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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT and World Heavyweight Championships!

    IWT Champion @Gav the Chav vs
    World Champion @DK James

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


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  2. @Gav the Champ!

    he changed his name, u didn't tag him so i did it for ya
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  3. *The crowd gets on their feet with cheers as the alternative theme of Joey Bryant blasts throughout the arena. At 45 seconds of the song, Joey Bryant slowly walks out onto the stage with his arms spread out wide as the crowd pops loud. He smirks and points to all of them before saying “I am Team IWT.” Into the camera and sprinting down the ramp and sliding into the ring. He taunts on all four turnbuckles by telling the crowd to get louder for him and the crowd continues to cheer loud. He finally walks to the center of the ring with a mic in hand as his music fades.*

    “I know. I’ve been silent…just planning. Planning on how to dissect each and every part of Gav bit by bit, I was probably over thinking it. I couldn’t plan for my opponent though because he is one of the most unpredictable superstars IWT has had, one night he’ll show up and talk random bullshit that no one understands and next thing you know he’ll be holding onto IWT gold. To this day it hasn’t made sense to me, but I digress. You gonna write a song about me or something Gav? Hmm? That’d be your only shot at getting these people on your side because I am the man everyone wants to see back at the top of the food chain. I am the man everyone wants to slay you, send you back down to the low-card because everyone knows you’ve done nothing but crush this company since stealing my title, some could even say you’re working for Team FSW with the way you’ve killed the prestige of that title…”

    *He paces for a bit before continuing.*

    “Last week, while I was locked out of the damn arena, I talked about the Light. IWT needing to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After tonight, The Light will shine down on all of IWT once again and then starts phase 2. The revival. When is a revival needed? When carelessness and disobedience keep the people asleep. The revival of IWT dates all the way back to when Gav cashed in his precious briefcase. It was brought about by IWT’s humiliation, by their sense of how low they’d fallen compared to the rival company. I stand before you today as a disciplined champion from Buffalo, NY and a proud IWT superstar united with you to restoring our company and revive the IWT dream of 5 star main event matches. IWT Survivor Series should be main evented by guys like me, but Gav, you jumped the gun before you were even ready to hold that gold, trust me, I know the feeling. Every proposal I’m making, every idea I bring up has a single, central purpose to revive a failing company and give fighting competitors the matches they deserve.”

    *He looks to the ramp, almost expecting Gav to walk out right then. He pauses for a second then continues.*

    “IWT is in war yet again. I am sick and tired of war, it is only those who have never experienced a war or had bloodshed or watched their fellow allies crumble who cry loud for war, vengeance, and chaos. War is hell and it destroys both sides no matter which way you look at it, but there is only one man that can stop it and I am that man, Gav. A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. All the competitors in IWT vs FSW think they are the big match, they are what is going to end all of this but they’re wrong. All it takes for IWT to win is Joey Bryant walking out of tonight with the IWT Championship raised high above his shoulder and the light will be restored into IWT almost immediately. Win or lose, IWT is going to go into it’s revival phase and those who opposed the man trying to revive the light back into this company will fall. One by one. Starting with you, Gav.”
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  4. *gav the chavs theme plays as gav comes out to the ring wearing his iwt belt over his shoulder gav recieves a mic and steps into the ring*

    ( Gav the chav) now then you cheeky ****s its me gav the chav your current IWT champion today is quite possibly the biggest match I will ever be involved in this match will defy my legacy this match will be how every single one of you will remember me by and trust you ain't gunna forget what happens from this very moment

    *gav turns his attention to joey bryant*

    So this is it you know what right you are right I'm quite an unpredictable little bastard aren't I you see when gav started out I started from the very bottom I was just some gimmick who Literally came from nowhere now look where I am now I'm the IWT champion everyone wrote me off from day one but shut every single one of them fuckers up when I took this belt I've always been an underdog I was the underdog vs b.dazzle I was the underdog vs the cure even today I'm the underdog despite being the defending champion in this match but everytime I came out the victor just like im going to today But that enough about me lets talk about you and recent events

    *gav points towards the titantron Which Shows highlights from The main event at summerslam*

