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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all ALLOWED!
    -Promos will last until 7pm Eastern USA on 14th and there is no limit​
    on how many promos you can write in that time.​
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours and close at 7pm Eastern USA on 15th August

  2. *The Summerslam arena plunges into darkness, The titantron hits*​
    *After 40 seconds a spotlight hits and Adam walks out, He has a hood covering his face as the camera follows him to the ring*​
    Ladies and gentlemen, Take a good look at me, I am your future and you all need to respect that, You all keep denying it and you all are wrong, You all still believe that some little asshole with paint seared all over his face can even stand a chance against me? You are very very wrong because you all seem to forget that the last time I faced off against Jacob he could barely walk out of the building but more than that was the mental scarring left on him, The humiliation of being defeated in a match he claimed he owned, Why do you think he denied my ladder match offer? He is simply too scarred to even try again, They say "Fear come from bad past experiences" and thats exactly what is running through his head, The fear of the unknown is supposed to be more scary than the fear of the known but not in this case, He steps into the ring with me its like stepping into the ring with a bull, I will not stop until I get what I want and that is to see him face down in the mat in pain as the ref holds my hand up high, If you all hold the back of Jacob you are in for a rude awakening, The future is bleak for him, He is a failed attempt at life, He has been riding off me since day one of CoC, He used me to make up for his downfalls which is everything and im sick of it. I was forced into a tag team with that man and he did everything to even try and reach my level and he has failed at every turn because he is simply not good enough, He brought down the tag team and he lost MY tag team titles, Yes MY titles, I won them buy myself as he stood on the apron and chanted bullshit. It was the same at Uprising folks, You know, I know and Jacob refuses to acknowledge it. He knows how he ruined it and he sits and denies it and points the fingers at everyone else, WAKE.UP.JACOB. Wake up and see what you have done and wake up and leave, You mean nothing to anyone around here, You play off as being a lonewolf but thats because no one wants you, I am a lonewolf because I dont need anyone, You are a lonewolf because no one needs you but you need them. You seem to have to grasp on to every little achievement you have ever got in your career and I mean little achievement since you havent done shit without me, You wanted to be at ringside at my matches for a reason, You wanted your name on the records for my wins as another of your little achievements, What have you actually achieved without me Jacob? Nothing? Yes its pretty obvious on that one, You were a jobber before I came along. At Extreme Rules you thought you would get an easy win and waltz into a free match for a title on a level you havent and will never get to. You always tell me Jacob, You always tell me how I am too full of myself and I need to change my attitude and I just need to change in general, But listen Jacob, I dont need to change, I am perfect the way I am, I am the best in the world and I am sick and tired of you denying that because of your shortcomings, I built our tag team to the top and watched as you burnt all my hard work and all my effort and the reason is because of how good I am. It eats away at you each and every night that in my PPV debut I beat you, You lost to a rookie, You lost to a newbie and you called yourself a vet. I dont need you Jacob, Never had and never will, You are just pitiful trash.​
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  3. *Jacob comes out with his new attire and his usual face-paint shaking his body to the music's rhythm*
    You come out and try to say with a lot of shit that I am a stupid guy and that because of myself we lost because of me, but if you remember correctly, I was the one who pinned the Heart Breaker Bitch, Victoria Parker. If I remember correctly, without me you wouldn't have won that title and without me you couldn't have held that championship for a month, and I lost it as a part of my plan. I don't want to explain it again so I'm going to point at the titantron and let you see what was my plan once again because it seems you've forgotten about what I said...
    *Jacob points at the titantron and the clip plays*
    *Jacob stares back at Adam*
    As I said, in this match you can't hide from your destiny in this match because I can pin you anywhere I want so you better run faster than me or you'll eat the pin. You know, my plan is going as I wanted and you don't even remember why isn't this a ladder match so you just justify it as I'm afraid. Actually the afraid man is you. You didn't want to put your briefcase on the line and you asked for a ladder match and you couldn't think of other thing that could hang up there so we could have a ladder match, and you say I'm the scared bitch of this place? I need a fucking mirror because you can't even find a stupid defect in your whole body. It's like if you were perfect, but perfection doesn't exist. No one is perfect. We all have defects. We all make mistakes. You can't proclaim you're better than anyone because in fact, that's your biggest defect. You're one more egomaniac whore who comes out claiming for revenge, but that's actually what I wanted this time. You're following my steps, but you will never admit what I'm telling to you. The only difference between me and you is that at least I've had more glorious matches and more prestigious moments in my career than you. You just say I have accomplished nothing in my career, that I'm just a bad parody of you, that I need you, that I wanted to be with you just to have a name in the history books, but that's all bullshit. My name will be known all over this world because I am and will always be the first ever IWT Cruiserweight Champion, while you will be known as the first ever self-proclaimed greatest wrestler of all times who lost to everyone! I could put an end to your career in this match, but I want to see you fail. I want to see how your glory dreams full of bullshit crushes because when this match ends, I will be in the middle of this ring, the referee will raise my hand and the announcer will scream my name while this people in the crowd will cheer because they know what's my next step, and it's something bigger than your salary.
    *Crowd cheers, Jacob continues*
