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    Thank you (open)
    Just want to say thank you to @Butters! for the initial idea. Thanks bud

    *The scene opens with a high flyby of Trip in the Head's new mansion in the hills as the official IWT SummerSlam theme song plays in the background*

    *The shot switches several times like pictures are being taken while the music plays. Eventually the camera zooms in on the backyard where Trip is sitting in a chair around a pool under some shade wearing some green board shorts with a floral patter on them. All the top IWT talent is there. Names like Victoria Parker (@CrayJ Lee ), Alias Antonio (@THG? ), Joey Bryant (@DK James ), Chris Kaizer (@Bill Clinton ), Aiden Ryan (@Butters! ), S.I.N (@Shadow , @Stopspot , and @F.R.I.E ), Nick (@Nickelodeon ), and more. Dat Kid (@Niggaswag 2.0 ) can be seen walking around in a pink speedo holding a tray upright with hors d'oeuvres on it. The camera pans in close on Trip as he begins to speak*

    TRIP: *looks around* By god, what a sausage fest this is.

    *Trip snaps his fingers as the SummerSlam theme gets turned up and many girls in skimpy swimsuits come out and start mingling in the crowd*

    There. I need to remember to send Hef that thank you note.

    *Trip looks at the camera now*

    Welcome one and all to the first (as far as I know) IWT SummerSlam BBQ. I thought we could all use a nice relaxing mixer as he head to our second biggest PPV of the year.

    *Trip pauses and snaps his fingers*

    Oh cabana boy!

    *Dat Kid walks up with a scowl on his face*

    Now Dat Kid, I want you take make sure our guests get all the food and drink they want. You are the only server here tonight and if I hear any complaints it's coming out of your hide - do you hear me?

    *Dat Kid keeps scowling*

    Right then.

    *Trip takes a sip off his drink, then grabs a fork and hits it against his glass lightly, getting everyone's attention before standing*

    Good day everyone. I have a couple of quick announcements to make. First off, Dat Kid here will be your server tonight. Hungry? Let him know and he will get your food to you. Thirsty? Tell him your drink and he will fetch it from the bar. And if you have any issues with him today, please *Trip looks at Dat Kid before saying*, let me know. Also, I would like to let everyone know that if there is anything Dat Kid has done to you in IWT in your past that you would like to confront him about - now is the time. He is forbidden from striking back at anyone - and if he does......*Trip looks at Dat Kid again, then back at the crowd*....the punishment will be severe. I guarantee it. In fact, I will even let you help administer the punishment. *Trip takes a drink before continuing* But do not, and I mean, DO NOT, treat him like your personal punching bag or YOU will be the one getting punished. That is not what this is for. Use your words people.

    *The crowd starts looking around in each other in shock as Trip sits back down and takes a drink*

    Now - lets party!

    *Trip holds his drink up as the SummerSlam theme is turned way up again and the camera weaves through the crowd.*

    OOC (open)
    Okay guys, have fun. Keep the physical stuff down to a minimum please (this is my "house" after all :lol1:). This should be some fun stuff haha :yeah: If I didn't tag you it's because I pretty much just listed the champions, Butters because he came up with the idea, and Frie because he is in the faction with the tag champs. Hope you guys like it

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  2. Artist goes to his mailbox, finds no invitation and goes back into his apartment to cry.
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  3. Kaizer is proud of the GM for spelling his name right
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  4. Artist arrives at the house and knocks on Trips door, waiting for an answer.
  5. @Niggaswag 2.0
  6. "OH HELL NO!"

    People is shock! FTJ walk in party and make three fingur sine! He wear leathurman jaket and sweat pant. FTJ put fist to mouth pretending like he hasa microphone!

    "No party without the grate FTJ the first ever 'IWT Really World Heabyweight Champion of World! Now you all pay!"

    All of sudden FTJ hit STUMMER on D Kid!


    People get mad because he call D Kid Farooq! Then Farooq come but FTJ grab a football an NFL bal and theow it at his ding dong! He Farooq can't fell his bals now! Then FTJ HIT STUMMER ON EVERY!!!! Body everywhere! FTJ take all titles and leave.
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  7. OOC: Wonder why he calls Dat Kid, D Kid. Crayo, Craylo. Tyler Durden, Tyler Durgen.
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  9. *Joey Bryant is seen sitting on a bench next to Chris Kaizer in a suit, still with bruises on his face but he's wearing sunglasses to cover it. He looks around at everyone angrily, and looks visibly unable to stand but struggles to get himself up.*

    "What a waste of time."

