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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is an Ironman match!

    (@THG?) Alias Antonio vs. George (@Mystical George)
    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -The first promo must be posted within 24 hours.
    -There is a 5 promo limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important, short and be in a Spoiler. ​
  2. *The titantron starts showing the match graphic to Alias vs. George, resulting in a ginormous pop from the Brooklyn IWT faithful. A match that has been brewing 3 years in the making. The leader of The Cure vs. The most successful member of The Cure. Mentor vs. Protege. Cure vs. Cure. Facade vs. Reality. A video package displays itself on the screen with Lord Have Mercy by Schoolboy Q playing in the background. It starts with all The Cure signing contracts individually, but then specifically focusing on George and Alias, then moving to their debut, focusing on Alias being behind George as a metaphor that he played second fiddle to George. It shows their brutal attacks on the IWT roster, their matches, the introduction of Aids, George's losses to Senhor and Kid, and all of Alias' title wins, then shifting to a face-off between the two at the very dissolution of The Cure. Alias spits at George and George walks out smirking. The package ends with an ending side-by-side shot of George leaving the IWT arena for the last time and Alias making his way into it.

    The rowdy crowd continues to cheer once it's finished as The Cure's original song hits the PA System, no one is seeming to come out though.

    At the 1:00 mark, Alias' old theme song starts playing to a mild pop this time. However, you can hear sections of the crowd starting to chant "A-LI-AS!" countered with "GEORGIE BOY!" chants.

    At the 1:00 mark again, Alias' contemporary theme song finally comes on through the speakers, garnering a HUGE pop this occasion for the former IWT Champ. Smoke and lights arise from the stage floor as Alias finally comes out. He already seems prepared and full of ceaseless passion and energy as he lets out a primal scream and a surprising smile, looking ready to take on the man who has always been on the back of his mind for 3 years. Alias is sporing his usual attire but with "ALIAS VS. GEORGE/CURE VS. CURE" written all over his camo shorts and his cut denim jacket. The self-proclaimed leader of the New IWT takes one deep breath, looks up to the ceiling, shakes his head, and enters the ring biting his teeth. The music cuts but the chants remain, forcing a smile out of Alias. He asks for a mic.*
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  3. The man Alias asks for the mic does not move with his back towards Alias. The man turns to Alias, a man whose face is painted with a skull. The man laughs and the lights in the arena cut out, the crowd pops. The lights remain off for a while and what was an exciting thrill for the crowd has turned into concerned mumbles as the arena lights have not returned nor has music played through the speakers. The lights return, the man who stood ringside is gone and everyone seems to be confused as to what's going on, then the lights go off again.

    0:00 the sound of the ticking clock is heard, the lights flash white every so often revealing the darkened arena. 0:21 the man who stood at ring side is shown dancing by the fire, when the lights go out you can see his face paint glow in the dark and with each flash of the light more people show up next to the man by the fire, acting strangely as if possessed. Soon the darkened stage is filled with streaks of glowing figures until 0:56 when the stage lights up for the final time.

    Dat Kid stands in the middle of where the fire once was, around him are the bodies of those who called him here. Dat Kid wearing white and gold tights, stares daggers through Alias. Kid steps on the bodies as he makes his way to the ring. The crowd chants "Holy Shit" at the Triple Crown Champion and Hall of Famer. Kid suddenly bolts towards Alias, sliding into the ring and stopping a few feet away from Alias, looking him dead in the eyes. Kid pulls a mic from the side of his tights.

    Alias how far you have fallen...

    Look at you, this is Summerslam and yet you are nowhere near the main event of this card. Your so called greatest achievement of the night was to fight a man who was only a splash in the ocean that is the history of the IWT. You even had a cute pre match package and your tights bare your desperation. You're telling me once you lost that big shiny belt this is what you have become! You lose a championship and you become a 2013 reboot. I dont blame you Alias, times were much sweeter for you back then, weren't they. I look at the landscape of the IWT and the men that you once laughed at have become your masters!

    I bet you're wondering where George is, well he's dead. He's been dead for a long time Alias, this whole time you've been chasing a ghost. I must admit I originally had set this up so that I would be facing Aids Johnson and shutting that belligerent mouth of his once and for all but I got something greater than I expected. I got the man who ended my undefeated steak at Wrestlemania, but you did not end me. As long as there as a soul that mutters my name in this place I will never die and since the long list of my atrocities are greater than anything you've ever done, they'll be muttering for a very long time.