    You said I'm a lonewolf because no one needs me. Again, more bullshit. No one needs me? Why am I in this company if that's the case? Come on, you're alone because you only want to look like a badass. Again, you're following my steps. I was a lonewolf before you even came to this company. You have no imagination and no creativity. You are like a bad copy of me. I once said I was the best in this company, but if I want to prove I am the best, I have to beat you first, I have to defeat The Cure, I have to kick everyone's ass to get a shot at the IWT title and then win it. After I do that I will be able to scream as much as I want that I AM THE BEST OF THIS COMPANY, but until that day comes I have to fight botches like you.
    *Crowd cheers, Jacob sits on the third rope*
    You see where I am? This is a really unstable place, just like your career. You have no legacy and your name will be just like Ryback or JTG, no one will remember them in the future because you're not as good as you thing. You can't give me a match and you can't give a match to a rat, all those great things you talk about are only in your imagination and that's as unstable as this rope where I'm sitting on. I'm going to let you know one last thing. Can you see me? I'm in front of you and I know you're not blind so I know you can see me, but I'll let you know what. I am strong from what they made me. I am strong from what my opponents who could give me a fight made me. I'm strong from what those people in the back who criticize me made me. And I'm am strong from what this people in the crowd made me!
    *Crowd cheers. Jacob stops speaking, but he's still prepared to fight back*
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  4. *Adam paces the ring looking directly into Jacob's eyes*​
    You are a little stinking rat, I dont need to run, Unlike idiotic rednecks like you I face my problems head on and if it causes me damage I dont give a fuck, You were cruiserweight champion so fucking what, Hornswoggle was champ too you know, Its not an honour, I find it disgraceful that you won it, Hornswoggle was a better champion than your stupid ass. Oh wow you were a lonewolf before me? Well again we all knew from day 1 you were going nowhere and cant do anything so thats why no one wants you, You are not a lonewolf by choice you are a lonewolf by force. You will be the one running because thats the only thing you can do against me, You think by coming out here and wasting half your promo on repeating some bullshit you said months ago on a tron? You think thats gonna get you the win in this match? It wont and I promise that. Tonight the only person running will be you, You cant make it here Jacob and you need to get over that and just go home, You are just another pretty boy who thinks he can be a wrestler. Im not following your footsteps, Thats a stupid move, When I care here I targeted you, I targeted you for a reason. You were alone, You had no one so I made my mark and I won. I beat you and left you even more depressed than you already were, You then latched to me, You begged and pleaded to be my tag team partner and I finally said yes, That one word sent my career into a tail spin and you brought me down, You hit me off my game, My undefeated streak gone like a light. I finally got fed up, I turned on you, I hit you with my briefcase and stood over your lifeless body and watched, I watched as you lay there in pain and I was finally happy, Tonight is the kick start, The kick start to the rebirth, The rebirth of Adam Hawk.​
    You are the main cause for my rebirth, You caused me to the lowest depths of my career, I am the best in the world and you will stop me no longer. You are one mind fucked little bastard arent you? You got the win for the titles? Did I hit you with my briefcase that hard? Good. Monkeys roll the footage.​
    *Footage shows Adam getting the roll up on Danielson for the win*​
    You see you call me a botch but the only botch here tonight is your life. How does it feel Jacob? How does it feel that your life is a botch? You see I recently took a visit to your mothers house and she had some stuff to say. she claims you were a mistake Jacob, A one night stand gone wrong, She was always ashamed of you, You always hear and read these stories about how a mistake child makes a name for themselves and they become someone but here you are in your 30s and no one knows who you are and use your matches as a piss break. You own mother called you a disgrace to the family. You know what my family think? They are proud, Victoria's family? Proud. Farooq's family? Proud. Jacob's family? Ashamed.​
    *Adam pauses for a minute*​
    You see Jacob soon you will just be a faded memory here, I will be remembered for making the biggest impact in my debut, You made no impact here and you still havent, You think you can still be around here after nothing? You are just fading away into the darkness and tonight you go away for good, You are just sound Jeff Hardy wanna be coming out here with your facepaint and stupid music!​
    *Adam grabs some face paint and smears it on his face and starts imitating Jacob, He then stops*​
    YOU SEE! I can do that too. Its not some sort of feat. You need to wake up and realise you have made nothing but wrong choices since you came here, I won us the titles and you lost us the titles, You were the let down in that team, You were the weak link in our team, You cant even admit it to yourself. JUST GIVE UP!​
    *Adam pauses for a minute*​
    You see Jacob, You can compare to me, Farooq, Victoria, B Dazzle, DKJ, King David or anyone else for that matter, You need to wake up Jacob, Wake up and stop living in your little fantasy world and live in my reality. You just dont seem to understand that and you keep trying and trying and trying but now its time to stop, I would gladly let you hang up the boots and leave tonight before I make you leave.​
  5. OOC- Two solid promos, but Adam breaks kayfabe too much IMO. Tough choice as none were great but none were bad. But NanoRah gets my vote.
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  6. I don't think you'll believe who I voted for. #DunDunnnDunnnnn
    Read both. Both were actually really fun to read. I like how Nanorah puts "Jake's IWT Recap" or something like that. Too lazy to scroll up
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  7. Thanks for your votes guys. I really appreciate them. And Jwab, it was "IWT is Recaps by Jake". I didn't expected so many votes tbh. I've got to admit that Adam was smarter than me. He posted the last promo three minutes before the match was over. Good move Adam :obama:. I won't say what I think it was done wrongly until this match ends.
  8. Yeah haha Adam with the dirty move of waiting till the end!
  9. It's not a dirty move, it's an intelligent move. That way I can't reply to his promo and embarrass him lmao.
  10. He has a hood covering his face as the camera follows him to the ring