    Remember that joey remember that match between you and alias antonio you see how alias pins you 1..2...3 you see how he clearly wins then look What happens next when this little fat **** waddles out from backstage along with his bitch and restarts the match you see that you see how Jonathan helps you out and gives you the victory that is bullshit

    * gav turns back towards joey*

    You see the night after that match is the night FSW was reborn why it happened you may ask? It was coz of shit like that which caused people to jump ship since then IWT began to decline alias being screwed over by you and Jonathan drove them away not me you fucking cheeky **** do get your facts straight all I done was took what didn't even belong to you in the first place alias antonio should of been the one gav cashed in on alias antonio is the true IWT champion not you or me

    you can fill these peoples heads with shit telling them you're the light and how your gunna be the one to take IWT back to where it should be but I hope they remember that you are the one who caused all this mess IWTS downfall is down to you and now you wanna fix it if these people have any brain cells they will tell you to fuck right off you fucking cheeky **** after tonight IWT will begin its revival phase but you won't be the one leading it thats gunna be my job because I'm gunna be leaving here tonight as IWT champion!

    @DK James your move :)
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  5. *Joey runs his hands through his hair before walking a couple feet away from Gav. He looks visibly frustrated.*

    “You just don’t GET IT do you?! Is this just some big joke to you? One year ago I was just some pawn in the IWT company, I was nothing but an up and comer looking to carry this company on my back. Today, I AM IWT. I carried this company on my back for months and all you can bring up is my match with Alias Antonio? I’m disappointed in Alias Antonio, I have been since before that match even happened when he turned his back on me and laid me out in the middle of this ring. From that moment I knew he was going on a path that he wouldn’t be coming back from, and it almost pained me to beat him for the championship because maybe things could be different and it could be us fighting once again for the top prize. I almost wish the original result from Dat Kid was the final result…but no matter what fight I’m in I don’t let up no matter what the possible consequence could be but not even I could have expected Alias Antonio would truly hit a new low of fighting against the company that made him who he is today.”

    *He stares at Gav again and shakes his head.*

    “You really just don’t get it. It is MY job to make sure through all the bullshit and war this company goes through, that at the end of the night, everyone in IWT can look to their top guy, the IWT Champion, and realize IWT will always have a better poster boy. Whether it be Aids Johnson, Victoria Parker, Marcus Anthony, B.Dazzle, or Joey fuckin Bryant IWT will always have the guys that stay dedicated to what they believe in, and that’s the IWT championship. Clearly you haven’t been the champ long enough to realize what an honor it is to hold that belt, unfortunately for you, you’re only holding it to keep it warm until it’s back around my waist. I did not cause this mess, and if everyone thinks I did, then it’s only right the man that began the war should fire the final bullet.”

    “But no one wants me even close to the IWT vs FSW war, I must be too unpredictable of a guy where they’d think because of my past with Antonio and Dat Kid I have the chance of jumping ship. Well here’s a little secret no one knew about, I was offered to sign up with FSW, and I agreed. I was truly going to fight for both companies but I knew deep down eventually war like this was going to happen and I was going to be torn on which side to pick so I decided to stick to my roots and stay right at home. That’s what being an IWT Champion is about Gav, even when you have to make the worst decisions of your life, your gut will still tell you IWT is where you belong. It’s almost engraved in my body at this point, the letters IWT, because each time I want to take off the boots and leave I can’t because I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving until this company hits a new golden age. Whenever I leave, whether that be months or years from now, I’m going to leave knowing I’m one of the best IWT has ever had and leave knowing IWT will run fine without me. I don’t believe it would at this point.”

