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    Here is the match card for IWTs biggest event of the summer!
    Ultimate X Match
    Tag Title Match
    MrSackfist & Rhodes vs The Cure (JwabTV & Eddy335)​
    IC Title Match
    IWT/WHC Unification Match
    All matches will be open and able to post promos from 00:01 UK time on the day of their match, and promos will close at 11:59pm UK time. Voting will then last for 24 hours.​
    12th August
    Alkaline vs Mystical George

    13th August
    Ultimate X Match
    Stopspot vs King David vs B.Dazzle vs DKJames

    15th August
    Tag Title Match
    MrSackfist & Rhodes vs The Cure (JwabTV & Eddy335)

    16th August
    IC Title Match
    Senhor Perfect vs airbourne908 vs Danielson

    17th August
    Crayo vs Aids Johnson

    18th August
    IWT/WHC Unification Match
    CrayJ Lee vs
  2. it's crayj vs Shadoxicity Jono.
  3. Wasn't I supposed to face Adam in a one on one match? I think I was, but I'm not sure right now...
  4. We can put out as many promos as possible?
  5. I think so, no one said it's a promo limit match...
  6. Oh shiet, looking very much forward to my match.
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  7. I'm pretty sure my ultimate X match is a X-division title match
  8. Yep Stopspot is the current champ.

  9. Edit: Nevermind. I realised what happened.
  10. This hasn't happened yet. Is the match card... Read the schedule to know when does your match take place.
  11. he meant when did farooq win. A long, long while ago.

  12. I didn't know Farooq changed his name to Stopspot. I should probably learn these things.
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  13. Nah it was dropped.
  14. Thought it was when did the "PPV" took place...

    Good to know. I fucked it up :((
  15. Ok, we can start a feud when this PPV ends if you want. We can have a tag match at Uprising (you and your partner vs me and my partner) someday and our feud can start with that match...
  16. This isn't the place to organise matches. We want as few OOC posts in this section as possible. It's really starting to become annoying.
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  17. [​IMG]
    OOC: Don't cry, Argentina.
  18. I'll try to be there. I am in a situation right now so I'll see what I can do.
  19. Deberíamos hacer nuestros promos en español y que les den por culo