    Thought Rodrigo was the one who created that entrance
  11. I'm the only one with facepaint in this company :yay: (or at least the first one who used facepaint)

    He has a hood covering his face as the camera follows him to the ring... Thought Rhodes created that entrance... :pity:
  12. In the IWT*
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  13. Went to see how many votes did I have and realized the poll wasn't public... I know I have a lot of difference over Adam (I'm winning 8-3 right now) but as it's supposed to be a part of the rules I'm just dropping it here.

  14. I accidentally clicked save before making it public, sorry.
  15. That promo for Jacob got me
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  16. Not a problem tbh. There are a lot of votes in this match and just wanted to know who voted.
  17. Your winner by 9 votes to 3... NanoRah14!
  18. 10-3 lmao.

    As I said, now that it's over, I'm going to express what I think about Adam's last promo. When you started to say that Hornswoggle was a better Cruiserweight Champion than me, that was talking about WWE, another company, you know, while this is the IWT. It's not like saying names who failed or will fail in the future from other companies as I did, it was comparing a fucking reign... You've got to work with what we post, don't change the story just because you want to look better than your opponent, and if you're going to say you won, search the post where someone says "I voted for CoC because of Adam's work" and use it as a weapon even if it's an OOC post, that way we would've seen that what you're saying is true because if I wanted to do so, I would've searched the post where someone said "I voted for Adam and Nano because of Nano's promo, it was funny". You forgot about everything I said in the build up, and that's another thing you should read before making your promo. A build up is really important to the match because a lot of people who read the build up just think "why did they even bother on doing a build up? Just make a match... What a waste of our time..." Other thing you've got to think of is creativity, talking about my mother? When you reach your dream a mother can't be ashamed even if you're a fail, that's something you should know, and talking about my mother is just a shame. It makes your promo look like "I don't know what to say so I'll mention her mother."
  19. Didnt break it once.
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