    So tonight Alias, you find yourself not in the ring with the man who made a splash in the ocean that is the IWT. You find yourself in the ring with the man who CREATED the ocean! The man who created this ring, this arena, these fans, the championship you held dear, your enemies, your allies, your career! You find yourself in the ring with the creator or all and the destroyer of you! You find yourself in the ring...with God!

    Dat Kid shoves the mic at Alias

    You wanted this?
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  4. *Initially, Alias' only reaction is that of shock, but as the time passes, Alias just smirks at Dat Kid's words, especially when he shoves the mic at Alias.*
    You've never been one for homely, modest entrances, have you? Well guess what, I've never been one for homely, modest words. In fact, if you think Aids is belligerent, that Psycho Driver I put you down with on the concrete on your final night here must've knocked you out loopier than I thought and made you forget who I really am. Lets cut straight to the fucking chase.

    So let me tell you this, I may have lost my big shiny belt to someone I laughed at perennially and I may have wanted and hoped to face the root of my dysfunctionality here tonight, but let me remind you what happened when you lost YOUR big shiny belt a couple of years ago. Extreme Rules, hopefully that ring a bell, Kiddo? You indubitably thought I was a nobody back then under your God complex yet you STILL lost that big shiny belt to this nobody in your precious hometown, then you immediately invoked your rematch clause for said big shiny belt because you couldn't STAND the fact that someone less experienced than you beat you so so so easily and you somehow still had it instilled in your ego that you could even muster up the strength to defeat a guy who's simply been twice the man you are in practically everything past, present and future, and yes, I beat your ass silly once again. In case the Psycho Driver I delivered on your final night made you also forget the happenings of THAT night, I nailed a Psycho Driver from a ladder onto a table to defend that big shiny belt. Then under new managament, a year or so later, guess what? I beat you again for yet ANOTHER big shiny belt. Then at WrestleMania, there was no big shiny belt on the line, but there was a helluva big shiny career and a helluva big shiny streak on the line. Wanna take another fucking guess on what happened, pal? I eradicated that streak with the utmost of ease and I buried you 6 feet under but like every stubborn, pigheaded, old bastard, you crawled out of whatever makeshift decrepit sinkhole you so gracefully dwell in to make yet another return that not even your biggest fans want to see anymore. Past all of the passè and old-fashioned gimmicks of yours, you're nothing but a very, very shallow shell of a man you used to be with an undying willingness to mask your constant failures with spectacular entrances and promos, but it's just not gonna work this time Kid.

    So after spewing all that out, I should pose the question, no - I MUST pose the question. Are you sure you want this? Why would you want this Jabri? Have my victories over you scarred you mentally that much that you must come back for one...more....match? Is it because of the fact that you've never beaten me one on one in an IWT ring? Does it eat you up inside? It consumes you, doesn't it?

    Well I've got some breaking news for you buddy, you are not beating me tonight. Simple. As. That. I've learnt from my mistakes and I'm not letting another rusty old hasbeen pin me again. You'll have to kill me for that to happen. On the other hand, all I'll have to do to gain yet another W over you, is beat the dead horse that you are.

    I don't deny you creating and forming and shaping the deep ocean that is the IWT today, I don't deny that at all. You've done more for this company than most, and I've testified to that on more than one occasion in our prolonged history. What I will deny you though, is a re-entry into that ocean because as of now you're just a moldy, green, rancid river who's just passed beyond the point of no return when you decided to come out here. Your end doesn't flow into what is now MY OCEAN, I will allow no such thing. It ends when Alias "BIG" Antonio eliminates your trajectory when I lift up the proverbial dam to your career.

    You won't cause any shockwaves, any waves, not even a mere splash.

    YOU wanted this.

    *Alias shoves the mic back to Kid*
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  5. Kid stares at Alias nonchalantly and grabs the mic that Alias has shoved back at him.

    For all the times you've "beaten" me you still speak with such animosity towards me. You think someone like you would have gotten rid of all that rage towards me. And i think i know why Alias and it's pathetic.

    You spent the better of five minutes standing in here talking about how you took my shiny things. Then now here i stand as a man who's medals have been stolen by you, then why is it that you shout at me when i stand only 5 feet away. You know why?! Because to you im 100000 feet in the air because to you im god. So you shout and you bitch and you moan at the top of your lungs as if your words are going to knock me down, just like you thought our last match would knock us down. But i digress, point being you have had everything ive won the difference is without the gold im still the greatest thing in the iwt ever and you're just a second rate joey bryant without yours.

