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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    @Ami Ennemi vs @Tsar

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. Michael appears from behind the curtain with a stern look on his face. He walks down to the middle of the ramp before raising one his arms in a clinched fist. He walks down and rolls into the ring, he beens over the middle rope to receive a microphone. With a microphone in hand, he is seen walking side to side. He stops pacing and raises the microphone to being speaking.

    Michael: IWT Survivor Series is finally here, no more talking it's all doing from here on out. I face off against Ami Ennemi a man known for his talking. He talks in graveyards, beaches and in front of just about every other green screen the IWT can offer. You don't scare me and your little games don't either. You've played them since you debuted and now when the time for talking comes around, you don't show? Yes, yes indeed Mr. Scary couldn't get a rental to come and actually show up to the show. Survivor Series will be left without Michael vs Ami Ennemi, and for the better. *Michael walks around the ring franticly* I said I was going to take you all on a trip and this trip is just around the corner. This trip is coming because I'm sick and fucking tired of being stuck with guys like Ami Ennemi, talented but wouldn't hesitate to jump off the ship at any point given. I'm sick and tired of being stuck with guys who couldn't give a shit about this, while I...I fight for it. I come here day in a day out with one thing on my mind and that's to leave a changed man. I formed The New Generation because I was tired of being out casted. Out casted and getting stuck with the likes of Ami Ennemi.

    Michael stops pacing and runs his hand though his hair as he calms himself down.

    Michael: Whether it's the company's main eventers dodging my challenges at every chance they get or getting stuck with retards as partners. It's always the same outcome. That's how I ended up here with this pile of shit. My WrestleMania moment was ruined, my SummerSlam moment was ruined and now this fucker is going to ruin my Survivor Series moment. Well, it isn't happening again. I guaranteed a trip you will never forget...and believe me you won't. Anytime soon.

    Michaels lays back in the corner, awaiting the arrival of Ami.
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  3. *The lights shut off as the music begins. The arena, bathed in darkness as suddenly a candle light is seen on stage.*

    *The man holding the candle light is dressed in black boots, black pants, black gloves and a red and black coat, with the hood on to cover his face. The man walks down the ramp slowly, keeping the candle just above his head as the crowd watches in awe. He continues to walk, slowly making his way up the steel steps that are beside the ramp. As he stands on the apron, he brings the candle close to his face, and blows it out. With the sudden light gone from the candle, the lights in the arena return to shine. Ami enters the ring, starring at his opponent as he removes his hood. It reveals that it's the IWT wrestler, Drake who's apparently Ami! He was hoping that the crowd would explode into a Marcus Anthony sized pop. Disappointed he takes the coat, tossing it towards the announcer's table as a announcer hands him a microphone.*

    It was me Michael, it was me all along!!

    Adam the commentator: I'm not so sure about this, I mean Ami was twice the size of Drake.

    Nano the commentator: It's true though, I've helped him write his promos before!

    Whether or not I may have been Ami I can tell you this, Ami was his own entity to generate buzz for this company. Nothing more. The second his first vignette so many forums and dirtsheets were speculating that this thing may be the long awaited return of Mystical George, or Incognito. And at worst, another gimmick change for you, Michael. People tuned in to see the big reveal. No one thought for a moment that it was someone new. Someone to shake up the foundations within the IWT. They were right though, it wasn't a new person. It was a former competitor who was grasping at straws to revive his career. For the sake of embarrassment I won't mention his name.

    Let's not stray off topic though. The reason why I'm out here opposing you right now, Michael, is because I was told earlier this month that I would be in action for Survivor Series. But, when the final card was revealed I didn't see my name on it. For the second year in a row I wouldn't be competing at Survivor Series. It's mind baffling really, but when I heard that Ami wasn't going to show up I volunteered to take his place. Not to get an 'easy win', but because I want to finish what I started with you a while back. For those of you that don't know I assaulted Michael a couple months ago. I crushed his esophagus as a nice gesture to the current IWT champion at the time, Joey. That's because I'm a nice guy. But... I realized that I should've ended you to spare myself from your endless droning.

    "I almost beat Dat Kid!" "I almost led a faction with some credibility!" "I almost became a World Champion!" The keyword is almost. If only almost counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades, but it doesn't. You see Michael, you're faulted. Most people are, besides me of course! ...At the end of the day the only person you can blame for your shortcomings is yourself. Not The New Generation, not the people in the back, and certainly not your opponent. But, you won't see that.

    And that's exactly why you're not going to make it out of the Lion's den tonight!
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  4. Michael: I'm not going to make it out of the Lion's den? You're even more delusional and cowardly than I thought. You see this isn't some "Lion's den" where animals the likes of you can stick around. This...this is a wrestling ring, and no matter what you think about me or my ways you cannot deny that I don't "almost" bring it in this ring, but I ALWAYS bring it in this ring. You on the other hand, resort to near murder to get some cheap pops from the crowd. But not even a cheap pop louder than Marcus Anthony's regular pop can save you from what is on the horizon, hell it may even be right in front of your face. That is simply the absolute worst beating you will ever receive. Whether you walk out the victor or not, I'll make sure to leave my print.