    *He walks over to the music player and turns it down as everyone looks at him.*

    "Okay this is bullshit, Trip I appreciate the invite and on behalf of everyone here I'm extremely pleased with the way you've been treating Dat Kid, but I'm not staying here."

    *His eyes catch Alias Antonio but he turns away quick.*

    "How many of you here even like me apart from Kaizer?!"

    *No one makes any visible movement.*

    "I'm the IWT Champion, but I was brought from a hospital to come sit here with some of my biggest haters and competition. This is an abuse of your power Trip, and I will not stand for this. I should be getting personal care at my home in Buffalo, NY not sitting here feeling like I'm about to be jumped or pushed into the pool by B.Dazzle who will randomly show up and I'll lose my championship right here. Dat Kid's a piece of shit and everyone knows it, I wouldn't care if he talked back."

    *He looks at Trip.*

    "I'm sorry I'll stay if it's a part of my contract but I can't stand being here another second."
  10. TRIP: Awwww Bryant, a martyr AND a party pooper huh? Well, leave if you must. But you'll be missing a good time. *Trip leans in towards Joey and looks out at him over his shades while he says quietly* Ginger over there has been eyeing you since you hobbled your ass in here. *Trip look off to his right and Joey's eyes follow, to land on a beautiful brunette haired woman who winks at Joey with the straw from her drink in her mouth. Trip sits back down in his chair again.* Buts its your call. Nothing in your contract says you have to be here. *Trip smiles as he glances over at Dat Kid scurrying about* Who knows what you might miss though.

    OOC (open)
    I totally forgot about you being "in the hospital" man, sorry. Good stuff though
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  11. Sexism and racism? Yep, Trip brought this place back the 50s
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  12. *Joey looks at Trip and shakes his head then back at the woman. He sighs.*

    "You win this round, win this round."

    *He leans in to Trip and gets right next to his ear and whispers.*

    "I'll stay but if any of these competitors or that traitor, you know who, decides to lay their hands on me, I will knock them straight on their ass and then I'm out of here and expect a bonus in my paycheck..."

    *He leans back out and puts hit glasses back on. He turns his attention straight to the woman and limps over to her, and slowly pulls her away from everyone else.*
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  13. Dr. Attitude enters through the side fence into Trip's pool area.

    Looking around the pool he sees Aiden Ryan on a lounge chair, a grin comes across his face.. Dr. Attitude waves at Aiden.

    Aiden notices and quickly jumps up and runs into the house.

    Dr. Attitude walks toward Trip, as he gets closer his shadow starts to cast itself over Trip blocking his sun.

    Trip reaches up and pushes his sunglasses down and looks up at Dr. Attitude.

    "Before you say anything sir, I want to apologize for blocking your sun.
    Now sir,
    I understand my lack of an invitation as I have yet to even have a match in IWT.
    But, sir, please know that I will be a force in the IWT very soon.."

    Dr. Attitude turns toward the pool and loudly clears his throat.

    The people around the pool all look at him.

    "I would like to put everyone on notice.. 8/30/14. Beware."

    Dr. Attitude turns back to Trip.

    "By the way, Mr. GM... I must say, You have very nice teeth."

    Dr. Attitude turns and walks back through the side gate and disappears from view.
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  14. Artist awaits Dat Slow Slave from Jersey to open the door.
  15. *While fun times are being had Andrew is ignoring it all, he's going from spot to spot inspecting everything thoroughly. He then proceeds to yell*


    *Andrew seemingly pulls a boom box out of nowhere and begins to blast a tune*

  16. Dat Kid opens the door for Roadster and steps aside
  17. Artist "Bout goddamn time." He then runs threw the house and cannon balls into the pool but ends up missing like his opportunity at the world title.
  18. *Alias hears this, sitting in another bench. He takes of his sunglasses and stares pitifully at Joey walking away, before shouting*

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  19. *Trip laughs at the fact that The Artist tried to jump into the chalk drawing of a pool Trip had done on the ground*
    IMG (open)

    TRIP: Ha! Nice one dipshit. ​
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  20. *the Dudes with Tude arrive with their Championships*
    Kid:Cobble,you know what to do
    *Cobble-Sarus lifts The British Kid onto his shoulders and Kid throws his championship to Dat Kid before kid performs a 720 Degree Triple Moonsault into the real pool*
    Kid: Ladies and Gentlemen i learnt that from Tom daley
    *Kid walks into the house to Chat with Aiden
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