    I am a god! People beg to step into the ring with me, people beg to be pinned by me. Because in those split seconds when i anilate them in the ring they are important. There are people chomping at the bit right now at my return. Who wants to face Alias Antonio? Guess no one if you had to go all out for a guy who I ended in 2014. You're a lackluster champion Alias. Im glad Aids Johnson is the champ because at least i know he's the champ, because even with all my shiny things you're not one. You spent your whole career trying to be me and destroying me as if these people were going to forget who i was. You're not a clone of me, you're the $5 to take a picture with me Minne Mouse in times square.

    This is not your ocean Alias. You're not the IWT champ, universal champ, you're not even the main event. This does not belong to me, you're nothing now and when you had everything you were still nothing. You beat everyone and back but you're still just a sad sorry son of a bitch. You're the type of guy who updates his facebook status and puts the mood to depressed.

    Trying to call me a hasbeen? I've been watching iwt a lot and for a hasbeen there sure are a lot of people that talk about me. Im selling more t-shirts than you sitting in mu couch than you were as iwt champion. Dont you think it's funny that you've been iwt champ more than once and i've only held
    It for a month and yet people can recall all of my rivalries, what about yours? While you're achievments are records that'll be carved into stone in a cold dark hall of fame off route 22 , mine still thrives in the very essence off this place because even retired it felt like i never left. It's why you have more rage than a sexually frustrated Micheal.

    Nothing more fitting than an iron match to fave you because just like our careers, even if you get one fall i'll always be so ahead of you that you'll lose no matter what you do
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  6. I speak to you with an ostentatious animosity because no matter how many times I silence you in this ring literally and metaphorically, you still come back with the pettiest and most fatuous insults that are meant to push my buttons. And said insults aren't why I hate you, they don't push my buttons in the slightest because I've heard damn right nearly member of this roster come at me with middle-school type insults only to get their mouths shut by me just like you have time and time again.

    I hate your guts because you've hated mine for as long as I can remember. If it wasn't for you constantly trying to bring me down each and every single time I gain one more accolade to my name and every time my name becomes that more prestigious than yours, my respect for you would be incessant. History speaks for itself. And I say that as a man who looked up to you, you're absolutely right. I looked up to you and respected you and I was absolutely one of them people wanting to face you for a long time but after we faced off in that New Jersey night, an irrefutable epiphany came to me. I didn't have to respect you no more. I sure as hell didn't have to look up to you anymore. Because in my mind, I had already surpassed you in the upper echelons of the IWT, I substantiated what I had always wanted to know, I am better than Dat Kid. And that statement still rings true to this very day, without a fucking shadow of a doubt. So you can call me a second rate Joey Bryant, but facts don't lie Dat Kid. I beat Joey Bryant in a match that was the catalyst for his ultimate downfall. Joey Bryant has never beaten you. I've beaten both of you. I don't say this shit in vein, you have got to understand this my man. I'm backed up by pure, hard-hitting, unadulterated facts, which are coincidentally backed up by what I can do in that ring. You're backed up by juvenile and childlike insults accompanied with a little side of an overbearing false sense of ego, importance and self-entitlement. FACTS don't lie.

    *Alias gets closer*

    So if I lost a big money match to a man superior to me and left for a few months till I came back months after to a resounding pop from a bunch of manipulable sheep, of course I'd also have all the young bloods from the back BEGGING to step within 5 feet of my presence for their 5 minutes of fame in a match. It's a question of strategy, Jabri. And I know you've always played this game to your advantage, that way you will always maintain a belief of self-relevancy. If you had stayed here throughout your whole career without leaving a single time, I can guarantee people would not give a shit about your snaky ass because there's only so many times you can spew out "I am a God!" without the people getting to a point where they question if a man who can't even beat this "second rate Joey Bryant" is well and truly, the omnipotent religious figure he claims he is. But alas, you come back every few months for an easy paycheck just like our current IWT Champion does and yet people look at you as a legendary Hall Of Famer who cares dearly about this company. The difference of you coming back this time, however, is that you're not coming back to go over a new guy like Danny Jacobs or the rest of them chumps. Instead, you made the ridiculously inane choice of coming back to the man who sent you packing in the first place. Just because you lose, leave, come back, lose, leave, come back, lose, leave and come back doesn't make you not a hasbeen. Are you a legend? Sure. But don't pretend you're not a hasbeen because sometimes legends find themselves remembered more for what they have not done than for their accomplishments. And you will forever be remembered as a man who could not beat Alias Antonio in an IWT ring, just because he was in-denial about being a hasbeen instead of focusing on what really mattered.