    Michael strokes his chin before stepping closer towards Drake.

    Michael: It's funny that you bring up my quotes. You claim that I lead a stable that almost had some credibility, while you are in SIN? You surround yourself with a retarded schizophrenic that went from a porn star to a aristocrat to a baby. And by a rich guy...and that's all he is. I've surrounded myself by men with credibility, not some pick off the streets. The New Generation would crush SIN at any point you wish to face us, and that isn't a prediction it's a straight fact. Essentially, what i'm getting at is I've overshadowed you in almost every way possible. And it's evident with the damn straight fact that yes, I almost beat Dat Kid and almost became world champion, it's more than you, Mr. Drake, have ever done or ever will do. I plan on using you as a stepping stone at every chance I get.

    Michael roams the ring with a curious look on his face.

    Michael: You use the fact that you've held the IWT Tag titles for 6 months as a way to boost your self worth, but when you put into perspective that you've maybe twice in that 6 month period, you'll understand it isn't something to be proud of. You're just like everyone else holding a belt around their waste and dick in their mouth, you just fancy yourselves and you never come out to answer your critics or challengers. Whether it be Gav, Midas or you, you're all the same and the fact that people put you and all of them on a pedestal is just damn disgraceful. You wonder why I boast about my clash with Kid or my world title chase? Because I was never touted as one to be on top and I got there. I was never included in the list of names that included Dat Kid, Drake and Alias Antonio and for that period of time...I was. I don't boast for the fuck of it, I boast because I substantiated the fact that I was something that you have never seen, and I ain't. Whether it's me getting *Michael pinches his finger* this close to beating a legend in the industry or by forming a coalition where guys like Eric Draven are willing to join, I did something that no one thought I would. And rubbing it in their faces is almost as satisfying as doing it first hand. So go ahead, bluster me all you want because in all honestly it does nothing to benefit you because sooner or later it will come by and bite you, right where it hurts.

    Michael drops the microphone.

    OOC: I really wished this match could be longer than 2 promos, feels like it's going to be a good one.
  5. time was already up an hour when you posted. if we can get time extended I'll cut a second one tonight.
  6. How so? You posted at 2:56 AM (central) and I posted a little over 14 hours after you posted?
  7. The match starts after the first competitor posts. You posted your first promo at 5:54pm and posted your follow up at 6:20pm. I'll post a second in a few but idk if the last two will be taken into account.
  8. @Delik care to extend the time?
  9. I'm so glad that you brought up Sin, Michael. We're actually right on the cusp of making history tonight. You see, if the 'retarded schizophrenic' and the 'rich guy' walk out of their matches victorious then we will have a total of five championships between just the three of us. That's every title besides the top two right now. Do you realize that's NEVER been done before? Of course you do. And we're just getting started. What did The New Generation ever do? Appear for two or three segments before fizzling out? I mean, the youngest of the bunch dumped you for someone who has even less experience than you. HOW EMBARRASSING!

    *Drake tries to hold in his laughter*

    What else were you going on about? I'm terribly sorry, I was talking to Kaizer earlier and some of his sleepiness seemed to rub off on me. Oh, that's right! We've never seen anyone like you before! You're right. I mean, we certainly haven't seen anyone like you before. We've never seen someone who hyped himself up as much as he could, but always failed to get the job done before.

    *Drake approaches the back set of ropes and points at Adam the commentator.*

    Certainly not him, right!? No no no, Adam was never like that! Neither was the other Michael, Based God, Rhod, or Trevor. My point is people like you come and go all the time. As hurtful of a fact this might seem to you it doesn't make it any less true, you're a dime a dozen. Do you want an example of why you're just like the guys I mentioned? I'd be happy to.

    *Drake faces Michael and starts to slowly walk circles around him.*

    The New Generation originally formed for one single purpose. To send Kid off to never been seen again. You tried and tried for a week or so, but nothing ever came from it. Not even a month later Kid was turned into a slave, yet you still wanted him gone. And nothing happened, again. It wasn't until Kid left to re-launch his promotion that he was away from the IWT. But, it was by his choice. So you forgot about it and later set out with a couple of your guys to answer an open challenge that WE issued! But when you and 'your stable' were called up to the ring for the action no one came out to represent.

    *He stops in-front of Michael and closes the gap between the two.*

    So you see, you're nothing but empty words. Idle threats. I'm standing right in front of you, a man who was close to ending your career and you haven't even hit me yet! If I were you I'd already have me on the mat begging, BEGGING for mercy! I knew that this was going to happen. You're just a jackal who was abandoned by his pack. Not that they were anything to begin with. And now... now you're going to succumb to the almighty Lion!

    *Drake spreads out his arms and begs Michael to hit him.*

    OOC: Just in case the second promos count.

  10. Yeah I'll count them. Not sure why it took Tsar so long to promo but whatever.
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  12. Maybe someone can change the fit the competitor involved?
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