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  1. *The vignette begins as it plays the IWT official SummerSlam theme song in the background*

    *A standard movie announcer voice starts going over the card as pictures and video segments play for each match up*

    This summer marks a huge occasion in IWT! The second (?) annual IWT Summerslam! Lets go over the match ups for the card IWT'ers.

    Monday, August 18th

    Nick (@Nickelodeon ) vs Hollywood Jwab (@Hollywood Jwab )
    for the IWT X-Division championship!

    Will Nick be able to hold onto his belt yet again and earn another victory towards his cash in of the X-div belt? He faces Jwab, the movie star who fought his way through Nick's open challenge tournament and came out victorious. Can he best the current IWT X-Div champion AND WHC Money in the Bank contract holder?

    Tuesday, August 19th

    Harriet Vargas (@Majour ) vs Manik (@Manik )

    A feud boiled up between a new generation star and one of the returning stars from IWT's early days. Both are coming off loses in of their respective MITB ladder matches. Who will be able to emerge victorious at SummerSlam?


    The New Generation (@Danielson and @Tsar ) vs The British Kid (@The ReagMaster ) and Brandon Pain (@RedDwarfTechy )

    Two new tag teams face off against each other at SummerSlam this year. Will one team prove they are worthy of going after the tag titles? Time will tell.

    Wednesday, August 20th

    Victoria Parker (@CrayJ Lee ) vs Andrew (@Shadow )
    for the IWT Hardcore Championship!

    Can Andrew put another belt of gold around his waist to keep his Tag Team Championship company? Or will the returning and newly crowned IWT Hardcore Champion Victoria Parker put Andrew in his place? There's only one way to find out!

    Thursday, August 21st

    Midas (@Stopspot ) vs Chris Kaizer (@Bill Clinton )
    for the IWT European Championship!

    Once his tag team partner finishes with Parker, can Midas put another belt around his waist? Or will Kaizer's quick rising in IWT be continued with a victory over one half of the IWT Tag Team Champions? Can Midas' golden touch beat out Kaizer's power over his sleep schedule, or will Kaizer be able to dream his way through this match to a victory???

    Friday, August 22nd

    Little Lee (@Ovalhead Le Jobber ) vs Trevor Raynor (@Trevor~ )

    Raynor was not happy about losing in the X-Divison tournament and issued an open challenge that Little Lee himself stepped up to. Can the returning star maintain his focus and defeat the new up and comer in Raynor? Lee is the ex-IWT European champion so if Raynor can pull off a victory at SummerSlam it could mean great things for his career. But Lord Lee is out to make a statement that he is back in full force after his mental issues and he means to make an example out of Raynor.

    Saturday, August 23rd

    B.Dazzle (@B.Dazzle ) vs Gav the Chav (@gav the chav )

    What a feud we have set for the pre-main event slot! Gav and Dazzle, former IWT Tag Team Champions and now bitter rivals will finally go head to head at SummerSlam do determine who carried who while they were a team. Dazzle has since gone on to win the IWT championship Money in the Bank contract, while Gav grows jealous and impatient for his chance to exact revenge on his ex-tag team partner. Who will emerge victorious from this long standing friendship turned sour?

    Sunday, August 24th

    Joey Bryant (@DK James ) vs Alias Antonio (@THG? ) in a title vs title match!
    The IWT Championship belt vs the IWT WHC belt

    A match months in the making! Two rivals who have been at each others throats for weeks now. Having both lost in a no disqualification handicap match against @Dat Kid recently, can either of them really focus 100% on this match? Rumor has it that IWT GM Trip in the Head has a special announcement regarding this match, but he has yet to spill the beans on the subject. Will he reveal the secret soon? I guess the only way to know is to stay tuned into the IWT universe!

    Don't miss IWT SummerSlam this year! It will be one for the record books!

    OOC (open)
    Hope you guys like this. Images provided by @Tsar . They were a little bigger than I expected, but I like them still. Maybe you could shrink em down a bit though bud? :dawg:
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  3. Damn, who made that shit
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  4. Good or bad damn? And you mean the images?
  5. OOC: @Trip in the Head I found an error in the X-division match description. "Can Nick remain the best current X-Division champion...." There are more than him?
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  6. Read it again - its says can he (referring to Jwab) 'best' the X-Div champion? I believe anyway
  7. Good, and yes.
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  8. right your are
  9. Love it! <3
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  10. Oh ok, :phew:

    And your tag partner made the images. Gave him credit in the OOC spoiler at the bottom
  11. OH i don't read spoilers
  12. Ah ok lol
  13. Should be a good pay per view to read! Taking a break this pay per view but will be back in action after Summerslam. Goodluck to all competitors, I will certainly be tuning in for this.
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  14. Images would be good if they were all even height to the top/bottom, for example X Division Champion is super squashed and close to the edge.

    Can't wait for this show though, will provide some good poolside reading I'm sure :obama:
  15. So picky :blackmad:
  16. Bomb images Tsar. Such a good card, for real. Looking forward to every match.
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  17. The card is probably one of the better ones we've had in a while. Star power divided evenly through out the card.
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  18. Lol, you read my mind about putting the image as a sig.
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  19. I like the images, adds some immersion as well as the description. Pumped for my match :)
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  20. Pretty cool, it'd be cooler for the future to do this more often and possibly get like the renders of our guys over the names. Would be COOL.
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