    Life's always an ironman match, we're in a perpetual state of one-upmanship with one another. Especially me and you Dat Kid. But it has always been more than that for us two. Because when I look into your eyes, I see an insecure feeble man who's stabbed people in the back more than Aids Johnson has drunk whiskey bottles. And I don't want to one up a man I already know I'm better than.

    So what's after this? I beat you, you disappear again into a cold dark hall of fame off route 22 where you say my achievements rest? Maybe you'll learn a thing or two about being a respectable man next time you decide to show up in my match.

    So I ask you again, Jabri. What do you want to prove tonight? What do I have to prove to you? I'll pin you forever if I had to, but as far as I'm concerned, the dust on this issue was cleared when I proved my dominance and tenacity and my self-worth at IWTMania. The balls in your court now, so I'm just waiting for you to do something moderately interesting with it or else I'll pull a Chris Kaizer, and then maybe, just maybe I'll be put in the main event.
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  7. I return, i lose to you, and i come back, but you should be thanking me because the only time anyone cares about you is when you're in the ring with me. Yeah, you beat the man who was destined to be the future of this place but yoi act as if you took his place, you act as if you took my place. In fact you didn't. For a man who came here with a bunch angsty teens calling themselves a the cure all i see is a parasite, which is ironic coming from me. However i'd like to argue the fact that every time i lead sheep to the slaughter, which included every single member of the cure...except you, i made something from their remains. Every time you beat someone you leave nothing. You sit there in your throne complacent and you get rusty, you get stale, and you become what Parker vs Aids matches became, irrelevant. At least Aids tries, there are entire weeks you dont even show up. You can talk all the shit in the world about how I keep leaving, but when im around business is booming and when you're around, iwt champ, undefeated, and transcending generations people change the channel on your match and stick around for Jack Forte.

    Trust me, I've watched iwt while i was out, you can't even touch him because if you could you wouldn't be in the ring with me, you would've been carted out of here about 15 minutes ago because he would've beaten your ass to extinction. And with all your so called "facts" that rings truer than anything you've said to me all night.

    Dat Kid circles Alias*

    Forte has got your number, Aids had your number, and you're looking like an ego battered bitch so you know who has your number tonight? Me.

    You're so frustrated at yourself that you didn't even bother to call up ol Georgie boy and ask him if he was actually in this match shows just how naive you've become. Yeah, i am really good at playing this "game" because I made this game, perfected, revolutionized it, and released a 2016 anniversary edition with gold pieces. It kind of looks like chess, except im king, and everyone else on the board is a pawn. You didn't even train to fight me, you trained to fight George and if it's anything like how i trained to fight George it was about 5 minutes on the treadmill and 6 hours of The Cosby Show reruns because i raped his ass at Wrestlemania.

    For all the times you've beaten me, you forget that i've beaten you when the odds were two on one. Did you really think you had ever bested me Alias? Did you think i would just go away? There's 3 things in life that don't go away, herpes, child support, and me. Aids got the first two, you got stuck with the worst one of them all because even if you beat me here tonight im going to keep coming back. You're going to have to fight me until your knuckles have scars from punching me in the face. You're going to have to beat me until it hurts every time you throwna punch. You're going to have to beat me until you can't fight anymore Alias and when you finally can not bare to swing another punch, hell when you can't bare to look at me with that dirty fucking look you always give me like im some abusive step dad, you know what's going to happen Alias, im going to beat you. Except the one thing you won't be able to steal from my career is the ability to come back.

    So, Jaques, i've got nothing to prove to you. I've got nothing to prove to anybody. It is you, with all your accolades who hasn't proved a damn thing to anyone other than pro choice might be a better solution than giving birth to a failure like you.
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  8. Dat Kid, you speak with such conviction every time you utter a word from your mouth that it may seem that you really, truly believe in every fictitious and artificially created notion or idea or splash in the ocean that is your mind. Which will always ultimately be the cause and the mainspring as to why you always come back more delusional than the last time. I believe in reality and surrounding circumstances, and the main surrounding circumstance I'm visualising right now is a man who contradicts himself beyond his, mine, or anyone elses belief.

    You're a captive of your own identity Kid, an identity envisaged and constructed by yourself years ago and that's why you've never had a way out of it. Because you're in too deep, you're in too deep in this god complex. You've regaled yourself in said complex for so damn long that you've lost any sense of self-awareness and it's honestly scary to see as a man who once respected you.

