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Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Trip in the Head, May 30, 2014.

  1. Yeah, lets try it

  2. No, leave things the way they are

  1. Ok guys, I am going over some stuff with @Solid Snake and @Delik and we decided we want your opinion too. I was thinking we could make a sub forum which would be located where all the other e-feds are under its own link which I would like to name " IWT Archive". I would move a few of the stickied threads in the main forum to that sub-forum along with some threads that I think should be stickied but are not (like IWT History, which div would like to be in?). Basically I would like to split out all the informational-only threads to the archive sub-forum (if it gets created). This would free up the main section for the match threads and storylines and we could move some of those stickied threads out of the way. It would also make some of those useful threads (the ones not stickied) easier to find IMO.

    What does the IWT think as a whole? Thanks for your input.
  2. I voted no and the only reasons are that IWT for the most part don't like change and these threads are very rarely used so I don't see the point in creating a sub-forum for 'em.
  3. Forum for'em, haha. See, I like to bounce back to the history thread and it moves around alot as it is not posted on regularly and also not stickied. Hell, is @Dat Kid even going to be able to maintain it still? Never thought of that.
  4. Haha I didn't even realise I'd done that :dawg:

    Lol I don't think I've ever used that thread, also if you use it a lot then bookmark it?

    I doubt it with what's happening with him.
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  5. It sounds like a great idea and you never know unless you take a chance. I vote on let's try it.
  6. Bookmark it. A DUH :facepalm: Never thought of that. Probably have never bookmarked a single thread. Look at the mod who doesn't know how to use the forum fellas. DERP
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  7. Index and Creative sections are both bookmarked for me :dawg:
  8. Swore I suggested this to you on Skype Delik a few months ago? Or crayo/shadow.
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  9. Someone mentioned it and I believe I said no for the same reasons
  10. But I'm GM now, bwahahaha! But seriously, if the majority of IWT thinks its dumb we won't move forward on it. So VOTE people!
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  11. I still think IWT should be it's own section, away from jobber feds. Then it has its own subforums, etc.
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  12. Just gonna post here. Looked through the threads and saw IWT has 2 IWT.com threads, both abandoned, the history thread which I don't believe is being updated (Correct me on this as I haven't checked in a while) since Ed! vs Butters Dark Match. So I think having its own subsection isn't necessary because I have an alternative idea

    I think IWT could just do a big thread for information. Closing it and use each post as a Section so for example:

    1st Post - Contents
    2nd Post - What is IWT
    3rd Post - Rules
    4th Post - Roster
    5th Post - Division list - as you had this and I thought it was good addition
    6th Post - History Thread

    Just an idea, customize it the way you want.
  13. People simply just don't read huge threads like that, sadly.
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  14. What he said. Nice sentiment though.

    To answer your questions, Dat Kid used to maintain the History thread, but he isn't around nearly as much (he even gave up the lead role in the group I am in with him). So yeah, that thread probably has not been updated, but I wish it would be. It was an excellent idea.

    The IWT.com threads - I only know of one I think and it was maintained by @Sycosis who requested a ban for awhile on himself (he just got back the other day)
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  15. if IWT had it's own section a subsection would work, but I feel it would get lost with the other e-feds/btb area's here. It would be great to have everything relevant stickied, but the main page would be ruined for it.

    I dont participate in here and just spectate, so i'll just leave this and let the IWT participants decide.
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  16. Oh, well I don't have any other ideas and it saves going into multiple threads and multiple threads being sticky'd/lost.
  17. My point exactly
  18. Yet another DERP for me, I thought there was some bookmark option in the forum. You meant a bookmark in my browser didn't you?

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  19. :mog:


  20. :4/10: