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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is an invitational for the European Championship!

    Midas (@Stopspot) vs ??? vs ???

    *The first 2 people to promo are in the match!*​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. Out from the Back, Leo quickly comes out dancing to the song, wearing a Jacket with Tassles on, His tights also with Tassles on the bottom as he does his little dance on the stage before running down to the ring, high fiving the fans on the way before he slides in the ring, jumping onto each turnbuckle and putting his hands up to show his Tassled attire. He takes off his jacket and hands it to a stage hand in exchange for a Microphone. He adjusts it slightly before adjusting his own hair and talking.

    "What's up, IWT! I heard there was a Party and Leo Taylor wasn't invited....So when Midas decided to make this invitational, I made the decision to come down here and to prove to everyone before my match in the Wildcard tournament that Leo Taylor isn't just a party-goer...That Leo Taylor isn't just an entertainer....I'm here to prove that I can go toe to toe with a champion...and what a man to do it against...a current Tag Team Champion and European Champion...Midas."

    Leo Taylor begins to walk around the ring as a tiny "Party" chant kicks off in the crowd.

    "You see, Midas, After my loss to Jwab a couple months back, I stepped back from an IWT Ring and went back to my roots of Showdown Wrestling to try and find out what I'm missing to make it here in IWT. I went back and forth against a man who reigned supreme there until he took off for a bigger company but then I realized...I wasn't aggressive enough...I was simply a clown...I'd make people laugh and smile but I wouldn't get much offense in. I am to change that tonight, Tonight I'll make people see me in a different light....I Entertain the Crowd with my antics and I shall entertain my opponents with my in ring abilities. The man who faced Jwab months ago is gone, I am Leo Taylor, The Wrestler, The Entertainer, The Wrestling Clown....and Midas, I'm here to take you European Title away from you, I'm here to make a statement in IWT, and I'm here to prove that I can stand on my own and that I deserve to be partnered with Aids Johnson.....

    The True Party starts here....Me, You and Who ever makes their way out from the back....

    Leo goes into a corner and settles down on a turnbuckle, awaiting Midas or the third man.
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    *The lights suddenly go out, and as everyone wonders who this is going to be, the theme song of Danny Jacobs starts to play...*

    *People boo, knowing him from FSW and a failed run in IWT. He walks to the ring with tears in his eyes, he looks upset for some reason. He gets into the ring and grabs a mic.*

    I am here, back again. I already regret coming out here, as I realize that you guys hate me. Whether it was because of my bWo run, or because of my work in FSW, you have never liked me! Not only have you disliked me, you hate me! But why? Is it because I'm different? Is it because I don't feel like others feel? Is it because I like pain? Why, tell me why? I have never gotten a fair shot! All the hate that people have been given me here... I didn't want to come back here. It hurts to be here! It hurts because even when I haven't been here for a while now, you still boo me like I'm trash! I have feelings too! You have no respect for me! You spit on people like me, you look down at people like me. Just like Midas does!

    Fuck Martin Luther King, I have a dream! I have a dream that someday I will get liked by people. I don't want to be a loner! But until then, I guess I have to do this on my own. I will always be hated. Being liked is something that I don't see happening for me, when that is all that I want! Well... That, and the European Championship. You see, Midas, I had my first Championship match two months ago against you and your partner. It was for the IWT Tag Team Championship. I thought that I was the greatest thing going, and I fell on my rear end and since that, I never got up. It was a real set-back for me. You made me hate this place! And now, I'm going to have this place hate you! You can't run away from me, just as you can't run away from the Karma that will haunt you for the rest of your life. You're doomed.

    *Danny Jacobs goes out of the ring, and sits on the ground, waiting for the European Champion Midas to come out*

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    Gold falls from the rafters as the European Champion, dressed up in golden ring gear and an IWT t-shirt steps out on the ramp. Flanked by Lee and Drake holding a SIN banner out. Midas poses on the ramp with his belt held high above his head while looking out over the arena, he then starts confidently walking to the ring and jumping over the top rope to get in. He smiles out at the crowd before removing his shirt and throwing it out into the sea of fans and turning to his two opponents.