    Identity is part of drama to me. Who am I, why am I behaving this way, and am I aware of it? You see, I foresee every single move I make with acute precaution and prudence because it's part of who I am. I fight in this ring with my soul on the line as a form of survival and prosperity because it's who I am. I do what I do each and every single day from the moment I wake to moments like this with you right now in this ring, because it IS who I am. Whatever you think, or what you claim these people think about me - heck, whatever anyone thinks, is completely and utterly peripheral to me because it has no such effect on my mental and physical strength. ALL of that is part of who I am, and part of my identity.

    In the social jungle of human existence and in this wrestling industry, there is no feeling of being alive without a sense of identity. However, you've let your sense of identity destroy you and become more than just a feeling of aliveness, it has become a mere masquerade and facade of what you truly were and maybe what you still are. You've covered yourself with an umbrella ever since constructing this deceiving identity because YOU KNOW that if you ever let go, you would be just another John Doe in this company. So what you do is you come out prancing around, calling yourself a god, calling everybody around you Dat Kid clones, and not having an ounce of respect for anyone, not even yourself. And people buy this shit as if you were real. You wouldn't succeed a day of your life if you let go of that umbrella, because you'd just be little Jabri Rios-Rhodes from the ghettos of New Jersey. You can build a faux-identity to create purposefulness and fulfil your life ambitions and goals as much as you want, but you'll never be able to genuinely escape your true past, present and future. And that's why I'm here to knock you off of your high horse, slowly make you let go of that umbrella, and give you that trembling rude awakening once again.

    *Alias grabs Kid's shoulder*
    It's funny, really fucking funny man. How you talk of The Cure as if we did nothing in this company when the brutal fact of the matter is that your precious The Church stable was a dollar-store, bargain-basement, half-price, thrifty, discounted, cheap ass imitation of these "bunch of angsty teens". And the funniest part of that is the reality of you recruiting not one, but TWO of these "bunch of angsty teens" to do your dirty work when you thought you could do something of worth with The Church. Jwab and David, and were are they now?? Sulking in their fucking homes WISHING they were me and WISHING they could accomplish half of the things I have accomplished in this damn company. And the sole reason that you didn't recruit me for your shitty is stable is because you knew more than anybody that I would outshine your sheer sentient, living, breathing, being and presence. You know what's ABSOLUTELY the funniest part of this all though? That the only time you recruited me for anything is when your company was on it's last legs. You BEGGED me for help. You BEGGED me to salvage your trash and the remnants of your ego and go up against the IWT, and what did I do? I fucking did it with every fibre of my being, I lead FSW to victory in what's arguably the biggest IWT match in history but the nasty actuality of that all is that once I let go of my grasp on what was FSW, once I STOPPED fighting for it, it went to the shitter because your pretentious ass didn't know anything, not even a modicum, about fighting for something you believed in.

    And I believe in everything I fight for, so for that reason tonight I'm going to beat the hell out of you. Then I'll beat the hell out of Aids Johnson. Then I'll beat the hell out of Jack Forte. Heck I'll beat Joey Bryant again if I have to. Oh yes baby, and then you can line up all of your old bum-buddies from the Old IWT like Farooq, Victoria Parker, Alkaline, Suicide, Frank The Jock, Rodrigo, Seabs and the rest of those fuckers, you can line em up real nicely in front of me.......

    .....and one by one......I will beat them all.
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  9. Dat Kid has zoned out of Alias talking the moment he put his hand on him. Kid brushes Alias's hand off*

    Don't you ever put your dirty disgusting vile diseased decrepid filthy nasty ass hands on me again you dirty ass nobody. I spent the better of five minutes listening to you tell me how disillusioned i am and the only thing that broke through to me is how disillusioned you are about me. You think that somehow you and i are on the same level, dare i say on my level. This is my world! I created this and you're just a player in it, the air that breathes through your lungs belongs to me Alias and the moment i want to cut you off, the moment you fade into the abyss like every one who has ever come in contact with me.

    You weren't begged Alias, you were fooled and bamboozled. You followed me into anarchy against this company and beat the company. I didn't give up on fighting, but once you were involved there was no reason for me to lift a finger. After our first talk i didn't even have to convince you to stay, you held that fsw banner up so high that if you had drank anymore of my kool-aid you'd have an fsw forever tramp stamp.

    You coming to me now and revealing that i am not as great as i say i am is no mystery to anyone. It's pretty obvious i am not a god and i can stand here and say that, show up to the arena tomorrow in a pope's outfit and there would still be people who believe that i am....and do you know what that makes me Alias. The exact thing that i am not, a god. When you can get people to hang on your every word, just like i had you and half the roster doing for nearly 3 years, you might as well worship the ground i stand on. And. You. Did.

