Promos IWT Slammys - THG? vs Nickelodeon!

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Who's your winner?

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  1. THG?

  2. Nickelodeon

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


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  2. *???? watches from the back*

    OOC: Really looking forward to this one.
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  3. OOC: Nick, you wanna start?
  4. OOC: About to leave in 30 minutes. May have enough time to open, as I have other things to do. If I don't post within the next half hour or so I won't be posting for another few hours, so if you wanna wait that long I'll start. If not, you can just start whenever you want.
  5. OOC: I'll just wait half an hour to see if you can cut an opener, if not, I'll commence.
  6. Yeah, probably not gonna be able to get a promo in, you can start.
  7. OOC: Alright, I'll work on it then.
  8. Didn't you read? THG is going first, he's making his promo.
  9. *In the midst of a rowdy and vociferous crowd, Alias' theme song - When You're Evil by Voltaire reverberates throughout the arena, inducing one of the biggests pops of the night so far. After a few seconds, Alias emerges on top of the stage and does the devil horns taunt, which is followed up by a motivated roar from Alias. He agitates his neck various times and makes his way to the ring with conviction. Once in the ring, he commences to pace and stomp violently in circles. He then requests for the microphone, and begins to speak in a soft-spoken yet candid style*

    Tonight......tonight is a majestic stepping stone in my concise, yet illustrious career, a stepping stone that could possibly propel me into finer circumstances, a stepping stone that could be what I need to enhance my career, a stepping stone to prove all doubters wrong, a stepping stone to make me.....a better person. This hypothetical stepping stone has it's diverse set of uses. And the vast pressure is on me to make the most out of each and every one of these uses that I am offered here tonight included in this hypothetical stepping stone. *Alias smirks* And I've been planning this moment for a long......long time.
    But no matter how good you are at planning, the pressure never goes away. So I don't fight it. I feed off it. I turn pressure into motivation to do my best.
    So without a shadow of a doubt, today you will not see Alias Antonio having a bad day, today you'll see Alias Antonio give it his absolute all and engage in a stiff, emotional, significant battle with Nick.
    Everything is at stake tonight, a number 1 contenders shot for the X-Division title, our bodies, but most importantly......our pride.

    *Alias lets sink in the pop*

    You will not witness Alias Antonio fall prey to Nick's wretched and vague mind games, because Nick knows, as much as the IWT locker room knows, that I can bring my very own mind games to the table if required. You know who you are facing right, Nick? The same guy who had the audacity to down right stab a referee on live TV, the same guy who put his former partner and friend through hell and gave him the beating of his life, and the same guy........who beat Aids Johnson. What's your resume, huh? *Crowd cheer while some laugh* Have you studied me as much as I have studied you, Nick? Is there any real plausibility, or even anything substantial behind your madness? Because all I have seen from you leaves me under the impression that all you are is a redundant, thick-witted scrub. All these questions, such little time, so why don't you bring your ass down here and commence the answering.

    You better bring your A-game Nick, because you will not put me down, not on any given night and.......especially not tonight.

    *Alias lets out a boastful sneer and awaits Nick to make his way to the ring*
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  10. The crowd gives sounds confused as the unkown theme song plays. The lights dim and images of buildings, fires, and blades begin to appear on the titantron. After the intro, "NICK" appears on the titantron in all caps. The crowd gives a mixed reaction but more are leaning toward boos. However, he doesn't come out. About a minute into the song, Nick can be heard shouting at someone in the back. He emerges from the curtain with a mic in his hand. While he slowly is walking out, his left arm is twitching uncontrollably. He shakes his head back and forth, water flying everywhere. He then puts the mic to his mouth.

    "Shut the fuck up!"

    The crowd boos him as he glares down at Alias,.

    "Cut the crap Alias. There is no better person for you to become, no new Alias. These people are eating up your bullshit, 'New Alias' like they've been given a meal after not eating for a week."