    Midas: IWT-Mafia, let's make some noise, because we are in the money making hour!

    *The crowd pops*

    Midas: My name Midas, and I am your reigning, defending, undisputed European Champion! Also know, as the money maker! The man with a bigger profit margin than Apple, Disney and Microsoft put together. The man that makes Scrooge McDuck look like a pauper, and Bill Gates like a hobo. But not only that, I am the greatest, and I mean greatest pro wrestler to lace up a pair of boots. The man, who is so confident in his own abilities that he dared to issue an open challenge to not one, but two men for his belt. And with that being said, let's run down the opposition, because unlike me I am sure they do not get paid by the hour.

    *Midas turns to Leo*

    Midas: Leo Leo Leo, whats up man!? Seems like you have a new fire in you from what I can see. You did well in that tag tournament match, so congratulations on that. So what you are saying is that, you're reborn? That what I am facing is a new man? That you're all geared up and ready to go? Good!

    There's always room in the partysphere for one more.....

    But then you started talking about dethroning me. You said that you were going to take my title away, and that made me unsure, not for me mind you! But for you! You talk as if it was an absolute, that it was going to happen. As if you've already done the investment and gotten money back on it, when in fact you haven't even gotten your first offer from the bank yet. The party might have started, dude, but you're far from over the finish line.

    *Midas turns towards Danny.*

    Midas: Woah there Danny, what's with all the hostility? I am sensing a lot of anger, and anger leads to hate, which leads to suffering. You might like suffering but I could do without it right now since I have to pull double duty tonight.

    And what's this thing about me not respecting you? Man, I do respect you. I might find you a bit odd at times but I respect that. Doesn't mean I won't kick your ass and send you backstage to suck on a bib but yeah I've always respected your abilities. But if you want to make this a ho'down then let's ho'down!

    You say that you never got back up after getting knocked on your ass by me and Drake at Night of Champions, well man there's your problem! You need to get back up! Get up, roll up those sleeves and get to making money! Because grass grows, the sky is blue and money puts food on the table. And no way can you chase this belt on an empty stomach.

    Karma? I know her, very kind, large black woman. As for the philosophical concept: I'm not too worried about it. You want to make me hate this place by inflicting bad karma? Bitch please! I've survived Aids Johnson, Jonathan, FTJ and every other crooked player that have walked in those doors. You don't have enough hate in ten of you to make me hate this ring, hate this place, or hate myself.

    *Midas takes a step back and turns to the crowd.*

    Midas: Lads, while you both hold a lot of promise, a lot of talent. I need to see something more. I need to see some fire, some bite! Before I am impressed.

    You've got one more shot guys before I drop you like a WWE stock or the TNA product value. So make the most of it. Take your time, because time is money and I have plenty of it.

    *Midas leans back in the corner. *​
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  5. Leo begins to move around his area of the ring, Pointing to Danny Jacobs first, raising his microphone to talk.

    "Danny...You see, me and you have something in common....We both took part in an important match up and we both haven't recovered from our beatings...You in that Tag match and me in the X-Division Tournament...but you see, Tonight can change all that....Either one of us leaves this ring with Midas' Belt wrapped around our waists or we both lay in this ring as losers. Danny, You claim that Midas has ruined your 'time' here in IWT but who's really to blame? The man who made himself hated by being a part of the bWo or the man who gave you an opportunity....I for one would thank Mr Midas for allowing you to challenge him and his partner for the tag belts...and for this opportunity...Which leads me to my next topic....

    Leo turns to Midas, his Tassels flowing as he moves towards him.

    "Midas....I respect you, man...You've helped the Tag Division in recent weeks with your Wildcard tournament and you've made some challengers out of us...but you see, I'm not reborn....I just re-invented myself. The old, Lovable Leonardo Taylor is still here, Bro....Just now I've added more passion, more spirit and more will into this mind of mine...I am different to the Leo Taylor that was defeated easily against Hollywood Jwab a few months ago...You could say I'm Leo Taylor 2.0.