    You defined me pretty well, breaking down my identity and it was pretty accurate but what about yourself Alias. I mean without me there really is no you. I have my so called faux identity, what do you have? Cause last time i checked you didn't walk out here with gold. Last time i checked, before i walked through this curtain, no one wanted to see this match. You have nothing because that is what you are.

    I mean you do have one thing though now that i think about it, and that's fighting for what you believe in. And you said you'd fight the hell out of me because of that, but you never said what you believe in. You fight harder with me than anyone else and you know why, that's because when you fight me you believe that no matter what you do i am going to destroy you in the end and right now you're going to have fight harder than you ever has because the Alias era ends tonight.
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  10. *Alias playfully smirks and grabs Kid's shoulder again.*
    I will grab your shoulder as much as I want you ungrateful asswipe.

    *Mixed reaction.*
    You're somehow, and I don't know why, still running with the idea that all of this is still your world, your ocean, your playground. You are each and every one of ours creator and destroyer, isn't it? You're god? Everyone who comes in contact with you fades into abyss?

    *Alias pulls Kid in slightly.*
    Then fucking tell me why I'm still here you stupid son of a bitch. Tell me why I'm one of the most accomplished wrestlers in this industry. Tell me why you've never been able to send me to your deep, dark abyss. Tell me why I haven't sank after all this time in this ocean you say you've created with your hands, with your midas touch. TELL ME.

    *Alias lets go.*

    You can't, because no such ocean exists, 'cause if you have molded this ocean with your hands like you claim you have; then that shits already in an abyss my brother. This ocean you say you look over is just a figment of your very wild imagination. You don't control this realm anymore Dat Kid. You don't control absolute shit anymore, not even yourself. You lost all control when you gave up your fighting spirit in exchange for a semi-retired schedule, spending most of your days watching The Cosby Show re-runs, smoking weed, and touching yourself hoping you don't accidentally send yourself into the abyss you so seriously talk about. You've lost everything that moderately mattered to you and your last resort is to try and screw me over one more time just like you have for your entire career just because you're a straight up resentful, bitter old man who wouldn't have been able to stand the fact that I could beat Georgie and establish myself even more as a man who's excelled and trascended everything that "God" himself has done in this enterprise. But this shit ain't flying tonight, homie.

    You speak as if I was your lapdog in the whole FSW saga when it wasn't even close to me. You BEGGED me to captain your sinking ship in your very BIG ocean, and I did that shit as charity because I respected you, not only that but because IWT was controlled by venal, corrupt men who corrupted this company more than anyone in it's history, so what it needed was a tremendously shocking wake-up call, which was delivered with pleasure. So I did what I did for a number of reasons, and none were related to me being your docile sheep like you claim things happened. I didn't drink more kool-aid because there was none to drink. I had a mission, I completed it, and then I left you to deal with the ship I had salvaged because I didn't want to stay long enough for you to even start contemplating stabbing me in the back, but you somehow fucked it up either way. And you dragged along my brother with you because he wasn't as smart as me and actually drank your poisonous kool-aids. That was the next best thing you could get after me. But that's another story for another day. This isn't about a defunct company anymore.

    Tonight was supposed to be me confronting a personal demon I've had for past years. I needed to do so before moving on to greater things, this was independent to my cause and to what I fight for in the IWT, which was and is excise the most antiquated, crooked injustices that have overshadowed the IWT since it's Old days, which you were a part of and yet you still contribute to said injustices. But like I said, I came here to get past this personal demon and prove that I have always been better than George. Instead, I'm standing here opposite a personal pain in the fucking ass.

    But alas, I'm not the sort to back away from a fight. I don't believe in shrinking from anything. It's not my speed; I'm a guy who meets adversities head on. No matter how many times I've shoved those adversities out of my path.

    So if I have to prove that the Alias era is still alive and well, then I will do so with my hand on my heart. They always tell me not to fight battles where I don't have anything to gain. But man oh man, I do love shutting up everlasting haters.

    Let me just add this then; The wrestler loses more than his pride in the fight; he loses part of his future. He's a step closer to the slum he came from. And if, no actually - WHEN I beat you for the 5th time, you will go back to your council estate and....

    .....Dat Kid will weep.
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  11. Oh shut up with that shit. I've heard at least 6 different versions of my catchphrase and they all come from you. None of them stick, you should really stop doing that, it's embarrassing. Kind of like you losing your championship who is the majority stock holder of colt 45.

