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  1. IWT Staff is now recruiting 2 members, if this is something you'd be interested in then read below.

    To apply, simply write a bit about why you want to join and what you could bring, and write a (as detailed as you want) 1-month plan for 2 titles. These titles are the IWT World Title and the IWT X Division Title. In these 1-month plans we're looking to see how creative you can be or whether you're just the type of person who would 'follow the script' so to speak. If you're not sure what to put in them you can include: interactions between competitors, dark matches (list opponents & reasoning), promos by competitors.

    Recruitment will be open for 2 weeks unless we feel we've filled the 2 spots beforehand.

    Tagging roster (open)

    @DK James: Joey Bryant
    @Hollywood Jwab: Jwab Atom
    @Ovalhead Le Jobber: Lee

    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @Trevor~: Trevor Raynor
    @Forrest: Leo Taylor

    @F.R.I.E Frie
    @Bill Clinton Chris Kaizer
    @The ReagMaster Reagan Cole

    @Butters! Aiden Ryan
    @Tumbas: Alcatraz
    @Tsar The Artist

    @RedDwarfTechy: Brandon Pain
    @FailFaceFTW: Justin Magnus
    @Tumbas: Alkatrz

    @Muuuftah: Muuuftah
    @JONES: Jones
    @fungi: Fungi

    @PoPo: PoPo
    @Just Kevin: Dr. Attitude, E.R.A.
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  2. Very interested actually.
  3. Interesting.
  4. I think @Nickelodeon would be a Good addition to the team
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  5. Also be prepared to do a lot of bouncing ideas around in the section itself. Just putting that out there
  6. I would enjoy a tenure in IWT's staff. Seems fun, and maybe I can bounce off my ideas to more than just the GM and Delik.
  7. I would be interested in applying. :)
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  8. I'd like to apply. Would be something for me to do in IWT and I can share some ideas I have.
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  9. Thread cleaned.
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  10. Am I the only one that thought I was accepted when I was tagged in the thread? Lol.

    Well, I'd love to shoot off my ideas and see different viewpoints on why they should or shouldn't happen. Including that I spend a considerable amount of time online, I'm always reliable to do stuff.
  11. Everyone really liked the SS match up splash screens you provided IIRC
  12. (I just found out what IIRC mean't.)

    I told you about them like 2 months beforehand and I remembered, Got a good memory too. :heenan:
  13. Question to we tell what we could bring to the table in this thread? or will you be interviewing us via PM?
  14. Delik most likely knows exactly what I'll bring to the picnic.
  15. Please add me and Trip to a PM and PM us there :obama:
  16. I don't. And it's not just me that decides.

    As above, add me and Trip to a PM and send us your application.
  17. Hmmm...Interesting.
  18. Not sure if these interesting posts are some inside joke or people are genuinely interested. Fuck it. Who cares.

  19. When will we learn who get's accepted?
  20. I'll save you the trouble and tell you that you won't be accepted.
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