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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.



  2. *Camera crew comes out of the entrance way. They are walking backwards getting all of these neat shots of Jwab that will be posted on Instagram afterwards. He stops at the top of the ramp and just looks around. He asks for a mic from one of the stage hands before proceeding down the ramp. The stage hand takes forever and Jwab snatches the mic from his hand. He tells the stage hand to come closer and he fires him right there. The stage hand goes crying. Jwab starts walking down the ramp and speaking his mind*

    Lee. You stole my title from me last week at Uprising.... I demand that you come out here and you hand it over without a fight. I have another match to look forward to later tonight so I'd like to be perfectly fresh to end the dying life of a promotion that has a impostor as their International Champion! And if you don't hand over MY title, First Strike Wrestling will not be the only thing dying here tonight.

    You know... you got lucky beating Aiden Ryan. Your luck even got Aiden out of the bloodiest beating of his life. But unlike Aiden, you don't have the drive. You have basically went from a lunatic who murdered a town of people to get inside the head of a jobber to a great European Champion to a joke. You come out here, quoting twitter legends and using their moves to get the cheap pops you think you deserve. It's disgusting and low. Come on out Lee or whoever you wanna be tonight. Cyrus Wolfe, Nigga Lee, Lord Lee... I don't care. Get your ass out here and give me back MY TITLE.

    OOC - Oval, let's do dis nigga

  3. *Lee walks to the ring in a hurried fashion, He is wearing his brand new "BeLEEve" hoodie with the hood over his head, he has Jwab's belt around his neck. He somehow enters the ring with his hands in his hoodie pockets. When he gets into the ring he shakes his head to get the belt off of his neck, dropping onto the surface of the ring.*

    Lee: JWAB...Something about you just RILES me makes me become this ANGRY man, the type of man I was when I KILLED people. It's the way you go about presenting
    your sorry behind which provokes this dark HATE-filled feeling inside of me. You think star in these afterthought flicks and getting casually intimate with whorey chicks at the after-party will ever get you to eternal bliss? Or even to the promised land of infinite fame? Pffft.

    And really, you know this yourself, deep down inside you have realised this. Why else have you been so much more eager these last couple of months to spearhead towards the IWT championship? Using these title defences to earn your cash-in....

    Well, I appreciate the eagerness, everyone deep down wants to achieve an accomplishment that will allow them to live long in the memory of their peers and maybe even the World as a whole....but forever...and ever...You'll still be that immature foolish kid. The kid who could have beat Christian at IWT Mania but instead went for some far-fetched plan and screwing the fans out of a true finish. You're still the same Jwab who forgot to turn up for a tag-titles match. But hey, Me, when I was good old Ben Dover, took your place in the tag team after that and became Alias' partner. How is he by the way? Has he bothered to talk to you much since? Have you partaken in a gripping match with him? I know deep down....

    You do all of aim to win the IWT championship, you aim to establish yourself as this charismatic movie "star"....not just to validate yourself to society....but to prove to Alias you can be on his level. It may make you mad that out of the three of us, Alias has gone on to be the most prolific, but that's life kid. And maybe, just maybe, if you somehow beat me, you get enough successful defences to cash might win your cash-in match and allow these anxieties to wash away, with your mind finally telling you're on Alias' level.

    But, the probability isn't to high quite frankly. Sure, shocks can happen...but really I'd be surprised if you beat me tonight. You may have picked up momentum lately...but it's when you fall, you crash, you trip, you stumble...with more momentum, that the impact of the damage done to yourself is more fierce. Tonight, I break this momentum of yours and the fall down the stairs towards the big title picture you will have happen to you will be BRUTAL!

    Also....who DARES question MY drive, huh? You see, it's alllll about the pacing, I'm not rushing anything here, I've learned from my past mistakes...I can't just speed into things. I need to time myself accordingly! My drive less than Ryan's? Perhaps, but....WHOSE HERE RIGHT FUCKING NOW PAL?? NOT THAT SCRUB!!! ME! THAT.GUY.NAMED.LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Aiden? You got a title shot at Survivor Series? NO! YOU LOST AGAINST ME....DRIVE OR NOT YOU STILL GOT PUT ON YOUR ASS HAHAHA!

    *Lee sarcastically laughs before angrily stomping his feet on the ground*

    And as for "your" belt....I ain't just giving it back to you Jwab, then again, you're not getting it back AT ALL! But if you want to try then... YOU WILL HAVE TO FIGHT ME FOR IT WITH EVERY OUNCE OF WILL POWER YOU HAVE!!!
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  4. *Jwab scurries over and grabs his title and rolls away from Lee. He shines it up and make sure that it's all okay before giving Lee a death stare. He hands the ref the title and he orders him to go gently place it over on the pillow that a stage hand is holding. He does a sarcastic laugh to Lee*

    Hahahahaha, very funny. The bit about power and using Alias to try and get into my head BUT IT'S NOT GONNA WORK, LEE. This isn't about Alias, later it will be about Alias and me. That's when I put an end to Alias... and you calling me a kid? A foolish kid that lost to Christian? I don't know if you even watch our own product cause you can clearly tell that it wasn't me ever since the night after Elimination Chamber. The night I was proclaimed a dark horse. You could tell obviously by that distinct mole on the stunt double's face that I didn't partake in stepping into the ring with Christian. That was the stunt double... and he no longer lives. Thanks to me. If you are gonna act like me, do everything like me, actually win LIKE ME. Cause we all know that if I would have stepped into the ring with Christian that night, I would've ended his career and Team First Strike Wrestling would probably have someone like Senhor. But... you speak of Ben Dover.... I miss that man. Ben Dover. Cause the guy you are right now isn't half the man Ben Dover was. You changed just like every single other person that I've brought into this company you have amounted the less out of them all.