    He begins taking a few steps down the ramp, and walks around in a circle about five times before pointing at Alias, shaking his head.

    "Everything you just said was complete bullshit - EXCEPT for one thing... That this will be a stiff, emotional, significant battle. Because, you see Alias, when you step into the ring with Nick, you get hurt. You get cut, you get scars, you cry, you sweat, you bleed, your bones are broken your limbs are torn - you're lucky to walk away with YOUR LIFE."

    A surprising mild pop as a few smarks begin chanting "EC DUB" along with other chants.

    "It's amusing. You say you've studied me, and that I need to bring my A game. Alias, I'm not even going to try. I haven't studied you. The tapes you've studied? Outdated. I don't need to bring my A game, B, C or D game. Because my F game is on a WHOLLLE other planet than you're A game! You can study me allllll you want Alias... bottom line Alias, it's going to get you NO WHERE. You CANT study for me you cant prepare yourself for me because I'm unpredictable! Not insane because being insane is doing the same thing over and over again which I never do so yeah I'm pretty much unstoppable."

    Nick smirks

    "Hahahahhhh... Alias, oh Alias. I know deep down inside you fear me. You claim to have mind games of your own but they won't have any effect on me. I know I'm already in your head, and I haven't even begun playing my... tricks, if you will."

    Nick makes a few hand motions towards Alias, and steps on the apron. Just as he's about to get in he turns back around and walks up the ramp.

    "I know this new Alias isn't real and I'm here to bring out the real Alias. Because i know by bringing out the real Alias, I've already won. Simple. I can manipulate you, I can make you do whatever it is that I may ask. So bring it out!"

    Two tall men in prison outfits walk out onto the stage with a large, brown sack in hand. They set it down and grab a chair. Nick walks over to the bag and unties it a little bit. He begins muttering things into the bag and laughs. He pulls out tape, some rope, and a switchblade. He pulls it out and begins pointing at Alias.

    "I gave you a warning a few days ago Alias... I told you to cherish every last moment with your family, your friends, your acquaintances because you're not the only one in danger. Everyone and I meant EVERYONE that you have ever met was in danger! And... and... I didn't lie. I NEEEEEVER LIEEE. I made a promise and I could swear on my sister's grave that I have never made a false promise IN MY LIFE. Oh yeah, here's another quick promise. I will defeat Alias Antonio, 1, 2, 3. But that's besides the point, we all knew that already. This isn't just a message to Alias, this is also a message to eveeryyyyone in the back. If I make a promise, it's happening."

    In the back the two men are setting up the chair. They begin untying the sack as Nick laughs. They pull a person out, whose hands and legs are tied, and he has a bag over his head. They tie him to the chair and move to the side. Nick walks up in front of the chair, the blade out in his hand. He laughs and begins taking the bag off. He smiles and pulls it off, revealing the face of Alias' brother, Jack Antonio, with his mouth taped. Nick rips the tape off with a sadistic smile, as Jack screams. He begins slapping him in the face repeatedly and turns around to see Alias.


    He begins taking his frustration out on Jack with a few punches and kicks. He turns back to Alias, the anger gone. No expression other than a cocky smile on his face.

    "Oh wait... does the new Alias not have it in him to come down here and try to save his brother? Does he not have the balls? Does he have the guts to pull the trigger? WHERES THE REAL ALIAS? I want him! I HOPE YOU PUNCH ME, SQUARE IN THE JAW AS HARD AS YOU CAN LIKE HE WOULD! I HOPE YOU STOMP ON MY HEAD I HOPE YOU MAKE ME BLEEED I HOPE YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY!"

    He suddenly stops yelling as a blank expression comes to his face.

    "If you can... Because I know you can't. Even if the real Alias comes out, I know he's not good enough. Alias, I hope you enjoy smoothies and shakes. Because after I'm done with you, all of your meals are gonna be out of a straw."

