “The Ultimate Underdog” and I hate it. I hate it. Being the underdog means that people consider you the weak guy. The guy who will more likely get his ass kicked, but hey, maybe because of a fluke he might pull off a win. I’ve been consider the underdog against people who were debuting against me! “I’ve been carried by all my tag team partners” That’s why for a moment, I decided to go solo. To prove all the people wrong. To send a message to every single guy in that locker room.

    *Rodrigo points at the locker room*

    But then this Tag Team Tournament appeared. The championship I had been chasing all my life. I started my career by teaming up with Victoria, the Sackfist *Rodrigo smirks* and then Jacob. I’m “ a tag team guy”. I’ve been into tag wrestling since day one but I haven’t win the tag team championships…yet.

    *Rodrigo raises Farooq hand. Crowd cheers*

    This man is the partner I’ve been searching for over a year. He has got everything I needed. He’s a big guy, he has a huge importance behind the scenes. Not many people can touch him inside a ring and the most important thing. He respects me. He knows what I’m capable of.We are two guys with the same objective. Two guys, side by side that are going to fire up the Tag Team division. You can bring psychos, you can bring big dogs…We will put them down.

    Truth needs to be said. This is going to be hard. This tournament features some of the greatest wrestlers in the world. They’re gonna make us sweat but I don’t see anyone being capable of defeating us.

    Our friendship is based on the mutual respect and the way we trust each other. We know what each other is capable of. We know our potential. When we enter this ring we become one. One wrestler that wont give up until he pins or makes tap out his opponent. We will support each other no matter what.

    Shadow. You’re a great competitor but you’ve been almost inactive for a long time. You don’t have the…*Rodrigo stops talking and starts searching the right word* will to defeat us. For us this is more than a tournament. For us there is one way to go. One objective. We are heading to WrestleMania as 1 contenders and we’re leaving with the gold under our waist.
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    *The lights transition into a shade of dark purple, and Andrew's theme reverberates throughout the arena*

    *The crowd pops as Andrew walks out to the stage, he looks out at the crowd and tries to rile them up some more. He's wearing his ring gear, and a black Testament hoodie. He shakes hands with the fans, and makes his way ring side as announcer gives his introduction. He takes a mic from a crew man, slides into the ring, and pulls down his hood before he starts to speak.*
    Andrew: “Nights like this? They kindof irritate me, all this pageantry, all this – the fancy stage, everybody dressing up. What's wrong with this you might ask? Well, wrestling is supposed to be about taking action, and giving the fans something exciting to see. It's not supposed to be this type of classy, dress up show. If I want to see stuff like this I'll tune into the E! Network. Nevertheless, I came here tonight to do one thing and one thing only and that is to wrestle, this tag tournament has given me the best opportunity to do so. You see, this is my first tag team match here which is quite odd as I was in a stable before. This tournament has given me a chance to do something I've never done before, and with some of the greatest wrestlers in this company today. The dynamic of a tag team requires you to rely on someone, co-operate with them, and to function well together, it's a whole new environment to myself and it's quite the thrill."

    *Andrew pauses for a couple of moments before continuing*
    Andrew: "Now, the only problem was finding a partner, I don't really have many friends here and it's rightfully so. My past makes me out to be this type of untrustworthy, and irresponsible dick. Fortunately, a couple of other wrestlers in the back decided to give me another chance, one of them even agreed to partner up with me. During his time away from the IWT he made quite an impact in the world of music. He formed a group called Astronaut Orgasm, and they became a European rock sensation. His band has been on the top of multiple charts these past couple of months, and a couple of their albums even went platinum. The man isn't just a rock star though, he's a man I can consider a friend."

    "The crowd cheers"
    Andrew: "Haha, now now, settle down. All of you may known him as this rock star, but he's much more than that. He has had quite the success in the IWT, and he's came back to show everybody in the back and you the IWT Universe that he still has what takes to reclaim his former glory. I'm glad that I have the opportunity to team with him, we've been training nonstop these past few months in preparation for this tournament as it's both of our official return matches back here in the IWT. We know the trials the tribulations we're gonna have to go through if we want to win this tournament. So far it has been quite the challenge as Farooq and Rhod are quite the opponents, but that was to be expected."

    Andrew: "Now, without further ado let me introduce my partner tonight...he's the sensation known as Spinzz!"

    *Andrew points towards the stage*
    "The crowd chants his name as they await his arrival"
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  6. *Smoke starts coming out of the entrance way, hiding the man that is about to walk out. Out of the smoke steps a man dressed in white wrestling pants, with taped up fists and a crucifix around his neck. His face is covered by a lucha libre mask.*
    *He walks to the ring, looking out at the excited and curious fans, before placing the guitar against the apron and jumping in between the ropes. He stands on the ropes while getting a microphone. He finally hugs Andrew before turning to his opponents.*
    Spinzz: What my friend here says is true. He was for a long time a pariah in our locker room, but some of us saw past that and found a man who’s the spitting image of competition. It is also true that I once competed on this roster. I had my fair share of success but I also made my fair share of enemies. Just like what both of you said about yourself is true. But there is also another common thing about what all of us said: It’s in the past.