    You wanna bring up the past. Let's get this straight, you didn't replace me in the tag team. I got injured and I left. I allowed you to take my spot with Alias but for sure, you did not replace me. If anyone would replace me in the tag team, I'd have chosen David but he's gone and you wanna know who really put him out of his misery? I did. After the Elimination Chamber I attacked him backstage and now he can't wrestle ever again. Anyone who stands in my way... sooner or later doesn't exist. David isn't the only one but think of everyone else... Jacob Colton. Nick. *laughs* Victoria Parker. I bring this up every single week because it's an accolade. An accolade that I cherish and hope to continue tonight starting with you and ending with First Strike Wrestling.

    *laughs cause he just thought of something that is funny to him*

    I'm gonna need a new nickname won't I? Hmmm, what you thinking Lee? Nevermind what you think. I'm thinking something like Grave Digger, wait... that's a monster truck or some shit like that. HOW ABOUT ENDERMAN..... that wouldn't work either cause I wouldn't want to compare myself to that series out of the boredom that came from it. I'll think about it...

    But Lee, this is a big moment for us. We haven't stepped into the same ring since... well, at Uprising. But, realistically, the last time I stood face to face with you was when you were Ben Dover. Look how far we have came. Almost parallel. Tag Team Champion. Singles Champ, it did take me a little longer to get to it but no biggie. But, let's think about right now.... how like I said you are a running joke. A shadow of your past self. I honestly think Lunatic Fringe Lee was the best Lee cause that was the greatest flavor of that month but.... now, look at yourself... I feel sorry for you, Benjamin. I just think you need a rest, how about this. You give up. I'll take you in and train you in my MSD. If you guys don't know what MSD stands for just.... just nevermind. It's a dojo that I train many students at least once every two weeks when I find the time. Come on, Lee. Give me my title and take back my hand, I can turn you into a new and improved Lee.

    *smiles and winks while the camera has an awesome shot*

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  5. Lee: Jwab.....Jwab, Jwab Jwab. I'm aware it wasn't you....but the fact you put a stunt in your place just seems preposterous, a dumb idea which brought down the match quality to be honest.....Well you're both pretty sloppy but you're the taller midget of the two I guess~ Why have such an "amazing" person like yourself be imitated in the ring by a clone? Should have just been honest with the people and saved that horrific Jwab (I guess) v Christian match from ever happening. Management ruined my match with Dolph's and it was still better than the match Christian had with your doppelgänger!

    And pal, I'm not trying to 'get in your head' necessarily, I just want you to realise why you're doing all of this. I'm sure deep down you know you want the validation of the people and Alias himself that your on his level but...I don't think you're ready to admit. You have these plans to directly destroy him even. Jwab, the bitterness that he's won a World title and you're yet to is painfully blatant sadly.

    I also speak with great guilt when I say apologise that "Ben Dover" is no more. So sorry that such a grotesque, filthy PATHETIC lil' man that I once no more! Was it the naivety of Ben Dover that you liked? You could push him around....pull his strings like a puppet. Me though, no... I WILL NOT take your grubby hands, I refuse to follow you. There was once a time I would have but now the time has past!

    Me? Amounted to the least of everyone you brought here? get technical here, Black Jesus didn't really turn out to be much.

    *Lee winks at Jwab*

    But also, David came in as a result of you, correct? Well..... Where's David now? As much David is a sex symbol, he's funny, he's charming, he's almost as FILTHY as ELGIN.....He's not cut out to be an 'e-fedder' at this level of the game! If he wants to take your "imposter's" belt over at FSW....he could perhaps do that. But, in IWT, David benfitted from the most dead period the X Division belt EVER had! His reign was long, like the queue of contenders was short and lacking quality for the most part. Thank for Alias helping fix that, right?

    And you Jwab.....What have you got show for yourself? A tag team title reign with Alias? Sure. I got that too. Won the X-Division and HC belts and turned them into the belt we now fight for? Sure. On the other hand I won a fatal four way which included Dazzle during his hype era and Draven, winning that match at the Royal Rumble would earn me the IC title. Really.... I've achieved more than you in my time here, and after tonight the gap between us WILL INCREASE!

    And speaking of my IC turned Euro title reign, sure it's important on the pecking order than the Xtreme belt. And hey, I may be taking a step down in the short term...but this allows me time to gather myself. I defend the belt with relative ease 5 times, then I cash in my opportunity. I ultimately reach the pinnacle of my career....By WINNING THE IWT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

    It WILL happen Jwab! So let us get on with the match, I simply can't wait to wipe that "Hollywood shmuck" smirk off your thumb of a face!
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  6. @Delik Do the voting ting lad.
  7. This was an awesome little match. I loved the story told in the promos (Jwab being a jealous bitch and the history involved), and it really elevated this match for me. This is also one of Lee's best performances imo, and as for Jwab, his heel act really raises his stock for me, he's real good in that aspect.

    Great match guys!
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  8. Lee stole it for me. But just by a little. I agree, this match was to me as McDonalds is to Chris Hero.
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  9. Way to steal the show early on boys
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  10. I guess fungi was right :)

    This turned out exactly how I imagined it great match guys!!! @DK James looks like we've got our work cut out to try and top this
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  11. You bet you do after me and Shadow are done :tough:
  12. Awesome stuff.
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  13. BAH! Closed 14 minutes ago, shit. So who won @Delik?
  14. Oh now I can? shit lol, give me a few
  15. I'm scared for my baby title.
  16. Your winner, with an average of 8.791666667 to 8.5... and.... your NEW IWT X-Treme Champion... Lee!!

    Full resulsts here >>>
  17. Bye IWT
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