Voting IWT Slammys - Tag Team Tournament Match!

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Who's your winners?

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  1. RKO2004 & DX2006

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  2. Trip in the Head & TheArabHammer

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is a Tag Team Tournament match!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. *gav the chav and @B.Dazzle have decided that the best way to enjoy this match is to watch It on a 36'' plasma TV so they both go round there good friends house @Farooq they bring with them lots and lots of beer an plenty of girls to 'play' with afterwards*
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  3. OOC: Soooo who wants to start? @rko2004 & @DX2006 ?? You want us to go first???
  4. Yeah go first! sorry for the delay we just got back to school.
  5. Our Team Intro
    The lights in the arena go out and the ceiling in the arena is rigged to make it look like a clear starry night. The crowd starts to pull out their cell phones and hold them up to mimic the effect. Smoke starts to rise from the stage and Fenris the wolf walks out onto it. An image of a full moon shows on the titantron and Fenris poses and howls.

    (wait about 5-6 secs)
    As the music starts

    *At the :16 mark as the candle is blown out in the video*

    Trip in the Head and Marcus Anthony walk out slowly from behind the curtain with Britanica. A single spotlight in the dark shines on the group. Britanica has two black cats following her. One on each side as Marcus and Trip are behind her, each with a hand on one of her shoulders, looking at the ground with hoodies pulled over their heads. As they start down the ramp Fenris follows behind the group. Britanica leads the team to the ring and one at a time Marcus and Trip get to the steps where Britannica whispers in their ear, pulls their hoodies up and over their heads, then slaps them across the face. Then they look at each other for a moment and jump in the ring. The team stands in the middle of the ring and both lean back, releasing a primal scream. Then they each slap their left hands down on the mat at the same time while going down to one knee. At that exact moment bright white pyro goes off on the four corners of the ring, and on both sides of the top of the ramp, blinding the crowd whose eyes were by now used to the darkness. The lights come back on and the Order of Night each remain on one knee in the ring with Britannica now standing behind them, arms open wide and laughing.

    My 1st Promo:

    *Britanica exits the ring through the ropes with the animals and two microphones are slid into the ring at Marcus and Trip*
    TRIP: *Raises the hand holding the microphone as the crowd boos. He lowers the mic back down to his mouth* The Order of Night is heeeee-urrrrrrrrre IWT. On this, the grand night of celebration known as the Slammys of all nights. *Trip rubs his finger against his head like he's thinking hard* I wonder who will win the awards? *Puts the finger to his mouth* I wonder who will care? *Trip leans forward a little* Not meeeeee, HA hahahahaha! These awards mean nothing in the dark of the Night. *Trip paces a little* Tonight, we face a team of strays as last we saw them. Strumming guitar notes, speaking in numbers nobody could understand, and praising some useless animal gods. *Trips's demeanor changes as he stops pacing and his long hair hangs down in front of face* Listen, I...will hunt these accursed animal gods of yours down and separate their fragile bones from their weak flesh. I will use your guitar strings to hang the meat on display, and I will count how many times I have to stop myself from laughing to finish. *Trip smiles for a second and shrugs* Its what I do. *And becomes frighteningly serious again* You two mean absolutely NOTHING to us. And nothing is what you will be able to feel when we are done here tonight. *Trip pats Marcus on the arm* Isn't that right, my brother of the Night. @TheArabHammer
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  6. *Marcus grabs a mic and is about to speak but the fans start to boo. He tries to speak again but they begin to boo louder. After a minute of waiting he speaks*

    Marcus: *laughs* Continue feeding me your hate you worthless beings. You're only going to end up disappointed. Now onto the pressing matter, tonight is but one of many where The Order of Night darkens the hopes and dreams of many. Our ascension through the ranks begins. Just last week WE defeated the reigning champions, The Dazzling Chavs. My Brother through fire Trip had done what I did previously and left B.Dazzle out cold in the ring. They've felt the wrath of The Order and tonight, in this very ring, Duggan and Boston will feel the same anguish and pain as the Chavs did. These guitar playing, panda worshipping, space cadets are out of their league. They think they can keep up with us? They couldn't beat the X Division champ fighting him at the same time! *crowd fills the arena with boos again*

    *Marcus walks around the ring and sees a fan holding an "I am the Beacon" sign and gets out of the ring and walks up to him*

    Marcus:So you're a fan of these guys?