    *Spinzz looks out at the crowd, who is listening intently to what he has to say. Farooq, Rhod and Andrew seem a bit confused. *

    Spinzz: It’s all in the past, all of it. Andrew, you made mistakes when you first came into this company. You sided with a man with illusions of grandeur and power beyond his reach. Something that hurt your career here early on, painted you out as a black sheep with the boys in the back. But you have risen beyond that and become a fearsome competitor, who one day will be one of the greatest this company has seen.

    *Spinzz points at Farooq.*

    Spinzz: Farooq, your story has moved me. The abuse you faced at a young age and still becoming the man, the legend you are now is a true proof of your strength and what I am getting at. You’ve risen above and become one of this company’s founding fathers.

    *Spinzz now turns to Rhod.*

    Spinzz: And now to you Rhod. The tag team guy in this company, yet you’ve never held tag team gold, something that seems to be hanging above your head and haunting you a bit. But you should look beyond that, for you have still made your name here.

    Spinzz: And then, there’s me, a man who has quite the resume, but also a mile long list of mistakes, a man who stepped on so many feet wrong that I couldn’t show my face for months. I did so many things wrong that the only honorable thing I could do was leave, and leave I did. And it was during that leave that I realized something: That it isn’t about the past, it’s about the future. Learn from your mistakes, learn from your experiences, but do not let them define you. And that’s why I came back, because as the man on the moon I could view this company from a completely different perspective than I could as a competitor. I saw people using their past as chains around their own necks, to hinder their potential.

    *Spinzz looks out across the crowd, gathering his breath.*

    Spinzz: So I came back, to unlock this company’s true potential, to teach people to not let their past define them, to strive for the future. I’m here, with a man that started out a pariah and became a staple of this company and a close personal friend, to write the future of this company.

    *Spinzz turns to his opponents*

    Spinzz: So gentlemen, you can remember you past, you can grow strong of it. But don’t let it define you. Because if you do: We will leave you in the dust. Because Andrew and me: We’re men of tomorrow, and tomorrow never dies.
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  7. Nothing lasts forever. The tomorrow does die.
    That was a great story. But this is not storytime. We came here to fight. We came here to kick each others ass till one of us gives up, and we're not giving up.
    Spinzz, this isnt a band. The best music you will ever hear in a ring is a "Sweet Chin Music".
    The Tag team not something Im obsessed with. I believe I’m just focused. I think is reasonable to be focus on something you could have held a long time ago but because of the circumstances, it would go away from you. I’ve wasted chance after chance. Jonathan has gave me so many chance I couldn’t count them with my hand. I’ve been the number one contender for at least 4 times. My record? 0-4. That’s something that has to change.

    My reputation in this company is pretty low. I’m the “He could become someone important but he never will” “He has improved but he isn’t a main eventer” and that’s exactly what I want to change. I’m the guy who’s getting the titles away from the Chavs. B Dazzle kicked my ass a week ago. It hurt. But at WM the roles will be different. I will kicked their asses to become the tag team champions. All the other teams say they deserve to be champions. They claim they’ve worked hard to get a chance to become tag team champs. Well lads. One year ago, I became the first contender to the title. I’ve been fighting for it since day one. Do we deserve it?

    *Crowd starts a Yes Chant*

    Exactly. This time I’m not getting DQ at WM. On april 2013, a kid stepped into a ring to face the tag team champs. At WM 2014 a MAN will step into that ring. I’ve grown. I know I can become the tag team champ. I know WE are the next tag team champs. And there’s nothing you can do about it.
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  8. Voting opened!
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  10. Will go with Farooq and Rodrigo. You both did a great job. Rodrigo, your first promos was like "this is the ultimate tag team, and I've been in a lot of them so trust me when I say we'll get the gold" and it was somehow boring and a bit irrelevant because it's the typical thing you say when you introduce your partner, but not in a match. In the other hand, your second promo was shorter and more relevant because you used all the potential out of what you could've said. You used your progress and referred to past title shots. And by the way, not trying to make you look stupid, but you held the championship with Victoria after kicking my ass at Kid's wedding... You didn't win them but at least, you held it...
  11. OOC: It was a good match to everyone involved, may the best team win.
  12. You portray two characters, don't you?
  13. Nope, my partner is a former IWT wrestler who wants to keep his identity a secret for a little while longer.
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  15. Oh, cool storyline... Can't wait to see who your partner is...
  16. Congrats to both. Seems like is time to take a short break from the IWT. Btw, your partner reminds me of Sackfist. But just saying
  17. there is still 16 hours left in voting.
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  18. Shadow and Spinzz gets my vote, good match but I'd have liked for more promos. When you have a tag match, you should really talk it over with your partner first so you can get more promos in.
  19. Your winners by 12 votes to 6... Shadow and Spinzz!
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  20. *Shadow and Spinzz are having their hands raised by the ref when the lights cut out and a wolf's howl is heard. The lights don't stay out for long and when they come back up Trip in the Head and Marcus are in the ring right behind the confused victors. Before they can react Trip and Marcus lay into their newly announced opponents in the tag team tournament. After Shadow and Spinzz have been softened up a little Trip and Marcus hit the victors with their finishing moves and pile the two men on top of each other in the middle the ring. They turn to look at the titantron, positioning their future opponents between them and the titantron. Britanica appears on the titantron laughing and Trip and Marcus each raise one hand in a victorious style. Suddenly the lights cut out for a second again and when they come back on Trip and Marcus are nowhere to be found and the titantron is black.*
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