Storyline IWT Slammys - The Results, Part 1!

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  1. Here are the results of the first 3 slammys, sources indicate that the last 3 slammys will be announced tomorrow.

    Couple of the Year
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    The couple of the year is...... Farooq and 36" Plasma!
    In second place, Dat Kid and Victoria tied with Jonathan and Aids.


    Best Musical Performance
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    The best musical performance is awarded to....Gav the Chav!
    In second place, Eric Draven.


    OMG Moment of the Year
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    The OMG Moment of the Year is... Crayo's debut!
    In second place, Dat Kid, Danielson and Britanica leaving IWT.


    Congratulations to the winners of the first 3 slammys!
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  2. :yes: ill do a speech later
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  3. Congrats to the winners so far. Nice to see Cure get 2 votes.
  4. Agree with the OMG Moment, was genuinely shocked.
  5. You are welcome
  6. Hehe.
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