    Fan: OH HELL YEAH!!! *takes a drink of his beer*

    *Marcus nods his head and turns slowly away before he turns back around and grabs the sign and rips it. The crowd is roaring with hate. Marcus takes the fans beer and pours it on him then punches him in the head knocking him out back in his chair. Marcus climbs back into the ring and Trip pats him on the back*

    Marcus: I made that same mistake. Clouding my judgment with alcohol. That sad excuse for a human is going to THANK ME for that when he comes to. He'll realize his life has been down the wrong path. Just like our opponents. They Will end up just like that fan. Unconscious and getting carried out by medical. After that maybe just maybe, will we show them the way. Duggan, Boston, give in to The Order. Because darkness has fallen and your lights......ARE ABOUT TO BE PUT OUT

    * camera zooms in on a seething Marcus*
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  7. OOC:Give us some time, we got school and something is wrong with the wifi on our usual computer.
  8. *Out go the lights, a picture of a pineapple appears on the tron, then a grapefruit, then a donkey, then a stampede of rhinos then you hear Leo's voice,"DO YOU FEEL IT?" then there is a pause, then the lights go on, there are Boston and Dexx in the ring on stools,they get a very loud pop, both have guitars and fixed mics, Boston has a possum with him, Dexx stares at Arab and weirdly smiles*
    Announcer 2: Duggan and Boston! Where did they come from?
    Mike:... ... ... ... ... .. there there Alfred, the Butcher won't hurt you... *Gives a mean look to Trip* People of the dark side of the moon... we bid you hello! Which grows, with snowy eskimos! *An eskimo comes through the crowd and runs across the ring*
    Announcer 1: What the..
    Mike: Anyway, this my good friend Alfred! And he has a story to tell us, he says if we tell the story correctly, his grampa will give us the powa to win this match! But it must be done BY SONG, and thanks to my good friends, DA BEACON!!! *Pop* He taught me how to play! *Puts Alfred on the floor, Mike and Dexx pick up thier guitars* By the way a fine specimen if a say so back there that brought you out, defiently a disciple of the Roach King! Now lets begin! The story of Alfred!
    *Mike starts playing*
    Alfred began in the kingdom of the yak... he played cards with ostriches until one day, he realized, there was no such thing as microwavable spoons. 5 aces were dealt and his best Ostrich friend Peter died, the Panda even attended the funeral, then he learned Alfred needed to survive. *plays chord* So Alfred went to the Panda's parchisi night, he won 3 times in a row, the Tiger in shock literally sentenced the bulldozer back to Jupiter where he belonged. A shocker turn of events led the panda to giving Al the sword! The sword couldn't believe it either and sentenced the jackhammer to Jupiter! This began the construction fight of the ages, but thats another story, anyway 3 years in Al finally knew all the power he had, he had to use this power to activate, *plays a few fast chords* THE SHIP! It was long journey, and it was ad time for Al to start in the first place, it was arm wreslting season, and the war between fire and ice was going on, the days were countless, Al though he was gonna give up until then, HE FOUND THE SHIP! It was a power that was so overwhelming that during this time the Cheetah had to send his people East! A calamity! The ship stopped the Fire and Ice and made the arm wrestling season end 14 goats too early, which was bad for the chimp's newpaper complany, leading to the great jungle depression, Al ruled the land for decades, the panda was proud. But there was a price to pay.*stops playing, turns to Dexx* Beacon if you may...
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  9. *Dexx doesn't say a word for a little bit, looks around, then he starts playing the opening to "Fade to Black" loud pop, then he stops, "Metallica" chants start*
    Dexx: New album is coming soon dwellers! *Loud pop* Now then *begins playing* 3 decades into Al's rule he faced challenged, this one was his greatest, we are talking *plays fast chords* THE WAR OF THE MACHINES. Al couldn't keep things settled back on Jupiter, the construction tolls banned together after 20 years war. They were returning to earth to back what rightfully theres, Al couldn't take it, the fighting began and he fled to Mexico, that's where he met the Vulture! The Vulture knew, peace, and the only way how to do it, after 3 days of playing checkers with him Al finally realized how to stop the machines, he had to- *plays fast chords* JUMP START HIS CAR, it was crazy but he did it, like it or not the machines stopped fighting, they all banned together and became a quire, The Panda thought he would never see the day! It was an amazing celebration! So good we have to act it out... *Stands up, looks towards the ramp* Jason! Bring out the new guy!
    *Out comes Jason with the Clerk Dexx kidnapped from Stop and Shop, he's all tied up, Jason puts him on Dexx's stool, he's struggling*
    Dexx: Alright, since solitary confiment didn't work with you, we have to result to the other method *Gets out the green powder* Mike! The Riff!
    *Mike plays a Riff, Dexx throws the Powder at The Clerks face, the Clerk stops struggling, Jason lets him go*
    Dexx: Arthur?(Clerks name) How do you feel?
    Arthur:Ugh, depends Beacon, *raises head smiles* Is Al ready for his dance? *Loud pop*
    Announcer 1: WHAT!!!!????
    *Dexx and Mike start playing, Arthur goes nuts and starts dancing*
    *Arthur break dances, moon walks, dances with Jason, grabs Al and raises him praising him*
    Arthur: AL STOPPED THE WAR!!!!
    *Arthur keeps dancing, Dexx and Mike start going at it on the guitars*
    Dexx: The celebration was epic! The guitars were playing, the weird guy was dancing and Al knew his work was done! *keeps playing with Mike, Arthur keeps dancing, a few minutes later, they stop, loud pop*
    Arthur:I FEEL FREEEEE! I must go see.... THE PANDA!!!! *loud pop, arthur runs out of the ring and the building, Jason leaves*
  10. *Trip snarls and starts to quickly approach Boston and Duggan, but Marcus holds out an arm to hold Trip back and gives him a look. Trip takes a deep breath and raises his mic to his mouth once again and the crowd boos ferociously*
    TRIP: *shakes his head* What are we doing here brother!? As you have already stated, we have beaten the tag team champs! Why are we wasting our time with this...filth? *Turns his attention to Boston and Duggan* Did you not see what we did to the "Fizzling" Chavs? We proved that they are no longer the big dogs in this pen. I used the forbidden maneuver and pinned the Chav himself 1, 2, 3 in the middle of the ring. The Order of Night has come to claim our rightful place at the top of the tag team division and you two sacks of meat will not get in our way. Not even on your best day. *Trip stops for a second and smiles* Or even in the month of May. You hearing what I say? *Trip chuckles but then his demeanor becomes dark once again. He glances over at Dexx* You seem to have a taste for a certain type of music. Well then let me reference something you may recognize. "Sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight, Exit Light...." *Trip stops and lets the crowd finish the well known lyrics - "Enter Night" and the crowd cheers* HA, you people are soooooo easy! *Crowd changes to deafening boos instantly. Trip pauses for a moment and lets the crowd vent. When the seem to quiet down a little Trip and looks up to the ceiling* Enter. Night. *Then he looks at Boston and Duggan* And here we are chumps. The Order of Night is ready and willing to hand you your panda loving asses on a platter. *Trip looks outside the ring and points at the wolf* That I will promptly try to feed to Fenris. *Trip looks back at his opponents* But even he has better taste than that.
  11. OOC: Whaaaat? 24 hours are up right?
  12. *Trip hands the mic back to Marcus who has a menacing smile on his face. He slowly paces towards Duggan, Boston, and Alfred*