    *He paces around slowly around Gav.*

    “But you want to talk about recent events Gav, well let’s look at you and B.Dazzle. You guys had so much history together, you were one of the most successful teams I’ve seen, but as soon as he turns his back on you, you don’t even think about it. You immediately start throwing insults and punches at him almost like you’ve wanted to for a long time. When I had an ally turn their back on me, out of all the times it’s happened, I have never jumped the gun and went right after them. I waited. I waited to see if maybe they realize what they did was wrong, I was wrong each time, they never changed their minds, but at least I gave them that opportunity to make the right choice. You Gav, these people cheer for you but you’re truly a bad person, you don’t care who you’re calling a “cheeky ****” you just do it and people let you get away with it and you know why that is? It’s because you’re not a threat, Gav. And the IWT Champion should always be a threat to each and every person in the back, they should be a threat to the GM’s, the roster, other companies, and even a threat to themselves because they’ll become so attached to the IWT Championship they’d even sacrifice themselves to save it. That’s what it means to be an IWT Champion, you’re not one, and you haven’t been the last month or so.”

    “Feel that belt one last time. Enjoy it. Maybe a few months down the road I’ll let you have a shot at it again, but until you prove you can actually be a champion and that you bleed for this company, I’m afraid I’m going have to end you now. This war begins with Joey Bryant as IWT Champion, it’s going to end the same way but this time, this win’s not to beat you down or end a war with someone, this win’s for IWT.”

    Show Spoiler
    OOC: Sorry for bein pretty late, please extend it for Gav if he doesn't post in time.
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  6. ( Gav the chav) here right listen up yeah you know what right all my life has been a constant battle since I was a small kid my teachers never give a fuck about me and would constantly put me down my slag of a man never give a fuck about me shed rather go out and get pissed that take care of me neither did my social worker my probation officer even people in IWT try to put me down and your right joey they don't see me as a threat They see people like me and they turn there noses at me and say I'm just a no good dirty little chav I hear them all taking the piss like a bunch of little jealous ****s coz I have something they can only dream of having and thats this belt

    you see joey nobody understands me and trust me when I say this IWT is in my blood yes I might take the piss now and again but I love the IWT I bleed IWT I piss IWT I even shit IWT I fucking love this shit put it this way right without iwt gav would have nothing I May not be the best fighter or the best talker but as long I keep these fans entertained then that's all that matters if that makes me a bad person then so fuck

    You think your so fucking special don't you? Fair enough right you were a pretty good champion a great champion even no matter what everyone will always remember that you lost your belt to a chav I did what nobody else could do farooq couldn't do it chris kaiser couldn't do it And even though I think he should of won alias antonio couldn't do it but I did I notice you mention b.dazzle you really think he really has what it takes to be a great champion? The same b.dazzle who lost his mitb contract to me and could of sent me packing he had his chance but he failed just like everybody else but not gav my reign is only just beginning You see when I defeat you joey those cheeky ****s will see me as a threat and they will give me the respect I deserve me defeating you will solidify me as champion They will see just what gav the chav is truly made of you might not think I've not Been the best champion so far but I'm gunna prove to you and to the rest of the world Just how good I am this time last year me and dazzle shocked the world and ended the cure once and for all and tonight im gunna continue that trend and defeat you and carry on being the IWT champion
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  7. @Delik you know the drill
  8. Whoops :dawg:
  9. This was a pretty damn fine match. Gav really brang his A game to this, but oh my god, Bryant was at an absolute different level. Great work from both.
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  10. I apologize, the IWT v FSW match overshadowed this match for me. I'll be sure to read and vote soon. Once again, apologies to DK and Gav.
  11. Thanks it was easily the hardest match I've been in I honestly think dk would have beat everyone on the roster no matter who he was facing in the match
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  12. Looks like I'm not the only 3 time 3 time 3 time IWT champion anymore. Great job to both.
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  13. Your winner of the match, and the new IWT and World Heavyweight Champion...... JOOOEEEYYYY!! BRYAAANNNNNTTT!!

    Full results here >>>
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  14. Congrats dk I guess it was fun while it lasted
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  15. In the midst of Joey Bryant's celebration, the lights dim. The crowd panics, and lights flash throughout the arena. Images appear on the titantron, timelapses of New York City, a beach, a lone shack in a deserted town.

    The noise abrubtly interrupts the images, bringing the darkness back. For about a minute, there is nothing but darkness and crowd noises. In large, bolded letters two words appear on the titantron.

    "IT'S TIME"

    The crowd explodes, knowing what awaits...
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