    Now once my party is started, there is no way it is ending as even if I lose, I'll come back and Party Harder and Harder and I'll entertain the crowd even more...I've 'Invested' into my New Party Train....and It has no Brakes....So Tonight, I promise a show better then any of Steven Spielberg's movies....A Production better than any of Shakespeare....and I'm coming for one of your titles, be it your Euro Title tonight....or your Tag Titles later on in my IWT Career....The Party train is looking for more party goers....and the Both of you....and Your SIN friends...are invited on board...

    Leo goes to the ropes and sits in the middle of them, keeping an eye on Lee and Drake just in case, as he flaunts his tassel's to the fans.
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  9. *Danny Jacobs looks pissed off. He looks at Leo Taylor as he begins to speak/shout.*

    Should I thank him? For what? For ruining my career? For ruining my life? Wow, thank you very much. Nothing of this is my fault. That these people dislike me isn't my fault. I'm working my ass off trying to get better but I still get boo'ed by these people and for what? For a little run in a stable that went terribly wrong? No, it's because Midas and his partner felt like it was time to bury a new talent. He made me hate it here! Why do you think I went to FSW for redemption? Why do I even explain this to you? You don't matter in this story. You're the fifth wheel on the wagon. You aren't needed here so I suggest you back out before you are knocked out. I demand respect from you, from Midas and everyone in that fucking locker room.

    *Danny Jacobs looks a bit gassed, but still really mad, as he turns his attention to Midas.*

    You don't respect me. As much as you want to deny it now, you've never shown the slightest bit of respect to me. You're a liar. I needed to get back up after my loss against you and Drake, but where were you to help me out? The great Midas everybody, I thought you were a good guy. I thought that after I hit rock bottom, you could've helped me get back up on my feet and fight against the world! But you didn't help me. bWo left me, I was a wolf who got abandoned by his pack but did you help me? No, you didn't. You just couldn't be bothered, hahaha.... WHERE THE FUCK WAS YOUR RESPECT TO ME? You say that you're a good person, that you respect me, and all that but in the end, they're just words. Your words don't result in actions. And now, I AM back up... And whilst that might be good for me, that will be bad for all of you. I will hunt for you. I will make you pay for your disrespect towards me. You can throw punches towards me, hit me with chairs, but it'll do no damage because, my friend, I am already too damaged to feel the pain. You might be a rich man, but that doesn't matter when you have lost your most important thing, which is your European Championship. Believe me, you can buy all the replica's that you want, but it'll never feel the same for you because you know that when I have beaten you and that little shit Leo Taylor, I am the real deserving champion.

    After all the shit I've gone through, I'm not gonna take anything anymore. This is my time, my time to shine, my time to reward myself with a nice championship title. A loss is not good enough for me. I've waited long enough for an opportunity, and it never presented, so right here, I am just going to take it. All I wanted was to be liked and respected by the people here, including the two of you but all you guys have ever done is laugh at me when I was down, because I am different from the rest of you! And now I am back up, and you guys don't have the balls to say that you hate me or dislike me, because you are too scared to admit that you find me disgusting! That makes you not just a liar, but a coward as well. Payback is a bitch, Midas. Because after I've beaten the two of you and I get that nice little 13 lbs of gold that is around your waist now, that will just be the beginning of my road. This will be a push in the right direction for me, as this is my road to prove myself worthy of everybody their respect! I might not be the same as the rest of the world, but I damn sure have passion for this company! This is my road to redemption. Believe me, I will change the opinion of everybody around here and I'll make them say ''Danny Jacobs is the greatest'' because I will damn sure be that after tonight. The future is now, and believe me, the future is me.