    Sure you shove adversaries out of your path, my name included but the reason you keep running into me is because your path has no destination. You keep walking around in a circle and getting mad at the same boulder that's in your so called path every time you go around.

    Unlike you I always have an end goal and if you think it's you then you're more of an egocentric maniac than i am. I am going to beat you tonight, not because i trained, not because im full of rage, not because i want to either. Im going to simply beat you because i have been waiting for the right moment to strike. I always knew i would be the one to end you and now seeing you struggle to hold on to everything you've worked for, I can't resist stepping on a dying roach. You don't get to go out on a main event, you go out in the middle of the card, no high stakes, no glory, no george. Just you, a ring, and the devil that has had your number since you walked through hells gates. Joey Bryant wasn't the only person i picked, i picked you too.

    Instead of filling you with lies and words of wisdom. I fed you with hate, but i've been gone for a while and you lost that fire that i gave you, so allow me to reignite it:

    Alias you weren't worth anyone's time until you beat me. I made you, you owe your career to me and every time you're im the ring with me your blood pressure rises like the heart attack that killed Jono. Your greatest fear is not losing to me, it's what happens after you do. You know if you lose to me tonight your career is over. You go back to being a nobody. You fade away never to be seen again and if i lose tonight im gonna do what i always do. I come back until you finally lose to me. I can beat you anytime I want. The only reason I haven't is because i want you to want to lose to me. I want you to do what you were made to do, obey.

    Recognize that your master George is dead and no amount of times you scratching his name in your trunks wont bring him back. Alias you belong to me now, so do what you do. Fool yourself into the thought that you ever had any free will. The system has been fixed and no matter what happens tonight, it is a system to which whom you are a slave.

    Kid slaps Alias gently on the face*

    Jesus wept
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  12. *Alias feels his face after the slap, and shakes his head with a smile. As it looks like he's gonna slap Kid back, he stops himself.*
    Oh man, as if your ass didn't already make a beautiful bed that you'll inevitably have to piss on. THAT was just confirmation that I'm going to grab you by the throat and force you to piss on your own bed.

    *Alias regains his composure.*

    We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution. By that standard, we are meant to evolve and adapt to the circumstances we find ourselves every second of the day by our own admission and thought process. The spark of spontaneity gives us a spark of life and meaning. In the context of the IWT, I've adapted and evolved every single year, month, week, day, hour, minute and damn second. You wanna know why, Jabri? Look at me in my eyes you no-good piece of shit. You wanna know why? It's simple than you can imagine. It's because I'm capable of pushing the envelope, both creatively and in this ring. I look around me and I see people, who may not like me, who may not want me here, but who goddamn show respect to me because I've been a cornerstone and a staple of this company. You may have revolutionized this business, but can you really say, with your heart on your sleeve, that you've revolutionized yourself? That you've adapted and evolved to the quotidian standards? Because all I see is a sorry excuse of a Judas confined in the dogmatic spheres of his own mind who loves to roleplay as God Almighty himself holding on to the very last bit of string available from the wool, trying and trying and trying and trying to milk the proverbial cow expecting it to contain a measly glimmer of hope so that somehow, someway, the thread that your life hangs on tonight can be pulled up. So how can you be talking about me being a slave when you're a slave to your own damn mental confines?

    ......And if I lose? So what. No excuses and no sob stories. Life is full of excuses if you're looking, and you can testify to that. I have no time to gripe over misfortune. I don't waste time looking back. I've got plans bigger than your ego. Whatever the outcome of this match, you will leave this company forever, so the result of it is merely inconsequential.

    But the way I see it, is that you NEED to beat me in order to evolve and adapt and succeed. I've evolved and adapted and succeeded IN SPITE of you. So continue to come up with cute excuses to further your agenda about you beating me whenever you want to 'cause If you have expertise, prowess, willingness to progress, and a sane fucking understanding of your human reality, there is no need for excuses because your all of that will trump any negative reasoning you might come up with. All of that makes excuses a nonissue.

    But you make constant excuses and contradictions that clearly display your weary mental state and your ongoing decay. You assert yourself as being an omnipresent god, but now suddenly I'm entering Hell's Gates. How does that work? Save it. You can be up in nirvana having beers with Zeus or you can be down in the netherworld smoking a joint with Hades for all I care. What matters the most right now is that you've got the devil in person staring you right in the eyes at this very moment in time. And no, it's not in heaven, it's not in hell. It's right here, on this very VERY real planet, in this very VERY real wrestling ring and your only destiny after this match is an ambulance en route to the local hospital. Keep coming back, I'll keep knocking you down. Even angels die sometimes, but trust me when I say this. Roaches never die, but losers? Man, they are the embodiment of death. So let me tell you what you are, From. Play close attention.