    Marcus:I must have not made myself clear with what we are here to do. You see, these fans *points all around the arena* think you're just....a sideshow. You're nothing in this company. We *points back and forth between Trip and himself* are the future. While you two are off with this hobo dressed as a damned Eskimo we are here righting all the wrongs in IWT. You know what....*Marcus walks right up to Duggan, Boston, and Alfred* I'm feeling generous right now. I I think it's about time you two have a dose of what we like to call reality.
    *Marcus grabs a guitar from Duggan and smashes it over Alfred's head and drags him away from Duggan and Boston. They try to grab him but Trip lands a double clothesline laying them out while Marcus drags Alfred to their corner.*

    Marcus:Alfred, wake up. Tell me why are you here?
    Alfred: *shaking his head attempting to regain consciousness* t-t-the panda sent *Marcus elbows Alfred in the face*
    Marcus: THERE IS NO PANDA ALFRED!!!! *Marcus continues to pummel Alfred until he's busted open*
    Marcus:*Breathes heavily and after a moment screams* SAY IT ALFRED! SAY THERE IS NO PANDA! WHERE IS HE TO SAVE YOU NOW?!?!!! *Marcus punches him a couple more times then shoves the mic in his face*
    *Marcus picks Alfred up by the hair and looks at him with a calm stare*
    Marcus:You have now......been saved
    *Marcus picks him up and delivers his finisher The Blackout to Alfred and tosses him out of the ring and then looks back at Duggan and Boston on the ground*

    Marcus: HE HAS BEEN SAVED. Now give in to The Order because Darkness....has.....FALLEN!
    *the crowd furiously erupts in boos*
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  13. OOC: give them a couple more hours to be fair
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  14. Right, thats what I'm saying. I got a little delayed today, they were behind from the get go. OK with me if its ok with the GM
  15. OOC: I say this ought to be extended to were they have enough time to respond, they have school so I think 6pm est ought to be a fair amount of time. That'd be 11pm for you Jono, how's about it? You think you could stay up long enough to open the poll or do you have Uni Thursday?
  16. OOC: I'm cool with keeping it open till 11am AZ time
  17. So is it okay for me to go or not? Sorry we are just getting too lazy. What's AZ time? We are EST.
  18. OOC: That means keep going in my book.
    *Audience gasps*
    Mike: ALFRED!!!!! *Mike checks on him* Speak to me! We need help!

    *Loud pop, Leo Wang comes out on the stage, he has a cane from his accident*
    A1: OH NO
    A2: Leo Wang!

    *Mike gets out of the ring, this conversation does not take place mics*

    Mike: Master! Alfred did his job! We'll do out ours, here *gives the KOed Alfred to Leo* Go backstage we'll take care of this!

    *Leo goes backstage to tend to Alfred, Mike gets back in the ring*

    Mike: Hurting a possum IS A SIN!!! And we know how to deal with sins! *Mike Whistles, a crew brings out... a toilet bowl? They put it in the middle of the ring, Mike opens it* Now who's first???
  19. You guys have 10 hours from now.
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  20. Shit, Sorry I just got home and time ended just 7 minutes ago :( I was gonna put in a thing where the toilet shoots fire and go all out on trip for the Metallica references...
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