    Nick slowly backs up, the blade in hand. He begins twirling it around right next to Jack, and pretends to nearly drop it. He looks back up at Alias with a serious look on his face.

    OOC: For people reading the promo, if I'm missing a bunch of commas in a long run on, it's supposed to be a mumbling run on where he's just barely understandable. Also, my bad if the read is a little long.
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    *Alias nonchalantly smirks at Nick and subsequently yawns*

    Are you done yet fucktard?
    You know, I can correlate with you, because you are pretty much a Doppelganger of my old self......and what I can still be. A miserable, immoral, wicked, sinful, corrupt, diabolical, satanic, sinister, heinous, atrocious, monstrous, loathsome, foul, repugnant, despicable, malevolent, malignant, bad, iniquitous, naughty, devilish, mischievous, horrid, horrible, nefarious, maleficent, low......human being. I could use a plethora of adjectives more, but I think you get the point now, regardless of your inane mind. And there's where the disparity is apparant when it comes to me and you being very......very akin. I actually employed my evilness to good use, unlike you've been doing so far. What have you done in the IWT? You're revelant somehow? Oh yeah, because you're leeching off from Victoria Parker's psycho BS, and if it wasn't for me setting out an open challenge to the IWT locker room a couple of weeks ago, your pity ass wouldn't even be on this card.

    *Alias commences to pace violently*

    You want the "old" Alias Antonio back? You could have asked and I would have amiably turned back into my old self and gladly let you you feel the pleasure of my fucking wrath. I don't care about my dickhead of a brother, because him along with all my other family, neglected me when I was a kid. I was no good, Nick. I was a hopeless waste of space, Nick. I did nothing with my life, I took drugs, I got in gang fights, I absorbed pain, I inflicted pain, I did everything which converted me into the hellacious son of a bitch I am today. For people like you, I still am a hopeless waste of space, but I am immune to whatever people think of me, whatever people think of me doesn't affect my perfomance, my durability, my anything, the only thing it does is induce me to become a bigger beast than I already am.

    So when I face you, I'll get cut, I'll bleed, I'll sweat, I'll get all my limbs torn out of my body.......and I'm glad that'll happen, because all my life I have been a victim of societies circumstances, and all of those stuff have happened to me. But you know what Nicholas? I've cut people, I've made people bleed, sweat also, and I assure you that I can annihilate each and every one of you here. I've done far worse things than you Nicholas. I CAN fight fire with fire, so you better prepared.
    I have suffered and will continue to suffer, and I'm not afraid of any of it, because I know as well as everybody knows, that pain and suffering instigates impulse and motivation in my body.
    At this point, I'm exempt from any type of pain you claim you can cause upon my body, so why don't you and your little "original" schtick go think of something else you can threaten me with.

    *Alias pauses and points at his brother*

    You really think I could give a damn about this punk? If so, you're way more delusional than what I anticipated you to be. Your stupidity compliments your feebleness perfectly. But hey, let him go, because I'm sure he's got a party to attend to.

    *Alias waves sarcastically at Jack and turns his attention to Nick again*

    And sooner rather than later kid, your broken body will compliment the American Airlines arena ambulance flawlessly.
    You gave me warnings all these weeks ago? I gave the whole IWT warnings ever since my arrival, and you're just the latest victim that's bound to fall prey to Alias Antonio.

    I'm afraid you're just not beating me today, despite your highly touted "mind games".


    *Alias licks his lips and awaits Nick's response*
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  12. OOC: How longs left?
  13. 1 hour 4 mins left.
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  14. OOC: Alright, thanks.
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    OOC: Voting time I guess? Shame Nick couldn't cut one more promo. @Jonathan
  16. God dammit, of course I can't get another promo in.
  17. Fuck the rules, going for my 2nd promo
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  18. OOC: Go ahead, I'm fine with that.
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  19. I'll give you 20 minutes, completely lost track of time.
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