    You're no angel, you're no god, you're no devil. You are a mortal loser. A mortal, pathetic, slimy, cowardly, loser.

    *Alias steps even closer.*

    A loser who is most definitely as much of a part of his own enslaving "system". A loser who can't distinguish fiction from reality, boxed in a "system" where common sense isn't a privilege but considered sacrilege instead. A loser who has it in his "system" to lose to me each and every time. And most importantly, a loser who will come crashing down along with the "system" he's such a core part of. You will be in an insuperable state of kernel panic. In a state of....simply put....

    ....terminal cancer.

    You are the cancer....

    *Alias lowers down the mic for a minute, and then slaps the shit out of Kid.*

    ....There is no cure.
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  13. @Shadow: Jack Forté
    @Gav in da BPL!: Gav the Chav
    @Roadster: Michael
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @The ReagMaster: Reagan Cole
    @Jacob Fox: Schizo
    @King B: Dylan Grey
    @impactking: Chris Young/Lilith Young/Ashley Young
    @CBK_15: Jack Lux
    @Ring Rust: Perceval "Rusty" Donohue
    @Drag: James Dragon
    @Ryan Davis: Ryan Davis
    @rydogg: Braeden Cross
    @Kylojo Ren: Scott Fargo
    @Ovaldinho: Luis Ovaldhino/Lord Lee
    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @AfricanScatMahn: The Scat
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy
    @Ricky Daniels: Ricky Daniels
    @Forrest OAKADA: Leo Taylor
    @C.M. Shaddix: Corey Marcus "C.M." Shaddix
    @Chrxsiie: Raine
    @TNHOffical: Chris Kaizer
    @Blind: Mark Knight
    @Ellis Sullivan: Johnny Thunder
    @Botchie Botcherson: Arno Frye
    @KevinJamesFan: Ronnie S. Huxley
    @Dylan™ : Guernica
    @RedDwarfTechy: Brandon Pain
    @TheWUKMaster: The Blackfire
    @Gambino: Louie Aldo
    @Aurtle the Turtle: Rio Nakayama
    @NLSuplex: Ivy Hale
    @Black Wizard: Kelsey Taylor
    @Jet Starr: Slate Bass
    @TheFrostyBlur: Tyson Storm

    Read and vote!
  14. Let me just start and say: I have tremendous respect for you lads both making 5 promo's. (THG even 6 if you count the first part) Dat Kid being George was pretty damn cool as well. I think some people expected it, but not everyone. It made the entire match maybe 10x as interesting for me, ngl. As for the match, I think both you guys need to understand that it's hard for me to get out two great promo's, for you guys to do 5 is a hell of an achievement. Sure, it felt like you guys repeated some stuff (especially Kid), and sometimes it felt like Alias kinda rambled on, but those are pretty much the only negatives on a great match. Sweet job, lads.
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  15. Wasn't expecting the 5 promos or the God Dat Kid return. Gonna have a hard time voting (and reading)
  16. Just like the others have said, y'all are wild for doin 5 promos each, much respect for that. Already said it in the chat to you Kid but that titantron and the way that return was written was absolutely perfect and great. Always been a huge fan of the God gimmick so I marked for that. I don't even think either of your promos got that repetitive tbh, I enjoyed reading all of them. It really was tough to vote but I went with Kid. It's hard to say who did what better in a match like this cause y'all both did incredible, just by the end of it I enjoyed Kid's stuff just a little more. Either way, MOTY contender no doubt.
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  17. We've seen this what, five times now? Unlike most series, you two always keep it interesting. Wanna say this may be my favorite of them as well, but I'm still quite a fan of the ER back to back matches.

    I dunno how long this was planned, but I really was gonna pitch this the day thread the was made. Even popped when I seen it.

    Think Kid had Alias jarred throughout the entire match, and no matter how hard he tried to fight out, it was simply too much. Promo wise, you guys really traded rounds it feels like. However, I feel like Kid just edged it out near the end. Still, awesome showing for both of you.
  18. Man these voting numbers are crippling. I can imagine the impending school year is a likely reason.
  19. Didn't notice the impending poll close.:phew:

    Aids can't say nothing about voting this PPV if this match only gets 14 votes.