    *Danny Jacobs starts sitting on the top turnbuckle, waiting on Midas to respond.*

  10. Alright @Stopspot, seen as Indy posted just take as long as you need and tag me when you've posted
  11. Midas: Okay, okay, okay. Time to end it. You two have had your time to make yourself heard. But time for the champ to speak. It's commendable that the two of you have stepped into my jungle thinking that you can hunt. But don't for one second forget, that I am the alpha predator in these parts. I'm not only a shark on the stock market, but a shark in the big blue sea of pro wrestling.

    Leo, there will be a party once this night is done alright... But it won't be on your party express. And Danny, you can snarl and growl all you want. But all you are doing is sullying this ring with spit, and throwing around big words. Big words that will give you nothing. You want to hurt me? Put up your dukes and hurt me! All you are doing is talking and talking and a little bit of yelling. Throwing temper tantrums is not going to do you any good in this business. Call me a coward, call me a liar all you want, but as long as you just stand there, and don't throw a single punch, the only coward and liar in this ring is you, Daniel. I've got my fists taped up, I have no problem knocking you on your ass one more time so let's just do it!

    *Midas looks out over the fans in the crowd before turning back to his opponents.*

    Midas: It seems like these fans know who I am, but that the two of you need some education, well allow me!

    My name is Midas. I am the money maker, the profit shaker, the dean of the dinero, the deacon of the dollar and the prince of the pound. I am not measured in weight, but in value and my value is off the chain. Every oil tycoon, software millionaire and the GOP wishes that it had the financial value that I have. In short: I am money, I am profit, I am the golden touch!

    But that's not all. I'm also THE veteran of IWT. I've been here since day one, never caused problems, never made a fuzz, I've done what's been asked of me. I've done comedy matches, hardcore matches, all types of matches. I've earned the respect of these fans, and of the people backstage, and most importantly, of the locker room. They know that when I speak, they should listen, they know that when I step in this ring, they get a lesson. Not only in wrestling, but in etiquette. The time for fun and games is over greenhorns, here comes a lesson.

    No one, is going to take either of you for the great talents that you are with the way that you are behaving. One of you claims to be a changed man but I still see the same cocky and goofy kid underneath it all, and once again he has bitten off more than he can chew. And the other one has about the style and sense of a three year old who heard he couldn't have a cookie. So here's what I am going to do, I am going to kick your ass, then I am going to kick your ass, teaching you both a lesson in how to behave. Then I am going to go backstage, eat a quest bar, get back in this ring, kick some more ass, have a shower, go partying with my two amigos, then go to sleep with about 4 beautiful women. Then tomorrow, tomorrow! I will shake your hands and help you two grow into the stars you can be.

    Leo was right tho, you should thank me. Thank me for giving you young bucks this opportunity. So get on your knees, arms out wide, and thank me! Time is money, and I'm all about the money!
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  15. The winner of the match, by an average of 8.25 to 7.625 to 7... and... STILL! IWT European Champion... Midas!!

    Full results here >>>

    Danny Jacobs hits Leo with a number of strikes, but as he's getting ready to hit a running knee in the corner, Leo comes back with a massive clothesline that floors Danny Jacobs. Leo Taylor gets Midas up, irish whips Midas and tries to hit a kick. Unfortunately, Midas caught him and sweeped his other leg to lock in a Figure-Four Leglock. Leo is in a lot of pain. Danny Jacobs gets to the top rope to break up the submission with an elbow drop.

    1, 2, kick-out

    Danny Jacobs tries to go to the top rope for another time, he gets caught by Leo. Leo hits him with a nice Superplex which sends Danny Jacobs down to the ground. When Leo finally gets up from that Superplex, Midas waits for him, hits a dropkick, gets him up and hits the Profit Breaker.

    1, 2, 3

    Danny Jacobs tried to break up the pin, but was just a second too late. He's bamboozled by the fact that he lost, and asks the referee if it was really three. Midas celebrates after his huge triple threat title defense, but gets hit with the double-arm DDT out of nowhere by Danny Jacobs. He seems really angry and sad that he missed up his opportunity to take the European Championship. He looks up to the crowd in tears, and leaves the arena afterwards.